Guide to the Top Vacation Rentals by Owner

Nothing beats the convenience of staying in a fully-furnished home during a vacation. With a full kitchen, living room, and bathroom at your disposal, it makes planning a trip with your family easier than ever.

The popularity of vacation rentals by owner is on the rise, so it’s time that you knew how to find the best vacation rentals in top markets.

According to research, more than 50% of homeowners of vacation properties are now renting their real estate out to others to cover more than three-quarters of their mortgage. Consumers can take advantage of these family vacation rentals to plan a more convenient trip, whether it’s a couples getaway or a whole family vacation.

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Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Vacation Rentals By Owner

What do you need to know about these cheap vacation rentals before you book? AdvisoryHQ has taken a close examination of some of the highest-rated vacation rental homes in top destinations. You can decide to stay in one of these popular vacation rental houses or use them to set the standard for your next trip.

If you’re ready to see what the top rental vacation homes have to offer to weary travelers, you’ll love feeling refreshed with the family vacation rentals included in our ranking below.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Vacation Rentals by Owner

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the properties below to go directly to the detailed review section for that vacation rental):

Top 6 Best Vacation Rentals by Owner | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Family Vacation Rentals

Starting Rates


Charming Private Oceanfront Home in Outer Banks, NC$3,360 per week6 people
Flat for 6 in Paris, France$195 per night6 people
Romantic Terrace Overlooking Cathedral Dome in Florence, Italy$84 per night4 people
Ultimate Luxury 3-Bedroom in Gatlinburg, TN$250 per night8 people
VRBO Listing #727507 in Aspen, CO$450 per night6 people
VRBO Listing #815960 in Panama City Beach, FL$143 per night5 people

Table: Top 6 Best Family Vacation Rentals | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Tips for Finding Vacation Rentals by Owner

Taking a trip typically comes with the anxiety over the potential cost, but many consumers are now finding that vacation rentals by owner are a cost-effective way to plan a weekend getaway. Vacation rentals by owner are certainly simple to find, but how do you ensure that they are going to be reliable or good-quality family vacation rentals?

A recent survey showed that vacation rentals by owner were becoming increasingly popular. Almost 14% of travelers say that they’ve stayed in one of these cheap vacation rentals on their getaways.

With those numbers starting to rise, it’s important to make sure that you find vacation rentals that are legitimate and worth the money.

One of the best ways to ensure that the vacation rental houses you’re interested in are legitimate is to inspect them yourself. If you live close enough or have friends in the area, you can ask about an in-person inspection to verify the quality of any vacation rentals.

Tips for Finding Vacation Rentals by Owner

Image Source: Pexels

By taking care of business up front and in-person, you can avoid some of the struggles with the uncertainty surrounding rental vacation homes.

Another simple way to weed out sketchy, cheap vacation rentals is to book through websites that offer some sort of protection. There are many popular vacation rental websites that help connect travelers with vacation rentals by owner.

You can view pictures of the inside of the home, schedule your trip, and have some protection in case your vacation rentals turn out to not be as advertised.

These vacation rental websites also allow you to investigate the reviews on any vacation rentals you may be considering. See what other guests had to say about the real quality of these cheap vacation rentals before you arrive or look any further.

Top websites include names like HomeAway.com (and its many partner sites) and Flipkey.com.

When you connect with family vacation rentals on websites like these, you often find information on the owner as well. Frommer’s recommends doing a little background research on the owner of any vacation rentals you’re interested in.

They warn that a reclusive individual who is hesitant to offer any information on themselves may not be the best person to book vacation rentals from.

Overall, the biggest thing you can do to increase your chances of success with vacation rentals by owner is to do your research in advance. Know what is available on the market, what other guests have to say, and what the property looks like currently. By following these steps, you have a much greater chance of success with your next cheap vacation rentals.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Vacation Rentals by Owner

Below, please find the detailed review of each property on our list of vacation rentals. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these best vacation rentals to score so high in our selection ranking.

Charming Private Oceanfront Home in Outer Banks, NC Review

Tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of the city is this charming vacation house in Outer Banks, North Carolina. These vacation rentals by owner are right on the beautiful beaches, but you can enjoy the scenery without the crowds.

The vacation rentals by owner here at Carova Beach are one of the highest-rated vacation rental properties, according to a recent listing by The Guardian.

Enjoy the best that these beaches have to offer by hanging out in the amenities provided for these cheap vacation rentals. Swing in a hammock while you watch the afternoon drift away. Watch the hummingbirds and wild mustangs from the comfort of the outdoor seating.

Charming Private Oceanfront Home in Outer Banks, NC - cheap vacation rentals

Image Source: The Guardian

Lucky travelers may even be able to spend an afternoon watching the dolphins at these family vacation rentals.

Multi-level decks surround the house to give you a different vantage point for the beaches on any given day. There’s no better way to enjoy the beach than from right up close or high up in the distance on the decks in these cheap vacation rentals.

Invite up to six people to spend some time at your family vacation rentals in the Outer Banks. There are three comfortable bedrooms and two bathrooms to hold everyone who needs a break from their daily life.

The cost for these vacation rentals by owner is slightly higher than some. Because it only allows booking for one full week, prices start at $3,360 per week.

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Flat for 6 in Paris, France Review

Looking for luxurious family vacation rentals abroad? This flat for six located right in Paris, France, features all the convenient items that you would want for an international adventure or getaway.

The condo is perfect as one of the top family vacation rentals, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It can hold a total of six people inside of the relatively spacious condo. Guests will find themselves elevated over the city on the fourth floor of a new building (built in 1995) with the modern convenience of a large elevator.

Inside these cheap vacation rentals, you can find an assortment of items included to make your overseas stay more comfortable:

  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Bose HiFi set that functions as an alarm clock
  • Bedrooms that overlook a quiet garden
  • Washing machine
  • Nespresso maker with capsules provided

Even the bathrooms have plenty of modern conveniences that should be mentioned in vacation rental reviews. There is an “umbrella” shower to help you unwind at the end of a busy day exploring the city. If that isn’t for you, you can spend the evening on the balcony that opens up from the bedroom.

Travelers who want all the modern conveniences included in their vacation rentals by owner will really get a feel for the city in this option. It is just a short walk straight into the heart of Paris, France, making the location truly ideal for vacation rental properties.

What can you expect to spend to travel out of the country to these family vacation rentals? Nightly fees will start at just $195 per night. Weekly rental rates can vary based on travel dates but will start as low as $1,190.

Romantic Terrace Overlooking Cathedral Dome in Florence, Italy Review

Enjoy the romantic city of Florence, Italy, from the comfort of these newly renovated vacation rentals by owner. This four-room vacation rental comfortably sleeps four individuals and allows them to experience the true heart of this historic Italian city for themselves.

One of the best features in these vacation rentals is the proximity to the shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. These vacation rentals overlook the dome of the Duomo for a gorgeous view unlike any other. Not only that, but they are within walking distance to the Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo.

Inside these family vacation rentals, you’ll find a very comfortable two-bedroom apartment. These vacation rentals include basic amenities that will make your stay significantly more comfortable, including:

  • Mocha and coffee maker
  • Phone
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Tourist guides (in several languages)
  • Air conditioning
  • Computer with printer, scanner, and copier

This is a great choice for family vacation rentals because it does come equipped with a baby crib and linens, if needed. There are two bedrooms, one on each level of the apartment. Each one contains a double bed with linens.

This is one of the best vacation rentals, especially when you consider the price. Booking begins at just $84 per night, making this one of the most affordable cheap vacation rentals on the market. You can enjoy the historic sites within the romantic cities of Italy for a very minimal cost.

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Ultimate Luxury 3-Bedroom in Gatlinburg, TN Review

Consumers who wanted family vacation rentals away from the beach will have an extreme interest in this ultimate luxury 3-bedroom vacation rental nestled in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. These family vacation rentals offer the most scenic views from the deck, as well as high-end amenities that aren’t available in all vacation rentals by owner.

Each bedroom in these vacation rentals is a king master suite with a level all to itself. This ensures that you get plenty of privacy, even while you’re on vacation in close quarters. The three bedrooms and the sleeper sofa in the loft hold a maximum occupancy of eight guests.

The cabin on the property includes amenities such as a game room and a large-screen television. Unlike many vacation rentals by owner, this Gatlinburg luxury home includes use of a private pool table and foosball table. You can also enjoy these other conveniences in these family vacation rentals:

  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Close to Pigeon Forge
  • Incredible balcony views
  • Outdoor grill
  • Close to common amenities including grocery stores

On Flipkey, one of the top vacation rental websites, users will find a five-star rating from previous guests in their vacation rentals. Just a few years ago, these family vacation rentals won their top vacation rental award.

This is going to qualify as one of the cheap vacation rentals that you can sometimes find. With the high-end amenities and luxuries included in this location, you can expect to pay slightly more for their family vacation rentals. Each night will cost approximately $250.

VRBO Listing #727507 in Aspen, CO

Were you hoping to hit the slopes during your time in one of the top vacation rental properties? If so, this modern and elegant vacation rental located in Aspen offers a comfortable and luxurious option for guests. Their cheap vacation rentals have top of the line amenities to make your trip a dream come true.

The luxurious spaces provided in these vacation rentals will hold up to six people in their three bedrooms. Beautiful sleeping areas are tastefully decorated with fine art, modern décor, and an air of sophistication.

Much like every other area located within these family vacation rentals, the entire atmosphere looks like it came straight from the pages of a glossy home design magazine.

According to vacation rental reviews from other guests who stayed in this condo, it is close to fine dining and several different mountains in Aspen. They also noted that the views from these family vacation rentals are breathtakingly beautiful. Other amenities mentioned in the vacation rental reviews include:

  • Ski in/ski out for quick access to the mountain
  • Heated pool and heated sidewalk
  • Quality bedding and accommodations
  • Close to fine dining in the city (two blocks away)

The pricing for these vacation rentals by owner will vary based on the time of the year. A nightly rate starts at around $450 per night during the off season. For popular times of year, such as Christmas, you can expect to rent the condo weekly at a rate of around $14,000.

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VRBO Listing #815960 in Panama Beach City, FL Review

Located in the exclusive and ever-popular Tidewater resort in Panama Beach City, Florida, this 2-bedroom condo is one of the most popular vacation rentals in the area. According to VRBO, a popular site for vacation rentals by owner, this is one of the highest-ranking and reviewed vacation rental homes in Panama Beach City, Florida.

The two-bedroom condo can hold a total of five people. In the living room, there are two sliding doors that hold a set of bunk beds for smaller individuals or children. The weight capacity on this structure within their vacation rentals is 100 pounds for the top bunk and 150 pounds for the bottom bunk.

The real draw is the luxurious master bedroom, which holds a king-size bed and gorgeous gulf-front views. Travelers who were interested in cheap vacation rentals that offered a scenic panorama will adore the clear blue waters seen from the window.

These cheap vacation rentals are tastefully decorated with coastal décor, allowing you to relax peacefully.

Not only that, but these family vacation rentals are close to a number of amenities and attractions:

  • Near Pier Park, with shopping, dining, and entertainment choices
  • Near Schooner’s with a daily sunset celebration
  • Shell Island
  • Head almost all the way to Panama City

For those who prefer to stay in the house when they look at vacation rentals by owner, this option also has plenty of built-in amenities. You can view HD cable or DVDs, enjoy access to two game rooms, or make use of their sand and beach toys. Lounge out by the community pool or the hot tub if you can’t make your way to the beach.

These vacation rentals by owner are relatively inexpensive. At this time, they are offering a discount due to potential beach work. There is a minimum stay of two to three nights (depending on the season) at a starting price of $143 per night.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Vacation Rentals by Owner

Consumers who want to travel to another city and stay in comfortable vacation rental homes will love the amenities included in these top properties. Vacation rental houses offer many of the same conveniences that are afforded at home, minimizing the overall cost of your adventure or getaway.

There can be some risk to scheduling vacation rentals by owner, especially if you’re traveling to a city you’ve never visited before.

The best vacation rentals often come equipped with plenty of reviews from other consumers who have already visited and stayed in these specific rental vacation homes. Using some of the vacation rental websites can help to narrow down your search.

Where will your destination be? Whether you’re traveling to the closest major city or heading abroad for a week, these best vacation rentals can offer you a convenient and luxurious accommodation for the vacation of your dreams.

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