Considering This Alternative to Mint and Quicken When Choosing an Online Budget Tool?

Apps and online tools for managing your finances and creating a budget are not new. But what is the best app for budgeting and personal finance?

Two of the popular powerhouse online finance software options have been Mint and Quicken. But what about those looking for an alternative to Quicken or Mint?

This is your CountAbout review. This online budget tool just may be that alternative to Mint or Quicken that you are looking for.

To help you see if CountAbout is the best app for budgeting for you, we will give you:

  • A rundown of CountAbout and all its features
  • The cost of using CountAbout
  • An online CountAbout review from many different sources
  • A side-by-side comparison of CountAbout vs. Mint
  • A side-by-side comparison of CountAbout vs. Quicken

By looking at CountAbout vs. Mint and CountAbout vs. Quicken, you will have a better idea of why CountAbout could be the online budget tool for you.

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What Are CountAbout, Mint, and Quicken?

For this CountAbout review, we will not only talk quite a bit about this online finance software company—but also about Mint and Quicken.

Before we can give you a CountAbout vs. Quicken or Mint rundown, let’s review what all three of these services actually are.

An online budget tool helps you create and maintain a budget for your personal finances. You can take control of incoming and outgoing money without the use of paper and pen.

Quicken has been the go-to budgeting software for many years. More recently, Mint has come on the scene and created quite a splash. Though these can be great choices for some people, not everyone is perfectly happy with these two services.

Now we have CountAbout, a similar but different online budget tool. Is CountAbout the alternative to Mint or Quicken that you’ve been looking for?

Let’s see!

What Is CountAbout?

CountAbout is a cloud-based online budget tool. Its personal finance software helps you budget and manage your money.

If you are looking for an alternative to Mint or an alternative to Quicken, chances are you have already used one or both of these services. A big benefit to CountAbout is the ability to “seamlessly import data from Quicken and Mint.”

Alternative To Mint

Online Budget Tool – CountAbout

Outside of importing from Quicken or Mint, this budget planning app/software allows you to automate syncing data from all your bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement accounts.

Other helpful features include:

  • Multifactor login protection
  • Category customization
  • Tags
  • Reporting for account balances, category activity, tag activity, and exporting
  • Running register balances
  • Account reconciliation
  • Graphs for income and spending
  • Recurring transactions
  • Investment balances by institution
  • Memorized transactions
  • Split transactions
  • Description renaming

They offer their budget planning app to iTunes and Android. Both app downloads are free.

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How Much Does CountAbout Cost?

We have already learned that downloading the CountAbout budget planning app is free, but does this alternative to Mint/Quicken have fees for running the software?

They do. CountAbout has two plan options to choose from.

Basic = $9.99 Each Year

  • This plan gives you all the regular CountAbout functions other than automatic downloading of banking, credit card, and other financial transactions. You will have to enter all your information manually.

Premium = $39.99 Each Year

  • This plan gives you all the same regular CountAbout functions, plus it will offer automatic downloading of your bank, credit card, and other financial transaction information.

CountAbout does offer a 15-day free trial for their online budget tool. The trial lets you use the premium features. Keep this in mind if you are searching for an alternative to Quicken or Mint, but do not want to take a jump before seeing how the program works.

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Online CountAbout Review

What do CountAbout users say about this tool? Do they think it is the best app for budgeting? Are they talking about CountAbout vs. Mint or CountAbout vs. Quicken?

Alternative To Quicken

Best App for Budgeting

Google Play CountAbout Review

Let’s start with the app.

  • The CountAbout budget planning app has 20 reviews on Google Play for Android. Fifteen gave 5 out of 5 stars, three gave 4 out of 5 stars, one gave 3 out of 5 stars, one gave 2 out of 5 stars, and nobody has given CountAbout only 1 star.
  • For iTunes, CountAbout currently has one review up. So there is not enough information to gain an average.

Investor Junkie CountAbout Review

Investor Junkie gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. This website liked the ability to import from Quicken or Mint and the easy, comprehensive reporting.

However, it did not like CountAbout’s lack of bill pay, its annual membership cost, and its lack of investment planning features.

Top Ten Reviews CountAbout Review

Top Ten Reviews gave CountAbout a 7.18 out of 10. It also ranks CountAbout 5th in personal finance software.

For those looking for an alternative to Quicken or Mint, know that Top Ten Reviews has Quicken ranked at #1 and does not rank Mint in the top 10.

My Bank Tracker CountAbout Review

My Bank Tracker writes of CountAbout as an alternative to Mint or an alternative to Quicken:

“While CountAbout can help you paint a thorough picture of your finances, it doesn’t over-complicate things… CountAbout could be a good choice for Quicken and Mint users who want to start fresh with their finances without losing their past transaction history.”

CountAbout vs. Mint

We have been discussing CountAbout as an alternative to Mint or Quicken, so let’s stack them up. Here is a side-by-side comparison of CountAbout vs Mint.

CountAbout vs. Mint: Features

Mint will:

  • Track and pay bills
  • Help you create and maintain a budget
  • Give you a free credit score
  • Offer alerts and advice
  • Provide simple categorization
  • Aid you with investing tracking

While some of these features would be similar if you use CountAbout as an alternative to Mint, you would not have the bill pay, investment tracker, and credit scores you would with Mint.

CountAbout vs. Mint: Pricing

One of the biggest factors when talking about CountAbout vs. Mint is price. Mint is free. There are no paid premium account options.

Because Mint is free, the company needs to make money. So you will have to deal with some ads. But if you use CountAbout as an alternative to Mint, you won’t have to worry about that.

CountAbout vs. Mint: Online Reviews

One Google Play 5-star reviewer wrote about CountAbout as an alternative to Mint: “Good-bye Mint: I used to use Mint but grew tired of ads and no flexibility. Switched to CountAbout almost a year ago and couldn’t be happier.”

My Bank Tracker writes of CountAbout vs. Mint: “Another nice positive is the fact that you won’t be bombarded with ads when you log in. Mint, for example, uses targeted ads to help keep the platform free.”

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CountAbout vs. Quicken

Now let’s do a side-by-side comparison of the other popular budgeting software: CountAbout vs. Quicken. Can CountAbout be a real alternative to Quicken?

CountAbout vs. Quicken: Features

One thing that makes Quicken stand out is the fact that they have lots of options depending upon your needs. They have software for simple budgeting (CountAbout would be an alternative to Quicken here), but they also have options for investments and business.

Quicken also offers bill pay, and CountAbout does not.

CountAbout vs. Quicken: Pricing

If you have a Windows computer, the starter edition of Quicken software is only $29.99. If you have a Mac, you have to pay $64.99 for Quicken.

As you can see, the choice between CountAbout vs. Quicken when it comes to price significantly depends upon the computer you have. Remember CountAbout is either $9.99 or $39.99.

CountAbout vs. Quicken: Online Reviews

One Google Play 5-star reviewer wrote, “Great alternative to Quicken. Such a great alternative to Quicken. It doesn’t crash. It’s simple. Really glad to have made the switch.”

Another wrote, “At last. For me this is a real alternative to Quicken. A clean, simple cloud-based financial management system. This is the mobile app for use with the very elegant web interface. Does everything for me.”

CountAbout vs. Mint and Quicken: Who Wins?

Now that we have looked at CountAbout vs. Mint and CountAbout vs. Quicken, let’s start seeing which may be the best app for budgeting for you.

At the end of the day it is not about which is the best online budget tool, but which is the best for you and your needs. Everyone’s finances are different. So use these guides to help you figure out your best app for budgeting.

Reasons for Choosing Quicken or Mint over CountAbout:

  • If you need bill pay: For those who want bill pay services to be streamlined with their budget planning app, Mint or Quicken are the best options.
  • If you want free budgeting: Mint is the only free option we are talking about on this guide.
  • If you need investment help: CountAbout may be a good alternative to Mint or Quicken in some ways, but it definitely does not compete right now in the investment tracking world.

Reasons for Choosing CountAbout vs. Quicken or Mint:

  • If you want cheaper budgeting services: While Mint is always free, Quicken can cost quite a bit up front. Let’s take Mac computer users as an example. You could pay the basic CountAbout yearly charge for six years for the same price as Quicken.
  • If you don’t want ads: You can’t have free services without ads, so CountAbout is a good in-between.
  • If you want to transfer from Mint or Quicken: If you know you do not want Mint or Quicken, but want a seamless transfer of information, CountAbout is the only software doing this.

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Conclusion—Is CountAbout Your Alternative to Quicken or Mint?

With this CountAbout review, you now have a better idea of what CountAbout offers, how much it costs, and how current users are liking or disliking it.

If you have been looking for either an alternative to Mint or an alternative to Quicken, this online budget tool may be the ideal option—simply because it lets you transfer all your financial information seamlessly.

But use our CountAbout vs. Mint and CountAbout vs. Quicken comparisons above to decide if CountAbout truly is the best app for budgeting your finances.

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