Overview: Birchbox Reviews | What is Birchbox & Is it Worth It? What You Need to Know about Birchbox Subscription

Beauty connoisseurs know how quickly the cost of quality products can add up, but what if you could find a way to try products first at a lower rate? With all of the buzz surrounding beauty products, consumers are starting to look for the best beauty subscription boxes, among which Birchbox and Birchbox for men top the list.

What is Birchbox? How does Birchbox work? In our Birchbox review, we’ll review what Birchbox is and take a brief look at Birchbox competitors to help you decide for yourself whether Birchbox is worth it. Let’s begin by taking a quick look at what Birchbox is and what you can expect to find from this company.

What is Birchbox?

Before we can decide if Birchbox is worth it or evaluate if it really is one of the best beauty subscription boxes, we need to answer the most important question: what is Birchbox? It has garnered a lot of attention with over 800,000 subscribers and around $125 million in revenue, but people are still asking, “What is Birchbox?”

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Birchbox Review

Birchbox combines a love of beauty products and a desire to find the right ones without the aggravation of traditional shopping experiences. Instead of purchasing full-size products, consumers fill out a personal profile when they sign up for a Birchbox subscription that matches them with five samples of products that fit their needs.

How does Birchbox work? In exchange for a minimum of $10 each month ($110 dollars for the whole year), a Birchbox subscription promises five samples of a variety of haircare, skincare, and makeup samples. Your personal profile includes information on what type of hair you have, your skin type, and your personal style preferences in order to match you with products. In comparison to Birchbox competitors, such as Ipsy, Birchbox reviews indicate that it does deliver significantly more skincare and haircare products than cosmetic items.

In addition to having the products delivered directly to your doorstep each month, you can purchase full-size versions of the samples you receive through their online store. You can also purchase lifestyle items like water bottles, sunglasses, and bags. Even if you aren’t interested in their subscription service, the store is a big part of what Birchbox is.

The Birchbox reviews for the women’s subscription service were so positive that they later decided to create a new subscription, Birchbox for men. For double the price of the women’s subscription, Birchbox Man, their Birchbox for men option, includes four samples and one full-size product each month.

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Is Birchbox Worth It?

What is a Birchbox, really? A simple box filled with a variety of samples, only one of which you are allowed to choose, shows up at your door once a month. Is Birchbox worth it, or is it a waste of money?

In Investopedia’s Birchbox review, they wondered whether Birchbox is worth it or not. They took the full size price of the samples received to find out the cost of the samples received in the Birchbox subscription. The total value came to be $20.23; the box itself costs only $10.

What sort of items can you expect to receive? Take a look at this list from Birchbox reviews to see the wide variety of items you might expect to find when you lift the lid.

  • Fragrances
  • Shampoos
  • Lotions
  • Lip products
  • Moisturizers
  • Self-tanners

If you know what Birchbox is, love high-end beauty products, and want to try a few before you purchase larger sizes, the Birchbox reviews would indicate it might be a good investment for you. The downside to the Birchbox subscription is the lack of access to a completely “cruelty-free” box with only green or organic beauty products. While they do carry some items with this label, they don’t offer a Birchbox subscription box full of them just yet, leading some to wonder, “Is Birchbox worth it?”

But what happens if you decide that Birchbox is not worth it after a few months of your subscription? How do you cancel Birchbox?

Is Birchbox worth it? If your answer was no, you should have no problem figuring out how to cancel Birchbox. From your account page, there is a clear section under settings to cancel your Birchbox monthly subscription. When you sign up initially on a month-to-month basis, you are under no obligation to continue the services for any period of time. If you originally opted in under the full year, you will need to cancel Birchbox by contacting customer service to opt out of automatic renewal.

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Birchbox Rewards

What is a Birchbox good for, besides just sampling products? Most people sign up for the service as a way to try pricier products before purchasing full-size bottles that will last. What if you could review Birchbox products, and then find a way to get a discount on the ones you would want to add to your beauty routine? With the Birchbox rewards program, you can take advantage of such freebies after you sign up for your Birchbox subscription.

For every box that you receive, you have the opportunity to review Birchbox products that were included in that month’s shipment. For each Birchbox review you complete, you will earn rewards points that will store on your account. Your rewards points will come in handy when you decide to purchase full-size versions of the samples you receive. Your points can be redeemed through the Birchbox online store, and with the discount from your reviews, you may even be able to score a nice discount.

Is birchbox worth it?

What is Birchbox?

When you do accrue points from your Birchbox reviews, you will have to spend them all at one time. If you wait until your points start to add up, you will need to plan on placing a larger order to make the most of your Birchbox subscription rewards points.

In addition to gaining rewards points for your Birchbox reviews, you can also gain rewards points by referring others to a Birchbox subscription of their own. For each friend or family member you refer using your unique referral code, you will earn an additional $5 worth of rewards points to put toward your next purchase.

The downside to the Birchbox reviews you leave is that it will not modify your personal beauty profile to adjust future shipments according to your likes and dislikes. Your Birchbox review will only count toward your rewards points. If you continuously receive items that don’t work for you, you will need to manually adjust your profile.

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Birchbox Competitors

Birchbox competitors have jumped on the bandwagon with several companies vying to be the best beauty box subscription service. Most notably, ipsy creates a similar service, mailing a unique small bag each month filled mostly with cosmetic products to sample. What makes Ipsy one of the biggest Birchbox competitors? Their price, also only $10 a month, puts them at the same rate, but their packages come with a reusable bag instead of a box.

Another one of the Birchbox competitors, GlossyBox, also sends a small handful of “luxury-sized” samples of cosmetics and wellness products directly to your door. However, at $21 each month, this service is more than double the price of a Birchbox subscription.  

Even big-box retailers are beginning to put together their own beauty boxes mailed directly to your door. Both Walmart and Target offer beauty boxes throughout the year for half the price, making them big Birchbox competitors. However, the samples received in these beauty boxes are typically items easily found in drug stores instead of higher-end cosmetics items.

When it comes to Birchbox competitors, very few offer a service similar to that of the Birchbox for men. The big-box retailers do occasionally release a beauty box for men, including various shave items, aftershave, and body wash, but nothing on a regular subscription service.

Birchbox Reviews

In our own Birchbox review, we would be remiss if we didn’t include the experiences and Birchbox reviews of consumers who have used the service themselves.

TrustPilot, a well-known consumer review site, collected consumer Birchbox reviews from over 600 individuals in order to rate the company. With an overall score of 8.6 out of 10, approximately 85 percent of the Birchbox reviews rated the service four stars or higher out of a possible five.

birchbox reviews

Birchbox Online Reviews

My Subscription Addiction, a website that compiles reviews based on subscription services, had an overall four out of five star rating for the Birchbox review. That score is based off of almost 1,300 Birchbox reviews submitted by end users of the Birchbox subscription service.

Even the customer reviews from Better Business Bureau don’t have much negative to say about Birchbox subscriptions. Over the last three years, they have had a total of 34 complaints lodged against them, a very small number compared to the 800,000+ subscribers they have on their service. The customer review section of the Better Business Bureau page gave their Birchbox review an overall four out of five stars.

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Conclusion: Is Birchbox Worth It?

Now that you can confidently explain what a Birchbox is, it’s time to really look at whether or not Birchbox is worth it. According to the Birchbox reviews from consumers, it appears to be one of the best beauty subscription boxes available with a wide variety of items shipped to your door each month. You can opt for a level of customization that isn’t available with some Birchbox competitors, and they even have a Birchbox for men option.

Looking at the Birchbox reviews, it seems like a Birchbox subscription would be a great investment. Try a month or two with no pressure to continue because you can easily cancel Birchbox subscriptions. Instead of spending money on full-size products you aren’t sure if you’ll love, let a Birchbox subscription help you save your money until you are certain. Don’t forget to create your own Birchbox reviews to help you add up rewards points to get your purchases at a discount.  

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