Intro: Saving Money with the Digit Savings App

Whether you’re planning on taking a vacation, saving up for a new car, or putting money aside for a rainy day, learning how to save money is a crucial part of establishing financial stability.

Of course, the challenge is keeping that dedication to stick to a solid, recurring savings plan. It isn’t always easy to start saving money, especially if you are stuck in the revolving cycle of living from one paycheck to the next.

What if there was an easier way to start saving money, without even thinking about it? What if you had an app that saves money for you?

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No matter what your financial situation may be, the Digit savings app is designed to match your unique spending habits, automatically saving only what you can afford based on your income and your spending habits.

As an app that saves money for you, the Digit savings app works by transferring small increments that you won’t miss, effectively helping even the most budget-challenged to start saving money.

Having an app that saves money for you sounds like a great idea, but how do you know that the Digit savings app is right for you? What do Digit reviews have to say about the effectiveness of the app?

In this Digit savings review, we’ll look at Digit reviews from actual users to help you determine whether the Digit savings app is the right decision for you to grow your financial security and start saving money.

Interested in learning how to incrementally save (without constantly monitoring your account)? Read on—you may find that Digit savings reviews point to the Digit savings app as your new favorite financial tool.

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Digit App Review | Digit Reviews from Android Users

There are nearly 4,000 Digit app reviews on Google Play, giving the Digit savings app a total rating of 4.3.

Positive Digit Reviews

The majority of Digit app reviews from Android users are positive, with over 2,800 users giving the Digit savings app a full five-star rating.

Many Digit reviewers praise the Digit savings app for its ability to help them start saving money without breaking the bank. For example, in her Digit app review, user Cassie Lipari says:

Helps me save!! I am the kind of person that will spend money if I have it. Over 4 months, this app saved enough money for me to take a trip to see my sister in the spring and I didn’t miss the money! 

Despite the recent change to a $2.99 monthly fee, many users continue to leave positive Digit app reviews.

For example, in his Digit review, user Paul Park calls it “a great way to save money without having to think about it,” stating that, “[i]n the end, $3 a month is well worth it” to see his savings accounts continue to grow.

Many Digit reviewers also like the ability to control their account via text message, enabling them to conserve data when needed.

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Negative Digit Reviews

Although many Digit app reviews from Android users are positive, critical Digit reviews should certainly be considered before downloading the Digit savings app.

Our Digit review found that the most common complaint among Digit app reviews stems from the $2.99 monthly charge.

Many critical Digit reviews come from users that were previously using the Digit savings app for free, with some noting that comparable savings services can now be found at a lower rate.

For example, in her Digit app review, user Sarah Gregg says:

 I loved this app when it was free. I was able to save a lot of money without even realizing it. I joined because I wanted an easy, effortless way to save that didn’t cost me more than the time to check in every once in a while. Sadly, the service is no longer free, now charging $2.99 a month. I have withdrawn my funds and will be moving to a competitors service.

Other Digit reviewers note that the monthly fee now makes it difficult to justify keeping the Digit savings app based on savings goals. In his Digit app review, user Jonah Aragon says:

Used since Nov 16, new subscription model kills it for me. I’d have to put $3600 in Digit just to not lose money since it’s only 1% annually. Might as well just get a 1.2% APY savings account.

It’s worth noting that our Digit review found that a company representative continues to respond to negative Digit reviews with thoughtful and proactive responses—even when replying to critical Digit app reviews from users leaving comments based on the monthly fee.

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Digit App Review | Digit Reviews from iPhone Users

Currently, there are over 1,700 Digit app reviews from users on iTunes, giving the Digit savings app an overall rating of 2.4.

Positive Digit Reviews

Many Digit savings reviews from iPhone users applaud the app for the convenience of checking balances via text message notifications, rather than constantly logging into the Digit savings app.

One Digit app reviewer says that:

I get a daily text from Digit with a balance that is always accurate and matches what my bank app says…I can login to the app, but I can also just text the word “balance” to see how my little “Rainy Day” fund is doing.

Our Digit review found that many iPhone users applaud the app for its ability to seamlessly help them start saving money through automatic transfers, balance notifications, and savings amounts based on daily spending habits.

Of course, many Digit reviewers mention the recent change to a monthly fee within their own Digit reviews. Many positive Digit savings reviewers support the additional fee, saying that they will continue to use the service regardless.

One such Digit savings reviewer says that the fee is justifiable, since the app is “the first thing that has successfully helped me save.”

digit app reviews

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Negative Digit Reviews

While previous versions of the app received high ratings, the newest version seems to be bringing in an influx of negative Digit reviews.

Many critical Digit savings reviews stem from the inability to control the amount of savings transfers, making for a somewhat unreliable way to start saving money.

For example, one Digit review states that “One day it’ll save $5 and the next $6…the third day $30, and then $40…While I want to save it’s a bit to [sic] up and down for me.”

Additionally, our Digit savings review found that some users are frustrated by the app’s text-based method of distributing information. One such Digit reviewer calls it “a real disappointment,” saying:

As much as I like the service, the app experience is bad enough that it makes me think about leaving before I have to start paying monthly for something that I can’t manage without learning a new word-based text message app control system.

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Conclusion: What do Digit Reviews Say About the Digit Savings App?

If you’re thinking about downloading the Digit savings app to start saving money, looking at Digit app reviews is a great place to start.

As seen in the Digit reviews above, there are plenty of positive and negative features offered by this app that saves money for you.

Many Digit app reviews express a love/hate relationship between the varying savings transfers, text-based messaging, and monthly fee.

Perhaps the most important consideration to make is whether the $2.99 monthly fee is worth it for you. If you have the extra money to spare—and like the idea of an automated savings app—then Digit could be a great option to start saving money.

If, however, a paid service is not what you are looking for, you might be better off talking to your local bank or credit union about their automated savings account programs, or considering a free savings app like Qapital.

Is Digit right for you? According to Digit app reviews, there’s a good chance that it could be.

While making your decision, use Digit reviews from users as a foundation, and apply your own spending and saving habits to determine whether this savings app truly is the best tool to let your savings grow.

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