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Thanks to the internet, there has never been a better time to find affordable, appropriate routes for completing a divorce.

Online divorce reviews for new services, such as, can be found everywhere. As a result, it can be difficult to sort through the best and worst CompleteCase reviews, which is why we are here.

About CompleteCase (What You Need to Know About

According to their website, CompleteCase has served over 700,000 users since their inception in the year 2000. And, like most businesses, they claim to be the best at what they do—namely, online divorces.

They offer help with filling out paperwork, and phone support is included in their flat $299 fee.

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For those looking for Complete Case reviews, the website links to major publications such as Time magazine at the bottom of their page. And their website has a built-in feedback tool that displays positive reviews from anonymous users.

But for those looking for reliable online divorce reviews, it is best to go to a third party.

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The Better Business Bureau gives CompleteCase a B+ rating overall for customer satisfaction and reliability. Out of the customers who gave a CompleteCase review on the BBB, around 70% had positive experiences. The remaining 30% of the CompleteCase reviews were negative, though CompleteCase has responded to those reviews.

Customer satisfaction, as determined by Complete Case reviews across the internet, appears to be positive overall. However, it is important to determine whether or not a service like CompleteCase is right for you. Online divorce reviews cannot determine that for you – so read on to see if you are eligible for their services.

Uncontested Divorces Only

The Women’s Law Organization defines an uncontested divorce as one in which both parties agree to all terms of the divorce. If anything does not match up, then the divorce is defined as contested. Services like CompleteCase only work for uncontested divorces.

It is important to work out any disagreements or differences before attempting to use an online divorce service. One negative review was for a contested divorce, which the site cannot file for. However, their FAQ does note that, for an additional fee, a client can speak to a lawyer through their services. reviews

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Of course, an online lawyer is no substitute for a proper divorce lawyer in the case of a contested divorce. Anyone going through such a divorce should consult a lawyer in-person, because courts will not accept papers that both parties do not agree to.

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How to Use CompleteCase Services

One common thread through the positive reviews was the ease of use of CompleteCase’s services. The site’s step-by-step questionnaire helps users fill out divorce paperwork themselves. It ensures that no information is missing come time to file with the court.

Online divorce reviews for some competing services have noted that information can be confusing and hard to understand sometimes. CompleteCase reviews, however, note that the phone support option is easy to use and helpful when answering questions. It is important to get information right for such an important life decision as a divorce; this is where support services come in handy.

Completecase’s website gives a simple, three-step process for completing a divorce filing:

1. A customer needs to choose a filing state, generally where one member of the couple lives. This is important due to the different divorce laws across the nation, and it provides the most accurate forms and help for filers.

2. Fill out the aforementioned questionnaire, which automatically populates the appropriate legal paperwork to be delivered to a court in-person or electronically.

3. Once the forms are filled out, they must be printed and both parties must sign them to indicate that the terms are mutually agreed upon and correct. Some states allow remote filing, whereas others require clients to appear in-person.

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CompleteCase Review vs. an Attorney

The main reason a divorcing couple would choose an online service like CompleteCase over a traditional divorce attorney comes down to one factor: money.

Although attorneys can assist in cases of contested divorce, their fees can run amok. An article by Forbes states that an attorney-led divorce can cost up to $30,000. This is much higher than the flat $299 fee charged by Completecase.

That same article by Forbes notes that online divorce reviews point toward lower costs as a selling point for online divorce services. Despite the personal nature of the issue, it may be easier to settle disputes beforehand, and then file online divorce paperwork to save a lot of money.

Even if other experts, such as financial mediators, need to be hired, divorcees can save thousands by using a service like CompleteCase after consulting CompleteCase reviews to make sure the service is right for them.

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Getting Help with

As mentioned in many Complete Case reviews, the website offers customer support as part of their “100% Guarantee of Court Approval.”

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This means that the site wants to uphold their track record of satisfied customers looking for online divorces and online divorce reviews. Ideally, anyone reading a CompleteCase review will notice that they have agents willing to assist with questions about the process of filing an online divorce.

The top of the website features their help hotline in big numbers, as well as multiple links to their FAQ. These resources are provided to customers seeking help in filing their divorce paperwork completely and accurately. Satisfied reviews note that, while the company does not provide legal advice, they are quick and helpful in responding to concerns about the site’s divorce questionnaire.

Unsatisfied Complete Case reviews on the Better Business Bureau have been responded to with advice that the customers should have consulted the available help hotlines. Many issues with filing through CompleteCase can be resolved through a quick and easy contact to the customer service line.

CompleteCase Policies

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CompleteCase has a policies page on their website that outlines the intricacies of their guarantees. They note that the forms are guaranteed to be accepted by courts if filed within a 30-day window, and that the forms are always up-to-date and tailored for specific situations. These guarantees contribute to positive reviews.

The site’s refund services are available to those who purchased access to the filing software but did not actually use it. As a result, the only way to get a refund if a customer has already used the services is if a court does not accept the forms from CompleteCase.

Complete Case notes that their website is secure and that all information is transmitted over secure lines. For a company to have 16 years in the business, they must have a good track record of securing customer information. And no CompleteCase reviews, even the negative ones, noted any issues with information security.

CompleteCase Reviews Compared to Other Online Divorce Reviews

Not every online divorce service has online divorce reviews with the Better Business Bureau. Services that offer similar services to CompleteCase for cheaper prices often have less experience in the business, and it can be difficult to find reliable reviews.

Legal Zoom offers online divorce services for the same $299 rate as CompleteCase, and actually has a higher A+ rating with the BBB, so they provide an alternate option. However, they focus on many aspects of law, and not just divorce, so their expertise is more spread out and less focused on divorce.

Law Depot offers a separation agreement form online, but their questionnaire is not as thorough as CompleteCase’s. As a result, much information must be filled in manually.

It is important to ensure that any online divorce service has a reliable track record and good prices. Sometimes, services with prices well below the competition are cutting corners somewhere. With something as important as divorce, cutting corners can lead to headaches down the road.

So, while some other online divorce reviews show high levels of customer satisfaction, going with CompleteCase saves time in researching other options. It can also save money and time down the line – hiring a cheap service might end up requiring an attorney in the end, anyway!

CompleteCase claims that their services have been recommended even by those within the court systems around the country. If the CompleteCase reviews available online are anything to go by, this statement is likely accurate, as they rarely require re-filing of paperwork to complete divorces.

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Nobody likes the process of going through a divorce, which may help account for the fact that divorce rates are going down in the United States. Still, divorce is an unavoidable part of modern life for some people, so it’s important to find the easiest, most reliable way to get through it unscarred. By consulting online Complete Case reviews and comparing them to other online divorce reviews, we have determined that CompleteCase is a good option for completing an online divorce.

There are, of course, caveats: The divorce must be uncontested, meaning that both parties agree to all terms of the divorce before signing and filing the paperwork. If this is not the situation, then there is little that Complete Case can do to resolve any disputes. Nonetheless, they do offer online support and even the opportunity to speak to attorneys to help with minor issues. reviews report an overall high level of satisfaction with the website’s online divorce services, and the website has been featured in major news publications for over a decade. If you have additional concerns over their legitimacy and reliability, you can check out their FAQ and rest assured that they offer a money back guarantee if they fail to deliver their promised services.

It can be hard to find reliable information on the internet sometimes, but based on our research and the experiences of users online, CompleteCase seems to offer the right kind of service at the right price for most people. Their $299 flat fee may seem like a lot at first, but compared to the cost of hiring an attorney to do essentially the same work in an uncontested divorce, the fee is actually quite modest.

If you want to take your divorce into your own hands, is a good option for doing so. Like all things in life, make sure you follow the directions, and everything will turn out well.

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