Credit One Bank 2017 Reviews

When we started our research to write this article about Credit One Bank, we noticed that for every positive Credit One Bank review, there were over 160 complaints or bad review.

At the end of our research, however, we were very surprised to find out that some of the complaints and bad reviews were not really the fault of Credit One Bank.

Credit One has plenty of issues for its customers to complain about, but at the end of the day, the firm’s Platinum Credit Card provides great benefits to those who are looking to reestablish or build credit.

This article addresses the pros, cons, and best ways to use Credit One’s Visa card so as to avoid some of the issues that others have complained about.

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Why Use Credit One’s Visa Card?

A lot of people sign up for a Credit One Visa Card to build a good credit history or to rebuild a bad or mishandled credit history.

Your payment history is frequently reported to the three major credit bureaus, and making your payments on time will reflect good standing that helps you improve your credit.

Pros of Using Credit One’s Platinum Credit Card

High approval rateDespite a poor or fair credit history, you have a high chance of getting approved
Credit line increasesYour credit line increases over time based on your overall credit performance (for example, your $300 initial credit limit may be raised to $500, then $700, 1200, etc.)
Credit score trackingFree online monthly credit score tracking
Build good creditMonthly updates to major Credit Bureaus
No over the limit feeNo fees even when you go over your credit limit
Pre-approval processCredit One allows you to get pre-approved without affecting your credit score
Auto rental/travel insurance coverageNo need to get auto insurance when renting a car, as the card comes with auto rental collision coverage. It also provides travel accident insurance
User-friendly websiteOnline account and website are easy to use

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Cons/Complaints/Issues – Top Consumer Complaints

Predatory lenderHarassing calls, mostly when your payment is late
Poor customer serviceOutsourced call center, rude staff, calls getting disconnected without warning, multiple call transfers (getting the “run around”), etc.
Suspended accountWithout any warning or notification
$75 first year annual feeA lot of complaints on the $75 fee. Although this fee is noted on Credit One’s website, a lot of people forgot or did not read the fine print and were very surprised when they received their first statement
Unavailable paymentWhen you make a payment, the payment is not immediately available
Payment feePaying your monthly fee with another credit card incurs a charge of $9.95
High interest rateThe firm’s high APR was a major point of discontent with a lot of users

Best Ways to Use the Visa Card to Minimize Issues

While using credit wisely can help you to build good credit, being late in your payments or exceeding your credit limit can have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Ensure that you pay your monthly fee on time. If possible, make sure that you pay off any outstanding balance on a monthly basis.

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As with a lot of things, the higher the risk, the higher the possible reward.

That is the business model being used by Credit One Bank: with more flexible approval policies than other banks, the firm charges a high APR to compensate for its very high consumer default rate.

Should You Get a Credit One Credit Card?

Ultimately, as the current or future Credit One Platinum card holder, you must determine whether the benefits of opening or maintaining a Credit One credit card outweigh the numerous issues that past and current customers are experiencing.

Depending on your need to establish or rebuild credit, you might find that the firm’s Platinum Credit Card perfectly meets your needs.

If your credit is in good standing and/or you have many options available, you might decide that the issues outweigh the benefits.

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