Overview: Fairyseason.com Reviews – What You Should Know About Fairy Season

A quick look at Fairyseason.com will probably make you eager to indulge in some impulse spending. Who could resist the low, low prices on quality products from brands you recognize?

But your second reaction might be to question how they are able to offer these great products at such low prices. What’s the catch? Is Fairy Season Legit or is there some kind of scam here?

These are all valid questions and the answer is that Fairy Season is indeed legit. The reason they can offer such low prices is because of their factory direct model.

Instead of your product being made in the factory, sold to a distributor, and then sold by the distributor to a retailer in your country, Fairy Season buys directly from the factory. Then the product is sold directly to you – the customer. This cuts out at least two of the usual middlemen so that Fairy Season is able to charge you prices closer to what a distributor would pay.

Fairy Season Review

Fairy Season Review

While there is no “catch”, it is important to factor in the cost of any customs fees or import duties for your package. You must pay these extra fees usually covered by the distributor or the retailer – which does add to the price. However, since Fairy Season offers cheap or even free shipping, you will still receive your product at a great discount.

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Fairy Season Reviews: Introduction – What Is Fairyseason.com?

Fairyseason.com is a retail website where you can find shoes, dresses, tops, and other apparel for low, factory-direct prices. And after over 10 years in business, Fairy Season has become a well-known name in factory direct shopping around the world.

Fairy Season sells to both individuals and wholesalers and has been rapidly expanding its collection over the years to include home décor and other items. No longer just a fashion website, it is quickly becoming a kind of one-stop-shop for everything one might need.

And because Fairy Season is built on a factory-direct model, you can save money on the same products you would have gotten at a retail store for a higher markup.

However, because most of their products are manufactured in China, shipping times can be long. Customers can expect shipping to take as long as a month (depending on your location).

This long shipping time makes Fairy Season a less-than-ideal option for those last-minute purchases for a vacation, event, or wedding. Shopping on Fairy Season is more for stocking up your wardrobe in advance. If you plan ahead for the seasons, you can score some great deals and get your items right when you need them. For example, you should start shopping for those winter coats and gloves while it’s still autumn.

Fairy Season Reviews

What is Fairy Season?

Once you learn the right tricks, you will be able to score amazing deals on cute Fairy Season clothing and home décor items! Just make sure to follow these 3 tips to avoid most of the issues that negative reviewers complain about:

  • Go up a size, especially on fitted tops or pants.
  • Order a month or 2 in advance. Instead of paying for expedited shipping, be sure to place your orders early enough to receive your items when you need them.
  • Place 1 large order instead of multiple small ones. Fairy Season offers free shipping on larger orders so you can save some money by placing larger orders.

With those tips in mind, go ahead and start shopping! With Fairy Season’s wide range of products, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. In particular, their selection of jewelry and other accessories is impressive and so affordable!

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Where Is Fairy Season Located?

Since it is a factory-direct shop, many customers naturally start to wonder, “Where is Fairy Season located?” As with most factory direct companies, it is located in China.

Since most fashion items are manufactured there, China is the ideal location for companies specializing in selling wholesale apparel.

This usually means that wait times can be long and shipping costs can be high for customers outside of China. However, Fairy Season offers surprisingly cheap international shipping rates and even offers free shipping on large enough orders.

It is important to note though that you do need to factor in the cost of import duties and other customs charges when your shipment arrives in your country. Passing this cost onto the customer is part of the reason Fairy Season can offer such steep discounts on their products. These costs vary by country, but they are your responsibility to pay.

To prevent these added taxes and fees from adding up too much, opt for placing larger orders with Fairy Season instead of purchasing single items at a time. So if you see several things you like, or know there is something you are going to need in a couple of months, try to order in bulk.

Make sure that the total you pay with shipping, customs, and taxes included is still less than what you would have paid if you bought that same product from a retailer already in your country.

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Is Fairyseason Legit?

With the enticing promises made by the company, it’s only natural to ask, “Is Fairy season legit?” There is no shortage of online shops making big promises but then not delivering. To find out if Fairy season is legit, we scoured fairy season reviews and ratings from across the internet – not just the company’s website.

Based on several Fairy Season reviews, it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t order from the site if you want fast shipping or great customer service. But if you are willing to wait, and you order only those items that you are confident you won’t need to return, you can enjoy all the great deals and save yourself a ton of stress.

Fairy Season Clothing – What Do They Sell?

Fairy Season clothing is available for both men and women. They have a wide range of apparel and accessories including:

  • Tops
  • Pants
  • Dresses
  • Swimwear
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves, hats, and other accessories

They have even started selling home décor, garden decorations, and other items so it is always worth checking the website often to see what they’ve added to their stock.

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Is Fairy Season Clothing Worth It?

Not surprisingly, most of the customer complaints center around shipping times.

In addition, there are sometimes issues with sizing and some customers have complained about the quality. So, for those tricky pieces of apparel where you need a perfect fit, you should still stick to in-store shopping where you can try things on and see the material.

With that said, Fairy Season clothing is still a great source for basics, loose-fitting items, and all types of accessories. Many customers have suggested that if you go up a size, you will generally solve the problem of inaccurate sizes.

You can tell from reading Fairy Season clothing reviews that most customers are typically happy with their experience. Clothes generally fit well (as long as customers remember to size up) and are good quality considering the price.

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Fairyseason.com Reviews

The best way to decide if it’s worth purchasing items from Fairy Season is to read reviews from real customers. By reading Fairy Season reviews from an actual user, you’ll be able to get a better sense of what real people have to say about the company.

Fairy Season Reviews and Ratings

Based on Fairy Season reviews across the internet, we have gathered the following overall ratings for the company:

  • Sitejabber: 2 out of 5 stars. A total of 2,778 reviews for Fairy Season.
  • Trustpilot: 3.7 out of 5 stars. A total of 2,112 reviews for Fairy Season.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau): Grade of F (1.1 stars). A total of 109 reviews for Fairy Season.

Positive Fairyseason Reviews

  • In one Fairy Season review, while the customer was unhappy about the long wait, they were “pleasantly surprised” when the package did arrive. This customer was smart enough to go a size up because she had heard about the inaccurate sizing. The result was that she got what she wanted in a size that fits.
  • In another Fairy Season review, a happy customer noted that she was skeptical at first because of all the negative reviews, but when her package arrived, everything was great. She said her item was “so cute and fits good and is good material for the price.”
  • Another reviewer who made sure to order a size up because of the inaccurate sizing charts was happy to receive an outfit that “fits perfect” on her. The outfits she ordered for her daughters all fit perfectly as well, so it does seem like going a size up is definitely the way to go with this company.

Negative Fairy Season Reviews

  • In one negative Fairy Season clothing review, the customer said that “the size charts are not accurate.” She also had a bad experience with customer service when trying to return the ill-fitting items she ordered.
  • Another unhappy customer complained about the shipping time. At the time of the review, she still hadn’t received an order placed almost 2 months earlier!

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Conclusion: Is Fairy Season Legit?

The consensus from customers about Fairy Season seems to be that shipping takes forever and the company is not very responsive. However, if you are willing to wait, and you read the sizing charts carefully, you can score some really great deals on a wide variety of fashion and home décor items!

Image source:

  • https://www.fairyseason.com/

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