Intro – CDC Federal Credit Union Reviews & Ranking

AdvisoryHQ recently published its list and review of the top credit unions in Georgia, a list that included CDC Federal Credit Union.

Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons CDC Federal Credit Union was selected as one of the best credit unions in Georgia.

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CDC Federal Credit Union Review

Often ranked a best credit union in Atlanta, CDC Federal Credit Union was founded in 1949 to serve the needs of employees at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These employees wanted a safe, reliable place to keep their money, so this Atlanta credit union was chartered by a small group of employees.

Today, this leader among Atlanta credit unions is a full-service financial institution, and membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or volunteers in DeKalb, Fulton or Gwinnett Counties. Membership is also open to other employee groups, like the American Cancer Society and Whole Foods.

Key Factors Leading Us to Rank This as a Best Credit Union in Atlanta

Among credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia, the following are key reasons CDC Federal Credit Union was included in this ranking of the best credit unions in Atlanta.

CDC Federal Credit Union Review: Mobile App

Most, if not all, the top credit unions in Atlanta offer accessible Internet banking, and the best credit unions in Atlanta also feature mobile apps so members can maintain complete control of their finances wherever they are. The FCU mobile app offers the following features and functionalities:

  • Users can check their balances when they’re on the go before making a purchase
  • Members of this best credit union in Atlanta can use the app to transfer funds, make a loan payment or pay a credit card bill
  • Payments can be made using the BillPay and Popmoney services without writing checks
  • The mobile app from this credit union in Atlanta can be used to find nearby branch locations or ATMs
  • The app features mobile deposit options

CDC Federal Credit Union ReviewImage Source: CDC Federal Credit Union

CDC Federal Credit Union Review: Overdraft Protection

To safeguard members and give them peace of mind, this Atlanta credit union features available overdraft options. One option members can utilize is to connect their savings account to their checking account. If they were to make a purchase that went over their available checking account balance, funds would be automatically transferred from their savings account.

Another option is the Courtesy Pay program. This program means CDC FCU pays overdrafts at its discretion. Repayment of the overdraft amount is required within 45 days to maintain service eligibility.

If the credit union does authorize and pay the overdraft, the member is charged a fee, but this helps that individual avoid embarrassing situations when a debit card transaction is declined at the register or a check bounces.

CDC Federal Credit Union Review: Personal Credit Cards

CDC Federal Credit Union, a top credit union in Atlanta, GA, offers personal, business and college credit cards. All of its credit cards include EMV smart chip technology and convenient mobile purchasing capability.

Among the personal cards, options include the Visa Platinum Card. The Platinum Card from this credit union in Atlanta is designed to help members save on interest with an extended introductory rate, and they can also use it to pay down other credit card balances faster.

With the Visa Bonus Rewards Card, members can earn rewards with 1 point for every $1 they spend on eligible net purchases. This card also features automatic bonus points every month and cash back after the first purchase is made.

The Cash Rewards American Express Card features cash back every time the card is used while the Travel Rewards American Express Card earns 3x reward earnings on net airline purchases and 2x reward earnings on restaurant and hotel net purchases. There are 1x rewards on other eligible net purchases.

CDC Federal Credit Union Review: Custom Share Account

One of the really unique products available from CDC Federal Credit Union, one of the best credit unions in Atlanta, is the Custom Share Savings option.

When members of this credit union in Atlanta take advantage of this account, they can create a savings account that works for their personal needs and goals. There are 99 personalized account options that a member can select from, such as Birthday Savings, Car Savings or Mad Money Savings.

Each account earns dividends in the same way as a Primary Share Savings account from this credit union in Atlanta, GA, but it helps members be organized and goal-driven in how they manage their finances and, more specifically, their savings.

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