Intro: Are Cheap Prescription Glasses Online from EyeBuyDirect Worth It?

If you are noticing more and more eyeglass stores popping up in your area, there’s a good reason for it—Americans are needing more corrective lenses and prescription eyeglasses than ever before.

In fact, the percentage of Americans needing corrective lenses rose to 42 percent between 1999-2004 alone. Some estimates say that nearly one-third of the global population will be nearsighted by 2020.

Unfortunately, purchasing eyeglasses can easily become a financial burden for those that need them. The national average price for eyeglasses is $196, though designer frames can easily be four or five times more.

With so many people needing prescription glasses—and at potentially steep costs—it’s no wonder that buying cheap eyeglasses online or discount eyeglasses online is increasing in popularity.

cheap eyeglasses online

Cheap Eyeglasses Online

If you’re fed up with high prices from your optometrist and have considered buying cheap prescription sunglasses or cheap eyeglasses online, you may have heard about EyeBuyDirect.

While EyeBuyDirect claims to offer the “highest quality products at the lowest possible price,” how can you tell if the company truly is the best place for discount eyeglasses online?

What do actual customers say in their EyeBuyDirect reviews? Would customers suggest that new shoppers start buying cheap eyeglasses online from EyeBuyDirect, or are you better off finding another way to get cheap prescription glasses online?

Our EyeBuyDirect review will look at positive and negative EyeBuyDirect reviews from consumers to help you decide whether buying their cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap prescription glasses online is the best decision for you.

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EyeBuyDirect Review | EyeBuyDirect Reviews from Better Business Bureau

There are 18 EyeBuyDirect reviews on the Better Business Bureau. EyeBuyDirect has been accredited since 2014, and has gained an ‘A+’ rating.

Positive EyeBuyDirect Reviews on BBB

Many positive EyeBuyDirect reviews on Better Business Bureau highlight great communication, speedy delivery, and drastically low prices as the best features of ordering discount eyeglasses online.

For example, one EyeBuyDirect review from user John T. says:

Very impressed by service and quality. I shopped around for about two weeks to find the best price with all my requested options (progressive, transition, polarized), and EyeBuyDirect had the prices of their competitors beat by $100. Ordered the evening of July 4th, and glasses arrived July 11th. Will buy again from them, not only because of their pricing, but also the quality of the product they delivered.

In a similar review, user Melanie writes:

What can I say about a company that puts their customers first? I can say that they offer great prices, and a great return policy. I have never had a problem with this company. They are very professional, courteousness, and show integrity. I will be ordering from them again in the future because I know I will always get my money’s worth.

A few other reviews mentioned receiving excellent customer service, even when accidentally entering the wrong prescription for their eyeglasses online.

cheap prescription sunglasses

Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

Negative EyeBuyDirect Reviews on BBB

Our EyeBuyDirect review found two common themes throughout negative reviews on Better Business Bureau: issues with shipping and low quality of cheap prescription sunglasses and discount eyeglasses online.

One such EyeBuyDirect review from user Nicole says:

I was a loyal customer and raved about this sit since my first purchase in 2009. Never again! I ordered glasses and received them April 19th. It was the Muse frame. Two weeks later the frame broke randomly near the screw on the left arm while wearing them. They made me pay shipping to get a replacement.

So I go[t] the new pair which hurt my ears so much I barely wore them for more than two days at a time. 6 weeks later I am wiping the lens and it breaks o[n] the nose bridge. I have no idea how that even happens but I know that will not be purchasing here again. Their quality has significantly deteriorated.

Other negative EyeBuyDirect reviews state issues with receiving faulty tracking numbers, or delayed processing times due to either quality control issues or high prescription values.

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EyeBuyDirect Review | EyeBuyDirect Reviews from SiteJabber

There are currently 135 EyeBuyDirect reviews on SiteJabber, giving the site a total ranking of 3 stars out of 5.

Positive EyeBuyDirect Reviews on SiteJabber

Over 60 EyeBuyDirect reviewers rated their experience purchasing cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap eyeglasses online with a full 5-star rating.

Many reviewers rave over the low prices and high quality of their glasses, noting that purchasing cheap eyeglasses online from EyeBuyDirect is much more forgiving on their budget.

In her EyeBuyDirect review, user Brooke C. says:

…If you get a $9 pair of frames from EBD, they will be just as nice as $100 pair from the optometrist. I’ve never spent over $45 for a pair of frames from them and all of my glasses and sunglasses are fantastic, 2 years in. I’ve never had more comments about my eye glasses before, and I’ve been wearing glasses for 25 years. Also, the try on feature really works, if it looks flattering on my uploaded photo it will look great, if it doesn’t, they won’t. I don’t think I’ll shop anywhere else.

eyebuydirect reviews Reviews

Although long shipping times is a common complaint among negative EyeBuyDirect reviews, there are plenty of positive EyeBuyDirect reviewers that state receiving their cheap prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses within two weeks or less.

For example, in her EyeBuyDirect review, user Sarah A. writes:

I’m not sure why Eye Buy Direct has gotten such bad reviews. I bought two pairs of glasses (Aurora and Fitzgerald) for under $90. It took less than two weeks to get to me – this includes prep time. I was seriously impressed by the prescription and quality of the glasses.

A few EyeBuyDirect reviews also praise the company’s ability to add blue light filter lenses to discount eyeglasses online, easing eye strain caused by digital screens.

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Negative EyeBuyDirect Reviews on SiteJabber

Nearly 50 EyeBuyDirect reviews on SiteJabber are negative, with shoppers awarding their experience purchasing cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap eyeglasses online with only one star.

Many EyeBuyDirect reviewers state significant issues with their cheap prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses breaking without cause.

For example, one such EyeBuyDirect review says:

Got the glasss [sic] frames broke within week. They replaced them. New glasses came again frames broke within week. But of course they only give you a one time replacement. They have the absolute worst quality. The reading glasses I buy at the dollar store are better!

In a similar EyeBuyDirect review, user James W. says:

I have purchased several pair of glasses from this company (I’m a slow learner). Some of the frames are good but others break soon after delivery. My main pair has broken twice now and the company refuses to replace them. Waste of money. Stay away unless price is your only issue.

Our EyeBuyDirect review found that the most common complaints among these negative EyeBuyDirect reviews address issues with quality, customer service, and shipping.

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EyeBuyDirect Review | EyeBuyDirect Reviews from TrustPilot

There are over 20 EyeBuyDirect reviews on TrustPilot, giving the site a total rating of 5.8 out of 10.

Positive EyeBuyDirect Reviews on TrustPilot

50 percent of EyeBuyDirect reviewers gave the site a rating of “Excellent,” praising EyeBuyDirect as a great place to get cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap eyeglasses online.

Interestingly, some reviewers address concerns raised by negative reviews. For example, in her EyeBuyDirect review, user Makenna writes:

I received an amazing deal for two pairs of glasses I love and constantly get complements on…The only thing you have to keep in mind is what you pay for is what you get. Don’t going in expecting to get a real sturdy pair of glasses for cheap, chances are they are going to break if you are rough on them… If you are looking for a cheap and stylish pair of glasses, hands down order from here. Just treat them with a little extra care.

Some EyeBuyDirect reviewers even talk about the convenience of ordering from home instead of at their eye doctor’s office. In her EyeBuyDirect review, user Kim Lundy says:

I think the eye doctors are sketchy about pricing and pressure to buy. It was fun to shop on eye buy direct as I could check out as many sets as I wanted without feeling pressured and being able to clearly see the entire cost of each before making a final decision.

Negative EyeBuyDirect Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot currently has 6 negative EyeBuyDirect reviews, but despite the low number, there are a few significant issues raised within these reviews for cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap eyeglasses online.

One particular EyeBuyDirect review from user Chloe describes an instance where EyeBuyDirect double-charged for her order and refused to provide a refund for the extra charge.

As she puts it,

The response I got was this, “Please be advised that we only charged once for the order.” I then sent them a screenshot of my bank statement showing that the money has left my account twice: it wasn’t a pending transaction, they have actually received the funds two times. The reply, “There is another charge but definitely we charged you only once.” Quite the paradox. 

The remainder of negative EyeBuyDirect reviews on TrustPilot describe issues with cheap prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses that either snap apart or start to lose screws after a few months of wear.

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EyeBuyDirect Review | Summary of Positive & Negative EyeBuyDirect Reviews

After reading through all available EyeBuyDirect reviews on the Better Business Bureau, SiteJabber, and TrustPilot, our EyeBuyDirect review has compiled a brief summary of common themes throughout positive and negative reviews from shoppers.

The most common positive comments found in EyeBuyDirect reviews include:

  • Trendy, fashionable styles
  • Wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick shipping
  • Accommodating customer service

The most common negative comments from EyeBuyDirect reviews include:

  • Poor quality construction of lenses and frames
  • Delayed processing and shipping times
  • Difficulty reaching customer service or getting refunded
  • Faulty or invalid tracking numbers

Conclusion: Is EyeBuyDirect the Best Place for Cheap Prescription Sunglasses & Cheap Eyeglasses Online?

It’s hard to beat the low prices and wide variety of styles on EyeBuyDirect—and they have established a strong base of satisfied customers leaving great EyeBuyDirect reviews to prove it.

At the same time, however, there are plenty of critical EyeBuyDirect that raise serious questions about the quality, craftsmanship, and even business ethics behind these cheap prescription sunglasses and cheap eyeglasses online.

Should you consider using EyeBuyDirect for your next purchase of cheap prescription glasses online?

If you’re fed up with high frame and lens prices and are willing to take a chance, EyeBuyDirect could absolutely be a great place for you to purchase cheap prescription sunglasses or cheap eyeglasses online.

EyeBuyDirect reviewers consistently offer significant praise for the affordability and style offered by their cheap prescription glasses online.

Keep in mind, however, that lower prices often carry hidden costs—in the case of EyeBuyDirect reviews, that cost tends to be manufacturing quality. Based on reviews, shoppers should not expect their order of cheap eyeglasses online to match the durability of glasses from your eye doctor.

Shoppers looking for trendy, cheap prescription sunglasses, and discount eyeglasses online—and who aren’t worried about durability—will likely find that is a perfect fit.

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