Overview: eSignal Cost, Support, Mobile, & Trading Platform

There is a wide array of stock trading software and platforms available on the market for consumers and traders to use. Some are free, only offering end-of-day stock numbers, while others offer one-on-one support and real-time stock updates. Some only offer downloadable software, while others are web-based programs.

Identifying the best charting and trading platforms (eSignal trading platform vs. TradeStation vs. TC2000 vs. MetaStock) can be overwhelming, as there are already a plethora of eSignal reviews available online.

But we at AdvisoryHQ News want to bring you a detailed, in-depth eSignal review, which will cover eSignal pricing, support, software, and charts. Whether you are a first-time trader looking to enter the market or an experienced trader, this eSignal review will help you determine whether the eSignal trading platform is right for you.

esignal review

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Questions about the eSignal trading platform (eSignal reviews request)

  • How does the eSignal trading platform work? 
  • Is eSignal legit? (eSignal reviews)
  • How much does eSignal cost? (eSignal pricing)
  • Does eSignal offer consumer help? (eSignal support)
  • Is eSignal mobile friendly?

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How does the eSignal trading platform work?

ESignal is a comprehensive, Windows-based (also compatible with Macbooks) charting and trading platform that allows you chart with real-time data (with some plans) and connect with more than 50 brokers to complete trades within the same system. These dual platforms are beneficial for people who want real-time data, charting capabilities, and trading capabilities (with the Elite Plan) all within the same program.

“ESignal, a division of Interactive Data, is a leading provider of real-time financial data and high-performance solutions designed for professional and individual traders. Our award-winning array of products and services has been used by tens of thousands of active traders for over 25 years,” the website reads.

This eSignal review notes that the program is inherently designed for coders and people with extensive knowledge of Java. However, the extensive learning and education database allows even new traders with only a working knowledge of coding to customize data searches, chart market changes, and project future earnings across multiple markets and channels.

Testimonials posted on the eSignal website show consumers from a variety of investing backgrounds able to customize eSignal to their needs. As one eSignal review said, “As a trader, you want really accurate data, and so the ability to get really current, accurate impeccable data, beautiful looking charts and also the ability to set alerts. I’m a big technical trader so to be able to set alerts on a certain price or a certain indicator has really been indispensable.

As part of the Elite Plan, eSignal software offers a 3-month, 100-hour training course to learn the eSignal software and also understand the industry and how to navigate it using advanced tools, such as Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and Gann tools.

Finally, and perhaps most important, eS