Overview of Consolidated Credit Solutions Reviews

If you’re in need of debt or credit counseling, you may have come across Consolidated Credit Counseling Services or Consolidated Credit Solutions in your search.

This South Florida-based company offers financial advice, consolidated credit solutions to handle credit card debt and other debt solutions and housing counseling services.

It has been around since 1993 and uses multiple trademarked variations of its name, but is Consolidated Credit legit?

This Consolidated Credit review will help determine the company’s legitimacy and what you can expect from using the company’s consolidated credit solutions.

You’ll also learn what other Consolidated Credit Solutions reviews are saying about the company, and what it’s like to use the consolidated credit services and consolidated credit solutions available from the company, so you have a better understanding of what to expect if you decide to use its consolidated credit services.

Let’s take a look at what Consolidated Credit has to offer.

consolidated credit counseling services

Image Source: Consolidated Credit Solutions

What People Want to Know About Consolidated Credit Solutions

If you have concerns regarding Consolidated Credit Solutions, then you’re not alone. Here are some common concerns people have about Consolidated Credit Solutions:

  • Is Consolidated Credit legit?
  • Are Consolidated Credit Solutions and Consolidated Credit Counseling Services the same company?
  • What are the Consolidated Credit Solutions reviews saying about Consolidated Credit Counseling Services?
  • Do I have to pay to get consolidated credit counseling with Consolidated Credit Counseling Services?

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So, Is Consolidated Credit Legit?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is Consolidated Credit legit?” then you can put your mind at ease. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services is an actively registered Florida not-for-profit corporation, as of 2016. The company registered with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations back on April 1, 1994, under the name Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

The company also owns the trademarks Consolidated Credit, Consolidated Credit Solutions, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, and “Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. When Debt Is The Problem, We Are the Solution.”

The company interchangeably uses these terms to refer to itself. However, its official name is Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, per its Florida corporation registration.

consolidated credit solutions reviews

Image Source: Consolidated Credit Solutions

The company is also an ISO 9001:2000 registered company and has undergone an extensive certification process to make sure it adheres to industry standards for best practices when implementing Quality Management System, or QMS.

This requires the company to face audits twice a year by the crediting organization of the International Organization for Standards, or ISO, to ensure that they are in compliance with ISO guidelines.

The company also claims that most of its staff members are certified financial counselors, including its financial writers, credit counselors, and executive staff. Therefore, the company is a legit organization doing business in the United States.

Key Points About Consolidated Credit Counseling:

Consolidated Credit has an interesting history and continues to break boundaries. Although it is known for offering credit counseling services, the company has done much more. Check out a few key facts about the company:

  • The company is operating as a not-for-profit organization with the main focus on helping those in need to get back on the right track.
  • Since 1998, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services has been accredited with Better Business Bureau and currently has an A+ rating.
  • Consolidated Credit Counseling can also assist those with a wide range of debt, not just including credit cards but mortgages, car loans, student loans, and many other form of credit debt as well.
  • Although the company has fees for its services, its first counseling session is free. You can also take advantage of information on its blog and via its online quizzes to help manage your debt.
  • You can either call the company’s toll-free number or arrange to have a one-on-one meeting at the company’s site or to have them call you at a convenient time.

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Consolidated Credit Reviews

There is a healthy mix of Consolidated Credit reviews that have both positive and negative experiences with the company. In the image below from Consumer Affairs, the consolidated credit counseling services reviews clearly demonstrate that the company is liked by a majority of its users.

consolidated credit reviews

Image Source: Consolidated Credit Solutions Reviews

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Positive Consolidated Credit Review

The consensus of positive Consolidated Credit reviews via review site Consumer Affairs indicate that since Consolidated Credit was created, it has had a really good standing with the public.

The image above indicated that out of over 500 Consolidated Credit Counseling reviews, well over 90 percent of the commenters could only say positive things in regards to their dealings with the company.

Taking a closer glimpse of the positive Consolidated Credit review, it is very easy to see from the Consumer Affairs website that Consolidated Credit Solutions has a top-notch customer service team.

Almost all of the positive Consolidated Credit reviews not only noted that they were treated with open arms but to the point that the customer service representative left such a positive impression on the Consolidated Credit review customers that they remembered the rep’s name.

Other Consolidated Credit reviews noted on the Consumer Affairs site that they were happy to receive the assistance and not feel as if they were at fault for calling for help. Based on the Consolidated Credit Counseling Services reviews, the company seems to be making people feel good about calling for consolidated credit counseling assistance.

On the Better Business Bureau’s website, a Consolidated Credit review customer noted that he was happy when he called the company to simply check his balance. He was satisfied with how fast the rep assisted him and the fact that he did not have to wait on the phone too long to acquire additional information.

Another Consolidated Credit review was not only happy with the company helping to get her credit back on track but also that the company helped to make sure she was educated on how to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

Negative Consolidated Credit Reviews

While positive Consolidated Credit reviews agree on the amazing customer service demonstrated by the company’s team of consolidated credit counseling representatives, there are a few Consolidated Credit reviews that disagree.

These negative Consolidated Credit reviews have a consensus that changing your payment date with the company could be difficult.

For example, one Consolidated Credit reviewer agreed that changing payment dates could be an issue and went on to note that after adjusting his payment date to pay off creditors, the company changed it to another date that he didn’t want.

Other negative Consolidated Credit reviews mostly discussed the fact that the company could have done more to help customers reduce their debts. Another Consolidated Credit review customer agreed with these opinions and went on to state that the process took longer than he expected and felt that the company could have moved the process more quickly than it did.

With limited Consolidated Credit reviews, it is hard to see if the company, in fact, does have major flaws. It is also hard to guarantee whether these flaws will or will not affect you. As with most anything in life, your mileage may vary.

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Tips When Calling Consolidated Credit Services

Although Consolidated Credit Services appeared to have mostly raving reviews, you can’t ignore that there were some individuals who felt they did not get the full assistance they needed. It may have been an oversight on the consumer’s part, but it still made them feel that they had an unsatisfactory experience.

You don’t have to find yourself in this situation. There are steps you can take to better your experience when dealing with consolidated credit counseling organizations, such as Consolidated Credit. Check out a few of these tips below:

1. Ensure that you have all the necessary paper work ready so that the consolidated credit services representatives can quickly assist you with your credit or debt counseling needs.

2. When setting up a payment date, make sure it is on a day that you know you are able to make the payment. Also, consider giving yourself a few extra days; that way you won’t have to contact the company to make a change since you have space built in for emergencies, a late paycheck, or other payments coming due.

3. Keep your rep’s number and account number in a good location so that you can easily call back the same person. When you work with the same team or individual on your case, it is easier to pick up the conversation where you left off.

4. When making a payment plan, Consolidated Credit Counseling will do their best to set up a payment amount best suited for your income. However, double check to make sure that you can actually afford to make those payments. You don’t want to be stuck or legally committed to a payment that you cannot truly afford to pay.

5. If you are a member of the military, make sure to tell Consolidated Credit Services that information first. The company notes on its website that they offer special government programs than can help members of the military with their debt.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re still asking yourself, “Is Consolidated Credit legit?” then you can put your worries aside. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services has an active status as a not-for-profit corporation with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations, as of 2016.

According to the company’s website, they have now helped over 5 million people in the last 20 years of operation.

These customers also seemed satisfied based on the majority of positive Consolidated Credit Counseling Services reviews on the popular review site Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.

The Consolidated Credit Counseling Services reviews from these sites clearly show that the company works for many of its clients, since many of the reviews have indicated a positive experience with the service and satisfaction with its customer service.

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