Are Cichic Dresses as Nice as They Look? Learn All about this Fashion Site in Our Cichic Review

Buying clothing and accessories from international online retailers can sometimes be a gamble. You risk receiving items that don’t fit or aren’t as great as they looked online, it may also be hard to get a refund if you’re unhappy.

The upside is that you can score some great fashion at incredibly cheap prices that you wouldn’t typically find in any physical store. For example, shoppers at Cichic clothing online can get deals promising up to 77% off.

cichic clothing reviews

AdvisoryHQ Cichic Review

But the deals on Cichic shoes and dresses are so good, they have people wondering, “Is Cichic a real website?” and “Is Cichic legit?”

For example, they have full-length bridesmaid dresses for less than $30 and Cichic shoes, like fancy heels, for over 50% off what you’d paid at the mall.

But, is Cichic safe to shop? What do Cichic reviews look like? Do you dare trust your wedding day bliss to their attractively low-priced bridesmaid gowns?

We’ve gone through multiple Cichic clothing reviews to bring you the scoop. We’ll go through the company’s return and exchange policy, what shoppers say in Cichic dresses reviews, and ratings they receive on review websites.

And if you’re wondering, “Where is Cichic located?” we’ve got that answer for you too. If you’re planning to try Cichic, this is a MUST READ before you shop online for Cichic clothing.

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Cichic Review | Where is Cichic Located?

Many budget, online-only shopping sites make it difficult to know exactly where they are located and they don’t disclose it clearly on their site. We have to give props to Cichic here because they display their address on their contact page.

So, where is Cichic located? Cichic is located in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, China. Their full address is available on their website, along with their customer service number, which is also in China and is available from approximately 9:00 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. US Eastern time)

How much will it cost to ship Cichic dresses from China?

Some sales pitches draw you in with a low price, then make their money by charging you high shipping and handling costs. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Chinese online shopping sites. They’ve figured out that high shipping can sour the deal.

In a Cichic review of their shipping costs, we found them to be very reasonable. You will have to wait longer than you do for Amazon shipments though, so if you need something in a hurry, you may be out of luck shopping Cichic dresses online.

There is a 1-5 business day order processing time, before your order ships. After that, shipping rates and delivery times to North America are as follows:

  • Standard: $5.95 (or free for orders over $50), 12-20 business days
  • Express (US only): $7.00, 8-12 business days
  • Express (other countries): $17, 4-10 business days, depending on destination

One other important note: Depending upon the country, customs duties may be collected by the carrier upon delivery. This is because your order will be shipping from China, Cichic states that “custom duty is out of our control so we cannot guarantee no tax fee.”

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AdvisoryHQ Cichic Review | What Type of Clothes Do They Sell?

Some boutique websites have a particular style of clothing they sell, and others have a little bit of everything. Cichic dresses and fashion are somewhat in between.

The company focuses on women’s fashions and promises “excellent quality but reasonable price.” We’ll find out shortly in Cichic customer reviews if that is truly the case.

In our AdvisoryHQ News Cichic clothing reviews, we found that many of their fashions are for younger shoppers, in the 16 to 30-year style range. However, there are several Cichic shoes, dresses, and other styles that are suitable for women of any age as well.

A unique focus we found in a Cichic dresses review was that they offer bridesmaid and wedding dresses for rock bottom prices, which we haven’t seen advertised on similar sites. Cichic prom dresses and homecoming dresses are also popular for the same reason.

But those dirt-cheap prices are yet another reason to wonder if Cichic is safe to shop and to question the quality of what you may receive when it comes to shopping Cichic dresses online.

cichic dresses online

Cichic Dresses Online

The dresses from Cichic look to have the best deals on the site. When we looked at the Cichic shoes and sandals, the prices on those aren’t nearly as low, although you can still find some good deals.

For example, when reviewing Cichic shoes we found the following average price ranges on various shoe types:

  • Flats: $20-$40
  • Pumps/Heels: $25-$40
  • Sandals: $20-$40
  • Boots: $30-$50

What can you shop for at Cichic? They stick strictly to women’s fashions, so you won’t find any men’s styles shopping Cichic clothing online. For women, they have just about everything you would need for your wardrobe.

Here are the types of items you can buy at Cichic:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Maternity
  • Formalwear
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Bags & Accessories

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Cichic Clothing Reviews | Is Cichic Safe to Shop?

While the clothing may look nice and the prices even nicer, is Cichic a real website bargain? Are clothes and Cichic shoes decent and do they fit? We’ll hear from shoppers next.

Unfortunately, when we look at overall ratings, from review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, it does not appear that many shoppers like Cichic clothing online at all. You can view their overall ratings from multiple reviews for Cichic below to see what we mean.

Cichic Reviews & Ratings:

  • Sitejabber – 1 out of 5 (26 Cichic reviews)
  • Trustpilot – 1.2 out of 5 (448 Cichic reviews)
  • Better Business Bureau – “F” Rating (17 Cichic complaints)

We’ve scoured multiple Cichic reviews online to find out what shoppers have experienced and why they give the company so many poor ratings.

First, we will start with the few positive Cichic dresses reviews we found, since there are some people that enjoy shopping Cichic clothing online. Then we’ll hear from the majority that wrote negative Cichic reviews to see what the main complaints are.

Positive Cichic Review | What Did People Like?

  • One shopper that purchased a wedding dress said they ordered it on Friday and had it by Sunday morning. They were very pleased and their Cichic clothing review said they planned to shop the site again.
  • Another happy customer purchased a pair of Cichic shoes and said they came “just as pictured on their website.” They also said that the shoes arrived within the expected express shipping timeframe.
  • In a 5-star review of Cichic dresses online at Trustpilot, the reviewer stated, “Came fast considering where it was shipped from, beautiful dress and good material fits perfect Thankyou x”

Negative Cichic Review | What Did People Dislike?

While a few people may have been completely happy with their Cichic shoes, dresses, and clothing, the vast majority tell a different story.

In Cichic reviews on Trustpilot, 96% of the reviewers gave the retailer only 1-star. On Sitejabber there are 26 reviews in total for Cichic, all of them are 1-star out of 5. Here are examples of what makes people most unhappy about shopping Cichic dresses online:

  • In a negative Cichic review on Trustpilot the reviewer said the dress arrived more faded than it looked online and had a broken zipper. After several attempts to return the item, they got no response from the company. If asked, “Is Cichic a real website?” they’d say “No way.”
  • Awful customer service was also mentioned in another Cichic review. The buyer never received half the order and the other half was damaged. They were told they’d have to pay $30 to return the items to China. They were thankful to have used PayPal, so they could get a refund through their buyer protection service.
  • A reviewer that purchased a wedding dress on the site, said in their Cichic review on Sitejabber that the dress did not look like the photo, was the wrong size, and arrived late, even though they paid for expedited shipping.
  • Receiving items that looked nothing like the photo was also the complaint of a Trustpilot reviewer that shopped Cichic dresses online. She said, “The dress was so thin it felt more like a beach cover than a dress and the slit up the middle was badly placed.”

Honestly, it was difficult to find more than a few positive Cichic reviews (we source review sites other than a company’s own site). Most reviewers warned others not to shop the site.

Main complaints from unhappy Cichic shoppers include receiving clothing that looked nothing like the product image, clothing quality that included “horrible fabric” and “horrible sizing,” and products that never arrive.

cichic review

Common Complaints in Cichic Review on Trustpilot

Difficulty getting returns from Cichic was also a common complaint. It seems that those using PayPal fared better because they were able to go through them to get their refund. Others noted unhelpful customer service and expensive return shipping back to the company.

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What is Cichic’s Return Policy?

Cichic has a pretty narrow return window as compared to other similar China-based e-commerce sites. This is most likely one of the factors for so many negative reviews related to trying to get a refund from the company.

Cichic does allow exchanges and returns with their authorization. You have to make a request within 7 days of receiving your order.

Refunds must be requested within just 3 days after your package is received and are given only in the case of a faulty item.

The average return time is typically about 30 days on shopping sites like Cichic, so the company does not make it easy to even request a refund in time due to such a short time span. If it’s a busy week, someone could easily miss that short 3-day timeline.

Warning: Many Cichic dresses reviews said they tried to contact customer service for a refund or return and never received an answer. So even if you do request a refund or exchange within their short timeframe, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive one.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Cichic Review Conclusion

Is Cichic safe to shop for great deals? According to many shoppers, it’s not, unless you use PayPal, since it may be the only way you can get a refund if you need one.

The overwhelming amount of negative Cichic reviews point to a retailer selling clothing of questionable quality and that may not even look like the product you thought you were receiving.

We did not see as many negative reviews given about Cichic shoes, so shoppers may have a better chance of getting the item in the photo when they order their boots, sandals, and heels than they do with Cichic clothing online.

We were hard-pressed to find people that wrote they were happy about their purchases at Cichic in reviews. Most gave warnings to stay away from the site due to items that didn’t look like the photos, damaged items, items not received, and poor customer service, and difficulty getting their money back.

The verdict of our AdvisoryHQ News Cichic review is that with multiple other low-priced shopping sites online to choose from, you may want to shop one with better customer reviews and steer clear of this one.

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