Overview: How to Find Car Rentals that Accept Cash

When it comes to car rentals that accept cash, it is important to understand that this task does not come easy. Most reliable and well-known car rental companies are able to keep up their high standards due to the safety associated with using credit cards. There are, however, alternatives for those searching for car rentals that take cash.

Typing “find cash car rentals near me” into any major web search engine should yield enough results to make the job easier. However, we may not able to utilize such technologies when the time comes. Today, we will learn about what to do when left facing this issue.

Before we start, remember that car rentals that take cash are an exception to the rule. The majority of car rentals you have seen and will see in your lifetime demand credit — and for good reason. Once you take the car off of their property, a large investment on their part is now in your hands.

If you were to return the car late, bring back a vehicle with an empty tank, get in a wreck, or even steal the car, there would be no way for the car rental company to track you down to make up those losses.

In the end, finding car rental companies that accept cash deposits may be the next best option.

How to Find Car Rentals that Accept Cash

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Car rental companies that accept cash deposits are the middle ground between normal, credit card-requiring companies and the rare cash-friendly companies.

By taking the next step toward cash-friendly services, we see more requirements in order to get the car off the lot.

Identification documents, proof of insurance, assurance of a sole responsible driver, and even return tickets from your trip are possible documents you will need to have lined up when dealing with car rentals that accept cash.

It is important to remember, finding a cash deposit car rental company is going to limit your options on what vehicle you leave the lot with. If you were planning on having your pick of the litter, it is best to call ahead and see what is available to you.

Now that you have all of your documents in order, it is time to decide which rental company is the best car rental company that accepts cash deposits.

Listed below are a few of the more popular and well-known names in the car rental business and ones you should consider when asking yourself how to find cash car rentals near you.

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Car Rental Companies that Accept Cash

Budget Rent-a-Car has been around for over fifty years, providing great service across the country as one of the best known names in the business. Finding car rentals that take cash with Budget becomes a reality for those over the age of 25. Young adults between the ages of 21-24 will have to rely on a credit card.

Those who are 25 years and older and using a debit card as a form of cash will need a third document of proof when placing your rental. Even with the added inconvenience of another document, there is room for avoiding credit card rentals with Budget Rent-a-Car.

Avis is another trusted name in the business and has rental locations scattered not only across the country but across the world. Unfortunately, when seeking car rental company that accepts cash deposits, Avis is less accepting.

For the time being, the best leeway with rentals here is the use of a debit card. Even the debit card can be a hassle at times, so make sure to call ahead and know if your targeted Avis allows the use of anything other than a credit card. Be aware that Avis has the legal right to put a hold on your funds due to even small problems. All in all, there are better options when looking for car rentals that take cash.

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The last of the big three rental companies offering car rentals that accept cash is Hertz. Hertz is a highly respected rental company and is the one we will focus on for cash deposits. There are, however, a few steps to take in order to make this dream a reality.

First and foremost, you must plan ahead — 30 days ahead, to be precise. Why plan ahead? Well, there is a card called the Cash Deposit Identification Card that Hertz requires you to obtain 30 days beforehand. This special card costs $15 and is your ticket to cash rentals. Once you have been mailed your Cash Deposit ID Card and have placed your cash deposit up front, you are free to make cash rentals with Hertz.

Outside of the big three names in the car rental business, there are other exceptions to finding car rentals places that accept cash. One of those companies is Fox Rent a Car. Fox Rent a Car’s cash rental policy is an interesting one. If you hold a passport outside of the United States, you are given the green light on cash rentals.

If you happen to only have a United States passport, you will have to get more creative with the use of a debit card, defeating the purpose of our quest to find rental car places that accept cash.

E-Z Rent a Car is another name you might be familiar with. At this car rental company that accepts cash, you must use credit or debit at the time of pickup — something we are not looking for. However, you may use cash as a form of payment at the time of drop-off. This leaves us with a company who fills half our needs. Not a bad way to go if you do not mind the debit card/cash combo.

Alamo is a rental company we need to pay close attention to. Unlike the bigger companies reviewed already, Alamo acts more like a franchise in that each location has its own set of cash rental rules. It is very important to plan ahead and make sure that wherever you go, you can use cash. Calling ahead to your next Alamo location when trying to find cash car rentals near you will save a lot of time and trouble when you are depending on a cash only option.

Rent-A-Wreck is very similar to E-Z Rent a Car in that you can make one payment in the form of cash. Rent-A-Wreck is one of those car rental companies that accepts cash deposits. This feature is location dependent, so it is important to check ahead of time before committing yourself.

Dollar Rent a Car and Thrifty are two companies who take a page from the Hertz policy in that they are car rental companies that accept cash if you are able to plan ahead and purchase the Cash Deposit Identification Card. As it was with Hertz, remember that the Cash Deposit ID Card requires roughly 30 days to be completed and sent to you. Any last minute trips or emergency renters will need to find an alternative solution.

car rentals that take cash

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Logistics When Renting a Car with Cash

Now that you have a list of well-known and unknown companies that can be found around the world, it is time to find car rentals that take cash. Although renting a car can be done for any occasion, the majority of car rental reasons fall into just a few categories. Below, we will look into the most common reasons and locations for renting a car and how you can find cash car rentals near you.

The busiest and most frequently used car rental places that accept cash as well as credit cards are at major airports. Air travel is convenient for businessmen and casual travelers alike in that it nearly shoots you across the globe in no time. While this is convenient for getting to your destination’s city, leaving the airport becomes a whole new task. Luckily, rental car places that accept cash are scattered across most major cities in airports around the United States. Listed below are just a few cities offering car rental companies that accept cash:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas
  • Washington D.C.
  • Newark
  • Baltimore
  • Honolulu

These are some of the most populated cities and busiest airports in the United States, a great sign when you need to find cash car rentals near you.

By using the list of car rental companies from earlier in the article, we can plan ahead for and find either rental car places that accept cash or car rental companies that accept cash deposits. Remember, a simple phone call to airport specific location will give you all of the answers you need; this is the most important step to take when finding cash rentals near your location. As mentioned earlier, many of these companies can have changing policies and rules from location to location.

Although this may be the most well-known or popular way to find rental car companies that accept cash, it is not the only one. In fact, car accidents create a huge market for those seeking car rentals that accept cash.

Cars involved in accidents will leave you in need of transportation right away. Our list above mentioned a few rental car companies that accept cash only after obtaining a Cash Deposit Identification Card. Remember, that is the card that takes 30 days on average to be sent to you.

If you are in a car accident, chances are that you cannot wait 30 days for the Cash Deposit ID Card process to be completed and sent to you. Thankfully, there are numerous car rental companies that accept cash.

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To sum up, car rentals that take cash are not as straightforward as you might have hoped. However, there are enough options for well-organized and spontaneous renters alike. Located across the country and around the world, these rental companies are able to provide that important service you need. Though some will take a little extra research, work, and planning ahead, there are always going to be options for those looking for car rental places that accept cash.

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