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Most small businesses need access to additional capital at some point to jump to the next step of growth. However, many small businesses run into problems when trying to obtain small business loans through traditional banks, and that is where CAN Capital comes in.

CAN Capital was established in 1998 and has been working to assist small to medium sized businesses grow ever since.

According to their website,, during their 17 years in operation there have been over 156,000 CAN Capital loans written to businesses in more than 540 industries. These loans have provided more than $5 billion of working capital to small and medium sized businesses.

Can Capital Reviews

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CAN Capital Loans (Reviews)

CAN Capital loans range from $2,500 to $150,000 for single location businesses and up to $250,000 for businesses with multiple locations. The loan terms for repayment range from four to 24 months.

CAN Capital works to make applying for a loan easy by providing a complete loan application online at, or you can get pre-qualified over the phone in as little as 10 minutes. Once your loan has been approved, you can have access to your funds as quickly as three days later with an ACH transfer directly into your business checking account.

Existing customers appreciate the quickness of the approval process, as one customer shared as in an online review: “within 72 hours, funds were in my account!!”

There are no setup/origination fees for the loans, and payments for CAN Capital loans are debited by ACH directly from your business checking account every weekday until your loan is paid in full. With payments taken each weekday, small businesses are able to make a smaller, consistent payment rather than a larger monthly payment.

How can CAN Capital loans be used?

CAN Capital loans can be used to purchase small business assets, make company improvements, or use as working capital for general expenses. Examples of uses listed on include but are not limited to:

  • Asset Purchase: tools, equipment, vehicles, new technology, or inventory
  • Improvements: building renovations and upgrades, R & D, and expansion
  • Expenses: employee payroll, accounts payable, taxes, or marketing

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What are CAN Capital loan requirements?

One of the main advantages of obtaining a CAN Capital loan is the minimum requirements for obtaining funding compared to traditional sources. The basic requirements to meet approval include:

  • $4,500+ monthly gross revenue
  • Stable monthly revenue
  • Business in operation a minimum of four months

These basic requirements are one of the main appeals of CAN Capital. One review says, “Can Capital's bare minimum requirements were what initially drew me to the company. My small business is still fairly new, and we've been open about a year and a half. Because of this, it has been so difficult finding lenders that will even consider providing a loan to us. Can Capital just needs to see that you have steady sales, and that's about it. We are doing well with sales, so that wasn't an issue. I'm happy they could take us under their wing and help our business.”

One reason that CAN Capital loans are easier for small businesses to obtain than traditional bank loans is the fact that Can Capital does not require personal collateral; when approving a loan, they look at the growth and finances of the business and not just credit.  Many of the Can Capital customer reviews refer to difficulty obtaining traditional financing because of the short time their company had been established or their less than stellar personal credit score. Can Capital made it possible for these business to obtain the financing they needed.

The application process is relatively easy. To apply, you need to provide your business Employer ID Number (EIN) or Tax ID Number (TIN), personal Social Security number, and last three months of business bank account or credit card processing statements. While the company claims that they do a soft pull of your credit history, many CAN Capital reviews online claim that the company did a hard pull that damaged their credit.

Why Companies are turned down by CAN Capital

While CAN Capital works to provide businesses with loans that might not be able to obtain financing from other sources, there are some companies they are not able to approve. Common reasons that companies are turned down by Can Capital are:

  • Company has an open or recent bankruptcy
  • Company has excess tax liens
  • The company is a prohibited business (gambling, casino, religious institution)

CAN Capital Alternative Loan Option

Some small businesses struggle with being able to make a consistent loan payment each weekday due to fluctuating daily business revenue. These companies might find CAN Capital’s TrakLoan a great fit for alternative financing.

Trakloans offer repayment that fluctuates up and down with the company’s daily card receivables. Each weekday, a flat percentage of credit/debit card sales are debited automatically to make payment on the loan. These loans have no maturity dates and no set dollar amount for payment.

On days when the business has higher sales, the payment made on the CAN Capital loan will be higher than on days when the business has lower credit/debit card sales. This is a great option to help businesses that have unpredictable daily sales.

CAN Capital Merchant Services

CAN Capital merchant services provides the option of Merchant Cash Advances for businesses that need access to additional working capital quickly. A merchant cash advance is not a loan but a lump sum purchase of future credit and debit card sales. This is a great option for businesses that have good card sales but poor or little credit and cannot get financed for a traditional loan.

These cash advances from CAN Capital merchant services do not require a set loan payment but take a fixed percentage of the company’s debit and credit card sales. There is no maturity date for cash advances; payments are taken until the Merchant Cash Advance provider has been repaid in full for the agreed upon total.

The cost of obtaining and using a Merchant Cash Advance is higher than the equivalent interest on a traditional loan, but the product is sometimes the best option for a small business that needs access to quick working capital.

Businesses can rest easy during tough times knowing that they don’t have a set payment amount they need to make with the fixed percentage payments. On large sales days, a larger payment will be made, and during the tough days with low sales, the payment amount is reduced.

Easy to use Loan Repayment Calculator

The website provides a user-friendly calculator to help you easily determine what your repayment total and daily payment amount will be when applying for a small business loan.

Here are several examples of what small businesses will be looking at with a CAN Capital loan:

Loan amount


Daily Payment




4 months





12 months





12 months




*These numbers are approximates and not provided by the online calculator.

Customer Service

CAN Capital is easy to reach with a toll free number 877-550-4731 and online live chat available at

Their phone system is very easy to use. CAN Capital’s standard business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday. When calling after 9:00 pm on a Saturday night, our call was answered almost immediately by the after hours service operator.

Many CAN Capital reviews show customer satisfaction with the customer service provided. One customer’s review said, “They worked hard to understand my confusing industry and my business needs. The funding process was also quick and the people I dealt with were all wonderful.”

On, CAN Capital reviews provided a score of 8.7 out of 10 from 198 reviews. One automotive company had this to say about CAN Capital: “This is our second refunding through Can Capital. This company has worked with us to regain our footing after a rough transition period for our well established business. Our property of 30 years came on the market and we were outbid by a bank that wanted to build a financial center at our location.

To move a business of 30 years into the only property available in our area resulted in a loss of momentum, continuity and sales which dramatically increased expenses. Our vendors worked with us but our commercial bank would not, causing our credit line to be converted to a term loan. CAN Capital has bridged the gap and helped bring us back from the brink.”

Reading through CAN Capital reviews, customers consistently mention enjoying their experience with CAN Capital agents and that the process was quick and easy.

CAN Capital Review – Summary


  • The requirements to obtain a CAN Capital loan are very minimal compared to traditional financing.
  • There is no personal collateral required.
  • Alternative repayment options are offered for companies with fluctuating income through TrakLoans.
  • High credit scores are not required.
  • CAN Capital has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Over 70% of customers that are eligible renew with CAN Capital.
  • There are no upfront fees until loan repayment begins.
  • Businesses only need to be open for four months to apply for a CAN Capital loan.


  • Interest rates can range from 60%-85% or more, much higher than traditional financing.
  • CAN Capital reviews show inconsistent results about customer service. Some customers have a great experience, and others have received contradicting answers from customer service representatives.
  • Customer reviews show that hard pulls of credit are completed even though the representative says they will be soft pulls.
  • With payments made every weekday, repayment begins as soon as the loan amount is received by the customer.  

CAN Capital Review – Bottom line

For small and medium sized businesses that cannot obtain a traditional loan due to bad credit, being a start-up, or not meeting other strict traditional requirement by financial institutions, CAN Capital is a valuable option to consider.

While CAN Capital loans and Can Capital merchant services do come at a higher cost than traditional bank loans, they have representatives familiar with many different industries who will work to understand their clients’ business when approving a loan. The process at Can Capital is simplified, and the employees walk you through the entire process.

If you own a small business that needs access to quick capital to make it through a tough time or take that next growth step, CAN Capital might be just what you are looking for.

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