Where to Find Cheap Wedding Dresses under $100

Your wedding is one of the most significant milestones of your life, recorded in hundreds of keepsake photographs throughout the years. 

Brides want to make sure they look good, but not every woman can drop thousands of dollars on just their dress alone. Cheap dresses for weddings aren’t necessarily hard to come by, with plenty of cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars all over the Internet.

The difficulty is often finding super cheap wedding dresses that still make you look and feel like a million dollars. Without scrounging around on the bottom of the bargain bin in a dingy bridal boutique, do you know where to find cheap wedding dresses that you would deem attractive?

We want to help you make your wedding as picturesque as possible, including your promenade down the aisle. Join us as we take a look at what your options are to find cheap dresses for weddings that you’ll still love.

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Very Cheap Wedding Dresses You’ll Regret

Before you can learn where to find cheap wedding dresses, it might be easier to learn where not to get really cheap wedding dresses.

Online bridal boutiques are plentiful, but so are scams that can take what precious little you have remaining for your wedding without giving you anything in return.

Searching for wedding dresses for cheap can be difficult if you aren’t sure which websites are scams and which ones will send you legitimate cheap white wedding dresses.

Up-and-coming online fashion retailers are peddling a number of avant-garde fashion trends at deeply discounted prices. They claim that they are able to offer these discounted wares (including very cheap wedding dresses) because they are cutting out the middleman in the supply chain.

Many of these retailers are based overseas, most commonly in China, and they are selling goods they source from manufacturers, sometimes without seeing the product for themselves.

Complaints range from extended shipping times on what are supposed to be cheap pretty wedding dresses to products that only slightly resemble the original photograph. You may believe you will be receiving cheap nice wedding dresses, but the end result may be a poorly-fitting gown that feels more like tissue paper than silk.

Super Cheap Wedding Dresses

Image Source: Super Cheap Wedding Dresses

Do you know where to find cheap wedding dresses that are quite possibly scams? While we could never provide an exhaustive list of the retailers who are engaged in selling false wedding dresses for cheap, below are a few of the Chinese online retailers that we have found to be quite unreliable:

Retailers like those above sell plenty of cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars, but you may not be happy with the dress you receive.

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Traditional Route

If you want to go the traditional route and find cheap white wedding dresses from a bridal boutique, you have plenty of options. Cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars exist—if you know where to find cheap wedding dresses quickly.

The elusive cheap pretty wedding dresses are more plentiful than you might imagine. Cheap wedding dresses aren’t always reject styles or damaged goods.

David’s Bridal has long been a favorite for brides who are looking for cheap white wedding dresses (or even other colors or bridesmaids’ gowns). While they do have a few pricier options, it’s possible to find cheap wedding dresses under 100 in their online storefront. From shorter styles to full-length gowns, you can browse through eleven pages of really cheap wedding dresses that don’t look out-of-date or unstylish.

Younger brides may love the selection of cheap dresses for weddings available through popular retailer Asos. While Asos is not specifically a bridal boutique, it is well-known for its current fashion trends, and they feature an entire wedding shop that has plenty of cheap dresses for a wedding to choose from.

These tend to be slightly less traditional than the options available through David’s Bridal or other similar boutiques, but it still gives you a reputable retailer that has a specific section of their merchandise dedicated to cheap dresses for weddings.

If you have a while to wait, you may also want to consider Light in the Box. Another online retailer that specializes in deeply discounted goods, there are a few complaints about the service received. However, many of these complaints relate to the shipment of goods (you can see AdvisoryHQ’s Light in the Box review for more information) and the length of time it could take to receive your cheap wedding dresses. If you need to know where to get cheap wedding dresses and your date is a long way off, you might consider browsing through their selection.

Traditional brides may prefer to purchase a gown that is specifically labeled as a bridal gown, even if they are searching primarily for super cheap wedding dresses.

With a little imagination, you may be able to find several other options for where to get cheap wedding dresses that would work for a memorable and breathtaking appearance at your wedding.

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Alternative Options

Have you considered hunting for very cheap wedding dresses in sections not necessarily marked as bridal boutiques? With the advent of Pinterest, it seems that the world is your oyster when it comes to wedding planning.

Image Source: Super Cheap Wedding Dresses

You can venture off the beaten path of traditional appearances and opt for a different take on cheap white wedding dresses. In fact, your gown doesn’t even necessarily have to be white (which makes it a lot easier to find really cheap wedding dresses).

If you’re trying to figure out where to find cheap wedding dresses that would complement a contemporary, less-traditional day or a shabby chic afternoon, you might want to consider hunting through less conventional retailers for cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars.

For example, big name retailers such as JCPenney and Target have a multitude of white dresses that you could substitute for wedding dresses for cheap. They may not be as traditional as those found in bridal boutiques, but the stores do carry a wide array of cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars that would work well for a more casual wedding.

Casual weddings may be able to get away with cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars (perhaps significantly under 100 dollars). Retailers that already specialize in clothing that caters to a low- to middle-income individual also sell cheap dresses for a wedding, even if that isn’t necessarily their original purpose.

Consider H&M or Forever21 for an extensive selection of cheap dresses for weddings that cost way less than $50. While Forever21 does consider itself a great place to go if you need to know where to find cheap wedding dresses (even with a titled section of its website: “the wedding shop”), it still is not one of the first places consumers consider cheap white wedding dresses.

Buying Used Wedding Dresses for Cheap

When you only wear the gown for one day, just a few short hours, it seems wasteful to spend a lot of money on new but cheap nice wedding dresses. One of the best ways to find cheap dresses for weddings is to search through those that have been through at least one special day.

Similar to driving a new car off the lot of the dealership, the value of a gown goes down significantly after being worn for at least one wedding, so you have a better chance of finding used cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars. When you purchase secondhand, you may be able to get a nicer dress that fits better into your price range because there are so many used super cheap wedding dresses.

Online Consignment Stores

Online consignment stores such as Poshmark are excellent places for where to get cheap wedding dresses. Items are listed in a manner similar to a social media account where you can purchase cheap dresses for weddings with relative ease.

where to find cheap wedding dresses-min

Source: Poshmark.com

Thredup, another online consignment store, will allow you to find several white dresses that you could substitute for cheap nice wedding dresses. They would be more along the lines of the casual or alternative options for cheap pretty wedding dresses that we discussed in the last section because they do not have a designated section for bridal gowns or formalwear. However, it is still a great avenue if you need to know where get cheap wedding dresses and prefer not to buy them new.


Popular e-commerce sites such as eBay also feature a nice selection of cheap dresses for weddings. Most individuals have already had dealings with this platform, so it is a logical stop if you are trying to figure out where to find cheap wedding dresses. Browsing through their selection, you will likely come across several beautiful options for cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars.


Of course, the downside to purchasing used cheap dresses for a wedding is that there is only ever one of its kind. This can have several disadvantages:

  • It will not come in multiple sizes, which could mean additional tailoring.
  • You won’t get to try the gown on, so you won’t know if parts of it will fit awkwardly or may not be flattering to your body shape.
  • You can’t waste time considering all of your options. If you wait too long to purchase the perfect cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars, someone else might snatch it up before you can claim it as your own.

It is possible to get a really good deal if you know where to find cheap wedding dresses used. The disadvantages are definitely something to weigh if you are considering purchasing your super cheap wedding dresses through this avenue.

Bridesmaid Dresses

While your wedding day might be all about the bride, it’s important not to forget about the ladies who will be standing beside you. They will need cheap dresses for weddings too, and there are plenty of cheap wedding dresses under 100 for bridesmaids as well. If you’ve already discovered where to find cheap wedding dresses, specifically cheap white wedding dresses, finding a colorful selection of super cheap wedding dresses for your entourage should be no problem at all.

If you’ve decided that order is important and all your girls must match, consider going through a bridal boutique or a major retailer. Target has an entire section of their website devoted to bridesmaid dresses so they can all select a style and size that will fit them. The best part? If their cheap dresses for weddings don’t fit them, returns are quick and easy, as long as you have the physical retailer in your area.

Even David’s Bridal has a large selection of cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars for bridesmaids. If you look hard enough, you can find great cheap dresses for weddings and wedding parties almost anywhere.

Your wedding day might be more of a blend of several styles with no one really matching. Pursuing cheap pretty wedding dresses secondhand through one of the online consignment stores is a great way to save serious cash. Give your bridesmaids a color range to choose from, tell them a short or a long dress, and let them choose cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars that would suit them.

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Now that you know where to find cheap wedding dresses (and where not to get cheap dresses for weddings), you can finally complete your big day. Make it as traditional or as unique as you’d like—as long as your big day suits you, you can find cheap pretty wedding dresses that will complete your picture-perfect moments.

Don’t drop a ton of cash that you don’t have on just one section of your wedding. Keep your eye out for cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars so you can reallocate some of those funds to your catering or your floral arrangements. Planning a wedding can be expensive, and knowing where to find cheap wedding dresses is a great first step toward saving a little bit of money on one of the most important days of your life.

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