2017 Guide & Ranking: Excel in Your Career with These Top Tech Companies to Work for

Tech careers can be extremely lucrative and have a high potential for growth. Imagine getting into a startup tech company and being there as they ascend the ranks and generate millions, if not billions, of dollars.

Technical jobs can offer high salaries, the ability for growth, and the chance to work for companies that are making a profound impact on the world around us.

Technical careers can also offer a more laid-back work environment than corporate America. That means showing up to work in shorts and flip-flops might be acceptable, as long as you get your work done in a superb fashion.

That scenario is one of the reasons that technology careers seem enticing. With the way technology is advancing so rapidly, technical jobs are in high demand. If you can get into the right company at the right time, you will find opportunities abound.

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Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Tech Companies to Work for

But what is the right company? There are many tech companies offering technology careers to bright-minded individuals. The real task is finding the top tech jobs, which are usually offered by the top tech companies to work for.

Finding the top tech companies and best tech careers is not an easy feat. When you are sorting through a list of tech companies that offer technical careers, there are many things to take into consideration. Chances are that you have questions, such as:

  • What is the best tech company to work for?
  • What benefits do technical jobs offer?
  • What types of technology careers are offered?
  • How much do the top tech jobs pay?

Throughout this 2017 guide, we will answer the questions you may have about the best tech jobs. We will explain what to look for in tech jobs, and explain where to find the best tech jobs. Finally, we will provide a detailed review of the six top tech companies to work for.

By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of what the top tech jobs are, and what the best tech companies to work for are.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of Top 6 Best Tech Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the top tech companies below to go directly to the detailed review section for that best tech company to work for site):

Top 6 Best Tech Companies to Work for | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Tech Companies to Work for


What They Do

AdobeSan Jose, CAProvides cloud-based design and marketing software
AppleCupertino, CACreates phones, computers, tablets, consumer software, and apps
FacebookMenlo Park, CAThe world’s largest social media site
GoogleMountain View, CAInternet search site that offers phones, cloud software, & other technology
IntuitMountain View, CAProvides accounting and tax software and loans
MicrosoftRedmond, WAProvides software & technology

Table: Top 6 Best Tech Companies to Work for | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Overview: What to Look for in Tech Careers

Tech jobs are highly coveted positions. One reason for this is the projected job growth that these jobs will see. Software engineers alone are looking at a 17% growth in 2017.

Combined with high salaries, the projected job growth for technology jobs has people scrambling to find the top tech companies to work for. The trick is knowing what to look for in tech companies and, more importantly, specific tech jobs.

tech companies

Image Source: Pixabay

When you are looking at the best tech jobs, it is important to consider the following:

  • Salary: The amount you are being paid is one critical factor, and it is one of the reasons that the best tech companies to work for are able to snag a lot of talent. They offer higher salaries, which attracts the best candidates. You can earn upward of $100,000 in the right technology jobs.
  • Company Reputation: The reputation of tech companies is important to consider. More established companies might be able to offer more upfront, but if you can get in with a smaller company primed for growth, the result could be even better.
  • Upward Mobility: When looking at tech jobs, you want to consider how likely you are to move up within the company. More established companies could prove harder to ascend the ranks. Smaller startups will expand personnel as they grow, and if you get in at the right time, you can quickly climb the tech career ladder.
  • Location: California is the tech company capital of the world. In fact, five out of six of our best tech companies to work for are located in California. However, if you don’t want to uproot your family, location is something to consider.
  • Type of Jobs: When you are looking for the top tech companies to work for, it is important to consider the type of work they do and the tech jobs they offer. Some jobs are growing faster than others are, such as web developers, software engineers, and computer systems analysts.

It is also important to consider job requirements when you are conducting your search. Certain tech jobs will have education and experience requirements that need to be met.

All of these factors are important to consider when you are looking for the best tech jobs and the top tech companies to work for. Be sure that you know what matters most to you when starting your search.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Tech Companies

Below, please find the detailed review of each best tech company to work for on our list of top tech companies We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these technical careers to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Adobe Review

Based in San Jose, California, Adobe is a tech company that creates cloud-based photography, graphic design, and marketing software.

The company offers tech jobs centered around product development, cloud technology and information technology, and research. The open technology jobs they offer provide a wide variety. Another reason that Adobe is one of the top tech companies to work for is that they offer technology careers, not just jobs.

Though the projects are complex and interdependencies within the company can slow productivity, the company is known for excellent management. The best tech companies to work for have good cultures, and Adobe is no different. The work will be challenging, but the company offers good perks and the tools you need to get the work done.

Bottom Line

If you enjoy graphic design and software development, Adobe is one of the best tech companies. All of the necessary tools are at your disposal and the work is challenging, but rewarding. With offices located around the world and a focus on diversity, Adobe technology jobs are highly desirable.

Apple Review

Apple is located in Cupertino, California and is hands-down one of the most well-known and top tech companies to work for. Apple prides itself on creativity, simplicity, and ingenuity and offer tech jobs to smart, motivated applicants.

The company makes iPhones, PCs, iPads, and even sells music and apps. They also offer consumer hardware and software products. Apple is an innovate company.

You can search for jobs that allow you to create not just products, but “wonder that’s revolutionized entire industries.”  These tech jobs offered by Apple range from Corporate and Apple Store employees to Student Interns and even At Home Advisors. The flexibility that Apple offers put them on the list of top tech companies to work for.

The company prides themselves on being an Equal Opportunity Provider that promotes inclusion and diversity. Like other tech companies, there is a lot of work to be done. However, the work you do eventually ends up in the hands of millions of people, which is rewarding.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for tech jobs with the mother of all tech companies, Apple might be one of the top tech companies to work for.

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Facebook Review

Facebook is the largest social media site that has continually expanded into other areas. From the Messenger App to Marketplace, Facebook is one of the best tech companies to work for if you are always looking outside of the box.

Based in California like most other tech companies, Facebook has tremendous leadership between Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of his management team. They are inspiring and the culture within Facebook is open and inviting. Mistakes are expected and not harshly punished, which makes this one of the best tech companies to work for.

Bottom Line

Facebook was founded by a few college students who have grown the idea into a massive company. They are expanding and always looking for new ideas, which makes them one of the best tech companies to work for.

Google Review

Another household name that comes to mind when thinking of tech companies is Google. Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California. What started as a search engine site has since evolved into a major technology company.

The culture at Google is tremendous, and you will be working with highly intelligent and motivated people on a daily basis. The real drawback is the poor work-life balance you will encounter at times, and the red tape that some departments face.

The tech jobs are separated into different categories, including Google Cloud, Engineering & Technology, Sales, Service & Support, and People.  This wide range of jobs is perfect for those looking for tech jobs because so many different skillsets get involved.

Bottom Line

Google is one of the tech companies that prides itself on innovation and the ability to be creative. Their headquarters is impressive and their company has a laid-back culture that is centered on loving the work they do.

Intuit Review

Intuit might not be a household name like Facebook or Google, but the tax and accounting software and loan provider is one of the best tech companies to work for. In fact, they’ve been on Fortune magazine’s list of “Best Companies to Work For” since 2002.

The great thing about Intuit is that they offer software that helps people. TurboTax actually helps 20 million people file their taxes and claim available deductions every year. If you are looking for tech jobs that allow you to better the lives of others while satisfying your creativity, Intuit might be a good fit.

The benefits are great, as is the fun work environment. However, the company is growing very quickly. Though this can lead to a fast track career, it also means there is some disorganization to work through.

Bottom Line

Intuit boasts a fun and caring work environment, which off the bat makes them one of the best tech companies to work for. If finance and accounting appeal to you, this software company may seem even more appealing.

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Microsoft Review

Microsoft is another one of the top tech companies to work for. The well-known technology and software company is based in Redmond, Washington. It’s the only one of the tech companies on our list that isn’t located in California.

The tech giant offers an inclusive culture, with 47 employee networks and seven global employee resource groups. You can easily search tech jobs on their site, and rest assured that you will be well compensated for your work. Microsoft has some of the best benefits and pay in the industry.

It’s also easy to move within work teams so that you can gain more knowledge and truly pursue your interests. The one drawback is that there can often be a slow pace. This is a problem faced by most tech companies, even those on the list of top tech companies to work for.

Bottom Line

Microsoft is one of the rare tech companies that does not list California as their main headquarters. If California isn’t your scene and you love innovative cultures, this might be the best tech company to work for.

Conclusion – Top 6 Best Tech Jobs

Tech careers are highly coveted jobs that have significant upside. However, you may need to move and struggle with work-life balance at times, the possibilities can be endless. However, finding the top tech companies to work for is not always an easy task.

When searching for tech jobs, it is important to know what you are looking for. What matters most to you when searching for the top tech jobs?

Conclusion - top tech companies to work for

Source Image: Pixabay

There are many variables to take into consideration, such as salary, location, upward mobility, job growth, and even company reputation. With so many factors coming into play, it is important to ask yourself the following questions throughout the search process to find the top tech companies and jobs:

  • Are you willing to move for a job offered by one of the best tech companies to work for?
  • What is the salary range that you are looking for in technology jobs?
  • Would you rather work for an established tech company, or look at tech companies that have more growth potential?

By taking the time to research tech companies and the tech jobs, you can make an informed decision about your future. Technical careers can be very lucrative and rewarding, but getting in with one of the top tech companies to work for can make your career even more enjoyable.

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