Introduction: Etsy Top Sellers & the Best Selling Items on Etsy

Etsy is a popular website where artisans can sell handcrafted goods, vintage items, and crafting supplies.

This peer-to-peer site, founded in 2005, reports that they have 1.7 million active sellers, 28.6 million active buyers, and 45 million active items for sale. What is more, Etsy reports $2.84 billion for its annual gross merchandise sales in 2017.

Clearly, Etsy holds potential for hobbyists to make money on their unique items. But many sellers are likely wondering what or who the Etsy top sellers are.

That is, those who are interested in selling on Etsy want to know what the best selling items on Etsy are, so they can decide if there’s a real market for their own unique items.

In regard to the best selling items on Etsy, according to its website categories, the Jewelry category is first (with 3,296 items listed for sale).

The Art & Collectibles category is second (with 2,373 items listed for sale), and Home & Living is third (with 1,481 items listed for sale).

These categories for the top selling items on Etsy, however, do not provide an up-close look at the shops of the Etsy top sellers. To get a feel for the top selling items on Etsy, we will take a brief look at the top selling Etsy shops of 2017.

Photo courtesy of: Etsy

With the popularity of Etsy sellers growing by the day, there are websites that exist purely to keep track of the best-selling items on Etsy and the top sellers on Etsy.

One such website is Craftcount, which began in January 2010. Craftcount works around the clock to update their tallies of the top Etsy sellers, providing real-time numbers and looking only at shops with over 1,000 items sold. 

Based on numbers tallied from Craftcount, we will take a look at the top Etsy sellers from the most popular categories on Etsy: Jewelry, Art & Collectibles, and Home & Living.

Our Etsy review will feature a detailed analysis of two of the most popular Etsy sellers within each category, including a highlight of what we found to be one of their most distinctive items. 

What becomes clear is that all of these top sellers on Etsy display certain qualities that shine in their respective shops: personality, creativity, and variety. For those interested in selling on Etsy, these are integral elements for all top selling Etsy shops.

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Etsy Top Sellers of Handmade Jewelry

The top Etsy sellers for the Etsy handmade jewelry category are LayeredAndLong and DistinctlyIvy. Both of these top Etsy suppliers are based in the United States. 


The top selling Etsy shop, LayeredAndLong, specializes in personalized jewelry, custom hand stamped bar necklaces, and dainty jewelry.

LayeredAndLong has been a top Etsy seller since 2012,  and to date has an impressive total of 215,560 items sold. Perhaps even more impressive, the quality of their Etsy jewelry has given them a 5-star rating, with a total of 33,558 positive reviews.

Shop owner Chrissy Lavdovsky was a former boutique owner, selling handmade bikinis, dresses, and jewelry in Canada. When she moved, her shop closed down, but the demand for her handmade necklaces continued to pour in.

Thus, LayeredAndLong was born, and Lavdovsky began successfully selling on Etsy, quickly becoming one of the Etsy top sellers.

One of the shop’s most distinctive Etsy jewelry items is the Actual Handwriting Bar Necklace, which can be customized with a buyer’s own handwriting or signature.

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The second source of best-selling items on Etsy is DistinctlyIvy, specializing in friendship gifts, personalized necklaces, and hand stamped bar necklaces.

While most of their Etsy handmade jewelry focuses on necklaces, there are also keychains, bracelets, money clips, and guitar picks available. 

A top Etsy seller since 2009, the shop has processed 149,858 sales and carries a 5-star rating from 28,658 customers. Themed categories include Best Friend, Graduation, Pet Lover, Birthstone Jewelry, and Wedding Jewelry, among others.

Etsy jewelry from DistinctlyIvy is customizable by engraving, chain length, and decorative crystal charms. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, but all come with the unique benefit of heartfelt customization.

Shop owner Ivy Presho takes her inspiration from nature, and exuberantly states that her shop welcomes special requests.

Rather than making customers wait, DistinctlyIvy is committed to shipping out items within one business day. This time-efficient and considerate order processing has propelled the shop into becoming a top Etsy seller.

One of the shop’s most distinctive Etsy jewelry items is the Owl Necklace within the Little Girl Gifts category.

What we see in these top selling Etsy shops is that they pick a few themes and stick to them. These top Etsy sellers know what their customers want, and they create multiple means to fulfill that desire.

For both the first and second Etsy top sellers within Etsy jewelry, personalization and customization are strong themes.

Part of the benefit of going directly to an artisan is being able to get a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, and the ability to personalize that jewelry makes the purchase even more meaningful, sentimental, and most of all, unique.

Many of the best selling items on Etsy come from top Etsy sellers that provide this ability to personalize your purchase. Given the impressive number of sales and gushing customer reviews, these Etsy top sellers of handmade jewelry are sure to have top-rated shops for quite some time.

Etsy Top Sellers of Art & Collectibles

The Etsy top sellers of Art & Collectibles are collageOrama and thewheatfield. These top Etsy sellers are both based in the United States.


The first Etsy top seller within Art & Collectibles, collageOrama, has been on Etsy since 2009. Since then, the shop has processed 90,898 sales. Combined with 17,594 5-star reviews, collageOrama is one of the top selling Etsy shops.

The unique specialty of this shop is in using book and dictionary page prints as a backdrop for whimsical, expertly-crafted illustrations to suit a variety of tastes and senses of humor. You can easily find prints of guitar-playing dinosaurs, portraits of literary figures, cats wearing sunglasses, and an entire section dedicated to DaVinci.  

Part of the charm of collageOrama comes not just from the amusing or clever designs, but also from the genuine authenticity that these prints embody. Each page is taken from an antique book about to be destroyed and upcycled to create a new, lively piece of artwork.

Each piece is filled with personality, and are certainly sought after as conversation pieces. While it’s nearly impossible to pick just one, Captain Grumbles has drawn in quite a bit of buyer appreciation, pictured below.

etsy review

Photo courtesy of: collageOrama


The second top Etsy seller, thewheatfield, specializes in watercolor and acrylic illustrations inspired by “all things rural,” including vegetables, herbs, animals, weather, trees, astronomy, and much more.

With vibrant colors, endless flowers, and a certain rustic-chic flair, this top Etsy seller has a grand total of 66,704 sales and 15,833 5-star reviews. 

Created by artist Katie Daisy, these best-selling items on Etsy range from notebooks, journals, canvases, magnets, greeting cards, and 8×10, 11×14, 13×16, or 13×19 prints. 

What they all have in common is a unique beauty from the combination of bright hues, flowing natural elements, and literary or inspirational quotes. 

While each piece has its own sense of character and life, one of the shop’s most distinctive Etsy prints is the Night Magic Art Print.

When it comes to the best selling items on Etsy, there is plenty of creative individuality and genuine talent in these top selling items on Etsy.

The first top selling Etsy shop specializes in Etsy prints, repurposing traditional book pages upon which anything could be drawn for the sake of humor while simultaneously incorporating a love for literature. 

The second top selling Etsy shop within Art & Collectibles also creates Etsy prints—but each have their own vibrant blend of color, choice of medium, and theme. Here, the atmosphere is less on humor and more so on creating, facilitating, and appreciating the beauty of the natural world. 

These best selling items on Etsy are all highly expressive of the various shop owners’ personalities. The personal flair behind these top selling Etsy shops are apparent and approachable—it is what the customers seem to appreciate the most in the top selling products on Etsy.

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Etsy Top Sellers of Home & Living Items

For items within Home & Living, the top sellers on Etsy are TaylorCraftsEngraved and CrystalCoveDS. Both of these top Etsy sellers are based in the United States.


In business since 2010, TaylorCraftsEngraved boasts 96,816 total sales and 11,206 5-star reviews. This top Etsy seller creates “uniquely personalized cutting board keepsakes,” though they also have knives, wine holders, humidors, artisan chopping blocks, and more.

Each item is expertly engraved and fully customizable, making these best-selling items on Etsy perfect for wedding gifts, bridal showers, anniversary gifts, and housewarming presents. 

What started in a small 10×10 bedroom has now grown into a full workshop, attached to a mill where shop owners Belinda and Tony source their wood.

With nearly limitless possibilities in design and lettering, one of the most distinctive items from TaylorCraftsEngraved is a personalized chopping block, shown below.

top etsy sellers


Another top Etsy seller, CrystalCoveDS, has 8,010 5-star ratings. The personalized picture frames from CrystalCoveDS are best-selling items on Etsy, with a total of 52,708 sales. 

In fact, these best selling items on Etsy have brought in praise from magazines and blogs.

As a top Etsy seller, shop owner Sherri’s handiwork has been featured in Emmaline Bride Wedding Guide, Northern Virginia Magazine, and the front page of Etsy for Valentine’s Day in 2014, among others.

CrystalCoveDS specializes in creating personalized picture frames, all with a rustic-chic appeal. Customers can pick color combinations and patterns, making it easy to match a picture frame to existing home decor, office space, or a nursery.

The colors are earthy, rich, and feature distressed edges and optional twine or burlap accents. Take a look at the personalized picture frame below to get a feel for what this top Etsy seller is known for. 

etsy sellers reviews

Photo courtesy of: CrystalCoveDS

With the top Etsy sellers within Home & Living, there are the same themes of high craftsmanship, unique character, and of course, personalization. 

This is perhaps most evident in our first top Etsy seller, with completely personalized engravings of family names and favorite quotes to transform an everyday kitchen item into something unique and meaningful. 

With the second top Etsy seller, personalization comes from the ability to participate in the designing process–customers can choose their frame color and any decorative accents, making the buying process into an interactive, personalized experience.

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Best-Selling Items on Etsy | Gift Ideas, Crowd Favorites, & Editors’ Picks 

So far, this overview of the top selling Etsy shops shows what the best things to sell on Etsy are for a long-term amount of time. However, a potential seller should keep an eye on the pulse of trending items. 

When it comes to keeping an eye on the best-selling items on Etsy on a monthly, weekly, or even day-to-day basis, Etsy provides a few different ways to discover top Etsy sellers: One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas, Crowd Favorites, and Editors’ Picks.

One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas

Etsy dedicates an entire page to creating short-term lists for top selling items on Etsy that fall within unique categories. These One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas include lists like:

  • Gifts for Best Friends
  • Jewelry Gifts Under $50
  • Trending Gifts Under $30
  • Editor’s Picks: Engagement & Wedding Gifts
  • Editor’s Picks: Anniversary Gifts

Here, the top selling items on Etsy are varied—not one type of product dominates these lists. You could easily find bars of handmade soap on the same list as a handmade journal–given that their style and design might appeal to the same audience, of course.

Crowd Favorites

As another way to categorize the top selling Etsy shops, Etsy compiles the best of the best within their Crowd Favorites.

What sets Crowd Favorites apart from the lists detailed above is that these best-selling items on Etsy are separated by the primary shopping categories on the site, like Women’s Clothing, Etsy handmade Jewelry, Swimwear, Accessories, Home & Living, etc.

Items and shops featured on this page represent the best-selling items on Etsy and the top Etsy sellers, as determined by feedback from editors and customers.

These crowd favorites change often, so it’s worth it to check back to discover new top Etsy sellers within your favorite category.

Editors’ Picks

Another great way to find top selling Etsy shops is by browsing through the Editors’ Picks. Items on Editors’ Picks have been carefully selected by Etsy editors as unique and noteworthy. 

While some items will come from top sellers on Etsy, there are plenty of others from Etsy sellers who are brand new, giving Etsy members an opportunity to discover new talent that they may have otherwise missed. 

Categories in the Editors’ Picks tend to be more creative, with much more leeway as to how items are sorted. A few examples include:

  • Fresh Trend: Fiber Art
  • Clean and Simple
  • From Instagram: The Best of @Etsy
  • Fresh Rustic Weddings
  • Wanderlust for Life

No matter what list you choose from, these best-selling items on Etsy all possess two crucial traits that Etsy items need to have: personality and creativity. 

The variety of these best selling items on Etsy show that with craftsmanship, character, and a little bit of a personal touch, anything can take off on Etsy.

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Conclusion: Etsy Top Sellers & the Best-Selling Items on Etsy

After looking at the top sellers on Etsy of crafting supplies, handmade goods, and vintage items, we can take away three themes that can tell potential sellers what the best things to sell on Etsy are.


The top selling Etsy shops all have different personalities that stem from the founders’ passions. Both of the top selling Etsy shops of jewelry were passionate about jewery, and strong admirers of Etsy before they began selling on the platform.

The top sellers on Etsy of Home & Living show their personal talents in what they sell. The top selling Etsy shops for Art & Collectibles each display a unique character and personal flair by what they choose to sell.


The top Etsy sellers all have some measure of creativity involved in their shops. The Etsy jewelry suppliers provide an enormous variety of customization and items that enable their customers to pursue their own creative, one-of-a-kind pieces.

All of these Etsy top sellers express their creativity in their products. The top selling Etsy shops capture the creativity of everyday objcts in various expressions.


The Etsy top sellers all have variety in their shops. The Etsy jewelry sellers provide a wide array of beads, charms, metals, and items for sale; the seemingly endless methods of customization and personalization demonstrated by these top Etsy sellers are sure to keep their customers busy.

The top sellers on Etsy of Art & Collectibles also keep the variety coming. The number-one seller seems to have a never-ending supply of whimsical images with which to decorate the antique book pages, creating a unique combination of art and humor.

The second Etsy top seller has a remarkable talent for combining natural beauty with bright colors and inspirational quotes. 

For potential sellers thinking about opening a shop on Etsy, they should aim to capture the themes that the top selling Etsy shops are founded on.

The best selling items on Etsy have personality, creativity, and variety—three tightly intertwined aspects that give shops lasting value.

With your hobby or passion, can you produce something that captures your personality and creativity? Can your hobby or passion be captured in various ways? If yes, then Etsy customers will likely appreciate what you have to sell.

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