Find the Best Resources for the Latest Medical News in 2017

Do you have a penchant for keeping abreast of the latest medical news and medical events? Does a long-term illness leave you searching for answers or hoping for future therapies and treatments? No matter what the reason, if you’re seeking out informative and interesting medical articles, you’ll want to find the most convenient places to do so.

Best Sources of Medical News

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Sources of Medical News

Healthcare news today can be found on websites that specialize in compiling the best of medical events into one convenient location. Information ranging from new drugs to research on chemical reactions can be found on some of these top websites for medical issues today.

Where can you go to see the latest medical news in one convenient location?

AdvisoryHQ wants to help you stay informed of the happenings with current medical events and research. Whether you want to entertain yourself or educate yourself, these top websites for medical news will give you hours’ worth of reading on the latest events.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Medical News Websites

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the medical news websites below to go directly to the detailed review section for that medical news website):

Top 6 Best Medical News Websites | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Sources for Medical News


Topics Covered

CNN Health


Diet and fitness

Healthy living

Parenting and family

Medical News Today


Reference material to cover important issues

In-depth investigations on health issues today and lifestyle issues

Opinion forums to connect readers to one another

Medline Plus


General information for healthcare professionals

Treatments and drug or supplement information


Medical videos or illustrations

Medical research on topics

Clinical trial information


Healthcare professionals

Latest medical news and expert perspectives

Drug and disease information

Professional and continuing medical education

Business of medicine

Science Daily


Healthcare professionals

Health conditions and disorders

Mind and brain

Healthy living



Health topics for basic information on various conditions

Drugs and supplement information

Healthy living

Family and pregnancy

Latest medical news from experts

Table: Top 6 Best Sites for the Latest Medical News | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Why Use a Medical News Site?

Many consumers may be wondering what the potential benefits are to utilizing a website that specializes in the most current medical events and updates. With no experience in medicine themselves, reading about up and coming medical issues today doesn’t hold the same appeal as it does for those within the medical profession. Why should you stay up to date on the latest medical news?

medical news

Image Source: Pexels

Particularly if you or someone close to you suffers from a long-term or chronic condition, you may want to stay current with medical events. Health and wellness news sometimes reveals new treatments, therapies, and information regarding various diseases and conditions. With new research coming to the forefront of health issues today on a regular basis, you never know when you may find pertinent information that could be useful.

It isn’t just those who have a personal connection to the data that may find interesting medical articles, though.

Some just like to be informed when it comes to current events in healthcare. It helps them to make better judgments regarding investments and potential inside information within the economy when they can understand the medical health news that’s important.

What types of health stories will you find with medical news articles?

While some of the information may very well be anecdotal or based on small case studies, many of the medical news articles are based on research in some of the following areas:

  • New drugs and their dosage amounts in comparison to the effects
  • Potential therapies to relieve symptoms
  • Research regarding the origin of certain conditions
  • Information on healthy living and eating

As you can see, the data and information found on the medical news websites is relatively far-reaching. It has implications for consumers with chronic ailments, investors, and even just those who like to read interesting medical articles in their spare time. Our detailed listing of the top-rated medical news websites can assist you in staying on top of an ever-changing field of data.

medical news today

Image Source: Pixabay

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Medical News Websites

Below, please find the detailed review of each website on our list of latest medical news providers. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these medical health news sites to score so highly in our selection ranking.

CNN Health Review

Medical events are captured and recorded by one of the leading news sites in the country and around the globe on CNN Health. With this addition to their already highly-acclaimed news site, consumers gain access to the latest medical news all in one convenient location.

While each medical news source maintains its own specific focuses and areas of research, CNN Health gives a broad overview for users. Their health section includes three primary sections:

  • Diet and fitness
  • Living well
  • Parenting and family

Likewise, they also help you keep up to date with current medical events. Being a leading news site, their CNN Health page also promotes current events that affect the medical community such as health insurance and changes to health care policies from the federal government.

These interesting medical articles also give insight to health news from around the globe. With the healthiest cities and travel tips for maintaining diets and fitness even while you’re on the road, CNN Health is a valuable resource for practical medical news that all consumers can use on a daily basis.

Consumers may already be familiar with some of their leading contributors, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Elizabeth Cohen. Both highly respected leaders within their respective fields, these two have extensive articles and reviews of current medical events on the CNN Health Page. Editor Kelly Wallace serves as the digital correspondent for the CNN Parents portion of their health and wellness news as well. 

Medical News Today Review

Medical News Today is certainly one of the leading sources of medical news for consumers across the globe. According to research, Medical News Today ranks within the top 360 websites in the United States and within the top 120 websites for the United Kingdom. This source for current medical events receives more than 12 million monthly visits from 10 million unique visitors.

What is it that keeps consumers coming back to Medical News Today as a reliable source for the latest medical news?

It is written to inform readers who are both in the medical field and those who are not. Medical News Today provides a variety of interesting medical articles to keep health issues at the forefront of their readers’ minds. You can find the latest information on any number of topics ranging from health tips to medicines to diseases, but they specialize in a few key content areas:

  • Reference material to cover important issues
  • In-depth investigations on health issues today and lifestyle issues
  • Opinion forums to connect readers to one another

Each day, Medical News Today produces more than sixty new articles to keep their content fresh and engaging for all readers. Perhaps one of the best parts of Medical News Today is that it does not require a subscription or payment to access their medical health news.

Medical News Today is a great resource for those who want to find a balanced mixture of in-depth scientific articles and lighter reads for daily application. For example, their health issues today feature at-risk symptoms for diseases as well as methods to decrease bags under the eyes. The Medical News Today site is a great combination of these types of feature articles for the latest medical news.

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Medline Plus Review

Straight from the National Institute of Health, Medline Plus grants consumers access to information on the latest medical news quickly and easily. Designed for patients and their support systems of family and friends, the articles found on this site for the latest medical news and medical events are easy to understand and relevant to today’s world.

What kinds of information will you find on the Medline Plus website for medical news? By the end of 2016, they had covered more than 990 different health stories and topics on their medical news site. They have a few areas of key research and coverage, including:

  • Treatments and drug or supplement information
  • Definitions
  • Medical videos or illustrations
  • Medical research on topics
  • Clinical trial information

Health professionals can also benefit from taking a look at their healthcare news today. The National Library of Medicine has extensive information regarding more than 1,000 diseases or conditions that may be present in their patients. Information is also available in Spanish, which may be useful for passing along medical news to patients for whom English is a second language.

One of the best features of Medline Plus is that it does not have any advertising. Because this website is funded by the National Institute of Health, there are no endorsements for specific companies or products to impede your research on the medical events and health and wellness news.

Their recent medical news is updated on a fairly regular basis with new links added and reviewed daily. The medical encyclopedia is updated on a monthly basis, while the health stories are generally available for just ninety days.

Medscape Review

Medscape is one of the few websites on our ranking that provides medical news articles that are geared primarily toward healthcare professionals. With an extensive listing of current events in healthcare and new advancements in treatments and research, Medscape covers all of the pertinent medical news today that physicians and other professionals should know.

Over the years, this site for current events in healthcare has earned a number of awards. In 2016, they won the Pharma Choice Bronze award for their Professional Website. The years 2014 and 2015 saw awards including the Best Professional Healthcare Media Brand as well.

They specialize in covering medical events in a few areas that are key to assisting healthcare professionals with recent medical news:

  • Latest medical news and expert perspectives
  • Drug and disease information
  • Professional and continuing medical education

For professionals who maintain their own medical practice, they will find Medscape to be a very helpful source of research. With a separate section just for the “business of medicine,” this medical news site helps to explain business, legal, and ethical implications of keeping a practice up and running successfully.

latest medical news

Image Source: Medscape

When professionals register for a free account on Medscape, it comes with a personalized CME tool to track all of your completed activities. This is a simple way to gain the credits you need as some are joint accredited with:

  • Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation
  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education

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Science Daily Review

Science Daily provides a unique contribution to the medical news community with topics that span far and wide. Ideal for both the general public and healthcare professionals, their extensive research has something to offer and interest everyone when it comes to the latest medical news. More than six million individuals will visit this website each month for a total of over twenty million page views.

One of the best features of this award-winning source for the latest medical news and medical events is their broad range of information presented. Readers will find research articles, images, and videos covering an array of topics pertinent to medical news today:

  • Science
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Environment

Instead of being linked solely to articles on the most recent medical events, they reach into other categories that are closely related. All four content areas are highly developed with links to journals, academic studies, encyclopedia articles, and more.

Within the healthcare section, it covers a wide range of medical issues today. For example, patients can find information regarding their health conditions, diagnoses, and potential treatment options. However, they can also find recent medical news on the mind and brain (including psychological disorders) and on living well with healthcare tips.

From silly topics like how you prefer to eat your chocolate bunny to the crossovers between health and environment or technology, Science Daily covers a unique spectrum of topics that is unlike many other sources for the latest medical news.

WebMD Review

Consumers who want to know more about a potential condition are often browsing through the extensive research found on WebMD. Whether they want to self-diagnose or see the research behind up-and-coming treatments, this site for medical news has become a household name for many patients and consumers.

This site for medical news today has had no shortage of awards bestowed upon it. Titles such as Health Information Website Brand of the Year, People’s Voice in the Health category, and a Northeast Regional Award for Web Microsite are all included on their list of awards and recognitions.

Aimed mostly toward the general public, their content provides insight into the information you need to manage your health, tools to keep things under control, and support when necessary.

Readers can find healthcare news today from categories such as:

  • Health topics for basic information on various conditions
  • Drugs and supplement information
  • Healthy living
  • Family and pregnancy
  • Latest medical news from experts

They often feature contributions from MedicineNet.com and have a stringent medical editorial board to look over their content prior to publication. They have four doctors that serve as their medical editors, but over 100 doctors across the nation help to ensure accurate and current medical events articles.

Patients also enjoy the ability to frequent their message boards. This allows readers to stay in touch with one another, sharing valuable information and research from the latest medical news and medical events to form a sense of community.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Medical News Websites

Consumers who want to get to the bottom of their condition or medical professionals who want to stay current on all the medical news today will want to have the best sites for medical news. These sources for medical news and medical events are great tools for professionals and patients alike when they need additional support and knowledge.

Knowing which sites are designed for the general public and which feature more academic-oriented material is necessary to finding a site that provides the medical news you need and want. What types of medical articles are you searching for? What areas would you like to see covered more in-depth?

This ranking of the best sources for medical news should give you a great starting point to gather the information you need to take control of your health today.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

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