Intro: eShakti Reviews, Complaints and What Customers Love about eShakti

If you’ve heard of eShakti or sites like eShakti, you’re probably familiar with the truly mixed bag of customer feedback and eShakti reviews that are circulating online. eShakti is an online apparel company, specializing in mass-customized and discounted designer clothing for women.

The company has attracted a good deal of attention from media outlets and bloggers alike because of their honest mission statement:

eShakti believes that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best. Because of that, a lot of girls can find solace in finding the perfect garment from sizes 0–36W.”

Direct from the Factory

Since the garments are shipped to customers directly from the factory, eShakti is able to offer a wide range of customizations, usually for free. This is one of the many benefits the company offers, but they also seem to have some shady practices.

We’ve prepared this article to present the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding eShakti and sites like eShakti.

We’re going to turn up every stone in the customer review market so that you have an idea of what eShakti reviews have to say, including common eShakti complaints and success stories that real customers have shared about eShakti dresses and eShakti clothing. 

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eShakti Reviews | What Customers Love about eShakti


One huge benefit of eShakti is that, when compared to other US providers, it’s pretty cost-effective. This is likely because eShakti dresses are shipped to the customers directly from the factory. If they were sold to other retailers for their stock, they’d add a profit margin on top of the original price, which ends up coming out of the consumer’s pocket.

Of course, because of the level of customization available with eShakti dresses, the price will be marked up slightly. This is because the manufacturers aren’t able to mass-produce eShakti dresses if all of them need to be slightly different.


Customization is a key factor in customers’ eShakti reviews. There’s a lot of talk online regarding customizable eShakti clothing and why more retailers don’t offer it.

As mentioned previously, manufacturers often don’t provide customization options because it reduces the efficiency of the mass-production process. eShakti dresses are absolutely nailing when it comes to customization.

Honest Customer eShakti Reviews

Bloggers like The Preppy Student were constantly faced with issues regarding the lack of customization from their favorite clothing retailers: “I started realizing that the clothing I was buying was ‘perfect…but’ meaning I was always wishing they could slightly modify the on-rack styles at my favorite stores.”

The Preppy Student had previously been approached for an eShakti review of a free item of eShakti clothing—likely as part of their influencer marketing strategy designed to build trust with their audiences.

Thinking it was “too good to be true,” she initially passed on the invitation, putting down as a bad spam attempt. After realizing her need for customizable clothing, The Preppy Student decided to give an eShakti review a go, choosing the dress below.

eshakti reviews

Image courtesy of: The Preppy Student

One of the blogger’s biggest frustrations with her local retailers was that so many dresses she bought would also fit her work dress code—if only they were a few inches longer. But this customization was something that eShakti dresses offered, and the blogger was pleased with the results:

“Would I order again? I already have! I am now an eShakti girl! Honestly, the site always has sales (think first-time coupons, and clearance blow-outs) and for $40–50 for some of the sale styles it’s ridiculous not to try out the custom-made frocks.”


If you’re willing to wait a couple of extra weeks for a customized dress, eShakti reviews show that this could be a great option for you.

In addition to you being able to tweak whatever you like with your item, the end quality also appears to be above what you’d usually get with direct-from-factory clothing suppliers. Since items can be chopped and changed to suit you, customers praise top-quality fit in their eShakti reviews.

Other users online have also been particularly impressed with how their orders fitted. They’re among hundreds of other women who are posting positive eShakti reviews online.

With their size accuracy, sites like eShakti are opening themselves to a new market of women who find difficulty with buying clothes that fit.

These reviews go to show that they’re honoring their mission statement and catering for all shapes and sizes. This is a rarity in the fashion world, and it’s something happy customers of eShakti are taking note of.

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eShakti Reviews | eShakti Complaints & Cons

The business has also come under fire online, with a host of eShakti complaints being posted. Some even contradict the positive experiences that we’ve shared above. We’ve laid out the key points below that customers posting eShakti reviews were most disappointed with:

Customer Service

With a business that’s passing their savings on to the customer, they must be cutting costs somewhere. With many customers posting reviews about eShakti returns, it seems like these savings are coming from their customer service department.

Many customers are reporting that when they’ve experienced issues with their purchases and tried to get in touch, eShakti representatives are slow to respond. In some cases, they don’t get a response at all.

One eShakti review we found was particularly strongly worded:

online shopping

Photo courtesy of: SiteJabber

One SiteJabber reviewer explained a similar experience. Having carefully measured herself and ordered a dress, it arrived promptly. Unfortunately, the sizing was off, which made the dress completely unwearable.

As a Canadian resident, she looked into the eShakti returns policy and was greeted by some shocking hidden costs along the way:

“I pay Canada Post 13.67, they take it by horse and cart (seriously, it takes ages!) and eShakti refunds onto a “gift card” or promo code. Perfect BUT: the value of the dress I ordered was about 56 USD. I used a first-time order promo code for $30 off + free customization. But my refund was only for $34.50!! They do not allow the amount of the promo code so in other words, I now had to pay shipping plus an extra $23 USD to order another dress of the same dollar value! In other words, my $56 USD dress will cost over $106 USD Because I have to pay the $30 coupon value, the customization fee $9.95, return shipping 13.67, shipping +tax + customs = about 21.00! A real hassle.”

Although eShakti responded to her, they were unwilling to refund her the cost of shipping and, instead of giving her money back, they offered a gift card less the value of the dress.

Despite most of their products receiving a positive eShakti review, it’s negative ones like these that stand out when considering whether to order clothing from sites like eShakti.

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Import Fees and Delivery Time

One fashion blogger who was contacted to provide an honest eShakti review described her negative experience with the business.

Having ordered eShakti dresses from India, she was fully aware that the package would take several weeks to arrive. She also thought that the international delivery charge of $11.95 was incredibly reasonable considering the distance the item had to travel. What she didn’t anticipate, however, was the below:

eshakti dress review and complaints

Source: SiteJabber

Other customers haven’t been so fortunate with the delivery times.

sites like eshakti

Source: SiteJabber

With their heavy social media marketing efforts, eShakti is no doubt aware of the potential damage reviews like this cause. With no attempts made to reconcile the situation, even after a number of months, potential buyers are left seriously questioning their service.

Return Policy

Although the garments are reasonably priced and usually of good quality, shoppers who’ve made the wrong purchasing decisions and have contacted eShakti returns have been greeted with zero response.

Aside from the general complaints about customer service and item quality, return policy issues show up frequently within the negative eShakti reviews online, making this a big point to consider carefully when deciding whether to order from eShakti.

Social Media Complaints

Unfortunately, social media works both ways. Over the past few years, it’s become a hotbed for eShakti reviews, many of which haven’t favored the company. One Facebook page, eShakti Complaints, is bringing these negative reviews into the public eye.

Their mission is to give customers who’ve had bad experiences with the company a pedestal from which to attract the attention of eShakti’s customer service team. In response, eShakti have banned them from commenting on their Facebook page.

How Are eShakti Reviews Affecting their Business?

The social media boom in the past 5 years has opened up a new channel for consumers to learn about companies—through customer reviews. In the past, when word of mouth was about all that consumers had to go by, it was distinctly easier for companies to promote their brands as trustworthy.

With the rise in online customer reviews, that’s all changed. A shocking 67% of consumers admit that their purchasing decisions are affected by online reviews that sites like eShakti receive.

eshakti dress review


For sites like eShakti, where their online reputation isn’t exactly shining, we found that this presents them with a real problem.

In an attempt to overcome mass online opinion, they’re reaching out to prominent online figures and asking them to provide reviews in exchange for free eShakti dresses.

This is known as influencer marketing and can prove highly effective. In eShakti’s case, these influencers are fashion bloggers. When you run an online search about the business’ credibility, you’ll be confronted with several fashion blogs discussing the quality of their eShakti clothing.

We mentioned one of these—The Preppy Student—above. By hearing about it from a figure they trust and deem as reliable, the readers of that blog are more likely to approach eShakti’s products with an open mind.

The eShakti Complaints Facebook page is trying to make buyers aware of this, in the hopes that consumers will be more skeptical of online reviews from fashion bloggers.

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eShakti Dress Review and Complaints Issues Explained

Sometimes, however, influencer marketing can backfire, especially when you give bloggers an especially negative experience. Naturally Stellar received an apology letter, which explains the eShakti dress review and complaints procedure, and outlines the issues eShakti deals with most:

  • A surge in order volumes
  • Production staff unable to keep up with demand
  • Problems with their order management system

You can find her review and full apology letter from eShakti here.

This is a technique that they’re using widely, so before making up your mind about eShakti, make sure you dig deep. Although most fashion bloggers are honest about their product experiences, authoritative review sites such as SiteJabber will provide you with reviews that are totally free of bias.

If you’re looking for more impartial reviews, bloggers such as Polish Jinx can be found by searching eShakti reviews on Facebook. They’re offering honest product reviews of the company, without having received any free goods or incentives.

Conclusion: Is eShakti Worth It?

It’s hard to turn down the opportunity to have a dress custom-fitted for your unique measurements– particularly when considering the wide range of styles, patterns, colors, sleeves, lengths, and even necklines available through eShakti. 

Overall, their clothing seems to be of good quality, with solid stitching and durable fabric. However, as with any purchase, consumers should make sure that they do enough research into the brand and company policies to ensure that their purchase will live up to their expectations.

Are you comfortable with waiting one month–or more– for your order to arrive? Does the thought of custom-fitting a dress to your measurements sound like a dream come true? Are you willing to potentially pay a little bit extra for shipping or customs fees?

If so, eShakti could be a great place for you to go shopping. True, you may wait longer than expected– but with patience and a bit of measurement luck, you’ll receive a unique, custom-fitted dress that just might fit you better than what you’d get from a traditional retailer.

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