Brief Introduction to Cupshe Bathing Suits & Cupshe Bikinis

No matter whether you live in a tropical climate or you’re getting ready for a beachside vacation, finding the right bathing suit for your sense of style and body type is an inseparable part of summer.

Unfortunately, the process of locating the perfect swimwear boutique bathing suits is often incredibly stressful—especially when buying bathing suits online, where you can’t try them on ahead of time.

Not only can it be difficult to find a bathing suit that actually fits your body, but it’s often equally as challenging to find one that fits into your budget too.

For women who love a great deal on fashionable swimwear, Cupshe bathing suits are becoming an increasingly popular option. With bright colors, unique patterns, and a wide variety of styles, Cupshe swimwear has tons of on-trend options.

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Cupshe Swimsuits Review

Of course, it also helps that Cupshe bikinis and one-piece Cupshe swim fashions come with affordable prices, making it easy to fit Cupshe swimwear into any budget.

But with any online shopping, especially if it’s coming from overseas, there is the chance that what you purchase from the website might not be what shows up at your door. So, it’s a good idea to do your research first on Cupshe swimsuits.

Before you start adding Cupshe bathing suits to your online shopping bag, how do you know whether Cupshe swimwear is worth it?

Does the quality of Cupshe bikinis match the price? How does the sizing for Cupshe swimwear work? What do Cupshe swimwear reviews say about the shopping experience?

A great way to determine whether buying Cupshe swimwear is worth it comes from Cupshe bathing suit reviews from shoppers who have experienced the process of purchasing and trying on Cupshe bathing suits.

In our Cupshe review, we’ll focus on what shoppers say about their Cupshe swimwear to help you determine whether buying Cupshe bathing suits is the best idea for your next poolside adventure.

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Cupshe Review | What is Cupshe Swimwear?

Founded in 2015, Cupshe is a global online retailer, offering dresses, tops, accessories, and swimwear. Cupshe swim and clothing fashions are California-inspired and designed to offer quality, comfort, style, and affordability.

The goal of the company is to “inspire women to live a life of exploration and fun.” Their Cupshe swimwear boutique bathing suits are made with different body types and different personalities in mind to help women find their perfect bathing suit.

Cupshe swimwear is by far their most popularly purchased and reviewed product, due in part to their wide selection of fashionable bathing suits and bikinis in an array of solids, patterns, and floral styles all for between $25-$30 on average.

Our Cupshe swimsuit review found that the company focuses heavily on their line of Cupshe swimwear, displaying high-quality photographs and advertising extensively for Cupshe bathing suits online.

Where is Cupshe Swimwear Made?

While it isn’t clear exactly where Cupshe bathing suits are made, our AdvisoryHQ Cupshe review found that they are likely made in China. The Cupshe name is trademarked by Nanjing Kapeixi Network Technology, Co. Ltd.

The Cupshe website used to list warehouses locations in New Jersey and Nanjing, China and a California customer service address, but that information can longer be found on their site.

Many Cupshe swimwear reviews mention long delivery times due to shipping from China, which indicates that the majority of Cupshe bathing suits are most likely shipped from overseas. Standard shipping times in the 7-10 business day range also indicate overseas shipping.

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Cupshe Swimwear Boutique Bathing Suits on Amazon

Our Cupshe review found that, because Cupshe swimwear can be purchased through Amazon with shipping by Amazon noted, it’s possible that U.S. based warehouses for Cupshe may actually be Amazon locations.

Although Cupshe swimwear is likely made in China, the ability to purchase on Amazon is a great way to avoid the common issues shoppers have when purchasing from overseas manufacturers, like lengthy shipping delays and potential customs fees.

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Cupshe Review | Styles & Sizing for Cupshe Swimwear

Cupshe bathing suits are available in two basic styles: One-piece Cupshe swimwear and Cupshe bikinis. One-piece Cupshe swimwear includes cut-outs and full coverage bathing suits. Cupshe bikinis include halter tops, high-waisted, and tank styles.

A welcome area of the site for many women is the plus size Cupshe swimsuits, which offer several trendy and fashionable styles that look great on multiple body types.

Cupshe’s “Mommy & Me” section has adorable Cupshe swim fashions for toddlers and girls from 2 to 12.

Our Cupshe review found that sizing for Cupshe bathing suits can be a little tricky, a fact which is reflected throughout many Cupshe swimwear reviews.

However, the site does try to make it easier with their Cupshe swimwear sizing guide listed on their website, which includes directions on how to take your measurements. This can be accessed on the product page through a link that comes up right beneath the price.

As an example of size to inches correlation, the website’s sizing guide found by our Cupshe review lists a Large (US 12-14) as having a waist measurement of 26.8” (give or take 0.4”-0.8” due to manual measurement).

But, sizing for Cupshe swimwear gets a little confusing when browsing on Amazon. For example, one Cupshe swimwear listing has a Large waist measurement as 29”-32.6”, completely negating the size charts on the Cupshe website.

Could inconsistent sizing for Cupshe swimwear be a way to help women better match their measurements to specific styles?

After checking multiple listings across Amazon and the Cupshe website, our Cupshe review found that these sizing inconsistencies do not change from one style to the next, making it impossible to determine which sizing chart is most accurate.

Inconsistent sizing is certainly a consideration for potential shoppers to take, particularly as this issue appears numerous times throughout critical Cupshe swimwear reviews.

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Cupshe Review | Cupshe Swimwear Reviews on Sitejabber

There are 802 Cupshe clothing and Cupshe swimwear reviews on Sitejabber, giving the retailer a total rating of 3 stars out of 5. Of these, 460 reviews on Cupshe gave 5-star ratings, while 255 reviews on Cupshe gave only 1 star.

Positive Cupshe Swimwear Reviews

Although there are several Cupshe bathing suit reviews on Sitejabber that are critical, there are plenty of positive Cupshe swimwear reviews that praise the company for providing high-quality swimwear at a low price.

Some Cupshe swimwear reviews even mention additional factors, like great customer service. For example, in her Cupshe swimsuit review, user Sharise C. says:

I ordered 3 swimsuits but I didn’t like the fit of 2. I thought that it was going to be a lot of trouble to return them, however I was so surprised how simple Cupshe made it to be. I was very happy with the customer experience and not to mention the quick responses I got. 2 thumbs up Cupshe!

In another positive Cupshe bathing suit review, user Emma H. says:

… I took a risk and ordered a bathing suit, and no regrets! It is my favorite bathing suit ever and I wear it WAYY too much. They are good quality and inexpensive. The only problem is they are a lot of the time out of stock with.

cupshe swimwear reviews

Cupshe Swim Fashions

In a 5-star review about Cupshe swimsuits by user Barbara G., the reviewer praised the “95% excellent quality” and said the sizing is true to size. She also gave some insight into returns.

When she ordered a size too large, Cupshe offered a percentage off a future order if she kept the Cupshe swim purchase. She was very happy with this offer, though others may rather just have their money back than keep something they don’t want.

Our Cupshe review found that the most popular comments from positive Cupshe swimwear reviews on Sitejabber include:

  • Cupshe bathing suits match advertised photographs
  • Great experiences with customer service
  • High-quality material
  • Great prices
  • Easy returns and refunds

Negative Cupshe Swimwear Reviews

Of the Cupshe bathing suit reviews on Sitejabber, 34% are negative, giving 1 or 2 stars. Unhappy reviews on Cupshe describe lengthy issues with customer service, product quality, and out of stock Cupshe swimwear.

One of the most common complaints in negative Cupshe swimwear reviews is that finding the correct size is incredibly difficult. In her Cupshe bathing suit review, user Taylor M. says:

I ordered a suit by the size chart and it didn’t fit. I email the company to exchange the size and was told I could not exchange for a different size. At best, I could buy another suit for a 90% refund…

Some Cupshe swimwear reviews even describe significant issues with returns and exchanges, like this Cupshe bathing suit review from user Emily M:

I have bought 2 swimsuits from this company and unfortunately they do not fit… I have been given the option of a 50% refund and return the items or an 80% store credit refund (that means I can’t return or exchange them). Total scam.

Nowhere on their website does it say any of this. I would not have ordered from them if those were my only options and I know I will not order from them again. What a joke.

Another reviewer was just 2 days past the return date and said that Cupshe customer service was rude and would not allow her to return her swimsuit even in the unopened package.

Our Cupshe review found that the most common complaints among negative Cupshe bathing suit reviews include:

  • Incorrect sizing
  • Refunds are processed via store credit
  • Difficulty communicating with customer service
  • Complicated and non-transparent return policy

To get a good overall feel for Cupshe swimwear reviews, you can visit Sitejabber and search “Cupshe” and read many more, especially those that are too lengthy to repost here. Potential Cupshe shoppers can also find the shop’s return policy here.

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Cupshe Review | Cupshe Swimwear Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot lists over 4,400 reviews on Cupshe giving the online retailer a total score of 3.1 out of 5. We’ve zeroed in on shoppers discussing their Cupshe swimsuit purchases and have a sampling of the positive and negative comments.

Positive Cupshe Swimwear Reviews

Cupshe swimwear reviews on TrustPilot are generally positive, with 40% of shoppers rating their experience as “Excellent” and 11% as “Great.”

In her Cupshe review, Amanda M. says:

Love the suit I ordered from Cupshe! The material was thick and fit well to hide my mom belly. It was sexy but still classy and not too revealing, which I loved! I also received it in a week and a half. Fast!

In another positive Cupshe swimsuit review, user Danielle B. writes:

This bikini is beautiful! I’ve never felt as good about myself in a swimsuit as I did in this. It hugs all the right places. I love it!

cupshe bikinis

Cupshe Swimwear Review on Trustpilot

Negative Cupshe Swimwear Reviews

Although most Cupshe bathing suit reviews on Trustpilot are positive, 35% of Cupshe reviewers rated their shopping experience as “Bad” and 9% rated it as “Poor.”

Many critical Cupshe swimwear reviews highlight inconsistent sizing, lengthy shipping times, poor swimsuit quality, and frustrating experiences with customer service.

One such Cupshe review says:

I purchased two items from this website. First of all, they took almost 3 weeks to arrive. When they did, the quality of the products were very poor. The material for the swim suits were cheap. They were not true to size based on the website’s size chart. When I went to return the items, which I sent back under the agreement from customer service to get a full refund, they only offered me store credit. I would never buy from this website again.

Interestingly, some critical Cupshe swimwear reviews mention being satisfied with the quality of Cupshe bathing suits, but significantly frustrated with customer service. A Cupshe swimsuits review from Nicole illustrates this:

The product itself is cute, but the return process is impossible. I provided the order number, tracking number, and even a screenshot of proof of return delivery. It has been over two weeks since the items were returned to their warehouse and customer service will not issue a refund because they “cannot locate the package.” Buyer beware.

Cupshe Review | Cupshe Swimwear Reviews from Fashion Bloggers

There are plenty of Cupshe bathing suit reviews from fashion bloggers, which is a great way to see what Cupshe swimwear actually looks like in real life.

After watching a handful of these Cupshe swimwear reviews on video, our Cupshe review found that any issues mentioned include:

  • Women who typically wear size XS may find that Cupshe swimwear is too big
  • Women who wear larger than XS may find that Cupshe swimwear is too small
  • Cupshe bathing suit tops have oddly-placed or oddly-sized padding
  • Clasps for Cupshe swimwear often don’t work properly

Despite these critiques of Cupshe bathing suits, nearly all Cupshe swimwear reviews from fashion bloggers praise the company for using high-quality fabric and stitching for their bathing suits, which may make buying bathing suits online worth it despite the criticism.

Positives noted in Cupshe swimwear boutique bathing suit reviews by fashion bloggers include:

  • Excellent product quality
  • Very affordable
  • Cute and stylish suits
  • Have a good bit of padding, not cheaply made

Check out the links below for full video reviews on Cupshe bathing suits:

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Conclusion: Is Buying Cupshe Swimwear Worth It?

Buying bathing suits online always comes with a bit of risk, particularly when buying swimwear made in China.

Still, Cupshe swimwear reviews are generally quite positive, with many shoppers praising the affordability and high quality of their Cupshe bathing suits, some even say their suits are better in quality that more expensive swimwear.

Unfortunately, there are enough negative reviews of Cupshe that may make you think twice about purchasing Cupshe bikinis—especially if you purchase the wrong size and need to make a return.

Some reviewers praise their customer service and others say just the opposite. So, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to exchanges and returns, but the majority of reviewers for Cupshe swim fashions are pleased with their experience.

If you want to try Cupshe swimwear out first before ordering on the company website, our advice is to utilize the product listings on Amazon to purchase Cupshe bathing suits online.

Not only will you get the same quality Cupshe bathing suits with quicker shipping time, but you can also avoid the common pitfalls of a frustrating return process and slow customer service that plague those making negative Cupshe swimwear reviews.

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