What Goes on When You’re Not Around?

Ever wonder what goes on in your home or business when you’re not around? If you’ve ever desired to lay eyes on what happens within your walls without being physically present, it might be time for you to look into a wireless CCTV system.

When others know that you’re watching, it can disrupt normal activity and put everyone on their best behavior. A discreet CCTV camera can allow you to observe patterns among your employees or family members covertly. Alternatively, you could also advertise that there are going to put a CCTV system in place to put everyone on their absolute best behavior.

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Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Wireless CCTV Systems

No matter what your end goal is with watching the people around you from the comfort of an office or online, CCTV kits have something to offer everyone.

How do you know which of the wireless CCTV systems are the best ones to choose? Many are designed for specific applications, and making sense of the various specs can be a chore.

AdvisoryHQ understands how tedious it can be to read detailed specifications on an endless supply of wireless CCTV camera system packages. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled this detailed ranking and review of the top six best wireless CCTV systems.

Ready to start watching? Get the right wireless CCTV camera from our ranking in the sections below.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Wireless CCTV Systems

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that wireless CCTV system):

Top 6 Best Wireless CCTV Systems | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Wireless CCTV Systems

Streaming Capability


Annke 1.0 MP ProHD Wireless IP Camera

Online, via app


Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

Online, via app

$399 (for starter pack)

Lorex LW2231 Wireless CCTV System

Recorded to DVR


Nest Cam

Online, via app


Nest Cam Outdoor

Online, via app


Netgear Arlo Q

Online, via app


Table: Top 6 Best Wireless CCTV Cameras | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Is a Wireless CCTV Camera System?

In the days of old, a CCTV camera often featured a grainy black and white image on a separate monitor. These were most often used in places of business to monitor activity both within and outside the store. However, technology has made significant advancements since those days.

Now, you can purchase any number of CCTV systems that give you freedom and flexibility in how you use them.

A closed-circuit television system allows you to view the recordings and activities funneled through the cameras from an off-site location. Whether that means from a back office in your building or from the comfort of your own home, a wireless CCTV camera allows you to know what’s going on without having to be present for all of the action.

A wireless CCTV kit is relatively simple to use, even for those who are less tech-savvy. Your success with using the wireless CCTV system will ultimately depend on the placement of the CCTV camera. This will determine how much information you will be able to gather using your new wireless CCTV camera.

They can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Shoplifting activity within a store
  • Home monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring

The potential uses for a wireless CCTV system are infinite. They allow you to record and view daily activities without the need for you to be presently involved. A wireless CCTV camera is a great tool for allowing you to covertly view happenings without advertising or needing to notify your employees, the people on your property, or even your family members.

In fact, this type of system is so popular and useful that in the United Kingdom there is an estimated one CCTV camera per 32 people. Between private businesses and police-run observations for traffic and other uses, CCTV systems are ever-increasing in popularity and usage.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Wireless CCTV Systems

Below, please find the detailed review of each system on our list of wireless CCTV cameras. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these CCTV systems to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Annke 1.0MP ProHD Wireless IP Camera Review

Unavailable in the United States but still a top-rated wireless CCTV camera, this Annke 1.0MP ProHD Wireless IP Camera gives you everything you need to begin observing from a safe distance.

The lens allows for a 1.0 megapixel image that is streamed at 1280 x 720p quality for increased clarity. If you are using the app to keep tabs on your wireless CCTV camera, you can also use the app to add multiple cameras onto your viewing field. Remote viewing via your wireless CCTV systems becomes even more accurate when you can view multiple places or viewpoints at one time.

You can also view what goes on in the dark with night-recording up to 30 feet away from the camera.

In addition to the clarity of the images, you also gain a number of fun features that could come in handy. This wireless CCTV system not only allows you to view ongoing activities, but you can also speak with a built-in, two-way microphone capability. You’ll be able to not only watch but to listen in with these wireless CCTV systems.


One of the biggest deciding factors is ultimately the CCTV camera price. Coming in at just £39.99 on Amazon, this CCTV online compatible camera is an inexpensive option that’s ideal for those getting started. The low cost makes purchasing multiple cameras and expanding your viewing field more feasible.

For this price, you also receive a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

For consumers located in the United States, Annke makes a similar model that has almost identical specifications. The version available stateside will come in right around $59.99 on Amazon as a comparison.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

A popular option among wireless CCTV systems, the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device allows you to take extra security precautions with your family. It not only records what goes on within your home, but it allows you to set up a security system with nothing but an internet connection.

The picture itself comes across crystal clear with 1080p HD video streaming on a wide-angle lens. This unique feature allows you to capture the entire room in one quick glance, leaving no corner unchecked. It even allows you to see clearly in the dark with automatic night vision.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device - Wireless CCTV Camera

Image Source: Canary

This CCTV online can stream directly to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor the house while you’re away. If you see suspicious activity or a robbery in progress, you can sound the alarm with the tap of a button. A 90-decibel alarm will begin to sound, and you can connect directly to emergency services if necessary.


The wireless CCTV camera system itself comes with multiple CCTV camera price options, depending on which version of the wireless CCTV system you need. The basic option is the starter pack, including 1 Canary system and 1 Canary Flex (for smaller rooms) for $399. If you need extra cameras, you could be looking at additional pricing:

  • Twin pack of Canary Flex: $399
  • Trio pack of Canary Flex: $599
  • Family 2-Pack: $399

Because this wireless CCTV kit uses cloud storage for your videos, there is a membership fee associated with some of their optional services. The included service is free for up to four devices with varying times of shared video history available. One device allows you to store 24 hours’ worth of data for free, while four devices allows you to only store six hours’ worth of data each.

For $9.99 per month, their wireless CCTV system includes 30 days’ worth of video history and unlimited data and downloads. You also receive incident support, a 2-year extended device warranty, and an insurance deductible reimbursement of up to $1,000.

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Lorex LW2231 Wireless CCTV System Review

For consumers who prefer their wireless CCTV camera to record to a DVR instead of via cloud streaming, the Lorex LW2231 Wireless CCTV System is a great fit. Compatible with multiple 960H and 1080p DVRs, you’ll have no shortage of options for the best way to record footage from this wireless CCTV camera.

You’ll find that it performs well both indoors and outdoors, making these great multifunction tools to cover a variety of settings. Utilizing the night vision option on these wireless CCTV systems, you can view happenings up to 135 feet away. This distance is fairly impressive when comparing night vision features.

Other features include auto-mechanical infrared camera filters to minimize color distortion in various light settings. The Lorex LW2231 CCTV wireless camera comes equipped with a built-in microphone so you can listen as well as watch. 

The Lorex CCTV wireless camera also has a feature known as Signal Guard, which serves to keep your streaming and video quality as high as possible. If the CCTV wireless camera loses connection or the wireless signal strength is low, the wireless CCTV system will automatically reset the camera.


Currently on sale, the Lorex LW2231 Wireless CCTV System costs just $175.99. The regular list price is slightly higher at $252.99.

With the basic list price, you receive a two-year limited warranty on your wireless CCTV systems. At an additional cost, you can extend that warranty to three years ($9.99) or five years ($17.99) when the CCTV camera is purchased directly through the Lorex website.

Lorex LW2231 Wireless CCTV System

Image Source: Lorex  

Nest Cam Review

The Nest Cam is a wireless CCTV camera system that puts you in control of monitoring the activities that go on within your home. This wireless CCTV system casts a clear image that streams 24/7 to keep you in the know about what goes on in your home.

Nest Cam - Wireless CCTV Systems

Image Source: Nest Cam Outdoor

You can enjoy a crisp picture in 1080p HD for both daytime and nighttime viewing. Additionally, their wide-angle lens shows you up to 130 degrees to make sure that you don’t miss a thing that goes on within your home.

One of the unique selling features of the Nest Cam wireless CCTV camera is the ability to recognize the difference between a person and a thing. With this ability, you can be notified more accurately if something is amiss at home. If someone enters a room, you can set up this wireless CCTV system to notify you with their “person alerts.”

The built-in microphone also allows you to listen to what is going on in your home as well as respond. Whether you want to warn an intruder to leave quickly or need to pass along a message to your teenager from the road, the Nest Cam enables your communication to increase with their wireless CCTV system.


The indoor wireless CCTV camera itself is relatively inexpensive, coming in at just $199. If all you want to do is monitor as things occur, then this CCTV camera price is a great bargain for you. Buying additional wireless CCTV systems allows you to rack up the savings by cutting $100 off your bill for every three wireless CCTV systems purchased.

For the price of membership, you can gain access to more of the exclusive features available through the Nest Cam. Person alerts and a longer video history are the two major selling features for their upgraded membership costs.

A 10-day video history will run you an additional $100 per year, while a 30-day video history costs $300 per year.

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Nest Cam Outdoor Review

Specially crafted to weather any outdoor situation, the Nest Cam Outdoor will allow you to monitor what goes on outside your home just as easily as you can the interior. This wireless CCTV camera can mount to the side of your home or garage door panel, as well as to any metal surface of your home, such as the gutters, using their magnetic mounting system.

Just as with the Nest Cam for indoor use, these wireless CCTV systems allow you to view clear pictures in 1080p HD, regardless of the weather or time of day. Not only that, but you still receive the 130-degree wide-angle lens that lets you see a larger portion of the exterior of your home on your CCTV online streaming.

Person alerts can come through with the cost of a subscription, alerting you to package deliveries and the arrival of guests. Want to know if your kids made it home safely from school? The Nest Cam outdoor person alerts can send you a notification when it senses someone walk up to your front door.

Nest Cam Outdoor - CCTV Camera

Image Source: Nest Cam Outdoor  

Even better, you can still relay messages with the two-way microphone this wireless CCTV system is equipped with. Pass along a message to your pet, a stranger, your best friend, or your kids without having to leave the Nest Cam Outdoor app.


A single Nest Cam Outdoor camera costs exactly the same as the indoor model: $199. However, you are also given the opportunity to purchase the wireless CCTV systems in packs of two for a $50 discount.

Opt into the additional benefits of the membership package for the person alerts and access to a longer video history. A 10-day video history costs $100 each year while a 30-day video history costs $300 each year.

Netgear Arlo Q Review

With wireless CCTV options galore, the Netgear Arlo Q is one of the best systems for consumers who want longer access to their videos without paying a monthly membership fee. You automatically receive free cloud storage for up to 7 days’ worth of motion and sound triggered recordings at no cost to you.

Those videos are high quality with the wireless CCTV from Netgear. All pictures are broadcast in 1080p HD during the daytime, and the infrared lights help you to see more of what happens in the dark. You’ll be able to see up to 25 feet away from this CCTV camera when the lights go down.

Key features that set this up as a top wireless CCTV system are their wide-angle lens and microphone system. The lens allows you to view more of your room (up to 130 degrees) with visibility up to 300 feet away. Similar to many of the other top choices for wireless CCTV systems, the Netgear Arlo Q allows you to talk to your home with their built-in two-way microphone system.


The cost of these wireless CCTV systems falls right in line with many of the other top choices available on today’s market. A single Netgear Arlo Q camera costs $199 with additional discounts issued for multipacks. For example, a two-pack will cost just $349.99.

Consumers who were interested in having longer cloud storage of their videos with CCTV kits can opt for a subscription-based plan. For the motion and sound triggered videos, this wireless CCTV kit can store them for 30 days for up to 10 cameras for just $9.99 per month or $99 per year. The same plan that extends up to 60 days and covers 15 cameras costs $14.99 monthly or $149 annually.

Continuous video recording is also an option if you’re concerned with all of the footage instead of just motion-activated footage. 14 days’ worth of storage will cost you $9.99 monthly or $99 annually. Likewise, 30 days’ worth of storage costs $19.99 monthly or $199 annually. Both of these fees apply to one camera only.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Wireless CCTV Systems

If you’ve been concerned about the happenings in your home or business when you’re away, a wireless CCTV system will help to put your mind at ease. You can opt for DVR recording or livestreaming to your smartphone. No matter how urgent you feel it is to be in the know, one of these top wireless CCTV kit choices will allow you more peace of mind.

Decide what type of camera fits your needs best and which will be the most discreet for your home. From there, you need to evaluate which wireless CCTV program will give you the streaming options or subscription plan you’re looking for.

The wireless CCTV systems in our review and ranking will give you a variety of options to choose from. Whether you want to view footage, communicate with your mailman, or have a security system at your fingertips, the wireless CCTV camera system can assist you.

Armed with the knowledge of what is available on today’s market, you can make a more informed decision about which CCTV kits will best suit your needs.

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