Finding Great Resume Examples to Impress a Future Employer

Applying for new positions is a nerve-wracking experience in its own right. The preparation that comes before your paperwork ever lands on their desk can make the entire process seem that much more intimidating.

Most applications should be accompanied by great resume examples to showcase your experience, talents, and skills.

A quick internet search will turn up thousands of professional resume templates, but which one should you use to impress a future employer?

best resume templates

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Resume Templates

The best resume examples are thorough yet simple and allow your work experience to be the primary focus of the document. Job seekers have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting the best resume templates. All they need to do is model their experiences off of the best resume examples they can find.

The question remains as to which template will be the best resume template for your application. AdvisoryHQ wants you to be successful in your next job search, which is why we have listed these great resume examples to help you assemble a polished and professional resume. Make quick work of your next job application by having one of the best resume templates handy.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Resume Templates

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the resume templates below to go directly to the detailed review section for that best resume template):

Top 6 Best Resume Templates | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Professional Resume Samples


Key Attributes

Goldfish Bowl


– Simple and uniquely organized template

– Has a matching cover letter template

Indent Line


– Pop of color helps resume to stand out

– Has a matching cover letter template

Popular Design


– Guides you through how to write a resume

– Gives tips and pre-written examples you can modify

Resume Way Item 110040


– Text-heavy for more detailed descriptions

– Small pops of color and text variation to differentiate your resume from others



– Longer template with two pages

– Lots of room to list core skills and competencies

True Scout


– Uniquely crafted option based on your uploaded resume

– Bright pops of color in a high-resolution PDF

Table: Top 6 Best Professional Resume Templates | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Should You Look for in Professional Resume Templates?

How important is it to have a well-put-together resume in hand when you apply for jobs or head to the office for an interview? There are plenty of statistics that indicate your resume and CV are seriously underestimated when it comes to their importance.

According to one source, one in five recruiters will reject hopeful applicants before they even finish reading their best resume sample.

The average resume is reviewed for an average of just over three minutes, with the first minute making the largest impression.

professional resume templates

Image Source: Undercover Recruiter

What do recruiters indicate are the most crucial aspects of professional resume samples?

First, you should be professional enough to eliminate spelling and grammar errors from within your document. As you’re looking at some of the best resume examples, you’ll notice that everything is polished and checked over prior to calling it complete. The best CV samples are typically on the short side of things, so it doesn’t require much time to edit your documents as thoroughly as you need to.

Second, keep in mind that you don’t want professional resume templates that are too busy. Focus more on the content of your best resume examples and clear organization of thoughts than you do on the overall design.

Make the content within your perfect resume examples as unique but pertinent as possible. Avoid clichéd answers and skills that would be expected of any employee (such as being hard-working). Keep your technical skills and experience front and center with any of these best resume templates.

Experts also recommend making slight modifications to your resume based on the specific job you’re applying for. Instead of handing out one generic sheet of paper to each potential employer, modify your keywords and skills to suit the tasks listed in the potential job description.

Overall, you should be keeping an eye out for professional resume templates that:

  • Are easy to read and follow
  • Have a simple and clean design
  • Focus on your skills rather than your personality
  • Have proper spelling and grammar
  • Stick to the recommended length of one page for resumes

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Resume Templates

Below, please find the detailed review of each template on our list of professional resume templates. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these best resume examples to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Goldfish Bowl Review

One top example of simplistic yet professional resume templates is the Goldfish Bowl from Hloom. These professional resume samples are best described as “simple” and “transparent” for the easy way that future employers will be able to scan your history and achievements.

Consumers searching for the perfect resume examples will love the unique organization of this polished piece. Designed to condense all of your accomplishments down to a single page, the Goldfish Bowl highlights key attributes that you want employers to see:

  • Work history
  • Awards
  • Skills
  • Education

Broken down into these easily-digestible sections, these good resume templates from Hloom make it incredibly easy for potential candidates to honestly share what makes them right for the job.

Filling in headers and entering dates is easy when you’re using these good resume templates. Crafting a resume on your own can lead to confusing issues with spacing and centering, but the Goldfish Bowl does it all for you. These excellent job resume examples make your life significantly easier. 

If you are also in need of the best CV samples, there is a matching template for a Goldfish Bowl cover letter as well. Both good resume templates are free.

Indent Line Review

Much like the Goldfish Bowl, the Indent Line template from Hloom features polished professional resume templates that pop in comparison to competition. This design is relatively clean, but it can stand out with a pop of color to highlight your triumphs.

Indent Line resume template from Hloom

Image Source: Hloom.com

Consider that many of the best resume examples are found only in black and white. As a result, the subtle blue lines on this resume template will make your best resume sample far more memorable.

Not only does the color allow these unique best resume examples to pop, the colored lines also serve to highlight your experiences. By indenting just slightly, your headings and overall experience categories will stand out all the more. This makes the Indent Line template one of the best resume templates for those who want to catch an employer’s eye quickly with their fields of expertise.

Take note of the wording that is available on these best resume templates to structure your own descriptions. Pay attention to which ones use active verbs. In these options, you’ll find that the job resume examples use actual English and real-life examples versus filler text.

Like the Goldfish Bowl, the Indent Line template is completely free and consumers can also find a matching CV. If you need the best CV samples alongside your resume, this is an excellent consideration.

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Popular Design Review

The Popular Design template from LiveCareer.com offers a refined and modest aesthetic that allows you to capture all of your previous work experience. If you need one of the best resume examples that encompass your experience without extra frill and flair, this Popular Design is going to be the best resume template for you.

One of the best features of these professional resume templates are the guidelines for entering information. These perfect resume examples even offer hints for limiting the number of skills or experiences you have for each profession. Doing so allows you to stay within the average one-page resume that most employers will be expecting.

Individuals who are lacking the proper words to use can also benefit from the perfect resume examples of descriptions. Select their pre-written statements or modify them slightly to make it work for your industry and the specific job you’re applying for.

The most advantageous feature of the Popular template from LiveCareer.com is the way it walks you through each section. Choose the feature most needed from your best resume examples, and then select your desired position:

  • Student
  • Entry-level
  • Experienced
  • Manager
  • Executive

You can even select the unique career field that applies to that position for additional support in terms of writing responsibilities, experiences, and past job descriptions. The professional resume templates in this section are free and are great for individuals who need a little extra assistance with writing a resume.

Resume Way Item 110040 Review

The Resume Way Item 110040 free template offers a highly polished and refined template that gives one of the best resume examples. You can find a sleek yet subtly colorful scheme that places the emphasis on your experience.

The best resume examples found here are ideal for individuals who do not need any assistance with wording. While some of the best resume templates we reviewed have real text included, the Resume Way 110040 does not feature real-life job descriptions. Instead, you’ll need to consider other job resume examples if you’re struggling to figure out how to word items.

This design is fairly text-heavy instead of the more streamlined sections in some of the best resume examples. However, the pops of color and variations in the text make it easy to read and allow it to stand out in a sea of black and white resumes.

resumeway free resume template

Image Source: ResumeWay.com

The template itself costs $9.95 for unlimited downloads and $49.95 for downloads and editing. Consider that this template is fully customizable after purchase. All you will need to do is to delete the filler text in each section to add your own achievements to these professional resume templates.

You will also receive the template for their best CV examples as well.

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Seasoned Review

The Seasoned template from Hloom.com is another example of the top professional resume templates. It allows users to itemize their experiences and skills in an easy-to-read format with polished professionalism.

These best resume templates include all of the key components you would expect from excellent examples. In addition to your basic contact information, you’ll need to include some of these topics:

  • Key competence areas
  • Professional experience
  • Education

One of the major benefits of the Seasoned template is the ability to list many different areas where you are highly skilled. With a two-column layout, you should be able to include up to fourteen brief descriptions of your top skills.

While most professionals do prefer job resume examples to be kept short and sweet, some individuals may not be able to condense highly technical job descriptions and responsibilities.

The Seasoned template takes this situation into account and offers much longer best resume examples. Not including the copyright page (which should be excluded before sending to employers), these professional resume templates take up a full two pages.

These professional resume templates and their best CV examples are free for download from Hloom.com.

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True Scout Review

Loft Resumes features a truly unique service that gives individuals the opportunity to have custom-made resumes based on their professional resume templates. Their True Scout template, featuring an earthy green and highly professional appearance is the priciest of our best resume templates, but it has a lot to offer.

The overall feel to these professional resume templates is “airy and free,” according to the designer from Loft. You’ll have an opportunity to enter your skills, education, technology experience, and job history.

Design plays a huge role in the aesthetic of these professional resume templates. Earthy green makes your titles and headings pop, alongside simple icons to denote the various sections. Shading also allows your work experience to be separated from the rest of your resume visually.

Loft resumes review

Image Source: LoftResumes.com

How does this service work? First, you will need to draft your resume in a separate document and upload it to Loft Resumes. They will take a look at your draft and reformat 100% of the content you provide into the True Scout template.

At the end of this process (usually three business days), you will receive a high-resolution PDF version of your best resume examples with a matching and editable cover letter. For the price, you get one-of-a-kind professional resume templates and access to some of the best CV examples.

The overall cost for this service is $99.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Resume Templates

If it’s been some time since you last put together a well-written summary of your job experiences, it’s time to start looking at some of these best resume examples. By modeling your next resume off of one of these good resume templates, you’re giving yourself an easy professional advantage on your next job application.

Professional resume samples are easy to come by if you know how to identify them. While some of them are completely free to use, others can cost up to $99 depending on the company. Evaluate how often you plan to use these professional resume templates in the future to decide if it is ultimately worth the cost.

The best resume sample is available and waiting for you to add your personal information into its format. With these easy documents and best resume templates in hand, you’ll impress job recruiters during your next interview for a much better shot at that new position.

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