Here Are the Top 8 Solar-Powered Gadgets on the Market in 2017

Solar power is all the rage this year – as it should be. This green source of energy is good for our world and cheaper for our bills. Luckily for us, making the jump from traditional power sources to solar-powered devices does not have to feel like a sacrifice.

In fact, there are some incredible solar-powered products on the market that you will be excited to own or to give as a gift.

Solar Devices & Solar Powered Gadgets

Award Emblem: Top 8 Best Solar Devices & Solar-Powered Gadgets

That is why we have created this 2017 guide to the best solar devices and solar-powered gadgets in the market today.

We will show you solar products geared for avid campers or adventurers, solar gadgets for all proud tech nerds, solar energy products for everyday use, and even high-end solar devices for the fashion forward.

No matter who you are – or whom you are shopping for – you are bound to find the ultimate solar powered devices you cannot wait to buy or give in 2017.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 8 Best Solar-Powered Gadgets

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the product names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that product):

Top 8 Best Solar Devices | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Solar-Powered Products


Solar Products Great for…

ECEEN 7Watts Solar Powered Backpack


Camping, hiking, daily use

Eton Rugged Rukus Speaker


Music by the pool, on a hike, or when camping

GoSun Sport Solar Oven


Camping, RVing, home use

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard


Typing at home, office, or business

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lights

$11.95 – $24.95

Any light needs at home or outside

Seiko USA Solar Watches



Voltaic Portable Amp Solar Charger


Charging smartphone, camera, tabelt

Westinghouse Kenbury LED Outdoor Garden Solar Path Lights

$58.99 for 6

Garden/yard lighting

Table: Top 8 Best Solar Products | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Why Solar Power?

Before we get into our list of the top eight solar-power gadgets/solar-powered devices of 2017, let’s take a moment to talk about why solar power is important in the first place.

Here are two main reasons why solar power is so valuable and something you will want to start considering when making your purchases:

  • It’s Free: The energy you use all day on all your products or gadgets adds up really quickly when it comes to electric bills. Each time you are buying a solar device, you are ensuring yourself free energy.
  • It’s Good for the Environment: Fossil fuels that generate much of our electricity are full of harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide and monoxide. Each time we can reduce our reliance upon electricity, we give the environment a break.
  • It’s Good for You: By purchasing solar gadgets, you are not introducing so many chemicals or substances into your life. The sun already shines. You can then take advantage of this natural, limitless resource.

Solar power in general is great for many other reasons, too, including preventing fewer blackouts where electricity is scarce, avoiding electricity waste, and using domestic energy.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Solar-Powered Gadgets

Below, please find a detailed review of each solar device on our list of solar gadgets. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these solar-powered devices to score so highly in our selection ranking.

ECEEN 7Watts Solar Powered Backpack Review

First up on our list of solar-powered gadgets is the ECEEN 7Watts Solar Powered Backpack. Since backpacks hit the sun anytime you are walking in the sunshine outdoors, they are the perfect item to turn into solar-powered devices.

Ideal for campers, hikers, adventurers, mountain bikers, and even college students, this solar power backpack uses the power of the sun to fill a battery pack that can then charge anything from phones to tablets to cameras through a convenient 5V USB port.

These nylon solar products are both rip and water resistant, lightweight, and durable. With anti-scratch hardened coating, you can be sure that the solar panel will be durable enough to soak up all that sunshine and charge any product you bring along with you.

These solar-powered devices are a safe and free way to carry charging capabilities around with you.

Eton Rugged Rukus Speaker Review

Next up on our guide to solar devices is the Eton Rugged Rukus Speaker, for all the music lovers out there.

Solar-Powered Gadgets

Image Source: Eton

Listen to music with family or friends in an outside setting as the sunshine powers this solar powered speaker. As Eton says, “Wherever there’s sun, you’ve got an instant party.”

These solar-power gadgets are lightweight, water resistant, and durable, with carabineer hooks for listening to music on the go. But these are not just solar devices, they are also:

  • Bluetooth-enabled: Offers one-touch wireless pairing and streaming.
  • A smartphone charger: The USB port allows you to charge any other device you may have.

While these solar gadgets can play all day long in the sun, they do have backups in case you find yourself with a rainy day. There is a normal lithium battery option, as well as a USB cable option.

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GoSun Sport Solar Oven Review

When it comes to our list of solar energy products, this next one may be the most unexpected. The GoSun Sport Solar Ovens are solar devices that allow you to bake, roast, or steam a meal for two from the sun’s energy.

Highlights of these solar-powered gadgets include:

  • Effective: These solar products can reach up to 550°F (290°C).
  • Vacuum technology: Insulation keeps food cooking quickly, even in cold temperatures.
  • Lack of fire hazard: These solar-powered devices stay cool to the touch.
  • Fast: Meals can cook in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Small: At 7.5 lbs., this solar device is great for campers who need to pack lightly.
  • Ultraviolet sensitive: Since this solar power gadget is adept at catching ultraviolet rays, it even works through clouds.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

If you want techy solar devices for home or office, you will love the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard.

This wireless keyboard solar power gadget charges up whenever there is light. Once fully charged, these solar-power gadgets can keep typing away for up to 3 months in full darkness.

Logitech boasts a streamlined design for a sleek look, as well as comfortable hand positioning to make typing easy for long-term. At only 1/3 inch thick, this solar-powered product is great for laptop or desktop.

As an added bonus, Logitech offers an app to coincide with their solar products. Simply download the app and it will let you know two things:

  • How much battery your solar-powered gadgets have left 
  • How much power you are getting from various sources

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lights Review

Arguably the simplest yet most useful items on our list of solar-powered gadgets are the MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lights.Solar Power by MPowerd

Image Source: MPOWERD

This series of solar products are lightweight, waterproof, and entirely powered by solar. The original Luci light charges fully in 7 hours of direct sunlight and will last up to 12 hours on the bright setting.

Also in this line of solar products are mini emergency lights, larger multicolor lights, mini flameless candles, and more.

These solar gadgets are ideal for camping or any outdoor situations. But they are also sleek enough to add a lovely glow to your home or backyard.

The MPOWERD company does not only provide these solar powered inflatable lights for personal use; they also give these solar energy products to under-developed countries that need inexpensive light sources after the sun goes down.

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Seiko USA Solar Watches Review

Often, when we think of solar devices or solar gadgets, many people think of items you would wear camping. But solar products have extended into the fashion world as well, as you will see with the Seiko USA Solar Watches.

The Coutura line of men’s and women’s watches have solar power technology combined with impeccable style and luxury embellishments.

These high-end solar products come with a six-month power reserve once they are fully charged, so you do not have to worry about them dying if you have been inside for a few days.

The women’s collection boasts diamonds as well as mother-of-pearl dials. Even the men’s collection boasts sapphire crystal. Undoubtedly, these are the most fashion-forward items on our list of solar-powered gadgets.

Voltaic Portable Amp Solar Charger Review

Next on our list of solar-powered devices is the Voltaic Portable Amp Solar Charger. This compact solar device folds up easily for charging on the go.

These solar products can be expected to charge the following popular items:

  • Smartphone (from all companies): 3.5 hours in the sun to charge
  • DSLR cameras: 7.5 hours in the sun to charge
  • 7” tablets: 8 hours in the sun to charge

You simply place the solar power panel outside toward the sun, and it charges the battery. Then, plug your device straight into the battery. A mesh pocket can store the included USB cable that allows you to attach your device to this solar-powered product.

If you want similar solar-powered gadgets to charge a larger device, the same company offers a 10W solar powered laptop charger for $299.

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Westinghouse Kenbury LED Outdoor Garden Solar Path Lights Review

The final solar devices on our list of solar-powered gadgets are the Westinghouse Kenbury LED Outdoor Garden Solar Path Lights.

As items that already sit outside all day everyday, garden lights are the perfect item to switch over to solar powered technology. A small solar panel sits on top of each light, absorbing the light of the day to power the light for night.

These solar energy products in particular are made from a weather-resistant stainless steel and a plastic ribbed cage that helps protect the glass in case of high winds or other potential accidents.

As automated solar devices, the Westinghouse lights know when to switch on and off based on surrounding light.

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Conclusion – Top 8 Solar Devices

So there you have it: eight fantastic solar-powered gadgets that are some of the best solar products on the market in 2017. With a wide array of price points, you are sure to find one or two solar devices that fit nicely into your budget.

Whether you are looking for solar-powered products for a loved one or friend…or looking for solar-powered devices for yourself, you are bound to find the ultimate solar power gadget to take advantage of the clean (and free!) energy from the sun.

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