Guide: Finding the Best Bank Promotions

It is almost inevitable that we will need to use a bank at some point in our lives. We need checking accounts for everyday transactions, savings accounts for our emergency funds, credit products for our homes and cars, investment accounts for our dreams, and so much more.

But meeting all this need is a lot of competition, and banks are hoping you will choose them by offering you the best bank promotions and new bank account offers.

The best bank promotions and new bank account offers serve two key functions: they convince the consumer that opening an account at a given financial institution is a win-win for them while also securing new business for that bank. Of course, the trick is ensuring you actually get the best deals.

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Nobody has time to be opening and closing accounts in search of the best bank promotions, which is why we have compiled this list of some of the new bank account promotions and new bank account offers to help you make your selection if you are thinking about making a switch.

The cash bonuses offered by these banks will pay you to make the switch. There are bonuses in this list of the best bank promotions upward of $300, and we are happy to share what we found for some of the best new bank account offers.

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Chase Promotions (Chase Total Checking® Coupon and Chase Savings Coupon)

Chase is a consumer and commercial bank that offers a variety of financial services and credit services. Chase Bank boasts 5,200 banks nationwide and an extensive network of 16,000 ATMs. Checking accounts are one of the most common and useful banking products. As a result, banks have to stay competitive, and Chase does this by offering Chase promotions, Chase checking offers, and a Chase Total Checking® coupon in addition to a Chase Savings account coupon.

Chase Total Checking® Coupon: Chase Total Checking® Features

The Chase checking offer is a Chase Total Checking® coupon. Chase Total Checking® comes with a number of attractive features to ensure customers are happy with their Chase checking account beyond benefitting from Chase promotions and their new bank account offers.

Customers who sign up for Chase Total Checking® and take advantage of the Chase Total Checking® coupon have access to Chase Online Banking and Online Bill Pay and mobile banking. In addition to the Chase checking offer, they receive a debit card that allows them to engage in painless point of sale purchases using the funds in their account.

New Bank Account Offers: Details of the Chase Total Checking® Coupon

Chase promotions are naturally meant to encourage consumers to sign up for a Chase account. The Chase checking offer works as follows. When you open a Chase Total Checking® account, you will receive a $200 Chase Total Checking® coupon.

Regular Chase Checking Offers: Waived Fees

There are Chase promotions that are included on a regular basis within these Chase accounts. The Chase checking offers that will mostly influence people is the possibility to waive account fees.

Chase promotions on waiving Chase checking fees provides three options for those who do not wish to pay monthly maintenance fees. The checking account offers to waive the $12 monthly service fee if they have direct deposits of more than $500 coming into their checking account, a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more, or an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in qualified linked accounts or investments.

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Chase Promotions: Chase Savings Account Features

The Chase Total Checking® coupon Chase checking offer is one of two main Chase promotions available to potential customers. There is also a coupon available to customers who are interested in opening a Chase Savings account.

If you are interested in Chase promotions and you are searching for a savings account, luckily for you, there are more options than just the Chase checking offer—specifically a Chase Total Checking® coupon. There are also two savings accounts that are offered by Chase Bank, and they are both included as part of the Chase promotions. They are the Chase Savings account and the Chase Plus Savings account.

Both come with Chase promotions that allow you to waive the savings account fees if you perform specific activities. Much like the Chase checking offer, if you set up automatic transfers or maintain a specific minimum balance, the monthly service fee can be waived.

Chase Promotions: Chase Savings Account Coupon

With these Chase promotions, if you open any Chase Savings account, you receive a Chase savings coupon of $150, similar to the Chase Total Checking® coupon of $200.

The Chase promotions can be combined as well. If you open both a Chase savings account and a Chase Total Checking® account, you can receive a Chase checking offer (Chase Total Checking® coupon) and a Chase Savings coupon for a grand total of $350.

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US Bank Promotions—Incentives and Bonuses

US Bank offers a range of checking products that are all included in their range of US Bank promotions. Much like the Chase checking offer, this US Bank offer is tailored toward encouraging consumers to sign up for a checking account with US Bank.  

The US Bank promotions page where you sign up for the checking account does not specify the bonus amount you receive, which is rather inconvenient. Instead, it informs you that once the account has been opened, your bonus will be deposited in your account. This is unlike Chase Bank, which conveniently lets its customers know the amount of the Chase Total Checking® coupon they will receive.

This is because the US Bank new bank account offers change throughout the year and over time, but online articles suggest that past cash bonuses offered by US Bank have been between $100 and $300, and sometimes even more.

Process to be Eligible for the US Bank Promotions

In order to gain the cash bonus from the US Bank promotions, customers must open one of US Bank’s five checking accounts. They can choose from Easy Checking, Silver Checking, Gold Checking, Premium Checking, and Platinum Checking.

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But qualifying for the US Bank promotions and cash bonus is not as simple as opening a new checking account. Customers must also carry out specific actions with the account.

The US Bank cash bonus requires you to set up a recurring minimum deposit of $500. This is rather easy to set up so long as you have some kind of income or government benefits coming in. You can simply transfer these payments to come to your new US Bank checking account.

You then use the US Bank promotions code that is emailed to you on your application. It takes 8–10 weeks after US Bank receives your qualifying direct deposit for your cash bonus to appear in your checking account.

Key Bank Promotions (New Bank Account Promotions)

Key Bank has built a reputation for attractive new bank account promotions. It makes a lot of sense when (a) there is a lot of competition where checking accounts are concerned and (b) you are going up against the bigger banks with larger advertising budgets and more clout. This is when new checking account bonuses and new bank account offers come in handy.

New bank account promotions are an ongoing thing at Key Bank, so Key Bank promotions crop up often, and there are often time limits on each of their new bank account offers.

The most recent Key Bank promotions are only running until November 11, 2016. It is a new checking account bonus of $300. In order to qualify for this cash bonus, a new customer must open a qualifying checking account using the promo code available on the site and then make a direct deposit of $500 or more earlier than 60 days after the account opening.

What counts as a qualifying checking account for this cash bonus? Any one of the Key Advantage, Key Privilege, Key Privilege Select Checking, or Key Express Checking accounts will do for the new bank account promotions of $300 offered by Key Bank. Simply setting up a checking account and arranging for a regular direct deposit qualifies customers for a new checking account bonus.

Huntington Bank Promotions (New Bank Account Promotions)

Huntington Bank is an online bank that offers commercial banking services and investments. Although online banks offer lower fees and higher interest rates on savings deposits (thanks to the amount of money the bank saves from not operating physical branches) there is a still a lot of hesitation on the part of consumers when it comes to using online banks like Huntington. This makes cash bonuses and new bank account promotions like the Huntington Bank promotions that are offered much more necessary.

This is one of the best bank promotions for a cash bonus on an interest-earning checking account. If you sign up for Huntington 5 Checking you receive a $200 new checking account bonus. The Huntington 5 Checking account comes with 0.15 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on all balance tiers.

If you link your Huntington 5 Checking Account to a savings account or money market account with Huntington, you receive a bonus beyond the $200 cash bonus. You receive a relationship rate bump of 0.10 percent. It comes with five cash withdrawal fee rebates, and you can have the $5 monthly maintenance fee waived if you have $5,000 in total in what Huntington Bank calls your relationship balances. These are great perks in addition to the Huntington Bank promotions.

A high-yield checking account that offers a new checking account bonus? Huntington Bank promotions are a sure contender to be considered one of the best bank promotions.

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TD Bank Promotions (Cash Bonus and Best Bank Promotions for New Customers)

TD Bank offers attractive cash bonuses as their new bank account promotions for those opening checking accounts. Unfortunately for existing customers, this account is only available to those who are completely new to TD—not just those who sign up for these specific TD checking accounts. They are some of the best bank promotions but only for a select number of people.

There are two TD Bank promotions available as their new bank account promotions. The TD Bank promotions are for the TD Convenience CheckingSM TD Convenience CheckingSM account and the TD Premier CheckingSM account.

For the TD Convenience CheckingSM account, as part of their new bank account promotions, customers receive a $150 cash bonus if they make more than $500 in direct deposits within 60 days of first opening the account.

For the TD Premier CheckingSM account, as part of their new bank account promotions, customers receive a $300 cash bonus if they make more than $2,500 in direct deposits within 60 days of first opening the account.

BMO Harris Bank (Cash Bonus & New Bank Account Promotions)

BMO Harris Bank offers a $200 cash bonus as one of its new bank promotions to those who open a qualifying bank account and set up direct deposits. You can choose either a BMO Harris Everyday Checking account, BMO Harris Select Checking account, or a BMO Harris Portfolio Checking account. But you will have to act quickly! This offer ends on October 31, 2016.

You must use the promo code that is emailed to you in order to get the cash bonus and set up at least two direct deposits of $300 minimum each in order to receive the new bank account promotions bonus.  

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Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card (One of the Best Bank Promotions for Credit Products)

Bank of America is not the first thing that comes to mind when consumers think of a bank that is willing to give away free money. As such an institutional giant, it seemingly has the clout to limit the number of cash bonuses and new bank account promotions it offers—there does not seem to be the same push to offer the best bank promotions.

But as we mentioned earlier, the financial industry is a competitive arena and the Internet (along with its online products) is making things more competitive than ever. So having the best bank promotions can prove to be more of an advantage that it seems. Bank of America offers a cash bonus that is a little different than some of the other promotions on this list.

Instead of a new checking account bonus or new savings account bonus, Bank of America offers a cash bonus that entices customers to sign up for their BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card.

This cash bonus (technically an online $100 cash rewards bonus) is gained after making $500 worth of purchases in the first 90 days of having the card. This alternative to the new bank account promotions mentioned in this article on the best bank promotions is made even sweeter when you consider the fact that this Bank of America credit card has introductory APR of 0 percent for 12 months. There is also no annual fee. It also brings tremendous opportunities to earn great cash back.

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Best Bank Promotions Lure You In, but the Best Banks Keep You

The best bank promotions may be the new bank account promotions that offer you a cash bonus, but a little money up front is no guarantee that you are getting the best bank.

Review the account fees and features carefully to ensure that after the cash bonus has been spent (or been safely tucked into savings), you will be getting the best and highest quality in financial services.

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