Overview: Christian Financial Resources

Taking advantage of financial resources can make a huge difference in your journey toward financial freedom. For some, ensuring that their financial advice is coming from a Christian perspective is important. Christian financial planning is a highly sought-after niche of the finance market.

But how does one go about searching for Christian financial advisors or planners? Where do you go to receive Christian financial counseling? And what are the best resources for solid Christian money advice?

We have gathered all the basic info you need for finding the best Christian financial resources. All of these people, companies, and organizations will provide you with the Christian financial advice you desire—all from a biblical perspective.

Do I Need Christian Financial Planning?

In and of itself, financial planning is a field that is both provided by and offered to people of every single background—religious or otherwise. Good financial sense is a quality that all people should be seeking.

However, if you are a part of a faith-based community that values biblical principles, combining solid financial advice with concepts of Christian stewardship may be of great benefit to you.

christian financial planning

Christian Financial Advisors

It is imperative that you are not only seeking biblical counsel in this area, but also well-tested, tried, and true certified financial help.

What you will find throughout this article is a general overview of some of the most highly regarded Christian financial planning companies and resources that can help lead you to financial freedom from a Christ-like perspective.

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Christian Financial Advice: What You Need To Know

If seeking financial advice from somebody who shares your same faith-based principles is important to you, hiring a Christian financial advisor is a great idea. But there are a few things you should be aware of first.

  • Research Certification: Simply because somebody says they are a Christian or that they know how to give financial advice does not mean they are actually qualified. With matters as important as your money, it is imperative to take the time to double-check that these Christian financial planners are certified with a great reputation.
  • Make Sure Your Needs Are Met: The hardest part about finding Christian financial counseling is that there is not as large of a pool to choose from as there is for non-religious financial planners. For example, the two resources for finding Christian financial advisors below have limited options for each state.

Before quickly choosing your Christian financial advice based on limited options, make sure they match your needs first. You want to make sure that you are comfortable with their fee structure and their methods before partnering up.

Top Christian Financial Advisors and Planners

Finding a financial advisor who will offer Christian financial advice in your area can sometimes be a challenge. The popular financial advice companies throughout the United States are not specifically faith-based institutions. So you may wonder how to go about finding a Christian financial advisor near your home.

These two Christian financial planning organizations—Kingdom Advisors and National Association of Christian Financial Consultantshelp train financial advisors to provide fantastic advice from a biblically-based Christian viewpoint.

Kingdom Advisors

Kingdom Advisors is an organization that trains financial professionals to provide Christian financial planning to the public. Their goal is to provide “biblically wise advice.”

When you visit their website, you can use their directory search to easily find these Christian financial planners in an area near you. Their Christian financial services include the following:

  • Christian Financial Planners
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Investment Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys 

When going through Kingdom Advisors, you are guaranteed Christian financial counseling from someone who knows what they are doing. They only advocate Christian financial advisors who have gone through the “Certified Kingdom Advisor” coursework and exam. It is also mandatory that they have either a professional designation or 10 years of full-time experience.

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National Association of Christian Financial Consultants

Like Kingdom Advisors, the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC) trains and equips financial advisors to offer Christian money advice.

christian money advice

Christian Financial Counseling

Through a yearlong program and annual membership renewal, NACFC certifies Christian financial advisors with a CFCA (Christian Financial Consultant and Advisor) designation.

Top Christian Financial Counseling Options

Credit counseling and debt management services are sometimes controversial financial services. While they help some people escape the trap of debt, others are skeptical about the methods they use.

CBS News provided an overview of these mixed opinions in “Debt Counseling: The Good, Bad & Ugly.”

If you have decided that credit counseling is right for you, you may want to receive that counseling from a Christian financial counselor.

To pursue credit counseling or debt management from a Christian financial counseling perspective, you do have options available to you. Two of the most prominent companies to work with are Christian Credit Counselors and Trinity Debt Management.

Christian Credit Counselors

Christian Credit Counselors is a non-profit Christian financial counseling organization that helps people pay off their debt more quickly. They showcase their three-step process on their website:

  • You meet with an actual credit counselor who will begin by analyzing your debt situation.
  • The counselor will offer you a free budget and present their analysis after looking through your finances.
  • If you agree to it, your counselor will begin the process of consolidating your debt into affordable monthly payments.

This service can easily be used from anywhere in the United States. Just use the convenient free consultation form on their website.

The Christian financial advice and debt consolidation you are receiving from Christian Credit Counselors is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating and is also backed by the Financial Counseling Association of America (FCCA).

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Trinity Debt Management

Trinity Debt Management offers Christian financial counseling options, mostly for those in bad credit situations. This non-profit organization offers four basic Christian financial services:

  • Credit counseling
  • Debt management
  • Housing counseling
  • Student loans

Like Christian Credit Counselors, Trinity Debt Management’s Christian financial services are backed by the FCAA.

Popular Christian Money Advice

Outside of seeking solid Christian financial counseling with an individual or counseling center, you may be interested in seeking Christian money advice to learn more on your own.

Often financial “gurus” and their companies will make their advice free and accessible to the public through interactive websites and programs.

These three popular Christian financial resources—Dave Ramsey, Crown Financial Ministries, and Compass—do not come in the form a traditional advisor. However, the resources they offer are undoubtedly full of great tools to help you on your financial journey.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey offers Christian financial advice through his bestselling books and popular radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show. His claim to fame is helping families get out of debt to find financial freedom. Though his teachings are popular with those of any faith or no faith, Ramsey clearly roots his beliefs in biblical teachings.

Through Dave Ramsey, you can find advice on topics like budgeting, saving, preparing for retirement, and, of course, getting out of debt.

His popular class, Financial Peace University, uses a curriculum based on the Bible. You can find an open class on his website, or even utilize this Christian money advice online. He also suggests that all individuals or families begin with his popular “7 Baby Steps” program.

Dave Ramsey also offers some of the following Christian financial resources:

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Crown Financial Ministries

Crown Financial Ministries offers countless methods of Christian financial advice to the public. Their mission states: “We equip servant leaders to live by God’s design for their finances, work and life…to advance transformation.”

They fulfill that mission through many different avenues. Through Crown’s website, you can seek Christian money advice, help, and knowledge for dealing with everything from debt to retirement planning and business finances to teaching your kids about money.

Their website gives you access to their Christian financial services and tools including:

Crown Financial ministries also offers Christian financial advice through mentorships. Crown trains certified mentors that can lead you and a few others through a 15-week program. This program offers lessons in various Christian financial planning matters you may need.


Compass’s company tagline is “finances God’s way.” They provide many resources to help Christians learn about the way the Bible talks about money matters. Compass offers a blog, a radio show, and even a mobile app to continually educate its community of followers.

While Compass does not offer specific legal or tax advice, they do have various financial tools available for Christian financial planning at their website including:

Another way Compass educates is through their small group studies. They have created various curriculums on different financial topics that you can work through with a small group of people and a facilitator.

Other Christian Financial Resources

If you are looking for some Christian financial planning advice through a good book, here are a few popular options to choose from.

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Benefitting from Christian Financial Planning

Anytime you take the initiative to seek financial help with whatever money situation you are facing, you are making a wise choice. And for those with faith-based values, seeking Christian financial planning will have a positive impact for decades to come.

The most important thing to remember is to always double-check the actual financial certifications of any Christian financial advisors or counseling companies you seek help from. Also, make sure any Christian financial resources you seek are coming from a company or “financial guru” with a great reputation for promoting financial freedom.

When you know the Christian money advice you are seeking is both solid and based on the biblical principles you stand upon, you will be able to face the future with security and hope.

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