Boohoo Reviews | Is Boohoo Legit & Safe for Your Credit Card? Detailed Reviews

Purchasing clothing online seems like a great idea, but do you run the risk of buying subpar items from unknown retailers?

To help you find the best online retailers, we’ve done the research on reviews and Boohoo clothing reviews.

Is Boohoo legit and safe? Is Boohoo clothing a good option for your next wardrobe addition?

In our own Boohoo review, we will be examining the history of the company, taking a brief look at the Boohoo app, and summarizing the Boohoo clothing reviews.

We will take an objective look at the reviews on Boohoo dresses, Boohoo shoes, and Boohoo clothing in general to help you make an informed decision before you ever make a purchase.

What Is Boohoo Clothing?

You’re looking for the perfect ensemble to complete your new wardrobe at a fabulous price, but is Boohoo clothing the place to go? What does the company specialize in or stand for?

Before purchasing one of their many Boohoo dresses or Boohoo shoes, take a few minutes to learn a little bit about the background of the company itself.

Boohoo Reviews

Photo courtesy of: Boohoo presents itself as combining “cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag.”

With almost ten years in business, reviews its selection constantly and adds up to one hundred new items each day and a new collection each week.

They focus on sales in seven major territories (most notably France, the United Kingdom, and the United States), but Boohoo clothing and Boohoo shoes ship to over 100 countries.

According to founder Mahmud Kamani and CEO Carol Kane, their goal is for global sales to skyrocket, to the point that Boohoo dresses, Boohoo shoes, and other Boohoo clothing items are well-known throughout the world.

For those who are wondering, “Is Boohoo legit?” the answer is yes, the company is certainly legit.

In fact, has an impressive list of awards and positive Boohoo reviews from industry sources:

  • Top Ten Online Fashion Website Award from Cosmopolitan Magazine (2007)
  • Cosmopolitan Best for Bargains (2010)
  • Best Online Retailer from Lorraine Awards (2013)
  • Best Online Shop from the Notebook Awards (2013)
  • Best Online Retailer from Reveal Awards (2015)
  • Best for a Bargain from Reveal Awards (2015)

The Boohoo reviews from top awards companies give an initially impressive view of the online clothing retailer, but how has the company done in the past?

What changes have they made to make their brand more impressive and to continue to garner positive Boohoo reviews?

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How Has Boohoo Clothing Fared Historically?

Though it is a relatively new business, reviews show that it has been successful for quite some time. In 2007, the startup went from a standing start to sales in excess of £110 million at the end of February 2014.

One Boohoo review from The Guardian noted that expansion has increased to include warehouses capable of storing £1 billion worth of sales. Looking at the long-term goal of both their founder and their CEO, it seems that Boohoo is well on its way to becoming a globally recognized online retailer.

It wasn’t until March 2014 that more reviews began to surface as they launched themselves into the public stock market. The business had historically run quietly with the hard work of the founder and the family members who comprise the senior team.

However, when the stock market listing went live, it gave them a quick dose of capital and brought with it a closer look from investors and shoppers alike.

Unlike many up and coming online retailers such as RoseGal or SammyDress, one of the positive aspects of reviews is their focus on their own house brand.

While other companies purchase lots from various retailers and dealers to sell in their own storefront, Boohoo has committed to stocking their own supply and brand.

By committing to stocking 9,000 of its very own Boohoo clothing lines, they have control over the pricing structure as well as the quality of the materials they sell, which could decrease negative Boohoo reviews.

Founder Mahmud Kamini has been openly critical of the Boohoo app when he insulted their platform in a meeting with analysts back in 2014.

Afterward, the company’s public relations department released statements discussing the current upgrade process to make the Boohoo app better and more user-friendly.

A current glance at the Boohoo app reviews indicates that the improvements have been mostly successful.

With updates as recent as March 2017, the iOS version of the Boohoo app has attracted 627 reviews from the iTunes store, giving it an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

The Android version appears to still be lagging, with 852 reviews and an overall Boohoo app review of 3.2 stars.

Based on the Boohoo reviews, it seems that the company takes criticism to heart and strives to consistently improve the services they offer.

However, negative Boohoo reviews regarding shipping and return policies can make consumers question whether it is a worthwhile investment of their funds.

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How Do You Return Boohoo Clothing?

If you’re in the market for new clothes, is perhaps most well-known for its extensive collection of Boohoo dresses at low prices.

One blogger chronicled her experience with her first Boohoo dresses purchase in a Boohoo review. She started by noting that most individuals find that sizing runs particularly small through the site, something to keep in mind to avoid the headache of processing an online return.

However, her Boohoo review did not mention a problem with the quality of the items she received (though they weren’t her favorite). She did refer to the returns process as “very confusing” and recommended a simpler process.

We decided to look into their returns process so we could be conclusive in our Boohoo review.

Customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand have four weeks to return your items. If you return the item (with tags still attached), reviews your submission and refunds you within 21 days of their refund confirmation email.

Your refund is returned usually via the same method you used to pay for the Boohoo dresses, Boohoo shoes, or other Boohoo clothing item initially.

The only steps required to process a return that we could find for our Boohoo review seemed to be standard for an online retailer. Package the product back up in a secure package, print the Boohoo return labels, and mail through the post office.

You will want to make sure that you receive tracking on it as proof of shipment in case there is an issue processing your refund.

Boohoo Review of Shipping

Shipping tends to be a hit or miss issue for most online retail outlets, especially those that ship from overseas.

Being based out of the United Kingdom, how does shipping to the United States work? Many of the complaints from Boohoo reviews entail orders that take longer to arrive than what the description marks.

Some Boohoo clothing customers never receive items they purchased, as was the case for Lilly Melrose in her Boohoo review. She had several items that did not arrive in her package, only to later find out they were out of stock on the website.

Her Boohoo review may have been more positive if customer service had notified her of the discrepancy between her initial order and the products she received. Many other Boohoo reviews complain of shipping issues as well.

Theoretically, an order shipping to the United States should make it to your doorstep in 8-10 working days from the time it’s shipped if you opted for the super saver shipping.

If you were in a hurry, you can opt for a $16 surcharge to get your package in just two to three working days.

Their shipping policies page does note that those shipping times are based off of the date of dispatch of the order.

Orders taking several days to process before leaving the Boohoo clothing warehouse may account for some of the unsatisfactory Boohoo reviews relating to late deliveries of Boohoo clothing and Boohoo shoes.

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What Do Boohoo Reviews Say?

When compared to the other online retailers rising up in the market, what do Boohoo reviews reveal about the real quality of their product lineup?

It seems that most individuals who purchase from the Boohoo clothing store do leave a positive Boohoo clothing review.

Boohoo Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot collected well over 117,000 Boohoo reviews from real consumers, and the company still came out with a 6.1 out of 10 score.

Approximately three-quarters of all the Boohoo reviews accumulated were given a four-star score or higher on a scale of one to five.

With the sheer volume of reviews available, the significantly distribution of positive Boohoo reviews on TrustPilot seems to indicate that Boohoo clothing and Boohoo shoes might be worth your time and attention.

Boohoo Reviews on Better Business Bureau reviews on the Better Business Bureau, however, might make you hesitate to use this online retailer.

The BBB has an alert listed for, telling visitors that there has been a pattern of complaints over the past 36 months. A review on the Better Business Bureau is an “F,” with 87% of reviews being negative.

Boohoo Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber has the majority of negative Boohoo reviews, with 423 reviews and an overall rating of 2 out of 5 stars. The majority of Boohoo reviewers gave their shopping experience only 1 star.

Many Boohoo reviews detail paying for expedited shipping that was never fulfilled, receiving incorrect sizes, poor customer service, or being frustrated by an overall lack of Boohoo clothing quality. 

Our own Boohoo review found that, despite the overwhelmingly negative Boohoo reviews on SiteJabber, there were still plenty of customers who seemed to have no trouble at all with shipping or Boohoo clothing quality, like the review listed below. 

As with all companies, it is possible to find a plethora of negative Boohoo reviews on the internet. Aside from the Better Business Bureau and SiteJabber ratings, it appears that for the most part, people receive what they expect from the retailer.

It is important to note that our Boohoo review found that some issues were noted repeatedly, like issues with delayed shipping, refunds, and poor customer service.

If Boohoo reviews from actual customers are important factors in your decision-making process, it seems as though you may want to consider alternative options before purchasing from 

Conversely, if the low prices on Boohoo dresses, Boohoo shoes, and other Boohoo clothing are too good to pass up, shoppers should be prepared to wait longer than usual for shipping, and keep in mind that sizing may be an issue.

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Conclusion | Is Boohoo Legit? Are Boohoo Reviews Worth It?

Based on Boohoo clothing reviews, is it worth investing in a new wardrobe filled with Boohoo dresses, Boohoo shoes, or Boohoo clothing in general?

While there are plenty of positive reviews, it is important to note that there is an overwhelming amount of customers issuing frustration regarding the quality of the clothes and various shipping issues.

In the case of–and many similar discount online retailers–there are certain sacrifices that come with deep discounts.

More often than not, these sacrifices come in the form of delayed shipping, lower quality clothing, and, according to many reviews, less than desirable customer service.

Even so, none of the Boohoo reviews would lead consumers to believe that is a scam. In fact, based on reviews on Boohoo, it seems that they have significantly better quality control over their house brand products than many similar retailers.

Need a few new pieces for your wardrobe next season? Do you have a few extra weeks to wait for your Boohoo clothing order to arrive? Is it worth getting a cheaper price to sacrifice a little bit of quality and convenience?

If so, then you might want to consider giving Boohoo clothing a try for yourself.

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