Overview: Where to Donate Clothes or Books in NYC

When you’re looking for a place to donate clothes in NYC, you don’t have to fret anymore. There are plenty of options available in the city known as the Big Apple. You may also be wondering where to donate books in NYC, too.

NYC is a huge city and with one of the world’s most dense population per square feet. So, finding a place to donate books in NYC does not have to be difficult when you have options that are readily available and often require only a short walk.

You can donate clothes in NYC as well as donate books in NYC with the right information. However, if you’re looking where to start or what NYC donation pickup service is near you.

This article will help guide you to some of the top locations to drop off your clothes and where to donate books in NYC.

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What People Want to Know about Where to Donate Clothes or Books in NYC

If you think you’re the only person who’s concerned about clothing and book donations in NYC, then you’re not alone. Here are some questions donors have when searching for clothing and book donations in NYC:

  • Where to donate clothes in NYC?
  • Where can I donate books in NYC?
  • Where can I find help for donation pickup in NYC for clothes and books?
  • Where can I drop off book donations in NYC?
  • What times can you drop off book donations NYC?
  • What is the donation value of the books or clothing donations?

Where to Donate Clothes in NYC or Books in NYC

When you want to donate clothes in NYC, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the multitude of options. However, you can narrow down your journey to discovering sites to drop off clothing or book donations in NYC.

donate clothes in nycImage Source: Pixabay

If you’re looking for a place to donate books in NYC, or even where you can drop off your clothing donation in the NYC area, then you can take the guesswork out of the process. This list of NYC charities and thrift shops gives a glimpse into the variety of donation sites you can drop off your book or clothing donations in NYC as well locations that offer pickup services.

Donation Pickup in NYC

These sites provide pickup service in the NYC area for book or clothing donations:

The Salvation Army

clothing donation in nyc

Source: Company Logo

If you want to schedule a donation pickup in NYC, the Salvation Army is a charity organization you can consider. The Salvation Army is one of the most well-known donation centers in the United States with more than 7,500 locations alone in the country. In the NYC area, this nonprofit organization has a very large location at 112 Fourth Avenue for people to drop off clothing donations in NYC. If you are looking for a simple NYC donation pickup service, the Salvation Army streamlines the process by making it easy to schedule a pickup online.

You can simply go to the site and schedule a pickup in your area. What makes them very advanced is that you can give them a heads up on bags or boxes of clothes, books or items you have for them to take. By doing this, you will help them make sure they have the proper space in their transportation for your items. The site will also give you a window of time that they will come to get the items.


Goodwill - donate books in nyc

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Goodwill offers the ability for you to schedule a home pickup directly from its site. However, this pickup service is based on a fee and is not provided by Goodwill. Goodwill partners with a third-party affiliate that provides the pickup service. To schedule a pickup, you will need to just fill out a simple form and indicate the items you want them to pick up.

If you want to donate clothes in NYC or want to know where to donate books in NYC, you can turn to your local Goodwill thrift store. When you donate clothes in NYC Goodwill thrift stores, you are donating to an organization that helps support individuals with disabilities find work and get independence. Your clothing donation in NYC is also tax deductible.

The non-profit organization will provide you with a receipt when you drop off your clothing donations in NYC Goodwill retail stores or donations centers. However, you must contact the organization if you want to get a tax deductible receipt for dropping off clothing donations in NYC Goodwill drop-off bins.

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Drop-Off Sites in NYC

Some drop-off sites you can explore include the following:

Bottomless Closet

Bottomless Closet donation pick up in nyc

Source: Company Logo

As of 2016, the Bottomless Closet is situated in Midtown Manhattan at 16 East 52nd Street on the 15th Floor. The charity provides financially disadvantaged women of New York City assistance with transitioning services to help them go from public assistance and unemployment to work. One of the services that the Bottomless Closet provides is supplying these women with professional clothing for job interviews.

The donation site accepts these type of clothing donations. It also takes drop-offs for clothing donations and can pick up donations left at its curbside. The company can receive donations in boxes, on hangers, or in bags. However, Bottomless Closet notes that it cannot accept clothing donations in boxes larger than three feet per each side.

The company can also accept your clothing donation in NYC via mail with services such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS, or via a messenger. When you drop off your clothing donation in NYC, Bottomless Closet provides a tax donation receipt as gratitude for providing the donations. However, the organization does not provide pickup service due to its limited resources. The charity has specific needs for its clients, such as large-sized shoes and handbags.

The company allows drop-offs and deliveries between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. It also has workshop nights that allow them to receive drop-offs up to 7:30 p.m. On the other hand, curbside pickups are limited to the hours of 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., as of 2016. Since times are subject to change, it’s ideal to check Bottom Closet’s website or contact its customer service number to find current information regarding donation requests and current drop-off hours for your clothing donation in NYC.

Local New York Branch Library

where to donate clothes in nyc - New York Public Library

Source: Library

If you want to know where to donate books in NYC, start off by checking if your local public library accepts the type of books you have available for donations. The New York Public Library accepts book donations that are historically important and relies on donations from patrons and others to assist with enhancing its special collections and research. The library accepts books in good condition but is limited to how many it can accept.

The best way to determine if you can donate books in NYC to a library in the New York Public Library System is to contact your local branch to determine if it has the capacity to accept additional books. Donors can also receive tax-deductible receipts on items valued at more than $250, as of 2016. Additionally, the New York Public Library does not offer a pickup service for any books donations NYC donors provide.

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NYC Books Through Bars:

where to donate books in nyc

Source: NYC Books

If you want to know where you can donate books in NYC that goes beyond public libraries, then you can consider the NYC Books Through Bars. This charity relies on book donations NYC patrons have to offer as a way to fulfill book requests by prisoners all over the United States. Donors can drop off book donations at its Brooklyn packing site at Freebird Books on 123 Columbia Street.

The charity can take book donations at this site on weekends and Mondays. However, timeframes and specific drop-off areas vary. For example, if you want to drop off your book donations in NYC on a Saturday, you can drop them off at Freebird Books between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. However, if you want to drop off book donations in NYC on a Monday, you must drop off your book donations in NYC at the basement packing space between 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Although the program accepts books, there are limitations to the types of materials it can receive. For example, book donations in NYC that are not acceptable by NYC Books Through Bars include hardcover books since prisons do not allow these types of books. The organization also cannot accept old magazines, outdated books, books with underlining or notes, and heavily worn books. The charity also has specific book donations in NYC requests from inmates, including language study paperback books, guides on yoga and Pilates, mythology, entrepreneurship guides, and fiction and memoirs by people of color.

Before dropping off any book donations in NYC, check the charity’s website to ensure you have the most up-to-date timeframes and specific drop-off areas. While you can donate books in NYC to the NYC Books Through Bars, the organization does not accept shipments and cannot provide pickup service, as of 2016.

Tips for Finding Where to Donate Clothes in NYC

There are many routes that you can take when you are searching for a place to donate clothes in NYC or books. First, check your local charity thrift stores to see if they are currently collecting the items you’re trying to give. You can also search using the popular business app Yelp. The app will display the phone number of the nonprofit organization on file.

You can then read suggestions from other users if any is available to see how the customer experience is at that location. Additionally, if you want to know if you are getting a correct assessment on the book donations NYC organization’s process or even what the clothing donation in NYC value is, you can verify this information by contacting the organization or searching for a guide online on the organization’s website for reference.

For example, the Salvation Army provides a general guideline regarding the value of items donated. Finally, Google Maps is another good source as you can easily get turn-by-turn directions to the location.

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Keep This in Mind When Looking for Clothing or Book Donation Sites in NYC

Whenever you decide to donate clothes in NYC or books, you want to make sure you are providing the site with usable and useful items. Also, you don’t want to donate clothing that is damaged, such as socks with holes. In fact, many charities have their own rules that guide you on donation of various items.

The first step you want to take when you donate clothes in NYC to charities is to call the location beforehand and ask what will they not accept. Additionally, make sure to ask the time of operations for the charity you choose to drop off your clothing donation in NYC. This is because some organizations have limited hours since the organization is often run by volunteers and part-time workers.

Next, while asking the hours of operations, ask if during that time what items will they take. Certain places will only take a few items due to capacity issues. For example, if you want to donate clothes in NYC and donate books in NYC, you may find a roadblock to providing a clothing donation in NYC or to donate books in NYC at the same time, if the donation center is not in need of a particular type of donation.

They can also reject your ability to participate in a clothing donation NYC event when shelf space is limited.

Additionally, you want to see if the center you give your clothing donation in NYC to will offer tax breaks. Helping those less fortunate than you is a rewarding feeling.

However, you can also greatly benefit during tax time and might be able to write off a few items on your taxes and receive credit depending on the amount of items you get.

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Conclusion: Donation Pick Up in NYC

Finding a place to donate clothes in NYC can be very simple when you follow a few tips and suggested donation centers to start in this guide. Consider how far you want to go to donate clothes in NYC. If you are already headed to Midtown Manhattan, for instance, then you want to consider dropping off clothing donations in NYC on your way there if it is a light load.

You can also donate books in NYC at your local public library. However, take precaution to contact the library or go to its website to know if it is still taking any of the books you were looking to add to its collection. When you are choosing your organizations to donate clothes in NYC or to donate books in NYC, you can decide on a donation site based on its cause.

For example, Goodwill appeals to some shoppers because they know that their proceeds will benefit local individuals with a disability. Additionally, reference the value of your donation to a guide of donation values so you can make sure the tax-deductible receipt you receive is correct. Whether you choose to donate clothes in NYC or donate books in NYC. You have multiple options that can get you started on helping out your community.

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