DressLily Reviews: Is DressLily Worth It?

Many DressLily reviews can be found on the Internet if you are looking for a little background before buying their merchandise. This DressLily review will examine all aspects of the website itself as well as what other DressLily reviews are saying and what DressLily customer reviews are saying as well.

We will also examine the recent trend around the Internet of fraudulent clothing and accessories companies that use pictures from other websites to lure in customers. DressLily has been scamming people around the Internet with this technique and leaving many customers unhappy.

You can use this DressLily review to gain some insight into the world of online merchandising. We will give some excellent tips to help keep your money safe and to ensure that you are buying merchandise from websites you can trust.

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What Is DressLily (Reviews)?

DressLily is an online merchandiser of clothing and accessories for both men and women worldwide. Their website offers thousands of products, including clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and hair products such as wigs. They boast affordable prices and accept nineteen different currencies.

Dresslily Review - is Dresslily safe

Image Source: DressLily.com

While DressLily.com seems like the perfect, all-encompassing online store, many reviews on DressLily explain that the website is not all it’s cracked up to be. This DressLily review will take into consideration other reviews for DressLily in order to get the full scoop.

Reviews on DressLily Products

DressLily.com reviews are unanimously negative across the board. The biggest complaint from DressLily customer reviews is that the product they receive does not match the picture they saw online. The material is cheap, the hems and sizing are all wrong, and the customer leaves feeling scammed out of their money with an unwearable product.

Buzzfeed.com has a DressLily review on their website, which explains that there are many scam websites similar to DressLily on the Internet. All of these sites advertise the same products seen at more expensive stores but for much cheaper prices. Many of these companies are connected to one Chinese e-commerce company that is making millions off naïve online shoppers by giving them cheaply made knockoffs of the picture online.

Other DressLily reviews complain that they paid for their online order and then never received the product at all. Because these scam websites are being controlled from China as well as shipping out millions of products a year, products are often lost or not received for months on end.

When simply looking at the product reviews of DressLily, we see that customers are unhappy with the products they receive and, sometimes, do not receive the product at all. Once the customer has paid their money to DressLily.com, they do not see the money again, even when they are unsatisfied.

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DressLily Review: What They Promise

DressLily.com has a very aggressive marketing campaign that advertises their website across the Internet. Many times, DressLily.com will pop up on your Facebook newsfeed and lure shoppers in with stolen pictures of expensive Pinterest-famous outfits for cheap.

dresslily reviews

Image Source: DressLily.com

The DressLily website promises, “fashion that is affordably yours, fast shipping/professional packaging, and best in class customer service.” DressLily reviews from angry customers around the world prove that these are empty promises given by a company that just wants your money.

Their website also emphasizes the satisfaction of the customer when it says, “Our customers always come first: You always matter to us. Our highly trained CS team is always ready to support you no matter the issue. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.”

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DressLily Customer Reviews

In this DressLily review, we will back up our claims of unsatisfied customers by looking at DressLily customer reviews across the Internet. On TrustPilot.com, their DressLily review gave the company a 4.9 out of 10 and labeled it as “poor.” While there are a handful of positive reviews, the majority of customers have posted to this website saying that DressLily is deceiving, their customer service is unhelpful, and many did not receive their product at all.

An Australian website called Product Review gave their DressLily review 1.6 out of 5 stars. Negative reviews on this site include comments with less than flattering descriptions: “dodgy,” “scam,” “poor quality and poor sizing,” and “horrible.” One DressLily customer review on this website gives other online shoppers her advice from personal experience. A woman from South Mission Beach says,

“Do not buy anything from these crooks!! Luckily my order wasn’t overly expensive (aud $40). I placed the order in late September and I have never received it. They won’t refund my money – they did offer me a store credit but as I have no intention of ever ordering anything from them again, it isn’t worth a thing or I can pay them another $14 for postage and they will generously resend the items I ordered. No thanks!”

SiteJabber.com gives their DressLily review 2 out of 5 stars. DressLily reviews across this site use words such as, “scam,” “rip off,” and “horrible.” On July 4, 2016, Judy C. says,

“Shipping time versus receiving time sucks. And when I finally received my package it was wrong. Have emailed them as to where to return the item since there was no receipt or ticket or anything in the package and still to date have not heard a word from them and that was over 2 weeks ago. I will NEVER order from them again.”

There is a Facebook page called “People Scammed by DressLily” that is dedicated to giving DressLily reviews in order to spread the word to people on Facebook about the scams this company is committing. The maker of the Facebook page encourages others to share their reviews on DressLily so that there are a wide range of DressLily reviews to look through and compare. The maker of the page explains to other DressLily customers that, “By posting on this page & sharing your experiences, you will help to create a record of violations to be used to get refunds, warn others & if necessary get this company shut down.”

dresslily review

Image Source: DressLily.com

We see from many different DressLily reviews online and many DressLily customer reviews as well that this company should not be trusted with your hard earned money. While there are some satisfied customers, the number of unsatisfied customers is enough to lose trust in this company as a whole. DressLily.com reviews prove that ordering from DressLily is like gambling with your money. There is no promise that you will get what you pay for or that you will receive a product at all.

The Online Scam Trend: Reviews of DressLily

Teen Vogue took it upon themselves to address the current online scam trend happening with clothing companies worldwide. They explain that as well as DressLily, there are other companies scamming people as well, such as Choies, RoseWe, and SammyDress. All of these companies steal pictures from reputable brands such as Free People and PromGirl and advertise the products as their own. While the product received will be somewhat similar to the product pictured, it will be distorted and usually unwearable due to quality, sizing issues, or complete inaccuracy.

Unfortunately, Teen Vogue explains that because these websites adhere to social networking’s advertising policies, nothing can be done about removing the advertisements from sites such as Facebook. However, DressLily reviews and DressLily customer reviews across the Internet can help spread the word about these websites and hopefully reduce the number of unaware shoppers who can be scammed every year.

By spreading the word and getting familiar with website such as DressLily by reading reviews before shopping, we may be able to stop the scam trend. 

How to Spot a Scam

This DressLily review is not only to warn others about the scam that is DressLily, but also to help people spot other scamming websites like DressLily. By reading DressLily reviews, you can see that other fraudulent online companies just like DressLily exist, and they all have a lot in common.

The biggest thing to remember when shopping online is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This goes for everything in life. When you think you have found the best deal of all time and you are going to snag a great product for a ridiculously low price, this is when you should be cautious before typing in your credit card information.

This DressLily review will help you spot scams using some simple guidelines. The first guideline when shopping online should be to look at reviews of the company if you have not heard of it before. There are many reputable and well-known online shopping companies out there, but if the name is unfamiliar, run a simple Google search. DressLily.com reviews like this one are here in order to help others.

The second guideline is to read the website’s policies. Make sure that the company has it in writing that they will address any issues with customer service as well as stick to their word with production quality and returns. While having promises in writing does not mean they will keep their promises, as reviews of DressLily will prove, it is still something worth looking into.

One last guideline when trying to avoid fraudulent online shopping websites is to notice the design and layout of the website. Inconsistency throughout a website can be a sign of a scam. For example, DressLily reviews explain that the site has a variety of photo types on their page. Some photos use models, and some photos do not. Also, sites that claim to produce tens of thousands of products of all different types and styles can be a red flag.

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The Lowdown

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams that happen on the Internet today. This DressLily review will hopefully help customers think twice before shopping at DressLily and at other fraudulent shopping websites with the same red flags. Other DressLily reviews on the Internet as well as this one will show a unanimous opinion about the company. The positive feedback for DressLily is minimal.

DressLily customer reviews show that customers who have shopped at DressLily are unhappy with the experience. Either they never received their products or the products were not as described. In order to avoid being lied to by companies such as DressLily, use the guidelines, do your research, and read reviews on DressLily and others.

This DressLily review is not written from personal experience with DressLily.com; however, DressLily customer reviews and exploration throughout the Internet make the verdict on DressLily clear. Keep your money safe and your frustration at bay by shopping elsewhere.

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