Fast Shipping around the World: A 2017 Guide to the Best Shipping Companies

Does the shirt you ordered online last week fit awkwardly? Maybe the dog bed you ordered for Fido is lacking the support he needs for his arthritic hips. Making returns for online purchases and sending goods around the world requires most consumers to set foot inside of a shipping company at least a few times a year.

Do you know which companies offer the best shipping services in the industry?

From the local post office up the street to the large parcel delivery companies that most consumers will recognize, there are several brands vying for a spot as one of the best shipping companies. Consumers have to be aware of what shipping companies have to offer as well as their rates and reliability.

Best Shipping Companies in the World

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Shipping Companies in the World

While most people aren’t overjoyed at the prospect of waiting in line to set their shipping services in motion, they do want to be sure they get the best shipping. AdvisoryHQ is here with our 2017 guide to the top shipping companies that consumers have come to know and trust.

Our ranking will help you to determine which of the largest shipping companies around the world can reliably get your packages where they need to go.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Shipping Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the companies below to go directly to the detailed review section for that shipping company):

Top 6 Best Shipping Companies | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Drop Shipping Companies

Services Offered


Blue Dart
  • Domestic Priority 1030
  • Domestic Priority 1200
  • Critical Express
  • Domestic Priority


  • Shipment tracking
  • Express delivery
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Freight shipping


  • Express options
  • Freight shipping
  • Parcel shipping


Royal Mail
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery GuaranteedTM
  • Royal Mail Signed ForTM First Class
  • Royal Mail Signed ForTM Second Class
  • 1st Class Mail
  • 2nd Class Mail
  • Royal Mail Sameday®


United States Postal Service
  • Priority Mail Express®:
  • Priority Mail®
  • First-Class Mail®:
  • USPS Retail GroundTM
  • Media Mail®

Washington, DC

  • Same Day delivery
  • Next Business Day
  • Two business day delivery
  • Three business day delivery
  • One to five business day delivery


Table: Top 6 Best Drop Shipping Companies | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Tips for Using Shipping Services

As time passes, the volume of items that Americans are shipping via most of the top shipping companies is steadily declining. The United States Postal Service showed that as of 2014, the previous ten years had shown a significant decrease of 26% in the total volume of items sent through their drop shipping companies.

For many consumers, drop shipping companies and parcel delivery companies are still a necessary evil. Whether you’re sending a care package to your kid in college or making a return for an order you made online, the top shipping companies are the best method of getting your goods from point A to point B.

What do you need to know about the best shipping companies that could save you money on your next shipping services?

First, the best shipping companies may vary based on what you plan to send. For example, some items may be able to be sent via media mail at the United States Postal Service. While this is a rather slow option on the list of delivery services, it can certainly be the most cost-effective way to ship items.


Image Source: Sharktankblog

You may also want to consider purchasing your own scale to estimate shipping costs in advance. Many of the top shipping companies will allow you to figure your own price, print shipping labels from home, and simply drop packages off at a local pickup center.

If you’re working on finding drop shipping companies for your business that sends a high volume, contact the company to see if you can negotiate a volume rate. Some are willing to negotiate a fee based on the volume of shipping services that you will need.

Be sure to keep track of how expensive standard shipping and other commonly used shipping services are with any company you use. Businesses need to keep an accurate log of what their parcel delivery companies are charging them so they don’t underestimate shipping fees to their customers.  

Consumers who really want to save money should consider recycling old packaging instead of purchasing new at the retail locations of these drop shipping companies. Most will offer the convenience of purchasing new boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap right in the lobby. By already having your package boxed up and ready to go, you can spend your shipping money on shipping services instead of materials.

There are plenty of ways that a consumer or a business can save money using the top shipping companies. Whether you want to save a few pennies on a single shipment or really add up the numbers when it comes to volume shipping, these suggestions could keep you from overpaying at the counter of any of these best shipping companies.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Shipping Companies

Below, please find the detailed review of each company on our list of shipping companies. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these top shipping companies to score so high in our selection ranking.

Blue Dart Review

Blue Dart is one of the biggest shipping companies in India, named as the top domestic courier. Some sources would argue that it also happens to be the most popular shipping choice for consumers. Partnering with DHL to help facilitate shipping services, Blue Dart is one of the largest shipping companies in South Asia.

These shipping companies have more than 35,000 locations domestically with 220 countries and territories covered globally. More than 10,000 employees are devoted to ensuring that customers receive the best shipping from their company.

Four of their most popular shipping services are:

  • Domestic Priority 1030: Delivering shipments by 10:30 on the next business day
  • Domestic Priority 1200: Delivering shipment by 12:00 on the next business day
  • Critical Express: Door-to-door service for critical shipments within India (weight limit 32 kg)
  • Domestic Priority: Door-to-door day-definite delivery in country for under 32 kg

These top shipping companies also offer some free services that consumers should consider taking advantage of. Consumers can contact the company to arrange a free pick-up from their location. They can also receive a free computerized proof of delivery confirming the date and time that a recipient receives your package, as well as their name.

Their ShipDartTM function allows these best shipping companies to handle high-volume orders from businesses and e-commerce scenarios as well. They offer a downloadable package to help estimate pricing and other information related to high-volume shipping services.

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DHL Review

DHL is one of the top shipping companies on our ranking that specializes in international delivery services. Whether you need to get your package overseas or receive a package from abroad, the parcel delivery companies from DHL can help to make that happen with ease and reliability.

One of the best things about DHL Shipping is their presence around the globe. Located across more than 200 countries and territories, they offer some of the best shipping as the “most international company in the world.”

These shipping companies feature a number of abilities that consumers have come to expect from drop shipping companies:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Express delivery
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Freight shipping

Many of the costs for their shipping services will vary based on the specific package you desire to send, as well as the geographic location of the drop-off and delivery.

However, they also offer their DHL Express service, a fully traceable and trackable option that allows you to ensure exactly what time your package is delivered. Shippers can choose between having their parcel delivery companies drop off the package before 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., or simply by the end of the next business day.

There are some limits to what you can send through these shipping services:

  • Piece weight limit of 150 pounds (66 pounds for 9:00 a.m. deliveries)
  • Shipment weight limit of 2,200 pounds (660 pounds for 9:00 a.m. deliveries)
  • Maximum dimensions of 118.1 x 47.2 x 63 inches (smaller for 9:00 a.m. deliveries)
  • Three redelivery attempts

You can view specific rates based on rate and the zones for shipping on their chart here.

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FedEx Review

The white FedEx trucks are well known throughout the globe as a symbol of one of the best shipping companies in the world. On the Fortune list of World’s Most Admired Companies, FedEx has earned a position just outside of the top ten.

These top shipping companies aren’t just well known within the United States. They can transport your packages around the globe, with locations throughout Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and more. More than 220 countries and territories around the globe are included for delivery and shipping options from FedEx’s drop shipping companies.

They are a great help when it comes to international shipping, as a leading provider for North American customs. Each year, they process roughly seven million customs transactions.

A quick overview of their basic shipping services shows that they can offer parcel shipping with express options, freight shipping, and shipment tracking.

Their FedEx Express or FedEx Ground offers standard shipping that most consumers would come to expect from drop shipping companies. It takes very little time to register for an account that allows you to create a shipment and schedule it for drop-off or pickup.

Rates are easy enough to find online, with their rates tool for creating shipments. Users should be prepared to enter the overall dimensions of their package, its final weight, and the zip codes for the pickup and final destination. Their shipping services cannot tally up the price without all of these critical pieces of information.

They have a weight limit of 150 pounds and insurance available up to $99.

Royal Mail Review

While the United States Postal Service may be one of the biggest shipping companies in America, Royal Mail is one of the biggest shipping companies in the United Kingdom. According to one source, they even were able to post a full-year profit in recent years (2008–2009). While the shipping industry as a whole is on the decline, this is quite an impressive feat.

Their shipping services are split into two main categories: letter and parcel. Within each category, consumers have the option for standard shipping or fast shipping:

  • Royal Mail Special Delivery GuaranteedTM
  • Royal Mail Signed ForTM First Class
  • Royal Mail Signed ForTM Second Class
  • 1st Class Mail
  • 2nd Class Mail

Their standard shipping for parcels is much the same, with the major difference being the Royal Mail Sameday®. This is one of the best shipping options from the Royal Mail’s top shipping companies.

Prices for these services range from 55p to £7.25, with custom quotes needed for the fast shipping option of Royal Mail Sameday®.

Of course, Royal Mail wouldn’t be one of the best shipping companies if they could not also offer international letter and parcel shipping services. Prices for these similar shipping services range from £3.35 (international economy or standard shipping for parcels) to £8.20 (international tracked and signed for parcels). Letters can be sent abroad for as little as 90p.

These top shipping companies also offer additional shipping services to benefit consumers. Keepsafe allows them to hold your mail while you are out of town for up to 66 days. They also facilitate the purchase of a PO Box®.

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United States Postal Service Review

The United States Postal Service is frequently the most cost-effective way to send a package across the country. Of course, the name is a little deceiving since this United States institution can also facilitate shipping services abroad for packages, letters, and money.

For a list of the most common domestic mail and shipping services offered through this company, you can see below:

  • Priority Mail Express®: Overnight to two days
  • Priority Mail®: One to three days
  • First-Class Mail®: One to three days estimated
  • USPS Retail GroundTM: Two to eight days estimated
  • Media mail®: Two to eight days estimated

Priority Mail Express shipments come standard with insurance for up to $100, while regular mail shipments are typically insured for $50. Additional coverage in amounts up to $5,000 can be added onto any package with their drop shipping companies.

Many of their top shipping services also include free pickup during your normal mail delivery upon request.

Consumers may want to consider the “hold for pickup” option, allowing you to pick up valuable packages at a specific location. This keeps valuable or perishable items from disappearing from your mailbox or spoiling in the summer heat. For additional security, consumers can also request that these top shipping companies get signature confirmation for your package.

In addition to traditional services offered within the shipping industry, the United States Postal Service can also accept passport applications and handle your PO BoxTM.

shipping companies

Image Source: USPS

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UPS Review

When it comes to drop shipping companies, UPS is a leading competitor that is just as popular and well-known as the other top shipping companies on our ranking. Their shipping services are almost similar to those offered by the United States Postal Service, with top choices including:

  • Same Day delivery through UPS Express Critical
  • Next Business Day through UPS Next Day Air (with the possibility of set delivery times)
  • Two business day delivery with Second-Day Air
  • Three business day delivery with Three-Day Select
  • One to five business day delivery with UPS Ground or Ground with Freight

Of course, these top shipping companies also offer volume discounts for businesses that desire to make the most of their shipping services. With the UPS Hundredweight Service, you can create a contract for shipping ranging from one to five business days.

Packages have a maximum weight of 150 pounds and include free tracking. Insurance is available for packages up to $100 but additional coverage can also be purchased.

In addition to package tracking, the drop shipping companies offered though UPS have plenty of add-on services. Arrange for cash on delivery (C.O.D.), customs brokerage, or pickup services for days when you can’t make it into the retail location.

According to their worldwide zone chart, UPS is also known around the globe as one of the best shipping companies. Their shipping industry reaches into countries within Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and more.

UPS shipping services

Image Source: UPS

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Shipping Companies

The best shipping companies around the world make customer service a top priority when it comes to completing shipping services. Whether you need fast shipping or just standard shipping, you can rest assured that you will receive the best shipping quality from any of these top names.

The biggest shipping companies can help to extend their reach across the globe as well as provide plenty of domestic options.

Consumers who are sending packages with these drop shipping companies may want to highly consider estimating the cost through their websites prior to selecting a provider. The cheapest drop shipping companies for this package may be different than they were last time. Different sizes and shapes can yield different results, as can various destinations.

Choose wisely when it comes to these largest shipping companies. Many consumers have a difficult time identifying the differences between the top shipping companies, and rightly so. Most offer the same variety of services with just slightly different names.

Allow sending a package or letter to be less of a hassle next time. Opt for one of these top shipping companies right from the start.

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