Intro: Detailed Ranking & Review of De Thomas Wealth Management

De Thomas Wealth Management was recently ranked by AdvisoryHQ News as a top-rated financial advisory and investment firm in Toronto, Canada. The firm has earned this ranking for four consecutive years.

In the sections below, we provide a detailed overview, including the key factors that enabled this firm to be ranked as one of the top financial advisory firms in Toronto.

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Overview of De Thomas Wealth Management

The firm provides unbiased advice that is “never motivated by commissions or incentives from outside influences or financial products.” This provides assurance to clients that they’ll receive advice that’s completely in their best interest.

Philosophy of Peace of Mind

Within the De Thomas Wealth Management philosophy is to provide clients peace of mind. The firm does that by ensuring its advisors have all the modern tools available to offer high-quality guidance and premium tailored services.

The firm’s modern tools include a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that clients can use to conveniently track their investments, view trade details, contact their financial advisor, and more.

The firm also makes a commitment to deliver completely independent advice and counsel to clients that is not limited by any corporate mandates. This means that the firm’s advisors have the freedom to explore the best financial solutions for each client’s needs.

Holistic Financial Planning & Wealth Management

The “holistic*” financial planning and wealth management that De Thomas Wealth Management provides covers such services as:

  • Creating a complete financial and investment plan to start you on the right path
  • Clearly stating your personal goals, objectives, risk tolerance and correct asset allocation
  • Offering a complete range of plans: examples RESP, RRSP, IPP, TFSA, RDSP, ETF, ANNUITY, RRIF, LIRA, LIF
  • Income tax planning and income tax preparation (De Thomas Tax Planners)
  • Retirement planning
  • Life insurance and estate planning

*Holistic: Holistic planning is the process of pursuing life goals through the proper management of your resources. Setting life goals, understanding your resources, and establishing a plan to work toward reaching those goals are the backbone of holistic planning services.

Instead of focusing on one area of your finances in isolation, such as investments, pensions, tax, or insurance; holistic financial planning considers all aspects of your personal situation and financial position to identify the actions that need to be taken to correct and meet your goals.

Personalized Customer Experience

One thing that clients won’t find at De Thomas Wealth Management is a cookie-cutter solution. The firm’s advisors don’t try to fit clients into a set portfolio or service model; they completely tailor each financial plan to meet client goals, financial situation, and investing comfort level.

During the firm’s discovery process, you’ll meet with a De Thomas Wealth advisor who will take the time to ask you a series of in-depth questions that relate to your financial objectives, requirements, constraints, and personal values.

Advisors get to know you so they can offer a customized solution designed to maximize the potential of meeting your financial goals.

Whether you’re looking to minimize portfolio fees or are looking for full-featured concierge-style wealth management services, the team at De Thomas Wealth will tailor their services to address each distinct client need.

Being provided with custom solutions gives clients a better chance of having a financial plan designed to fit their risk comfort level, growth objectives, and future financial needs for retirement, education funding, or another goal.

The Advisory Team at De Thomas Wealth Management

When you work with the team at De Thomas Wealth Management, you have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise on your side. The impressive team of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals has over 30 years of experience, and each is dedicated to providing exceptional service.

Several team members hold the CFP® designation, which is a standard of excellence in the financial advisory industry. It means that financial professionals have met a standard of expertise in the industry and have made a commitment to act as a fiduciary.

Fiduciaries are obligated to act in their clients’ best interests always and uphold strict ethical standards.

Toronto Advisors

The financial advisory team at De Thomas Wealth Management is led by Tony De Thomasis, BSc, CFP and Jason De Thomasis, BMOS, CFP.

Tony De Thomasis

Tony De Thomasis, BSc, CFP

President, De Thomas Wealth Management

Tony De Thomasis is a graduate of York University (1976), Honours Math and Science.

Tony worked with various independent firms between 1977 and 1987. Tony received his CFP designation in 1981 and his RFP designation in 1985. He has been a member of the FPSC for over 25 YEARS, and also was/is a member of Advocis and IFB (Independent Financial Brokers). In 1987, Tony with five advisors, started De Thomas Wealth Management. Today the firm has over 50 financial advisors in offices all across Canada – and managing over $1.3 Billion.

“The independence of De Thomas Wealth allows us to truly personalize our advice to each of our client’s unique investment goals and objectives. And by promoting a culture of independence, we are able to reassure our clients that their best interests are always our number one priority.”  

Jason De Thomasis

Jason De Thomasis, BMOS, CFP

CCO and Certified Financial Planner

Jason is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (2006), with a specialization in Organizational and Human Resources.

Jason has been with the De Thomas Wealth since 2007 in the role of administration and compliance. After successfully implementing a new back office system and overhauling the firm’s compliance procedures, he was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer. His role as CCO provided valuable insights into the vast amount of investment options available and served as an ideal foundation for his progression into becoming a Certified Financial Planner (2014).

Jason has passed Level I of the CFA program and hopes to complete the CFA program earn the CFA Charter in the near future. When working with clients, Jason demonstrates a tremendous amount of effort and care to ensure he can provide the highest level of advice based on each of his client’s unique goals and objectives.

Jason is a winner of the WP Young Guns award (2017) and named one of Canada’s top 50 advisors by WP in 2019. Jason was also a finalist for the WP Canadian Advisor of the Year in 2019.

Better Business Bureau Accredited & A+ Rating

One more reflection of the expert team at De Thomas Wealth Management is that the firm has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is a BBB Accredited Business.

The BBB accreditation means that firms have to meet certain industry standards and that they make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints in a timely manner. You won’t find this accreditation at all financial advisory firms in Toronto or Canada. It’s a sign that you’re dealing with a company that upholds high standards of customer service.

Investment Process

As one of the best investment firms in Toronto, the investment strategy at De Thomas Wealth Management is comprised of three main components:

  • Diversification
  • Asset allocation
  • Minimizing fees

First, your Toronto financial advisor will focus on ensuring your financial plan is diversified and will create a portfolio that includes a wide array of bond and security investments. This approach helps investors capture market returns without suffering from volatility.

Your Toronto financial advisor next emphasizes expert asset allocation. You won’t have to worry about practices like “timing the market,” which leads to unpredictable results. Each investment made on your behalf is done so based upon extensive research, includes a long-term target, and is recalibrated as needed.

The advisors at De Thomas Wealth will also work to keep your fees to a minimum. The firm uses cost-efficient products that help save you money, and that are also tax efficient.

You won’t pay any trading or commission fees of any type when working with this top Toronto financial planning firm. The tiered fee structure at De Thomas Wealth Management can be, on average, 50% lower than other firms, depending on your amount of investable assets and services offered.

Private Wealth Advisory Services

For high-net-worth families, individuals, and foundations with investable assets in excess of $5 million, the firm offers De Thomas Private Wealth services. This division offers wealthy investors exceptional service and solutions that are distinct to their financial needs.

What can wealthy investors expect when they work with De Thomas Private Wealth? Here are some of the main advantages the firm brings to the table.

  • Experience: More than three decades of experience serving investors and delivering a custom experience.
  • Personal Approach: De Thomas Wealth advisors work closely with their clients and take time to develop deep relationships so they can custom tailor a perfect wealth and investment strategy.
  • Lower Fees: De Thomas Private Wealth clients can benefit from fees lower than the industry standard, depending on services offered, which means they keep more of their money.
  • Safety: Client accounts are held with a third-party custodian, B2B Bank, adding an important layer of security for investors.
  • Disciplined Investment Process: Advisors protect investors from bad decisions made by emotional choices by deploying a level-headed, systematic investment approach.
  • Fully Integrated Solutions: High-net-worth clients will find an array of other financial services available beyond investment, which include tax management, estate planning, and more.

These investment and wealth planning services are tailored to high-net-worth clients and are not limited to investment advice. Services are robust, integrated, and handled by a team of experienced advisors who get to know you personally and understand the complexities of your financial situation.

Financial Planning & Insurance Services

Investors can benefit from other integrated financial services offered by the team of experts at De Thomas Wealth Management. These include financial planning in crucial areas and risk mitigation through insurance products.

Best Toronto Financial Advisory Firm

Top Toronto & Canadian Financial Advisory Firm

Financial Planning

The firm’s financial planning services help clients preserve wealth and prepare for future goals in life through a thoughtful and strategic process. Clients benefit from a holistic solution that blends with and supports other areas of their wealth management plan.

Planning services include:

  • Tax & Estate Planning: The experts at De Thomas Wealth will help you protect your wealth and ensure it’s preserved for future generations with tax-efficient strategies.
  • Retirement Planning: For those planning ahead or that have already retired, this team of advisors will help build a comprehensive plan to live the lifestyle you want throughout your “golden years.”
  • Education Planning: The increasing cost of education means comprehensive planning needs to be done according to a plan. De Thomas Wealth advisors can help provide peace of mind that a child or grandchild will be able to pursue their dreams for the future.

Insurance Services

When you can secure insurance through the same trusted firm as other financial services, it helps ensure a holistic financial strategy. Insurance provides a necessary safety net to protect loved ones and ensure a person has the care they need in the event of a health issue or accident.

As with all its services, this top-rated financial advisor works to keep costs low, and this includes the integration of tax-free benefits and guaranteed premiums on certain insurance offerings.

The insurance services provided by De Thomas Wealth Management include:

  • Life Insurance: Term life, permanent life, universal life
  • Health Insurance: Disability, critical illness, long-term care

Complimentary Review of Your Portfolio

One way that De Thomas Wealth Management works to prove itself to potential clients is to offer a free portfolio review.

This no-obligation, in-depth evaluation of your current portfolio of investments is based upon Nobel Prize-winning academic research and is designed to ensure your financial plan is properly aligned with your future financial objectives.

Some of the benefits of contacting De Thomas Wealth Management to have its advisors review your investment portfolio are as follows.

  • Tax Efficiency: The advisors at this top Canadian financial advisory firm will review the tax efficiency of your portfolio, as well as factors like tax-loss harvesting, and tax-reporting methodology. This is designed to ensure you’re not paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Diversification: A well-diversified portfolio offers a better risk-adjusted return over time. De Thomas Wealth advisors will review your asset allocation to ensure your portfolio is well-diversified and make recommendations if it’s not.
  • Review Portfolio Expenses: Many investors don’t have a clear picture of the expenses involved in their portfolio (advisory fees, transaction charges, etc.). These top Toronto investment advisors will offer suggestions on how to reduce your fee burden.
  • Gauging Risk: De Thomas Wealth advisors use a method to gauge portfolio risk that includes looking at the percentage made up of equities versus fixed income investments to help you better understand your portfolio risk level.

You can have this complimentary portfolio evaluation done with no obligation on your part and with no pressure. This team truly just wants to help people reach their financial goals by offering an expert, objective evaluation.

Why Should You Select De Thomas Wealth?

For investors looking for experienced and seasoned financial advisory pros to guide them, there are several reasons to consider De Thomas Wealth:

  • Their 33+ years of independence, experience, and knowledge
  • Dedicated and experienced financial advisors (with over 20 years of average experience).
  • Holistic financial planning services
  • Fee-based financial services – no commission or trading fees
  • … and most important: for these advisors, it is not just a job… but their passion.

De Thomas Wealth Management Contact Information

Head Office

9033 Leslie Street, Unit 1
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4K3

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (905) 731-9800
Fax: (905) 731-9759


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