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With many other big-name options available to use for drop shipping, such as Amazon and eBay, many consumers are beginning to ask the question, “Is Doba legit?” Key questions being asked by consumers include:

  • Is Doba legit?
  • Is Doba pricing worth a membership?
  • What makes Doba better than other dropship businesses?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Doba?

doba drop shipping review

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This Doba review will give a detailed account and provide you with all the information you need to know about Doba.

We will walk you through the pros and cons of Doba, Doba pricing, and provide information obtained from other Doba reviews. Most importantly, this Doba review will answer the question, “Is Doba legit?”

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Doba Reviews: How Doba Works

So, what is drop shipping? Drop shipping is when an individual purchases products from a wholesaler and then has them shipped directly to the customers.

Doba is a drop shipping business based in Utah, and it works as a middleman. Instead of a company worrying about its own warehouse, regarding keeping it stocked and monitoring the products coming and going, Doba handles all of that.

When using Doba, members create a list of items they want to link to their websites. When a customer purchases an item, Doba contacts the supplier who owns the product, and the product is shipped directly to the customer.

The Positives About Doba (Reviews)

According to a Doba review by, the number of Doba products is over 2 million. The review also claims Doba is easy to use, and that there are only five steps to using Doba:

  1. Finding products and suppliers
  2. Building and maintaining an inventory
  3. Exporting data
  4. Staying updated on orders
  5. Growing and improving upon selling products

Many Doba reviews have broken down the way Doba operates into five similar steps. This is because the majority of Doba reviews agree that Doba has an easy interface to use. Doba has developed key features, such as the advanced search and filter capability, which allow members to successfully navigate the site.

Inventory Management

According to another Doba review, the service also makes it convenient for members to handle their inventory. There is a variety of programs that members can take advantage of to export products to their websites or marketplace. There are over 60 formats that can be used to export URLs and descriptions of the Doba products.

Another great feature about Doba is the ability to create inventory notifications. This means members are notified if the products they order are out of or close to being out of stock. Doba also allows members to follow the performance of their products.

Large Product Selection

The variety of Doba products is extremely large, and, according to Top Ten Reviews, Doba has one of the largest product offerings in the drop shipping business. Some categories include apparel, electronics, health and beauty, furniture, books, and entertainment.

Members can browse Doba’s products by category, brand, or supplier. They can also use the advanced search and filter tool to browse products by price, shipping option, and other filters.

Worry-Free Shipping Process

The Top Ten Doba review also applauds Doba’s shipping options and the account support available. Doba has around 200 suppliers, and members do not have to worry about handling any aspect of the shipping process. Sometimes, Doba even processes orders that are placed directly onto members’ websites instead of members having to order the products themselves. However, Doba usually only does this for larger companies.

Helpful Support Resources

Doba does offer support services. Several Doba reviews reference contacting Doba directly, reporting that the company is typically quick to respond to queries made by phone, email, and live chat. However, the type of support you receive does depend on the type of membership purchased.

One of the last positive points mentioned in Doba reviews is the available resources Doba provides regarding its services and drop shipping in general. According to, besides an FAQ page and video tutorials, Doba also has business guides, infographics, whitepapers, and a consistently updated blog. All resources are available to the general public.

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Negative Doba Reviews About Doba

Fluctuating Prices

Doba’s pricing seems to be a large downside, and the company seems to change its pricing often. One Doba review quoted a seven-day free trial and four types of memberships ranging from $19.95 to $59.95. Another quotes monthly rates ranging from $59.95 to $89.95 for retailers and $599.50 to $899.50 annually for suppliers.

The best source for staying updated on Doba’s memberships and prices is the website itself: We recommend you check Doba costs and deals often. As of this writing, Doba is offering a 30-day trial, and the current Doba cost for each retailer package is as follows:

  • Basic: This package costs $29 a month, and members have access to all their products and suppliers, the community Q&A, training webinars, weekly email, email support, and the $0.99 per-order fee.
  • Advanced: This package costs $69 a month. Members get all the benefits of the basic package as well as eBay data export, the elite seller report, and live chat support.
  • Pro: This package costs $249 a month. Members receive all the benefits of the advanced and basic packages as well as Amazon data export, Street Price data, custom data export, Doba prepay, batch order upload, phone support, and 500 orders free each month.
  • Enterprise: To get a price quote on this package, contact Doba directly. With this package, member get all the benefits of the pro, advanced, and basic packages as well as API custom integration, shared FTP data transfers, unlimited exports, reports for RMAs and uploads, and an account manager.

For suppliers, the Doba cost for each option is listed as the following:

  • Bronze: The one-time setup fee is $500, with a monthly fee of $29.95. It allows suppliers to upload 50 products manually as well as set up a company profile page, centralized order management, and SimpleSource listing.
  • Gold: The setup fee is $999 and costs $29.95 a month. This package has the same benefits as the bronze package, although it lets suppliers upload unlimited products using a standard method or by FTP. It also comes with Doba deals.
  • Platinum: The setup fee is $1,499 with a $49.95 monthly fee. It has the same benefits as the Gold package; however, suppliers can upload products using a custom method or by FTP. It also gives suppliers product priority rank and an account manager.

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Complaints Filed to the Better Business Bureau

In the past three years, 170 complaints have been filed about Doba to the Better Business Bureau. Seventy-one of the complaints were about billing and collection issues, and 60 of the complaints were about problems with products and service. These were the two biggest issues; in addition, there were 30 complaints issued regarding advertising and sales issues, 7 about warranty issues, and 2 about delivery issues.

Unfortunately, only about one-fourth of complaints about Doba were addressed and resolved. While the majority of Doba drop shipping review feedback given to the BBB was positive, negative Doba reviews revealed inconveniences and problems that should be known when considering using Doba’s dropship business.

Main Issues Regarding Doba Complaints

  • Cancelling memberships: A few Doba reviews mentioned how difficult it was to cancel memberships. The membership could only be cancelled by phone, and the cancellations were often not confirmed. In some cases, members were still charged the month after they had cancelled.
  • Doba pricing is high: Several Doba reviews found Doba products cost twice as much as the same products listed on eBay and Amazon. The dropship fees can cause the prices to soar higher than other sites. This also hurt members when they tried to sell Doba products on their own websites.
  • Refunds are slow: One Doba review commented that not only did Doba charge for a monthly membership after the individual had cancelled, but also that Doba would not provide a refund for the additional month charged. The reviewer had to go through their credit company to get the refund back.
  • Guarantees are not guarantees: Many Doba reviews complained about the company’s guarantee and warranty service. Some members never received refunds or replacements for defective products. Other members who had paid for special training were only sent video tutorials instead of getting hands-on training.
  • Poor customer service: Even though Doba talks up its great customer service, one particular Doba review proved its claims to be false. One major problem is that members only get email and live chat support when they purchase the more expensive memberships.

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Doba Reviews: Is Doba Legit?

After reviewing numerous negative Doba reviews, many may still be wondering, “Is Doba legit?” With the constant price changes and the obvious improvements Doba needs to make, it may seem like the answer is no. However, that is not quite the case.

doba reviews

Image source: Doba

According to, Doba is a good choice for those who are prepared to work hard. Performing research and acquiring information about Doba’s drop shipping business or any dropship business makes all the difference when it comes to making money. One Doba review online confirmed that there are, in fact, products that are cheaper through the company – they just have to be researched.

Another Doba review described a reviewer who makes $40,000 a year using Doba. He explicitly states that Doba is not a get-rich-fast scheme; it takes hard work and knowledge about drop shipping. So, Doba can be a great option for those who are prepared to do their research and learn by trial and error.

For those who do have the experience and knowledge to run an online dropship business, Doba’s strengths can be a huge advantage. While selling Doba’s products at higher prices may be more difficult, its easy interface and simple export service can make the process a lot smoother. The ability to organize products and inventory is also a big time saver.

According to, the best method is to sell lesser-known products through Doba. Popular products can often be found for less on sites like Amazon or eBay. That is where researching the market comes in, and how members can make a decent profit.

Conclusion: Doba Reviews

Is Doba legit? Is a Doba membership worth it? Is Doba drop shipping better than other drop shipping companies? Retailers and suppliers are asking these questions more frequently about Doba, a company that is on its way to becoming a large player in the drop shipping business. Unfortunately, there are no definite answers to those questions.

Doba drop shipping reviews vary significantly. It seems that Doba’s problems mainly revolve around its customer service, which could be a huge inconvenience when problems need to be solved.

On the other hand, Doba caters to individuals with experience and knowledge of the industry, and those members have reported making significant profits.

When conducting a dropship business, it is worth looking into Doba. Keep in mind that all businesses have their pros and cons, and, sometimes, reviews can give overly positive or negative impressions. Before making any commitments, try participating in the 30-day trial to get a feel for the site and the way Doba works. This can help you determine whether Doba is the right drop shipping business for you.

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