Blue Apron Delivery: What Is the Blue Apron Food Delivery Service?

Americans love to go out to eat, and fewer and fewer people are staying in to cook. The interesting part is that, in most cases, people like preparing their own meals – they simply do not have enough time. This is where companies like the Blue Apron food delivery service are making their entrance.

The Blue food delivery system strips away two of the most common frustrations of cooking for modern-day people: time and preparation. For many, there simply is not enough time to acquire the ingredients needed to prepare an enjoyable home-cooked meal.

Moreover, preparing the ingredients – or preparing yourself educationally to know how to tackle a specific technique or recipe – takes additional mental energy that people simply do not want to expend after a long day at work.

blue apron food delivery

Image Source: Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivery offers a meal subscription service. The twist is that, instead of a Blue Apron food delivery containing a pre-cooked meal, customers receive fresh ingredients that they can then use to a make a specific meal themselves.

All of the ingredients in the Blue Apron meal delivery are used in an accompanying recipe that the Blue food delivery team develops. Subscribers receive the ingredients in the exact proportions they need for the recipe, with everything down to the specific spices. This way, there is no need for any shopping and leftover food is not wasted.

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Blue Apron Delivery Area: Where Does Blue Apron Deliver?

The Blue Apron delivery area covers the contiguous United States, which means that all 48 states, as well as Washington, D.C., are covered. Naturally, this means that Hawaii and Alaska are excluded. For more specifics, users can access the delivery options in their area by signing up on the Blue Apron delivery website.

blue apron delivery area

Image Source: Blue Apron

In addition to viewing their Blue Apron delivery area when they sign up, Blue Apron delivery subscribers can also view what the deliver days are for their specific areas when they enter their zip code. Signing up is the quickest way to get an answer to the question, “Where does Blue Apron deliver?” although, if you live in the mainland United States, you will probably have access to the Blue Apron food delivery service.

Blue Apron Food Delivery: Blue Apron Food Delivery Reviews

A Blue Apron meal delivery review is the best indicator of how people feel about the service. At the end of the day, Blue Apron food delivery is meant to serve as part grocery store, part restaurant, so how convenient it is ultimately determines its longevity. This review will provide a summary of the Blue Apron food delivery reviews to help you determine whether the Blue Apron delivery service is right for you.

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Blue Apron Delivery Allows People to Cook with Convenience

The Blue Apron delivery service is valued at $2 billion, with a reported hundreds of thousands of customers. Stephanie Barlow writes about her experience trying the Blue Apron food delivery service on the lifestyle website Kitchn.

Barlow echoes the popular sentiment surrounding the Blue Apron meal delivery service by writing that, sometimes, you just want to put it all on autopilot instead of dedicating additional energy to coming up with recipe ideas and then executing those meals.

Barlow brings up an interesting point of concern about Blue food delivery: “I was curious whether this was a truly helpful innovation in shopping and meal prep, or simply the worst of both worlds – expensive take-out food you still had to cook yourself.”

The Blue Apron food delivery service has pre-arranged recipes that subscribers can choose from. Customers can visit the Blue Apron delivery website up to a week before to see what the week’s menu will be.

The Delivery System Works with Your Busy Schedule

The Blue Apron meal delivery arrives in a cardboard box that comes outfitted with ice packs so that the food remains fresh for a few hours after it has been delivered. This is especially convenient for those who will not get home until later in the evening. This way, they do not have to worry that their Blue food delivery will go bad while they are finishing up at work.

Barlow noted that there was no issue with the freshness of her Blue Apron delivery. When she arrived home, the contents were still good and kept fresh by the packaging. Additionally, the meat in her first Blue food delivery was vacuum-sealed, giving her the option of keeping the meat longer in order to use later in the week.

blue apron delivery

Image Source: Blue Apron

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With the exception of salt, pepper, and olive oil, everything that was needed in the customized recipes – whether it was spices, vegetables or meat – was included inside the Blue Apron meal delivery package. According to Barlow, the recipes were clearly explained.

The only drawback Barlow noted about her initial experience using the Blue Apron delivery was that there was not a little extra produce so that she could stock her fridge as well, but this cannot be held against the company since the idea behind the Blue Apron food delivery service is that it provides just the amount that you need for each recipe.

Like many Blue Apron delivery reviews note, Barlow writes that the experience of preparing the Blue Apron delivery was a breeze. The comprehensiveness of the Blue Apron meal delivery package plus the extremely detailed, step-by-step instructions made the process as convenient as going out to eat, without the guilt of knowing you could have cooked at home, according to Barlow.

And that is exactly the experience the Blue Apron food delivery service prides itself on providing.

View Recipes in Advance

Additionally, the Blue food delivery system’s commitment to posting the recipes in advance provides the added convenience of knowing that you want the next week’s meals before receiving them. Subscribers also have the option of skipping certain weeks, at any given time, if they do not need pre-arranged meals.

Overall, the Blue Apron delivery service’s clear instructions, detailed recipes, and organized packaging impressed Barlow. This is a point that comes up often in Blue Apron food delivery reviews, particularly when being compared against other similar services: the ease of use.

The Blue Apron food delivery service is designed so that anybody who can read instructions can follow along and prepare a meal. The service makes cooking accessible.

Blue Apron Food Delivery Reviews: Blue Apron Food Delivery Doesn’t Just Help You Cook – It Teaches You How to Cook

One of the highlights of the Blue Apron delivery service is its ability to help subscribers learn how to cook. Rather than just providing a set meal, the Blue Apron food delivery programs sets up detailed instructions that do not simply say “mix ingredient A with ingredient B” but instead allows home cooks to learn how to work with new ingredients or master different techniques through the Blue Apron meal delivery service.

blue apron meal delivery

Image Source: Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivery users can access instructional videos on the website to watch footage on how to carry out certain techniques and steps if they are unsure how to proceed. For the two-person plan, the Blue Apron food delivery service offers six options, and for the family plan, there are four options each week.

Some Blue Apron meal delivery subscribers complain that this is simply not enough options, even though the recipes alternate each week.

Blue Apron Food Delivery Reviews: Taste and Quality of the Meals

Overall, reviews of the Blue Apron meal delivery service state the Blue Apron delivery recipes taste good. The main criticism is the lack of variety and the limited nutrition facts that accompany the packages (each recipe package only comes with the number of calories as opposed to detailed nutrition facts).

The good news is that subscribers can skip a week whenever there is a week with food items that they are not interested in eating. Additionally, the recipes are available for free on the Blue Apron food delivery website, meaning if you have some groceries on hand that fit a particular recipe, you can make it yourself for free.

The Blue Apron delivery service’s other selling point is its attitude about sustainability in its meal preparation. The company boasts a close relationship with its farmers who supply the ingredients that customers receive for their meals. As a result, it can send customers ingredients at “peak freshness,” and its distribution system means there is minimal transit.

Therefore, Blue Apron food delivery customers receive quality ingredients that allow them to prepare their meals themselves without the hassle of going out to the grocery store themselves. 

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Blue Apron Food Delivery Reviews: Pricing

Blue Apron food delivery pricing falls under two separate subscription packages: for two and the family plan.

For the two-person plan, customers receive three recipes a week for two people at $9.99 per serving. This means that the total weekly price for Blue Apron meal delivery is $59.94. For the family plan, Blue Apron delivery subscribers receive two recipes a week for four people at $8.74 per serving. The weekly total for this Blue Apron food delivery package is $69.92.

Conveniently, shipping is free, you can skip any week, and customers can cancel at any time if they no longer wish to use the Blue food delivery service.

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Blue Apron Food Delivery: An Easy Service for Those Who Want to Cook with Convenience

Ultimately, Blue Apron food delivery provides a convenient alternative for individuals who crave more participation in their meal preparation with the accustomed convenience of going out to restaurants.

While the recipe variety may leave something to be desired for some customers, the verdict across the board from Blue Apron delivery subscribers is that the company provides comprehensive, convenient, and affordable service for busy home cooks and busy non-cooks alike. 

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