2017 Guide: Lighting the Way with Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Once the warmer months hit, do you find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors? What’s holding you back? Is it the bugs, or maybe the lack of lighting options?

If only there was an outdoor lighting option that helped you avoid running wires and costly electrician bills. Fortunately, there is! With solar lights, you can harness the power of the sun to get the nighttime lighting that you seek.

Before you scoff at the thought of dinky little solar-powered lights, you might want to take another look. With advances in the lighting industry, you can now get a solar powered light that utilizes LED bulbs. This makes them brighter and more efficient.

Best Solar Powered Garden Lights

Award Emblem: Best Solar Powered Garden Lights

The trick is finding the best garden solar light for your home. As the popularity of solar-powered lights increases, there are more and more models coming into the market. With so many options, choosing the best solar lights for your home can seem overwhelming.

When looking for solar-powered garden lights, or solar lights for other areas of your home, chances are that you have many questions, including:

  • What is the best garden solar light?
  • What are some of the benefits of solar deck lights?
  • Where can I buy a solar-powered light?
  • What should I look for in solar-powered lights?
  • Are solar-powered garden lights expensive?
  • Why should you buy solar powered garden lights?

Throughout this 2017 guide, we will answer your questions. We will explain why you should buy solar deck lights and what you should look for when buying solar garden lights. Finally, we will offer a detailed review of the best solar lights for your home.

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Advisory HQ’s List of Top 6 Best Solar Garden Lights

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the solar garden lights below to go directly to the detailed review section for that solar garden light):

Top 6 Best Solar Garden Lights | Brief Comparison & Ranking  

Garden Solar Lights

Best for



Free-Light Disk

Walkways & Garden Areas



Frontgate Solar Stud

Swimming Pool, Deck & Yard



Kenroy Home




Luceplan Sky

Comes in two sizes to meet your lighting needs anywhere


$652.50 – $729.00

Luceplan Solar Bud

Pathways, Garden & Pool Areas



GoWise Solar Spotlight

Illuminating Flagpoles, Fountains, Statues



Table: Top 6 Best Solar Deck Lights / Above list is sorted alphabetically

Detailed Overview: Why You Need Solar Lights as an Outdoor Lighting Option

If you are looking for an outdoor lighting option, you need to consider garden solar lights seriously. Yes, solar lights used to be dim, but bright LEDs have changed that. This makes solar-powered garden lights a viable lighting option.

Solar garden lights provide light and, along with that, beauty. These lights are becoming more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, much better than the massive floodlights people used to light walkways in the past.

Solar Garden Lights

Image Source: PowerBee

A solar powered light will also save you money, because you won’t need to add wiring outside your home. This helps you avoid costly electrician fees, because you simply set up the lights and let the sun do the rest.

These lights are great for lighting walkways, decks, swimming pools, statues, walkways, and fire pits. The best solar garden light will also provide you with some extra security by illuminating dark areas around your home where intruders can lurk.

Overall, the best garden solar lights will provide you a less expensive outdoor lighting option that can enhance the beauty and security of your home.

Detailed Overview: What to Look for in Solar-Powered Garden Lights

With so many solar powered light options out there, it is important to know what to look for. You will want a solar-powered garden light that doesn’t break the bank, but with different prices come different levels of quality.

What makes for the best solar lights for your garden? That depends on your preferences, budget, and lighting needs.

When you are trying to find the best solar garden lights, consider the following solar-powered light features:

  • Brightness: The level of brightness is measured in lumens, and the lumens you will want vary by area. Lower lumens are better for a walkway since it prevents strong glare, whereas pool areas are best covered by higher lumens because they cover a larger area.
  • Number of Lights: Some solar lights can stand alone, while others are part of a set or longer string. If you are looking to line a pathway, choosing a set might be the cheaper option.
  • Appearance: Solar lights come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Some are more intricate than others; some are more attractive than others. Be sure to pick a solar light that flows with the area you will be placing it.
  • Cost: The price of solar lights is also something to consider. Brighter, more attractive lights will generally cost more, so keep that in mind.
  • Range: Solar lights generally cast light a distance ranging between 2 and 38 feet. Generally, you will want shorter-range lights for pathways.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when looking for the best solar lights for your garden. Overall, consider the brightness, appearance, and range of your light, as well as how it fits with the décor of your outdoor area.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Solar Lights for Garden

Below, please find the detailed review of each solar lights for garden on our list of best solar lights. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these garden solar lights to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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Free-Light Disk Review

The Free-Light Disk is a sleek set of solar garden lights that comes in a two-pack. They fall into the middle of the pack pricewise and can be a great option for lighting walkways.  

These lights have a sleek black design that casts light in a downward direction. They are also mounted by spikes that are inserted into the ground. These two features are what make these solar-powered garden lights great for lining walkways.

One nice feature is that these solar lights for garden have 1.2-volt batteries included. These backup batteries should last for a couple years and only take a few minutes to replace.

One drawback here is that these solar lights only provide light for six hours after it gets dark. These might not be a good option if you are looking for all-night lighting options.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best solar garden lights for walkways, the Free-Light Disk is an option to consider. They won’t provide light all night, but they are bright and shouldn’t break the budget.

Frontgate Solar Stud Review

The Frontgate Solar Stud is a pack of five lights that measure 2.75 inches high by 3.5 inches in diameter.

We love these solar-powered garden lights because they can be buried in the ground up to the top solar disk. You also won’t have to worry about these disks lifting out ground, because they each weigh two pounds. It’s nice to have unobtrusive lights that do their job without messing with the aesthetic of your outdoor décor.

With their warm white glow, these lights set a nice mood without being too harsh. These solar garden lights can provide light for hours, but they may not last the entire night.

One drawback is that these lights can be difficult to install into a wooden pool or deck. You will need to drill holes so the solar-powered garden lights can fit into place properly. They slide nicely into grass, gravel, and mulch areas, though.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are an economically friendly option for solar-powered garden lights. They make our list for best solar garden lights with their nice design, quality, and price.

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Kenroy Home Review

The Kenroy Home solar deck lights are another good option. The package comes with the stake and bracket, spade bit, and five solar-powered LED lights. The nice thing is that installation of the garden solar lights will not require any more tools than what comes in the original package.

We love that these solar-powered garden lights give you the ability to schedule your lights. They come with a timer and power switch so that you can set how long you would like the lights to stay on. The options are four-, five-, or six-hour periods, and you can set a start time as well.

These lights can either be recessed into the ground or stick out a few inches, whichever meets your preferences. One drawback is that wires attach the bulbs to the main solar panel, so you will need to trench the wires. Keep that in mind when determining whether these are the best solar garden lights for you.

Bottom Line

If you want an inexpensive option to line your walkways, pool or deck, these solar lights from Kenroy Home might be a good option.

Luceplan Sky Review

The Luceplan Sky is a solar-powered garden light for the elite. However, if you have the money for them, these lights are simply fantastic.

With a sleek, modern appearance, these lights come in two different sizes and three different colors. Most solar lights for the garden do not give you that option, so this is nice. The lights provide lighting as well as an artistic element to your yard.

The smaller light will provide light through four 120-volt LEDs while the larger lights use eight 120-volt LEDs and are great for spreading light in large areas. They are also weather resistant and will last you a long time.

The real drawback here is the price of these solar lights for garden, at over $500 for a single light. However, they are very bright, which means you will need fewer lights to illuminate a pathway or deck. Still, the price for one light may already put it out of many people’s budgets.

Bottom Line

If you have the budget, these lights should certainly fall into contention for the best solar garden lights. They are stylish, built to last, and provide a lot of light. You can also choose sizes and colors, which is an added bonus.

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Luceplan Solar Bud Review

The Luceplan Solar Bud is much more affordable than its counterpart, the Luceplan Sky, but it is still a high-quality solar powered light.

Where these lights stand out is their ability to provide light. After an 8-hour charge in the sun, they can give off light for up to 15 hours. This is much higher than many other solar-powered garden lights on our list.

With an aluminum finish, these solar lights for gardens are built to last in all weather conditions. They are 15 inches tall, with a diameter of six inches. This is bigger than other lights on our list, but this model has an unrivaled brightness.

This light also comes in a three-pack, so you may only need to buy a couple kits to use these solar garden lights to line a walkway.

Bottom Line

If you want quality at an affordable price, the Luceplan Solar Bud is tough to beat. The set comes in a three-pack for a reasonable price, and these solar lights are long lasting.

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GoWise Solar Spotlight Review

The GoWise Solar Spotlight is an inexpensive way to light up your landscape.

This solar-powered light is cast aluminum with a plastic top and spike and is powered with one LED. With a four to six hour charge, this light will last six to eight hours. This falls in line with other models out there.

You can put this little solar light anywhere the sun will reach it to charge, and it can extend to 12 inches high. It is built to last against weather conditions and varying temperatures.

This model does come with batteries, but should you need to replace them, you will need to use rechargeable batteries. It can also be a bit difficult to find a spot that gets direct sunlight in the area that you would like to illuminate.

These solar lights for garden are not great for walkways, since they can be cumbersome looking. The solar panel sticks off the top of the light, which isn’t very attractive.

Bottom Line

Overall, if budget is your main constraint, the GoWise Solar Spotlight is definitely a solar powered light to consider. There are some drawbacks, but the price can’t be beat.

Conclusion – Top 6 Best Solar Garden Lights

We want to keep our outdoor areas lit without breaking the bank. Running wires outdoors can be costly, which leads many to look for DIY outdoor lighting options.

Thankfully, solar lights are a great, inexpensive DIY way to light your outdoor areas. From walkways and water features to pools and decks, solar garden lights are up to the challenge.

Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Best Solar Garden Lights

The real task is to find solar-powered garden lights that meet your needs. It is very important that you don’t just buy the first solar-powered garden light that you stumble across. Be sure to consider the following features when looking for the best solar garden lights:

  • Brightness
  • Number of lights
  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Range

These features can vary greatly by light, so be sure to look at each solar-powered light carefully to see if it will meet your needs. Our list of the top six solar lights for the garden aims to cut down on the frustration you face. By doing the research for you, we hope to make lighting your outdoors easier than ever!

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