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When it comes to booking a vacation, you have to shop around in order to find the best deals. The internet can be a tricky place to navigate when searching for locations, flights, and accommodations, as there are a seemingly endless amount of options to consider.

Vacation package deals save you some of that hassle by presenting exclusive deals for a set price, often with flexible dates. Instead of having numerous tabs open trying to make sure everything lines up, vacation package deals, like those provided by BookVIP, simplify the process.

How does BookVIP work? Their service is somewhat unique, as all of the vacation packages they offer are sold at “wholesale” rates. They are able to offer these rates because they have negotiated special agreements with resort destinations all over the world.

These agreements are simple – in exchange for the resorts allowing BookVIP to offer low prices, customers must agree to participate in a resort preview presentation that showcases all of the benefits and positive aspects of the resort. This is one of the BookVIP requirements.

The question is, does BookVIP provide a legitimate service or are there hints of a BookVIP scam? Is their claim of being the largest provider of vacation getaways credible? Are the prices for real or too good to be true?

BookVIP Reviews

Is BookVIP a good option for vacation packages?

BookVIP was first established over a decade ago in 2008. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest providers of vacation getaways in the world.

Before you rush off to use their service, it’s important that we answer some key questions. Is their service reliable? Do the deals that BookVIP offers provide great value, or are they too good to be true? How does Book VIP work?

In our comprehensive  BookVIP review, we will highlight the pros and cons of their service to help you make an informed decision. Is the hype surrounding this vacation deals website justified? Are there any hidden BookVIP requirements?

The best way to make a fair judgment is to analyze genuine customer BookVIP reviews. This will help us answer the burning question – is BookVIP legit? In this article we will cover the following topics:

  • Who is BookVIP? Are their claims justified?
  • Is BookVIP real?
  • What do the BookVIP reviews tell us?
  • Should you use BookVIP to book a vacation?

If you are considering booking a vacation through BookVIP but want to know whether it is a good idea, keep reading. This extensive article will provide you with all of the relevant information you require to make a calculated decision about BookVIP’s services. It will help you decide whether to dive into the BookVIP experience or raise your guard against a potential BookVIP scam.

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BookVIP Review | Who is BookVIP?| Is BookVIP Real?| Are the BookVIP Services As Good As They Sound?

It’s difficult to find much information about the people behind BookVIP. However, from their website, we know that BookVIP:

  • Was established in 2008
  • Claims to offer the guaranteed lowest pricing on vacation packages to a number of locations around the world
  • Was developed with a vision to transform the travel dynamics surrounding luxury vacations, hoping to make them more affordable.

This ambition has helped to grow BookVIP into the world’s “fastest-growing online travel booking site.” But how does BookVIP work?

BookVIP offers vacation packages at resorts all over the world, often at prices that are considerably below market. 

Are BookVIP’s claims justified? Is BookVIP legit?

When reading claims like “we are the largest provider of vacation getaways” or “the fastest growing online travel booking site in the world today,” you can be forgiven for being a little skeptical and asking “is BookVIP real?” The travel industry is renowned for having some shady quarters, and people are encouraged to be vigilant when booking vacations online.

From our research though, it seems that while BookVIP is using smart marketing to enhance the perception of their service, their claims generally hold up when subjected to scrutiny.

On their website, it states that they get over 3 million visitors to their site every month. They also claim to have over 200 sales reps working for the company, and some of the lowest cancellation and refund rates in the vacation industry.

The fact that BookVIP has been in business for over a decade, and that the resorts that they work with are well respected (and spread out all over the world), indicates that there is some truth to their claims. However, the only way to find out if they are, in fact, legitimate, or if there is any hint of a BookVip scam, is to look at the authentic BookVIP reviews from their customers.

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Customer BookVIP Reviews

In total, there are 9,597 BookVIP reviews on sitejabber, and the average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5 (pretty impressive from such a vast number of reviews.) This score is high enough to rank them 10th overall for vacation sites, a notable feat that backs up their legitimacy. In other BookVIP reviews, BBB (Better Business Bureau) gives them an ‘A’ rating and has ranked them as accredited since 2014.

BookVIP Reviews – Positive

The large majority of BookVIP reviews online are overwhelmingly positive. 91.3 percent of the BookVIP reviews given in the past twelve months have also been positive, which is a good indicator that their service hasn’t diminished in recent times.

When searching through the positive BookVIP reviews on BBB and sitejabber, it stands out that many of the satisfied customers were happy with their experience and how the resort they visited lined up with their expectations. Here’s an example of this:

We had a fantastic time in Mexico and they took care of everything for us. The resort was exactly as advertised. The room accommodations were very clean and well maintained. And what’s more amazing is we saved about $1500 on this trip.

According to this happy customer:

I thought the deal was too good to be true but I gave it a try anyway. When we arrived at the hotel, they confirmed what was included in our all inclusive package. Only catch is to attend a 90 minute time share presentation. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a travel agency.

The general consensus among positive BookVIP reviews was that they were skeptical at first, but found that the claims made by the company were, in fact, sincere. They were very happy with the money they had saved.

BookVIP Review

BookVIP offers reduced price options for vacations

BookVIP Reviews – Negative

Although most BookVIP reviews were positive, there were still some disgruntled customers who were far from impressed with the experience. Most BookVIP complaints dealt with the same two topics – they were either critical of the customer service they received, or they weren’t aware they would need to attend a sales presentation and participate in a review of the resort.

One customer on sitejabber wrote:

The representative was so hard to understand, she took 43 minutes to confirm. My email address was on the reservation and she still couldn’t get my email address right.

 Another reviewer stated:

I was not aware that I would be forced to attend a sales presentation when I booked my deal. I will attend it, but understand that this is terrible business practice and I will make sure and let others know.

Although it’s clear that these customers weren’t happy based on their BookVIP review, their complaints aren’t specifically about the vacations offered, but rather about subjective matters like customer service. It would be unfair to say that BookVIP isn’t credible based on these issues.

Additionally, BookVIP clearly states on its website that the reason they are able to offer low prices on vacation packages is that the customer has to attend a presentation in return. This is one of the clearly advertised BookVIP requirements. They can’t be blamed for customers not asking the question, “how does BookVIP work?” before using the service.

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BookVIP Review | The Overview of Positive & Negative BookVIP Reviews| BookVIP Complaints

The online travel industry can be a minefield, so it’s rational to err on the side of caution when booking vacations online. The general picture provided by customer reviews is undoubtedly one of the most reliable ways to check BookVIP’s credibility. From BookVIP reviews on BBB, we can see that they rank  226,658 in the complete company rankings.

After analyzing the positive and negative BookVIP reviews, here is a summary of the most common positive points:

  • Saved substantial amounts of money
  • Vacation and resort were as advertised
  • All-inclusive promises were upheld
  • Resort staff were friendly and helpful

There were, however, a fair amount of people who were less than impressed in their BookVIP review. Common BookVIP complaints included:

  • Customer service was slow and unhelpful
  • Unaware of the need to attend a presentation
  • Booking over the phone took a long time

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Conclusion: Is BookVIP a Good Option for Booking a Vacation?

The information we gathered from genuine customer BookVIP reviews indicates that their service is both legitimate and trustworthy. The bold claims made on their website have been vindicated, and the vast majority of reviews were positive. Is BookVIP legit? It would appear so.

There are, of course, many other options out there when it comes to booking vacation packages. Is it fair to say that BookVIP is the best vacation booking service available? It’s impossible to definitively say, but the fact that they are ranked in the top ten on sitejabber tells us they are certainly one of the best.

After comparing their prices to other competitors, it seems that they really do offer a much cheaper service, as they claim. This is due to the agreement they have with resorts, which states that customers must agree to attend a presentation and review the positive aspects of their stay. If this doesn’t sound right for you, it might be worth considering other options.

BookVIP may be guilty of aggressively marketing their service and making bold claims, but to conclude, they seem to pretty much live up to the hype. Is BookVIP real and reliable? The judgment is that it is.

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