What is a Chief Financial Officer? CFO Job Description

A chief financial officer is one of the most senior management member of an organization. 

Typically, a CFO answers only to the president or CEO of a company. The job of the chief financial officer is to oversee all aspects of the company’s financial well-being. 

The job of the chief financial officer is to head up the portion of the company that deals with accounting, financial reporting and financial projects. 

What is a Chief Financial Officer?

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However, in addition to simply being the head of the part of the company that deals with these issues, the chief financial officer also has to take that information and use it to help form strategies along with the other senior members of a company. 

CFOs – Additional Job Description Qualitifications

A chief financial officer is required to have a solid understanding of financial principles in order to take the reports and data they are provided and turn these into executable strategies, as well as making decisions regarding the financial well-being of the company. 

Based on their job requirements, chief financial officers typically have a background in accounting, finance or business, and are often higher-level degree holders. 

Another part of the chief financial officer role is to analyze where a company is succeeding, and where it is failing based on the financial information available to them. 

This allows them to provide a different viewpoint as to how greater success could be achieved based on the financial data available to them, which may provide conflicting or complimentary strategy from people in the operations or marketing departments, for example. 

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