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Online shopping may very well be the best thing since sliced bread. By shopping online, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home when everything can be hand-delivered to your house. Most products purchased online are also less expensive than their counterparts in stores because you can find great deals on the Internet.

One online store in particular, DHgate.com, has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Many people are asking important questions such as, “Is DHgate reliable?” and “Is DHgate safe to use?” People may be wary of purchasing from an online website without first being assured by reliable DHgate reviews that the website will not scam them.

DHgate.com is the world’s leading online marketplace for any and all consumer products. If you can think of it, DHgate most likely has it. DHgate reviews have compared the site as being a “global eBay-like marketplace.” DHgate reviews are also written in a variety of languages since sales on DHgate.com are made in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

DHgate.com is a truly global marketplace.

DHgate Reviews

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Overall, DHgate reviews rave about the ease of use that comes with navigating the site. DHgate reviews tend to highlight the fact that the company comprises nearly 1.2 million sellers globally and over 10 million buyers from over 230 countries and regions.

That is quite the number of people shopping on DHgate. DHgate.com reviews state that if DHgate was not safe to purchase from, it would not have the clientele base that it currently has.

DHgate reviews also capitalize on the fact that DHgate.com processes a transaction every 3 seconds. That is a high product turnover for an online website. DHgate.com reviews specifically mention to check back in half a day if you do not see any products you are interested in because the website has over 33 million product listings. Considering that DHgate.com has such a high amount of listed products and clients, the question, “Is DHgate safe to use?” should be of minimal concern to you now.

What Does DHgate Sell?

DHgate.com sells nearly everything under the sun. It prides itself on being the online, New Age “Silk Road.” If there is something out there that you are looking for, you will most likely find it on DHgate.com. DHgate.com reviews appreciate the fact that the site has such a large amount of products for sale.

DHgate reviews point out that you can make individual or bulk purchases. Individual purchases are said by DHgate reviews to be more expensive than bulk purchases, but most people will only be making bulk purchases when buying products for a company.

Since the products are being shipped in bulk from China on barges, DHgate reviews point out that the cost of shipping is fairly low as well. DHgate.com reviews say that is a great place to shop to get deals on large amounts of items because you are able to buy them wholesale from a manufacturer.

This means that you do not have to go through another company that is trying to make a profit before you can receive your items. DHgate reviews love this fact since it keeps the overhead costs of the company low.

dhgate.com reviews

Image Source: DHgate.com

For individual purchases, you have more leeway on sellers to choose from. There may be a couple sellers out there that are selling jewelry in bulk, but DHgate.com reviews say that there are lots of sellers that sell items individually.

DHgate reviews point out that having more sellers to choose from can keep you, as the buyer, safer because you can be pickier about who gets your hard-earned money. The last thing you want to do as a buyer is purchase a product from a seller who has consistently poor DHgate reviews.

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Is DHgate Safe?

Many DHgate.com reviews praise the safety of using DHgate. DHgate.com keeps its customers safe above all else. After all, if people are busy asking, “Is DHgate safe?” they will be less likely to purchase from the website. A couple bad DHgate reviews that detail a customer being scammed would badly damage the company’s reputation.

DHgate reviews state that it has many safeguards in place if a seller does try to deceive a customer, and the customer is 100% protected against any scamming sellers. DHgate reviews overall seem to be satisfied with how the business history and behavior of sellers is monitored 24/7.

For example, if a seller is actively attempting to scam multiple people, DHgate will investigate and shut down that individual’s account. DHgate.com reviews also say that if sellers do not honor its business policies, such as trying to ship a defective or different product, DHgate will refund the customers’ hard-earned money.

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As a matter of fact, several DHgate reviews have confirmed that it does not pay the seller for a product that he/she has not yet received. DHgate reviews love the fact that sellers do not get paid until customers have the products in their hands.

There are also DHgate.com reviews out there describing how DHgate returned customers’ money after they received products that were not at all what they had originally purchased. DHgate allows customers to open a “Return and Refund” request up to 90 days after the order has been placed.

is dhgate reliable

Image Source: DHgate.com

DHgate reviews say that if the seller cannot close out the Return and Refund request within 10 days, the problem will be escalated to the DHgate Resolution Center. The DHgate Resolution Center will quickly close out the issue and mediate the case fairly.

DHgate.com reviews appear to acknowledge that DHgate.com cares about its clientele losing out on money due to scammers. So, the answer to “Is DHgate safe to use?” is “yes.”

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Is DHgate Reliable to Use?

DHgate.com reviews are on the border when it comes to DHgate’s reliability. Many DHgate reviews state that they have had instances where they did not receive a product or the wrong product was shipped. This can prove to be an inconvenience if you are counting on the product arriving in the correct condition on time.

is dhgate safe

Image Source: DHgate.com

A number of DHgate reviews express their wishes for the quality control of DHgate to be better handled. DHgate does inspect products that ship through its site, but it cannot vet all of the 33 million products. That would require an extremely high number of quality control employees. An improved quality control is simply not realistic, and DHgate.com reviews do tend to understand this.

Although the reliability could stand for improvement, it does not change the fact that many DHgate.com reviews praise the safety of using DHgate for making bulk purchases.

How Can I Stay Safe on DHgate.com?

There are simple safety precautions that many DHgate reviews recommend following. Some DHgate reviews suggest only purchasing from sellers who have at least a 12-month seller history. This means that they will have 12 months’ worth of DHgate reviews posted on their account history. You can easily browse through a seller’s DHgate reviews to see if that individual is a trustworthy seller or if his/her products are what the seller claims them to be.

DHgate reviews warn that there are sellers out there who sell copycat or imitation products that appear to be the same as the products sold by other sellers. DHgate reviews say that you can spot a copycat seller if the individual has a relatively short seller history and the prices of his/her products are a lot cheaper than those of competitors.

DHgate reviews warn that these types of sellers operate on a “fly by night” type of mindset, where they know that their account will be banned shortly. A large number of DHgate reviews warn to avoid buying from these copycat sellers at all costs.

what is dhgate

Image Source: DHgate.com

DHgate reviews also suggest only communicating through the official DHgate communication system. If a seller attempts to contact you outside of the DHgate communication system, DHgate reviews warn that he/she is most likely attempting to scam you.

You will not be covered under DHgate’s buyer protection unless you are able to show all of the communication history between yourself and the seller. Therefore, reviews for DHgate highly recommend only using the official communication system for this reason.

You should also make as much use out of the buyer protection escrow feature as possible. DHgate reviews state that if a seller is attempting to get you to make a payment before you receive your product, that person is most likely trying to rip you off.

Many DHgate reviews also warn that you should not make payments unless they are made through DHgate. There should never be an instance where a seller will ask you to submit a payment through a money order or through a third-party website.

The escrow feature, as reported by DHgate reviews, allows the buyer to receive and inspect the product before submitting a payment. DHgate reviews claim that if a seller ships you a different product or does not ship you anything at all, you do not have to pay for the purchase. DHgate reviews state that you will have your money refunded from escrow once DHgate confirms that the seller is trying to rip you off.

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What Do DHgate Online Store Reviews Say?

DHgate works on the premise that each individual seller has his/her own page of DHgate reviews. The DHgate reviews for that particular seller are rated on a five-star system.

The reviews of DHgate will allow you, as the buyer, to vet the seller before purchasing anything from him/her. This is a great feature because there is no one better to tell you about a seller’s history than the people who purchased from him/her before.

You should take care to weed through DHgate reviews that seem planted. Some sellers may plant fake DHgate reviews in order to make themselves seem more trustworthy than they really are. In order to keep yourself safe, only buy from sellers who have a minimum of 100 transactions, an account history of at least 12 months, and a DHgate review score of 95%. This will weed out the “fly by night” operations that get shut down in a short matter of time.

dhgate online store reviews

Image Source: DHgate.com

You can also search for sellers based on their DHgate online store reviews. If you only want to search for sellers who have a 5-star rating, DHgate gives you the option to do so. You have to specify this in your search criteria, otherwise, it will show sellers who have DHgate review scores of 1–4 stars as well. The DHgate reviews will allow you, as the buyer, to vet the seller before purchasing anything from him/her. This is a great feature because there is no one better to tell you about a seller’s history than the people who purchased from him/her before.

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