What Is The Role of the Best Software Development Companies?

Software companies and software development companies are becoming an increasingly important part of life for most businesses and entrepreneurs, including even very small businesses.

You may have a general idea of what software companies do, but what about the specific role and benefits of a software developer company?

There are plenty of options to buy pre-built software, but for many businesses and enterprises, this just isn’t the right solution, which is why they turn to a software development company providing customized software development services.

Best Software Development Companies

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Software Development Companies

One of the primary reasons businesses might work with computer software companies is so they can create products that are completely tailored to the specific needs of their organization. This can help businesses maintain a competitive advantage, and also be more productive and efficient.

If you’re working with one of the top software companies to create a platform that will be used by your customers, rather than just internally, you can also improve the overall level of client satisfaction by meeting the specific needs of the people who use your services or order your products.

Finally, another big reason people look outside of their organization to outsource work to a software development company is because they lack the in-house talent or resources required to do the work.

It can be expensive to build custom software in-house, and it can also require a lot of overhead to have these employees as part of the staff, so hiring top software companies actually saves money.

The following ranking of the top software development companies looks at those software companies that have great reputations in the software industry, can create a wide variety of products and solutions, and the computer software companies that have long-term experience in the industry.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Software Development Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the software development company names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that software developer company):

Top 6 Best Software Development Companies | Brief Comparison

Top Software Companies

Key Industries/Client Focus


3Pillar GlobalMedia/entertainment, Health/Wellness, Financial services,Information servicesBased in Fairfax, VA and other offices include London, Boston, New York and offices in Romania and India
ELEKSThere are many industries they service, and just a few include insurance, security software, logistics and warehousing and retail and e-CommerceLas Vegas, London, Rzeszow, Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine
IntellectsoftAmong the industries served by this company are healthcare and life science, retail and e-Commerce, transportation and logistics, travel and hospital, and education and HRMPalo Alto, London, New York, Oslo, Kiev, Minsk
ITransitionB2C and B2B clients, omnichannel commerce, enterprise portals, intranets, content management, billing and payments, CRMAustin, London, Minsk, Moscow
LuxoftSector expertise includes automotive, finance, energy, healthcare, logistics, media and publishing, telecommunicationsWorldwide locations in the U.S. and many other countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia
ScienceSoftHealthcare, financial services, retail, telecommunicationsMcKinney, TX and Vantaa, Finland
Table: Top 6 Best Software Development Companies | Above list is sorted alphabetically

How Should You Choose Top Software Companies?

While ultimately the decision of what software development company to work with may come down to individual business needs, there are some general things to consider when you narrow down the top software development companies as well.

These considerations include:

How long has the software developer company been in business?

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with newer software companies, often times with more established IT software companies you’re going to have the opportunity to see their results over the long-term, and get references from more clients.

software companies

Image Source: Pexels

Also, software development companies that have been in business longer may have a stronger reputation, just because they’re more known in the software industry.

Another consideration when looking at top software development companies is their level of expertise in certain areas that might be most relevant to your project.

Some software companies are going to have the highest level of expertise in particular areas of development.

When comparing the best software companies, you’ll want to heavily consider their portfolio and client references. You’ll want to speak to quite a few clients, particularly those clients with projects and a scope of work similar to your own.

Think about the work process of top software companies as well. What are the steps they take in the development process? How do they handle and integrate changes and feedback from the client?

Ask top software companies how they deal with long-term maintenance and support as well. You’ll likely need support after the initial software product is developed, and you want to ensure you’re working with a  company that won’t just go off the radar when you need maintenance and support.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Software Development Companies

Below, please find the detailed review of each of the best software development companies We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top software companies to score so well in our selection ranking.

3Pillar Global Review

3Pillar Global is often ranked as one of the top software companies in the world, and they describe themselves as a “product lifecycle management and development company,” operating with the goal of helping clients accelerate their growth.

What this pick for one of the top software development companies does is build software to drive revenue, and an integral focus with this company is on creating technology that is aligned with clients’ business objectives and measurable outcomes. Two of their key areas of focus including optimizing customer experience, and monetizing content or data.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of the Top Software Development Companies

Reasons 3Pillar Global is included on this list of the best software development companies are detailed below.


3Pillar, ranked as one of the top software development companies in the software industry, offers specialization and expertise in a few primary industries. These industries include:

Media and Entertainment:

A lot of the focus here is on the importance of mobile in entertainment, particularly because of increased broadband capabilities and mobile technology

Financial Services:

3Pillar, one of the leading software development services, can work with financial services clients because they understand the always-changing regulatory environment as well as evolving customer demands

Information Services:

Big data is a critical aspect of business in today’s environment, so a lot of the work offered by 3Pillar revolves around the role of big data, and how to maximize it

Health and Wellness:

Finally, 3Pillar Global has clients in the health and wellness industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance IT, and fitness companies

Strategic Engineering

What’s unique about 3Pillar, one of the best software companies, is the fact that they build software that’s as much about strategy as it is about engineering.

They believe in taking a collaborative approach and working with clients as a team.

Their process begins with asking in-depth questions to clients that they can then use to develop solutions, and they promise never to build anything a client doesn’t need. Also part of combining strategy and engineering is the targeting of specific benchmarks and objectives that indicate success for an individual client.

In general, the process undertaken by 3Pillar is built on concepts of agility.

The Process

Software companies with a well-defined development process tend to be most successful when it comes to not just designing the best products, but also meeting client needs and demands.

The process at 3Pillar Global includes the following principles:


During this phase, this software development company creates concepts based on product strategy. This is also the time when testing is done through the use of working software.

Accelerated Development:

Since the approach undertaken by 3Pillar, one of the best software companies, is based on agile principles, their approach includes strategic direction and expert engineering so clients can get to market quickly.


This phase of development is about staying ahead of change. They can help clients remain competitive while ensuring they’re meeting customer needs.

software development company

Image Source: 3Pillar Global

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ELEKS Review

ELEKS is a global provider of software development services that has been working to design, develop and improve software products since 1991.  ELEKS, along with having 25 years of experience in the software industry as a software developer company, also has more than 900 professionals that are part of its team, as well as 4 delivery offices.

These offices include Las Vegas, London, Rzeszow, Poland, and Lviv, Ukraine. ELEKS has also been named a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, and 96% of surveyed customers say they’re happy with the services they receive from ELEKS, one of the top software development companies.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of 2017’s Best Software Development Companies

Below are some of the big reasons ELEKS is included on this list of the top software companies and providers of software development services.

Industry Recognition

Whether it’s general software industry awards or specific project awards, ELEKS has garnered extensive recognition during its long history as one of the top software companies. The following are just a few of the many recent awards and recognitions achieved by this top software development company:

  • ELEKS was part of a Clutch report recognizing excellent Ukrainian software development services companies, particularly based on their record of customer satisfaction.
  • ELEKS was a finalist for the National Outsourcing Association Awards in two categories including ITO project of the year and Outsourcing Provider of the Year.
  • Back2Back, which is a virtual reality game developed by ELEKS was named the People’s Champ Winner in the Experimental category from the Pixel Awards.
  • ELEKS was invited by Google to submit to their Google Creative Sandbox program which highlights breakthrough projects in digital media


As was mentioned at the start of this ranking of the top software companies in the software industry, the provision of ongoing maintenance and support were important consideration, and this is one of many areas of ELEKS excels.

According to ELEKS, some of the products they worked to develop in the 90s are still serving users’ needs because they’re dedicated not just to the development of software, but also maintaining relationships with clients to make sure these products continue to perform the way they need to.

There is a dedicated Support and Maintenance Department that’s part of the ELEKS company, and they create partnerships with clients to deal with even the most challenging of support situations.

Cooperation Models

One of the most essential components of being a successful software development company is to have a standardized development process, while still operating with the understanding that each client is unique in their objectives and needs.

This is another place ELEKS performs well, and their cooperation models were a big consideration when ranking them as one of the best software companies.

Cooperation models have been designed over the years by the ELEKS team to address individual differences in clients, whether they’re a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation. These cooperation models include technology companies, enterprise IT, and corporate innovators.

Intellectsoft Review

Intellectsoft is one of the top software development companies offering customized software solutions, with a team of 228 full-time developers. One of the unique elements about Intellectsoft that landed them on this list of the best software development companies is their longevity in the industry, with a history of more than nine years.

They also have seven offices located in six countries, making them highly accessible. These offices include Palo Alto, London, New York, Oslo, Kiev, and Minsk.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of 2017’s Best Software Development Companies

Key reasons Intellectsoft is included on this list of top software companies are highlighted below.

Commitment to Clients

One of the primary goals of Intellectsoft, in addition to creating the best products, is to make it easy for clients to work with them. With that in mind, they offer the following commitments to all of their clients:

  • They strive to create structure and an orderly process, but no red tape or obstacles when it comes to communication.
  • Security is a top priority, and they understand the stakes.
  • Integrity is critical, so Intellectsoft, one of the best software companies, is committed to honesty and authenticity.
  • Intellectsoft, one of the leading software development companies, has deep and broad expertise.
  • Collaboration is valued, as are the ideas and input of the client.

Mobile Apps

A lot of the focus at Intellectsoft is on mobile application platforms and frameworks, which is one of the most important areas of development right now. This top software development company is equipped to work with a variety of clients, from startups to large enterprises.

Some of the specific areas of focus within the broader category of mobile apps include:

  • Geolocation and Navigation
  • Targeted alerts and notifications
  • Social networking
  • Content management
  • Marketing automation


One of the advantages of working with a well-established software development company like Intellectsoft is that they’ve often had the time to broaden their available services. Intellectsoft offers enterprises and SMBs with full-cycle software development, providing opportunities for growth, maximizing workflow efficiency and scalability.

Their specific services include the following:


There is a belief held by Intellectsoft that progress doesn’t ever stop, so they offer consulting to their clients so they can properly strategize and plan their next moves regarding their business and their software. Consulting services are available to clients regardless of their size.

Technology Services:

Intellectsoft, one of the leading computer software companies on this ranking of top software companies, takes an agile approach to software development from modeling and mapping to engineering.

Product services:

Intellectsoft is unique from many other IT software companies and software development companies because they specialize in all stages of development, from product concepts to marketing.

Other areas of services include full-cycle process services, quality assurance, and as mentioned above,  mobile app development.

Itransition Review

A US-based software development company, Itransition works to help clients in the creation of innovative solutions that allow them to grow their businesses. Itransition is a large software development company, which was an important factor when creating this ranking of the top software development companies.

Itransition, which was founded in 1998, employs more than 1,300 IT professionals, ensuring they’re well-equipped to handle projects of any size and scope. Itransition delivers innovative software development services to clients ranging from small business to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of the Best Software Development Companies

Details of Itransition, ranked as one of the top software companies in the software industry, are cited below.

Quick Start

One of the primary reasons Itransition is part of this ranking of the top software development companies in the software industry is because they strive to not only produce great work but also to do it in a way that’s fast and convenient for the client.

As part of that, they offer something called Quick Start, which is a simple, expedient process for new clients to get started.

The Quick Start process involves submitting a project request using a fast contact form. Then, Itransition’s team contacts the potential client to clarify any project requirements, and next clients receive a free, non-binding proposal or bid that they can review.

software development services

Image Source: Itransition


Itransitioin offers one of the most extensive services lists of any of the software companies even on this ranking of the best software companies and leading IT software companies. These services include the following:

  • Technology consulting
  • Software prototyping
  • Custom software development
  • Software product development
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Application security
  • Virtualization management
  • Software QA and testing
  • Maintenance and support
  • Dedicated development centers

They offer solutions including B2B and B2C commerce, enterprise portals and intranets, content management, customer relationship management and more.


The ultimate goal at Itransition is to deliver clients with results-driven software. Itransition has nearly two decades of experience as one of the leading IT software companies and computer software companies, and they have a comprehensive understanding of not only the needs of businesses but also overall market trends. This is paired with robust technology-based expertise and best practices within the software industry.

Objectives of software delivered by Itransition include more efficiency, better ROI cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation.

The team of Itransition is made up of multi-disciplinary developers, and they are flexible in how they are equipped to meet the needs of clients.

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Luxoft Review

Innovation powered by creativity is the motto of Luxoft, ranked as one of the top software companies on this list of the leading software development companies. This software developer company is based in New York City but has offices all over the world. The work of this software developer company focuses on finance, automatic and digital transformation.

Other sectors where Luxoft specializes include agriculture and food, energy, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing media and publishing, retail, technology, telecommunications, and travel and hospitality.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of the Best Software Development Companies

Advantages of Luxoft leading to its inclusion on this ranking of the top computer software companies and the best software companies are detailed below.

Modern Project Management

Luxoft offers something they describe as “project management for the digital age.”

What this means is that Luxoft, as one facet of this software development company business, features project management processes that can be used by clients for personalized automation. Luxoft has the resources and tools necessary to built an enterprise-ready Project Management Office platform.

This can be created thanks to the broad experiences of more than 700 agile process management coaches and more than 100 Scrum masters that are part of the Luxoft team.

Solutions are highly integrated and scalable, and Luxoft can create platforms starting with architecture all the way through training and support.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is changing the way even small businesses operate, and Luxoft specializes in this area as well. Luxoft has the Internet of Things Center of Expertise, which is designed to help clients compete in the modern digital world.

Luxoft can offer end-to-end services, whether a client is just starting to enter the Internet of Things, or has already defined the scope and requirements of their project.

Specific components of the Internet of Things services offered by Luxoft include:

  • Data capture
  • Real-time insight
  • Operational intelligence

Upgrades and Evergreening

Luxoft is a software development company that understands the need for platform maintenance and updating after a system is implemented. One of their defined areas of services is dedicated to upgrades and evergreening.

This means that Luxoft can work to ensure client’s systems are always running at the latest version release.

The processes that are part of the upgrades and evergreening include a program of updates, managed testing, data cleansing, performance optimization and vendor management. Using this program will help clients enjoy mitigated risk and limited requirements for large system upgrades.

ScienceSoft Review

ScienceSoft is an expert software development company offering sector-driven focus and full-cycle development services for the web, desktop, and mobile. The team of ScienceSoft includes more than 450 experts, and in 2014 this pick for one of the top software companies was recognized with the Fastest Growing Company Award from Ernst & Young.

Partners of ScienceSoft include the Microsoft Partner Network, IBM, Oracle Partner Network and Open Text Partner. The headquarters of ScienceSoft is in McKinney, Texas, and potential new clients can visit this software development company’s website to submit a request for a complimentary project quote.

Key Factors That Led To Our Ranking of This As One of the Best Software Development Companies

Primary reasons ScienceSoft is part of this ranking of the top software development companies are highlighted below.

Development Process

ScienceSoft has 27 years of experience in the software industry as one of the leading software development companies. In that time they have honed a development process that is always focused on the client and their unique business.

There are actually two methodologies that may be undertaken by the team of ScienceSoft, depending upon the project.

The first methodology is for those clients that want efficiency and want to be hands-off with the project, and it’s called the Waterfall Approach.

For clients who want something more collaborative and in-depth, ScienceSoft offers the Agile Approach, which includes built-in time for making additions and changes, as well as options for discussing and assessing progress.

top software companies

Image Source: ScienceSoft


While efficiency and expediency are emphasized at ScienceSoft, one of the best software companies on this ranking of top software development companies, quality is never sacrificed.

The team of ScienceSoft is made up of certified experts, specialists and the most highly talented developers who bring to the table a combination of experience, technical knowledge, and industry expertise.

Competence is always a top priority over speed, and 50% of ScienceSoft developers are Seniors and Leads. The result is an excellent foundation for scalability and expansion, an excellent user interface and a product free of performance problems.


ScienceSoft, throughout their years as one of the leading software companies, has made it their mission to provide not only the utmost in quality but also access to leading-edge technologies. The team of ScienceSoft says they have mastered all levels of software complexity, allowing them to provide the best possible solutions on technologies including:

  • Back end and desktop:.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, C++
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Software Development Companies

Businesses, from small, local businesses to large enterprises, are increasingly finding the need to work with software companies. A software development company or software development services provider can help clients build customized software solutions that will allow them to outperform their competition, expand their client base, improve productivity, and remain innovative and modern regardless of external forces.

When deciding on the best software companies to include on this ranking of the top software companies, important factors included:

  • How long each of the top software companies had been in the software industry. Most of the names on this ranking of the top software development companies have a decade or more of experience.
  • Whether or not the named top software companies have earned awards or recognition.
  • The best software companies on this ranking of top software development companies often have a wide variety of sector and technological expertise.
  • All of the top software companies included in this ranking of the best software companies also each have offices located around the world, for accessibility and convenience.

These are just a few of the essential criteria used in the ranking of software companies to include on this review of the top software companies.

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