How’s the Shopping at Chic Me Clothing? Can You Trust this Fashion Site? Find Out in Our Chic Me Review!

The virtual shopping mall has opened up the world of boutique fashion at cut-rate prices. You can now shop for clothing styles from around the world all from the comfort of your sofa.

Retailers have followed the trend, and new discount fashion sites are popping up everywhere and using social media apps like Instagram to boost their profiles. One that has gained over 2.6 million Instagram followers is Chic Me.

reviews on chicme

ChicMe Clothing Reviews

The draw of chic clothing at prices “50% to 80% cheaper than local” is what brings shoppers to the site to buy Chic Me shoes, ChicMe dresses, and more. But how many are repeat buyers?

With the elimination of geographical shopping barriers also comes some risk. How do you know which fashion websites live up to their online promises? Is Chic Me a safe website?

For this AdvisoryHQ News Chic Me review, we’ve done some digging to bring you the truth about this budget retailer and we’ll help answer:

  • Where is Chic Me located?
  • Where is ChicMe shipped from?
  • How long does Chic Me shipping take?
  • Is Chic Me a legit website or is there a ChicMe scam?
  • Is ChicMe a reputable company?

Most importantly, you’ll hear what shoppers say about the site in their Chic Me reviews and what types of overall ratings the company receives. We’ll bring you both the positive and negative chic clothing reviews so you can decide for yourself.

Read on to get a full insight into the ChicMe fashion website and clothing.

Content– AdvisoryHQ News ChicMe Review

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Our ChicMe website review will give you the answers to all the important questions and the information you need to make smart decisions before shopping on Chic

We’ll take a close look at Chic reviews to help you determine whether the fashion discounts on Chic Me com are worth your time.

We’ll start by answering: What is ChicMe?

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ChicMe Review | What is ChicMe?

ChicMe com is a women’s fashion online retailer that’s been dedicated to providing unique fashion products to consumers worldwide since 2015.

According to the ChicMe com About Us page, the company’s vision is to bring happiness into every woman’s life. The site offers 100,000+ product styles and launches over 1000 new ChicMe fashion products every week.

what is chic me

Chic Me Review What is Chic Me?

Who Owns Chic Me?

It’s not unusual for overseas online shopping sites like Chic Me store to have little information about the history of the company. Many are designed to target a specific shopper demographic and several similar sites may be owned by the same multinational corporation.

In the case of Chic Me, a review of the company’s website domain registrar shows the domain was first privately registered in 2007.

But, what’s the deal with ChicMe com? Who owns ChicMe?

Chic Me is a brand under the company Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd.

ChicMe Location | Where is Chic Me Located?

If you’re wondering, “Where is ChicMe Located?”, the answer is a little complicated.

We’ll give you a breakdown below of what we found in our Chic Me review of company locations.

ChicMe fashion brand is owned by Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd., a company based in China.

So, the ChicMe location is in China.

Chic Me Location Address – China:

10/F, No.36, Lane 2777, East Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Dist. Shanghai, Shanghai, 200120 China

However, on the company’s website, we found an accounts receivable-only address in London, England with a comment that the address should not be used for returning clothes.

Chic Me Location Address – London, UK:

71 75 Shelton St, London, Greater London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

On top of that, we also found an address in Singapore.

Although the ChicMeofficial website lists several addresses, one Chic Me customer service phone number is clearly based in China.

Chic Me store customer service on the About Us page notes that it provides support 24/7 via Facebook live chat, Twitter, Instagram, email, or phone.

However, on another page for Chic Me store customer service, working hours are listed from 9:00 PM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM US Eastern, which would make sense if chic me com is located in China, which is about a 12-hour time difference from the US Eastern time zone.

Is there a Chic Me store location? Where is Chic Me Store located?

No, there is no ChicMeofficial brick-and-mortar store. ChicMe fashion is only sold online.

Is Chic Me from China?

Yes, ChicMe com is from China.

Is Chic Me and Shein the same?

We get this asked a lot: “Is Shein and Chic Me the same company?” Chic Me and Shein are not the same company. However, we did find that Shanghai Jigao Information Technology Co., Ltd. which owns Chic also owns the IVRose fashion brand.

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Do you have any additional information about the ChicMe location that you don’t see in our Chic review? Don’t hesitate to reach out and share your Chic reviews with us.

ChicMe Review | What Does Chic Me Store Sell?

The ChicMeofficial website sells women’s fashion clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Chic Me clothing has an overall sophisticated, body-hugging look to it. In addition to Chic Me clothing, the site sells an assortment of Chic Me shoes, stilettos, sandals, and boots.

Types of items you’ll find at

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Plus Size
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Bags

chic me clothing reviews

ChicMe Review

The average pricing for Chic Me dresses is in the $20 to $30 range. For Chic Me shoes, you’ll pay in the ballpark of $45 to $65. The site sells a few jewelry accessories, but not many. Most you can buy for less than $15.

Is there a Chic Me App?

Yes, there is a ChicMe app!

You have the option to purchase directly off the Chic Me website or through the Chic Me app for iPhone or Android devices. Further down in our Chic Me review, we’ll also include the Chic Me app reviews & ratings.

Chic Me Shipping | ChicMe Reviews 2022

So, where does Chic Me ship from? How much does Chic Me shipping cost?

A high shipping cost can cut into the “great deal” you’re getting on clothing at some of these chic clothing sites. This is where the questions such as, “Where is Chic Me located” and “Where does ChicMe ship from” often arise, because it may mean higher shipping costs.

We’ve got answers to all those questions! But first, we’ll go over some most frequently asked questions about ChicMe com shipping and then we’ll dive into details about Chic Me shipping time, so you know what to expect from this brand.

reviews on chicme clothes

ChicMe Clothing Reviews – Shipping

Chic Me Shipping FAQs

  • Where is ChicMe shipped from?
    ChicMe is shipped from China. However, the ChicMe com website also points out that the company has warehouses in different countries around the globe which will come in handy for Chic Me returns.
  • How long does Chic Me shipping take?
    It typically takes 3-7 business days to process Chic Me clothes & shoe orders. On average, Chic Me shipping time takes approximately 8 to 30 business days to reach destination countries.
  • How long does Chic Me take to deliver?
    Chic Me delivery time will vary, but it will be a combination of processing time and Chic Me shipping time.

In the sections below, we’ll take a look into Chic Me shipping reviews of the time, methods, and pricing so you get a good idea of when you can expect your Chic Me fashion order to arrive.

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How was your personal experience with Chic Me delivery times? We’d love to hear from you if you have any Chic Me delivery reviews that would make our reviews even better.

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Pricing – ChicMe US

ChicMe USA shoppers can choose between two Chic Me USA shipping options depending on how quickly they want the goods delivered: Standard and Express.

ChicMe USA customers get free standard shipping with all orders over $69 USD and free express shipping with orders over $199 USD.

Shipping MethodChicMe Shipping TimeCosts
Standard Shipping10-13 business days≥ $6.99 USD
Express Shipping7-9 business days$20.99 USD

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Costs – Chic Me USA

How long does ChicMe take to deliver to US?

It will depend on the ChicMe shipping method you choose. ChicMe USA delivery can take anywhere between 7 and 13 business days.

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Pricing – ChicMe Canada

Just like Chic Me USA online shoppers, Chic Me Canada shoppers will also be able to choose between Standard and Express shipping.

According to ChicMeofficial Canada, customers will get free ChicMe Canada standard shipping with orders over $109 CAD and free express shipping with orders over $262 CAD.

You can see the breakdown of Chic Me Canada shipping options and costs in the table below.

Shipping MethodChic Me Shipping TimeCosts
Standard Shipping10-12 business days≥ $14 CAD
Express Shipping8-10 business days$33 CAD

ChicMe Shipping Time, Methods, & Costs – ChicMe Canada

How long does ChicMe take to deliver to Canada?

Depending on the Chic Me shipping method you chose at the checkout, Chic Me Canada delivery can take anywhere between 8 and 12 business days.

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Pricing –ChicMe UK

If you’re ordering from ChicMeoficial UK, you’ll be able to choose between Standard and Express shipping.

Customers buying from Chic Me UK get free standard delivery with all orders over £55 and free express shipping with all orders over £151.

For further information about ChicMe delivery time UK, please refer to the table below.

Shipping MethodChicMe Shipping TimeCosts
Standard Shipping10-12 business days≥ £5
Express Shipping7-9 business days£19

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Costs – Chic Me UK

How long does ChicMe take to deliver to UK?

Typically, it will take anywhere between 7 and 12 business days for Chic Me UK deliveries to arrive.

Chic Me Shipping Time, Methods, & Pricing – ChicMe Australia

Our readers in Australia will be happy to see that they can also choose between Standard and Express ChicMe com shipping.

Chic Me shipping time will vary depending on the chosen method, but as in other countries, Chic Me Australia shoppers get free standard shipping with all orders over $79 AUD.

To qualify for free express ChicMe Australia shipping, you need to make an order over $121 AUD.

Shipping MethodChic Me Shipping TimeCosts
Standard Shipping10-14 business days≥ $16 AUD
Express Shipping7-9 business days$31 AUD

ChicMe Shipping Time, Methods, & Costs – ChicMe Australia

How long does ChicMe take to deliver to Australia?

It takes about 7-14 business days for ChicMe Australia deliveries to arrive.

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ChicMe Return Policy and Process | Chic Me Return Reviews

If you’re not happy with your purchase, what can you do? Is Chic Me a safe website that will let you return items?

Here’s the scoop on the Chic Me returns policy:

  • You can return items within 14 days from the date you received them for an exchange or refund.
  • The original Chic Me official bag & tag should be intact with no damage.
  • Swimsuits, lingerie, bodysuits, jewelry, and accessories cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Contact customer service for the Chic Me returns label and Chic Me return address. Do not return it to the address on the package.
  • Only ever send Chic Me returns to the Chic Me return address provided to you by one of the company’s customer service representatives
  • Shipping and insurance fees are non-refundable.
  • You must pay for the return shipping.

chicme returns

Chic Me Return Reviews

Chic Me Return Reviews from Customers

We took a deep dive into Chic Me return reviews from customers. While there are many Chic Me returns reviews that are satisfied with the whole process, there are also plenty of negative Chic Me return reviews.

Most unhappy Chic Me fashion reviewers complain about:

  • The cost of return Chic Me shipping being too high
  • Having to contact Chic Me customer service multiple times to get a Chic Me returns label and Chic Me return address

What’s the Chic Me return address?

According to multiple ChicMeofficial reviews, there isn’t just one return address for Chic Me fashion.

Chick Me has warehouses in different countries around the world so you need to contact Chic Me customer service which will provide you with the nearest Chic Me return address based on your specific order details.

What’s the Chic Me phone number/Chic Me customer service phone number?

Chic Me USA customer service phone number: (213) 260-3334

ChicMe customer service number China: +861 865 297 9763

Additionally, you may try contacting ChicMeofficial by using other contact methods available:

  • Live Chat
  • Messages

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Do you have any Chic reviews you’d like to share with our readers? Did you shop from this online shop and had to return ChicMe clothes or ChicMe shoes? We’d love to hear from you and get your insight into Chic Me returns reviews.

Chic Reviews | Overall Customer Ratings

Is Chic Me a safe website to shop? Do the clothes look like they do in the photos? It’s time to hear from reviews on Chic Me how well this chic clothing site really stands up.

Let’s see how Chic Me shoes and clothing scored overall in combined review ratings.

  • Chic Me Reviews BBB – 1/5 (8 reviews)
  • Reviews for Chic Me on Sitejabber – 4.54/5 (217,810 reviews)
  • Chic Me Trustpilot Reviews – 3.4/5 (36,799 reviews)
  • Chic Me Australia Reviews on – No Chic Me Australia reviews Reviews | Chicme Reviews BBB

While we were looking for Chic Me reviews BBB, we noticed that the company is listed under a slightly different name:

We initially thought that we have the wrong company profile but upon further inspection of ChicMe reviews BBB, we realized that the reviews are actually meant for the Chic Me official site.

Chicme reviews BBB rated the company with 1 star out of 5.

Chic Me BBB reviews

ChicMe Reviews BBB

Being that this is not an accredited BBB profile and that there are only 8 Chic Me reviews BBB in total, we weren’t able to get a full picture of Chic and find out is legit.

Next, we’ll take a look into Sitejabber reviews on Chic Me. Reviews | Reviews for Chic Me on Sitejabber 

Unlike ChicMe reviews BBB that are pretty one-sided, there are plenty of different reviews on Sitejabber. Shoppers have rated Chic Me com with 4.54 stars out of 5.

Out of 217,810 Chic Me fashion reviews on Sitejabber, over 66% are 5-star rated. While there are still 8,384 (roughly 4%) 1-star Sitejabber reviews on ChicMe.

So, what do reviews on ChicMe say about this online shop? Is Chic Me legit? Is ChicMe a genuine site? Let’s find out!

We’re first going to take a look at some of the positive online ChicMe reviews and then we’ll hear from those who weren’t so happy with their purchases.

ChicMe Review Highlights | Positive ChicMe Reviews

  • A happy shopper that loved their experience said they ordered three Chic Me dresses. In their Chic Me review, they said two of Chic Me dresses fit perfectly, and the company offered a partial refund for the one that didn’t fit quite as well. They said they would order from ChicMe com again.
  • In a 5-star Chic Me review, the reviewer praised Chic Me fashion and customer service which was very helpful. They felt that ChicMe clothing was of good quality and great value for the money spent and that Chic Me delivery to the USA was very fast.
  • One shopper used Chic Me official not for its chic clothing, but for Chic Me shoes and accessories. This customer noted that they love the quality of ChicMe shoes and had been shopping there for about 4 years.

reviews for chicme

Positive Sitejabber Reviews on Chic Me

ChicMe Review Highlights | Negative ChicMe Reviews

  • A parent who had purchased a jumpsuit for their daughter said they were appalled at the lack of Chic Me clothes quality and decent customer service. Their Chic Me review mentioned there were marks on the clothing, a stuck zipper, and that it was cheaply made.
  • In another disappointed Chic Me review, the shopper had ordered two items. One came three weeks later, and the other didn’t arrive. They said that ChicMe clothes looked nothing like the representation on the website and when they asked for a refund, they were offered a coupon and a percentage off a new ChicMe clothes order instead.
  • Both a swimsuit and a jumpsuit ordered by one ChicMe clothing reviewer were lacking. In their Chic Me review, they said one piece was defective and the other came in the completely wrong size and color. They didn’t want to pay the cost of shipping the clothing back and all ChicMeofficial offered was a discount on a future order.

These are just some of the highlights to give you an idea of what the majority of positive and negative reviews on ChicMe are about.

So, what would reviewers on Sitejabber say if asked: Is ChicMe legit? Is ChicMe a good website?

Based on many Sitejabber reviews on ChicMe, over 60% of reviewers would say: Yes,

Chic Me is a legit and good website.

Are there ChicMe shoes reviews that you think we have to see? Why not send them to us? Let us know if you encounter any ChicMe shoes reviews that you think our readers should be aware of before shopping on ChickMe. Reviews | ChicMe Trustpilot Reviews

Overall, 36,799 Chic Me Trustpilot reviewers rated the company with 3.4 stars out of 5.

While on Sitejabber, 5-star ChicMe clothing reviews overtook the negative ChicMe clothing reviews, the situation with ChicMe Trustpilot reviews is slightly different.

There are still more positive ChicMe Trustpilot reviews than negative ones, but the difference is not as dramatic.

About 39% of ChicMe Trustpilot reviewers rated the shop with 5-star and 29% gave it a 1-star review. The rest are almost equally divided between 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star Chic Me Trustpilot reviews.

ChicMe Review Highlights | Positive Trustpilot ChicMe Reviews

  • One of many satisfied ChicMe clothing reviews on Trustpilot said that they loved the quality and the pricing of ChicMe fashion. Additionally, this customer appreciated not having to wait long for the Chic Me delivery.
  • A long-time Chic Me USA customer was quite happy with the discovery that Chic Me com changed the way they size ChicMe dresses. In the past when they ordered Chic Me dresses, all of them were too small. This time around that sizing issue was corrected and customers can purchase ChicMe clothes in their usual size.
  • Another happy customer praises the clothing in their ChicMe website review. While they mention that they had to wait a bit longer for the Chic Me delivery, the quality of ChicMe fashion items was better than what they initially expected.

While there are so many positive ChicMe Trustpilot reviews, there are also a lot of negative ones. Let’s see what customers were mostly complaining about in their Chic Me clothing reviews.

ChicMe Review Highlights | Negative Trustpilot ChicMe Reviews

  • One too many negative Trustpilot ChicMe reviews are complaining about late ChicMe delivery and poor quality of ChicMe dresses and ChicMe shoes. One such ChicMe website review complains about not receiving their order in time, not-so-great quality, clothes that are oversized, and cheap-looking materials. As in many other, ChicMe Trustpilot reviews, this customer wouldn’t order from this shop again.
  • A mixed Chic Me review says that they had ordered several times and it’s either a hit or a miss. Sometimes the Chic Me clothes fit and look like the picture, and other times they don’t. Some are better quality, while some Chic Me fashion is quite poorly made. They said it’s a gamble to order there but at least the order process is easy.
  • Another of the negative Chic Me sizing reviews on Trustpilot points out that not only that Chic Me dresses don’t fit right, but they also don’t look like the products advertised on the Chic Me website. Additionally, they’re having problems with getting the Chic Me return address to be able to send the product back and get the refund.

chic me trustpilot

Trustpilot Chic Me – Chic Me Clothing Reviews

All in all, Chic Me website reviews on Trustpilot are mixed. While there doesn’t seem to be a ChicMe scam, some people seem to be unsatisfied with their purchase and some are just too impatient to wait and leave negative ChicMe fashion reviews before even receiving the order.

If we balance out all Trustpilot ChicMe reviews and complaints, the site comes out mid-range. If asked: “Is ChicMe a legit website?”, based on the majority of Chic Me clothing reviews the answer would be: “Yes, but you can expect some hiccups along the way.”

Next, we’ll focus on shoppers around the globe. What are customers saying in their ChicMe Canada reviews, Chic Me reviews Australia, and Chic Me UK reviews? Let’s jump right in!

Chic Reviews | What Shoppers Around the Globe Say About Chic Me Clothing

How was the experience of shoppers in other countries? How are they rating the site in their ChicMe reviews and complaints?

We narrowed down our focus to Chic Me Canada reviews, ChicMe UK reviews, and Chic Me Australia reviews.

First, we’ll take a look into Chic Me clothing reviews from Canadian customers shopping on ChicMe ca.

ChicMe Reviews 2022 | Chic Me Reviews Canada

A lot of positive ChicMe Canada reviews express satisfaction with delivery times and the company’s customer service. Additionally, many happy customers praise the quality and fit in their ChicMe Canada reviews.

chicme canada reviews

Chic Me Canada Reviews

At the same time negative Chic Me Canada reviews are complaining about the opposite; bad quality of ChicMe shoes and ChicMe clothes.

Other negative Chic Me reviews Canada revolve mainly around issues with getting the return address and some issues with refunds which is similar to what we’ve seen across the rating sites – a lot of mixed ChicMe Canada reviews.

It’s time to see if Chic Me UK reviews are any better.

ChicMe Reviews 2022 | Chic Me Reviews UK

Among thousands of ChicMe UK reviews we went through, we found many that are praising quick ChicMe delivery time UK and Chic Me sizing.

Additionally, we found some Chic Me UK reviews that praise both the clothing and the company’s customer service.

Among negative Chic Me reviews UK, there were quite a few complaints about difficulties with returns and not getting the return address even after contacting Chic Me official.

On top of that, we found several Chic Me UK reviews that mentioned being offered a discount on the next purchase instead of being issued a refund.

Lastly, we’re going to be looking into Chic Me reviews Australia.

ChicMe Reviews 2022 | Chic Me Reviews Australia

Our online research found many Chic Me Australia reviews in which customers are pleasantly surprised with both decent looks and quality of ChicMe shoes and Chic Me clothes.

While sifting through ChicMe Australia reviews we also noticed that there a quite a few reviews that were happy with how quickly their orders were delivered.

As always, there’s a negative side of the coin and you won’t have to dig hard to find negative Chic Me reviews Australia.

The majority of negative ChicMe Australia reviews that we’ve encountered are concerning poor sizing and ChicMe dresses and other clothes not looking as good as they look on the website.

As you may have noticed, regardless of where you live, customers are sharing similar issues in their Chic Me reviews and complaints.

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Chic Me Reviews 2022 | Chic Me Sizing Reviews

How is Chic Me sizing? Is Chic Me true to size?

According to many Chic Me sizing reviews we read, getting the right size is a hit or complete miss.

Chic Me website and Chic Me clothing reviews from across the world point to sizing charts on the company’s website.

You have to go into each product you’re interested in to obtain the correct Chic Me size chart for that product.

chic me sizing

Chic Me Sizing Reviews – Is Chic Me True to Size?

Furthermore, several Chic Me sizing reviews point out that you should take out your measuring tape and measure yourself to ensure you choose the correct size.

Is Chic Me true to size from your own experience? Do you know of any Chic Me sizing reviews, Chic Me dresses reviews or any other information that would make our ChicMe fashion reviews even better? Get in touch!

Chic Me Reviews 2022 | Chic Me App Reviews

If you like shopping on your smartphone, then you won’t be disappointed because there’s a Chic Me app for both Android and Apple devices.

Here are some ratings and reviews on the Chic Me app:

  • iTunes Store: 4.7/5 stars (43,803 Chic Me app reviews)
  • Google Play Store: 4.8/5 stars (53,010 Chic Me app reviews)

chic me app reviews

Chic Me App Reviews

People tend to find the Chic Me app easy to use and convenient. However, while the buying experience is easy, they had the same types of complaints about clothing quality.

Bonus: Currently the shop is offering 35% off on your first order on the Chic Me app. On top of that, if you share the Chic Me app with your friends, both of you could earn extra points, and receive discounts of up to 70% off.

Have you used ChicMe app in the past? How did you like it? If you have any ChicMe app reviews you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is ChicMe Legit? Is ChicMe a Genuine Site?

Now that we’ve looked into this business on so many levels, it’s time to answer: Is Chic Me a legit website?

Yes, Chic Me is a legit website but proceed with caution. Not because the Chic Me website is out there to get you, but because there are many things to factor in before purchasing from any overseas online retailer.

Is there a ChicMe scam?

While some issues have left many customers wondering: Is Chic Me legit? Is Chic Me a real website?

We couldn’t find that there is any ChicMe scam going on. There are customers who didn’t receive what they ordered from the Chic Me shop, or they received Chic Me clothing that looked nothing like those in the photos on the Chic Me website.

However, there are also many customers that are quite happy with their Chic Me clothing shopping experience.

Is ChicMe a genuine site? Is ChicMe a reputable company?

It depends on where you look and who you ask.

We think that ChicMe is a genuine site but with some hard work to do that would make Chic Me clothes quality more consistent and the company’s customer service less busy.

Overall, it’s a mixed bag of experiences and while a customer with poor experience may say that Chick Me is not legit, there is another one that would say just the opposite.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Chic Me Review Conclusion

So, is Chic Me a legit website to shop on, or is it a scam? The reviewer that said it best was the one that cautioned: “It’s a gamble.”

For many shoppers, you may get Chic Me clothing that looks just like the photo and is a great deal, but for many others the experience is different.

Several customers complain in their Chic Me review about cheap clothing quality and products that do not look at all like the online product photos.

Chic Me return policy reviewers mention being offered a discount instead of a refund which is not something you want to be offered when all you want is a refund.

It seems that the cost of shipping the items back leaves many shoppers just keeping the Chic Me clothes that they can’t use.

The policy is clearly stated on the company’s website, but not the return address where you should ship the clothing back. You have to contact Chic Me customer service to get that address to start a return process.

The pricing of Chic Me’s clothing is a big draw for many, and it’s very likely you will find a great deal. However, we advise that you start with a smaller ChicMe clothing order to test out the waters before going on a big shopping spree. Once you’re comfortable with the brand, it will be much easier for you to make a decision.

For now, we’ve rated the Chic Me website with a 3-star rating until there are some improvements.

Happy shopping!

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