Divorce Rates in the U.S.

As of 2016, getting a divorce has become a fact of modern-day life.

The stats on marriages and divorces presented by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) show that as of 2014, 6.9% of new marriages ended up in a divorce. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is the official source for stats on marriages and divorces.

CompleteCase.com Reviews

Image Source: CDC/NCHS National Vital Statistics System

CompleteCase.com Reviews: What Exactly Is CompleteCase.com, and Why Should Anyone Consider Using the Site?

CompleteCase.com was launched in 2000 with a commitment to simplifying the legal process of divorce and assisting individuals across the United States prepare documentation and avoid the hefty expenses normally associated with filing for a divorce. 

On their online divorce site, CompleteCase.com claims that they were the first online business to offer this type of online divorce service. 

CompleteCase.com claims that their service has been well received in the legal sector, specifically as a result of the accuracy and quality of their documentation and the positive impact that the service has on reducing court wait times. 

By removing a high volume of routine divorce matters, court schedules are freed up to tackle more complex cases. 

The CompleteCase.com website is easy to follow and offers clear instructions about:

  • What you need to do in order to proceed with an online divorce,
  • The benefits of using an online divorce service, and
  • What inclusions you can expect from CompleteCase.com in comparison to using a typical divorce attorney in your local area.

In the following paragraphs, AdvisoryHQ has provided a detailed review of CompleteCase.com to help you decide if this is a service that is suited to your needs.

CompleteCase.com Review: Who Can Use CompleteCase.com?

There seems to be no restrictions on who can use CompleteCase.com’s online divorce services. On their website, they claim that to date more than 700,000 people have used the service for preparing documents for uncontested divorce proceedings.

It is important to note that uncontested divorce proceedings are defined as those in which the parties (the husband and wife) agree on how they will divide the assets within the marriage, and agree on how any children from the marriage will be cared for and supported.

From an objective perspective, it is important to note that CompleteCase.com is not suited for matters that involve disputes of property, assets, or custody of children.

Limitations to Using CompleteCase.com

When you first visit CompleteCase.com, you might assume that the site will allow you to complete an online divorce from start to finish with the touch of a button.  While elements of this are true, this is not a completely accurate portrayal of the process. 

As outlined above, while the site does facilitate the completion of divorce papers, it does not facilitate the lodging or processing of the papers.  This step in the process will need to be managed by you. 

Having said that, CompleteCase.com does offer telephone and email support to help you work through any queries or challenges you experience when using the service or when preparing to lodge the papers at the courthouse.

Customer Experiences – CompleteCase.com reviews

Peppered throughout the site you will see online divorce reviews from customers we presume have used the service. It is wise to tread carefully with these CompleteCase reviews as they are uploaded by the business for marketing purposes.

Consequently, there is no way to verify that they are authentic CompleteCase reviews.  Instead take a moment to cast a search for CompleteCase.com online divorce reviews.

For the most part, negative CompleteCase reviews are in the minority and most customers and online reviewers write positively of:

  • Their ability to easily download the material,
  • The user-friendly nature of the site, and
  • The educational aspects of being walked through the uncontested divorce process. 

The Benefits of Using CompleteCase.com (Review of CompleteCase.com Services)

CompleteCase.com makes big claims about the significant cost savings that can be had by using their online divorce services compared to the costs of engaging a divorce attorney. 

CompleteCase.com states that users receive the following benefits from using the service:

  • The site specializes in divorce proceedings only, which means that the materials you download are kept up-to-date to reflect changes to state law and meet court procedural requirements, meaning that they will be accepted on filing.
  • The process has been designed by experienced divorce attorneys, and clients have access to industry professionals who understand and can work with the documentation and software you will use during the process.
  • The site uses Verisign secure encryption which means that your account, information and documentation is securely entered and stored on the CompleteCase.com servers.  

How CompleteCase.com Works

You are able to complete your divorce online using three straightforward steps.  

1. Enter general information about yourself so that CompleteCase can determine the relevant laws for the state in which you will be filing your online divorce.  The site will then ask you to enter more specific personal data to create your account.

2. Respond to a series of more detailed questions using an interview format.  During this interview, you will be asked to enter data about the type of online divorce you are seeking.  This interview is protracted and is used to populate the online divorce papers that will be submitted to the respective court.  

This takes some time to complete and may require you to search for data from various sources, but there is no set time limit.  Having created your account, you can save your progress, log off and then return to complete your divorce online application at any time.

3. Finally, the system will generate an online divorce application for you.  The site instructs you to print and sign the documents you have completed.  You will need to file these documents at your local courthouse (assuming that this is the jurisdiction in which you initially indicated that you intend to file).

CompleteCase.com suggests that in some states you can do this by post or fax and that you might not need to visit the courthouse in person.  It is advisable to check this with the court in which you intend to file the divorce papers.

Online Divorce – Online Guarantee

CompleteCase.com promotes a “100% Guarantee of Court Approval.”  Drilling down on the details of this guarantee, we noticed that the firm offers to make any changes to documents in the event the court or judge requests that adjustments be made to the material.  This is a material value add that CompleteCase.com provides relative to its peers.

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Image Source: CompleteCase.com

The guarantee may be contingent on you providing evidence that the court or judge has made the request.  CompleteCase.com also suggests that in the event that they cannot accommodate the changes, they will issue you a full refund of the amount.

Pricing for CompleteCase.com Online Divorce Services

Navigating to the Pricing tab from the front page of the site will take you to a comprehensive table that lists all of the inclusions that you can expect to receive when paying the CompleteCase.com service fee. 

For a fixed rate of $299, you will receive:

  • Access to an initial process to determine if you are eligible to use the service,
  • A secure client log and account that enables you to enter, save and organize all relevant information related to the divorce proceeding,
  • A facility to calculate any entitlements to child support payments from your former spouse after the divorce is awarded,
  • Instant access (in most cases) to documents that are populated with all relevant information which can be signed and presented to the court for processing,
  • A comprehensive set of instructions on how to file the divorce documents with your local courthouse,
  • Unlimited access to your account and ability to complete, edit, or update the material you have entered, within a 30 day period, and
  • Unlimited access to trained legal professionals through the CompleteCase.com phone help line (incurring no extra charges for this advice) to assist you in following the CompleteCase.com process and using the proprietary software.

Is CompleteCase.com Right For You?

As outlined earlier, CompleteCase.com is the preferred online divorce preparation solution for people who have already reached agreement on property, other assets and the custody of children. 

Despite this, there is an argument that can be made that working through the process of the interview and examining the various aspects of the divorce could well lead parties to a unified conclusion, even if they commenced the process with opposing views.

CompleteCase.com claims that the process has been used effectively by previous clients to mediate areas of disagreement and, as a result, has led to uncontested divorce proceedings.

Conclusion – CompleteCase.com Review

If you are considering divorce proceedings, then considering the online divorce preparation services offered by CompleteCase.com is certainly worthwhile.  It is clear that this process for generating online divorce papers will save you money, but remember that your case must be straightforward and uncontested and you still need to populate all the information and file the documents yourself.

If you are looking for a legal service that will hold your hand through divorce proceedings and take the lead on document preparation and filing processes, then CompleteCase.com is probably not for you.

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