Finding the Best Press Release Sites & Press Release Distribution Services

Knowing the best places to use for press release distribution can mean the difference between mediocre or excellent growth for your organization in 2017. 

You can write stellar press releases, but if they’re not being sent out over the best press release distribution services, then your news won’t be reaching those you need it to.

Finding the press release distribution services that can help you the most can make a big difference to your bottom line, whether you use paid or free press release services.

If you’re interested in press release sites and press release distribution services, but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

In this press release distribution article, we’ll provide an overview of the best press release companies, including paid and free press release websites. We’ll also go over the basics of press release distribution, including specific reasons why using a press release company can significantly boost your visibility online.

Best Press Release Distribution Sites

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Press Release Distribution Services

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that press release distribution service):

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Top 6 Best Press Release Distribution Services| Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Press Release Services

Free Press Release Distribution Available?

Highlighted Features

24/7 Press ReleaseYes

Vast knowledge base & educational content


Professional press release writing services

PR NewswireNo

Vast range of multichannel press release distribution


Free press release services & press release writing tips


Extensive business directory for researching new leads


Affordable pricing structure for expert press release distribution

Table: Top 6 Best Press Release Services | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Differences Between the Types of Press Release Distribution Services

When people are researching for the best paid or free press release website, they will find some key differences between the various press release distribution services.

Specifically, these include the type of press release distribution provided in search engines, trade publications, and general news outlets. Not all press release companies offer the same coverage through their press release distribution services.

In broader terms, press release sites can be split into two general categories for press release distribution service: paid and free press release distribution.

When going with a paid press release service, you’ll typically have more options for getting your news out over industry-specific circuits. 

You will also find that some of the free press release distribution sites may have limited reach, possibly only providing press release service to RSS feeds if you don’t use one of their paid options.

Understanding exactly where your news is sent by press release website is important. In fact, it may be one of the most important deciding factors for which press release distribution option you choose.

Why Companies Use Press Release Distribution Services

Before evaluating your top options for the best press release distribution, it’s important to understand why organizations need to use press release companies and press release distribution services in the first place.

To Get the Widest Reach

One of the main reasons that people choose to use paid or free press release websites is that each press release company has a database of media that they distribute to–usually several hundred or thousand–which ensures your news has the widest reach possible.

Using press release service can also help you reach your audience much quicker, which makes press release distribution an attractive option for many people.

If you’re handling press release distribution on your own, it’s nearly impossible to match the time and efficiency of a press release company. Press release distribution services can reach a wide range of media sources instantaneously, whereas it may take hours or even days for independent press release distribution to reach that same visibility.

Ultimately, using the top free or paid press release distribution outlets can secure the widest reach for a news release in the shortest amount of time.

press release distribution

Image Source: Best Press Release Sites

To Ensure their News is Picked Up

When it comes to press release distribution, formatting and structure is important, and the best press release distribution services can eliminate formatting issues entirely.

Because there is an existing relationship—and often an IT connection—between press release distribution services and multiple media outlets, using one of the best press release distribution services to send out your news can often ensure it is formatted correctly to be picked up instantly by multiple media outlets.

To Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Sending out hundreds of press releases one by one is usually more time intensive than most companies can handle. This is especially true if they are running lean and handling press release distribution with a small staff. 

So, using paid or free press release services can save a lot of time whenever a new press release is sent out.

Most services offer same-day distribution as part of their press release services, so once it’s uploaded, it takes just a few minutes to have a paid or website submit it to hundreds of organizations.

This is a huge cost saver for most organizations whether they’re using free or fee-based or press release distribution.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking Best Press Release Distribution Sites

Below, please find the detailed review of each firm on our list of best press release distribution services. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed each press release website to score so highly in our selection ranking.

24-7 Press Release Review

24-7 Press Release was launched in 2004. The company has a mission to provide their clients with the most excellent and cost-effective press release distribution solution available that delivers measurable results.

Their press release services also come with a privacy commitment to never sell or distribute any user information, making 24-7 Press Release a trustworthy press release service to consider.

The company is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its team is headed by cofounders Michael Iwasaki, David Wong, and Philip Louie – all with extensive industry experience as well as experience in the computer and social media industry.

As a best press release distribution service, the company builds brand awareness and works to increase visibility online and on social media for its clients.

24-7 Press Release has a database of more than 30,000 members and has distributed more than 250,000 news releases. Their business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 6 Press Release Distribution Service for 2017

Below are some of the most significant reasons we selected 24-7 Press Release as one of the top press release distribution sites and best press release services.

Flexible Pricing

As a best press release service, this press release distribution firm offers five flexible pricing options. These options range from a free press release distribution trial up to their Mass Media Visibility Package at $389.

The range of price levels is well-distributed from low to high, and provides someone the opportunity to use their press release distribution services, even if on a tight budget.

You can view a handy comparison chart here of the different press release service options. The press release distribution packages include: 

  • Free Limited Trial
  • Visibility BOOST – $49
  • PR Network PLUS – $89
  • Media PRO – $139
  • Mass Media Visibility – $389

One small downside we noted when reviewing their free trial for press release distribution is that the trial is mainly meant as a way to see how their submission interface works; the release is posted only on their site and is not guaranteed to post due to the high volume of submissions.

You are also limited to one press release distribution per day while using the free trial for their press release services.

Although using the free press release service will not distribute news to partners or journalists, it will be discoverable by journalists through the press release distribution page. 

24-7 Press Release a press release site

Source: 24-7 Press Release Distribution Services

Distribution Reach

One notable factor about 24-7 Press Release is that they are one of the best press release distribution services for a wide reach of media outlets.

They provide a 15-page list of multiple media types and a 29-page magazine distribution list that are included in their Integrated Media PRO press release services. Their press release distribution reaches:

  • U.S. newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Television & radio stations
  • Search engines
  • Industry news sites
  • Associated Press (AP.org)
  • Bloggers
  • RSS feeds
  • News widget feeds

The press release distribution to the Associated Press is particularly of benefit because this best press release service reaches USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the AP Exchange.

Great Visibility

24-7 Press Release is an Alexa U.S. top 15,000 website. The ranking is based upon website traffic estimates and browsing behavior, and it means that a site has a high enough regular traffic count to be included in the ranking.

24-7 Press Release averages 100,000 visitors per month of people interested in reading news posted by best press release distribution services.

Knowledge Base & Content

While some of the best press release distribution services will only provide a limited number of helpful tools, 24-7 Press Release has a large knowledge base and tons of helpful content related to press release distribution.

These enhanced press release services are another reason they were chosen for our 2017 ranking of best press release websites. Below are some of the knowledge base and content tools available:

  • Several articles are available that provide tips on press release distribution basics, strategies for distributing content marketing, and how to best reach your target audience.
  • They have a video you can watch that provides you with the basics of promoting your business with press release distribution services and increasing online visibility.
  • You can access downloadable PDF documents that have press release writing tips and information on formatting for best paid or best free press release services.
  • Their exclusive Media Desk is an excellent tool for journalists, editors, researchers, and bloggers to access personalized news features.

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eReleases Review

eReleases was launched in 1998 as a way to meet the press release distribution needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. Since then, it has grown to offer press release distribution services for all sizes of companies.

As a best press release distribution service, they aim to deliver personalized attention and exceptional value to their customers.

The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Founder Mickie Kennedy had experience working in a PR environment before going out on his own to found MEK Enterprises LLC, the parent company of eReleases. He wanted to fill a gap he saw in offering the best press release distribution services for smaller businesses.

Their press release distribution sends releases to more than 4,200 websites, databases, and online services, reaching more than 150,000 journalists

This best press release service submits news through PR Newswire and to their own database of subscribing journalists. Their business hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 am. to 7:00 p.m. EST.  

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 6 Press Release Distribution Service for 2017

Below are primary reasons we selected eReleases to be rated as one of 2017’s top press release distribution firms and best press release services.

Easy-to-Understand Packages

One of the things that drew us to select eReleases in our list of best and free press release websites was the easy-to-understand press release distribution packages. They have three pricing levels to choose from for their press release services, with clearly stated benefits.

You can view a handy comparison chart here of the different options. Their press release distribution packages include: 

  • Buzz Builder™ – $299
  • Newsmaker™ – $399
  • PR Pro™ – $499

They do not have an option for free press release services, but they do offer 30% off for first-time press release distribution customers.

Admittedly, their starting price is a little higher than some other press release distribution services. eReleases explains this in their FAQ section as a result of their higher visibility and customized press release distribution, directly reaching journalists across many different markets and industries.

eReleases best press release distribution services

Source: eReleases Best Press Release Distribution Team

Welcoming Team

Another standout feature of this press release distribution site is their effort to make you feel welcome and connected to their team.

On the About Us page, they display a video that introduces many of their team members, including their founder. Each employee also has an extensive bio that really helps you get to know them and feel connected.

Not all press release distribution sites will have this same type of transparency and make that extra effort to help you feel like you already know who is on the other end of the phone or computer screen.

It’s a nice touch that we can imagine creates a lot of loyal customers for this press release distribution service.


eReleases goes out of their way to make sure anyone looking for the best free or best paid press release distribution has all their questions answered.

Their FAQ section includes over 40 frequently asked questions, including a few answered in video format. Their FAQ covers a wide variety of topics and just about any question you’d want to ask a best press release distribution site.

FAQ Categories include:

  • Our Competitors
  • Choosing eReleases as Your Press Release Distribution Service
  • Press Release Formatting
  • 21st Century PR
  • eRelease Basics
  • Reaching the Media/Your Target Audience
  • Search Engine Optimization

Beyond the FAQ section, they also include “Tough Questions & Straight Answers” on their PR submission page. A few of the answers they provide are to comments such as, “All you press release distribution companies are just the same,” and “If an idea is newsworthy, it will get picked up naturally.”

Press Release Writing Services

The professional press release writing services that they offer is another reason we choose eReleases as one of our best press release distribution firms.

Besides being able to “meet” some of their writers when looking over the About Us page, this best press release distribution service includes multiple examples of their PR writing work. This helps demonstrate what their press release distribution services could do for you before you buy.

They have releases listed in categories such as:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Beauty, Fashion & Cosmetics
  • Books & Authors
  • Consumer Electronics: Mobile Devices
  • Education
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Fitness & Supplemental Health
  • Financial Services
  • Gifts
  • Home & Garden
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Healthcare & Medical products
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets
  • Real Estate
  • Web 2.0/Social Networking

eReleases offers a combined price that allows you to save money when you order a package with writing and press release distribution, which starts at $599.

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PR Newswire Review

PR Newswire is a premier global provider of multimedia platforms and began over 60 years ago as a pioneer in best press release distribution.

The company is part of global media intelligence company Cision and serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. It has 35 offices in 18 countries, including 10 in the U.S.

This best press release distribution service is based in New York City. It offers a combination of the best press release distribution services–including mobile, multimedia, and social media–with newswire services.

They are one of the most well-respected press release distribution services because of their long history and experience in the industry.

PR Newswire has a network that reaches more than 4,500 U.S. websites, and their global network reaches nearly 10,000 website portals and databases. Their business hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 6 Press Release Distribution Service for 2017

Below are some of the most significant reasons we selected PR Newswire as one of the top press release distribution sites and press release companies.

Distribution Channels

One of the reasons that we chose PR Newswire for our top list of paid and free press release services is because they have one of the largest press release distribution networks over multiple media sources.

With over 60 years of experience, this top press release distribution service has built relationships with thousands of journalists and news organizations. As a result, when you use their press release distribution services, you can be assured that your news is going to be widely distributed.

PR Newswire’s multichannel reach includes:

  • 4,500 U.S. websites
  • 170 countries
  • Nearly 3,000 newsrooms
  • Over 550 news content systems
  • Over 180 mobile partnerships
  • Over 2,600 sites that render images
  • More than 2,100 sites that use video
  • Nearly 200 industry-specific social media handles

Affordable Options

Because it is one of the largest and oldest press release distribution services, PR Newswire charges more than some other press release websites. One negative we found was that they do not list their main prices on their site.

We found a reference on Quora.com that mentioned a membership fee is charged and that pricing starting at about $1,500 for a press release. However, they offer some affordable options for smaller budgets, which was an important reason we chose them.

PR Newswire does have an iReach option for web-based press release distribution that is significantly less costly. Options within this best press release distribution service include:

  • SearchReach – $129
  • WebReach – $299
  • WebReach Plus – $399

You can find a listing that includes a comparison chart of all the options here on their site.

Small Business Resources

Another reason we chose PR Newswire for our 2017 listing of top paid and free press release websites was their dedication to small businesses through their PR Toolkit resource.

The PR Toolkit website includes a number of public relations tools and tips to help businesses make the most of their press release distribution services and gain more business.

Some of the helpful features of their PR Toolkit include:

  • Small business articles
  • Tips & advice
  • Diagrams
  • Templates
  • Infographics
  • Press Release Wizard
  • Demos and small business webinars
  • Small business press releases
  • Discounts and special offers

press release distribution services by PR Newswire

Source: PR Newswire Press Release Distribution

Awards and Honors

Simply put, the accolades garnered by this best press release distribution service over the years are impressive.

Their website lists several awards that the company has won since 2011, illustrating that no matter how large they are, they still strive to be the best of the paid or free press release services.

In 2016 alone, this best press release distribution service won the following awards:

  • 2016 Marketo Revvie Awards
  • 2016 Telly Awards
  • 2016 Hermes Creative Awards
  • 2016 AVA Digital Awards

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PRLog Review

PRLog was founded to help all businesses and organizations, ranging from small to large. It is one of the top sites that offers press release distribution for free.

In addition to their free press release services, they also offer other levels of paid press release distribution services for more exposure.

The company is based in Austin, Texas. They do not have information on their site about the founders or owners of the company, but they do have a phone number on their contact page, which is a plus if you want to ask direct questions about their press release distribution process.

PRLog offers free press release services for general search engines, their website, industry, and tag and location based RSS feeds, and they offer a front page placement on their site if your news is released on PRLog before anywhere else.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 6 Press Release Distribution Service for 2017

Below are primary reasons we selected PRLog to be rated as one of 2017’s top press release distribution services and best press release companies.

Distribution Choices

You don’t always get many options when you are looking for the best press release sites; some offer only limited media exposure with no other choices if you want to pay a little to get a wider exposure.

One thing about PRLog that stood out to us was that they offer a wide range choices for press release distribution. This is a big plus for those who would like to add exposure to other news outlets in particular industries—while still getting a reasonable price.

Beyond the free press release services, you can choose from one of the following if you would like a little more exposure:

  • Basic – $25
  • Premium – $49
  • Premium2 – $99
  • Premium Plus – $349

Publisher Tools

PRLog offers a few more helpful tools than most press release distribution companies, which is another reason this website earned a place on our 2017 list.

They have a press release example template with instructions on how to write a press release and an extensive Publisher FAQ that has helpful answers on topics such as how to write a business profile and how to review your press release distribution statistics.

Free RSS/XML news feeds are another of the helpful publisher tools offered by PRLog. Their page allows you to create an RSS feed either for your own reading or one you design to embed on your blog or website.

Experts Directory

The Experts Directory is a unique feature offered to journalists by this best press release distribution company. Journalists can sign up for a free account and have the ability to post a query and let thousands of experts on PRLog answer it for free.

This is a big benefit for both sides, as journalists can do free research on a variety of topics, and the experts that are answering could be quoted as a source.

This feature also helps to foster a sense of community that makes users of the press release distribution site feel connected, making PRLog stand out from other free press release services. 

Easy Navigation

While reviewing top press release websites, our review found that the PRLog site is both fast-loading and easy to navigate. Moving through the press release submission process is also very fluid.

It would be nice if the press release website had a little more color or some images to brighten up the look, but unfortunately, the speed might be slowed if they opted for more graphics.

The choice of speed over style may be off-putting to some, but if you want to submit your news without long waits for pages to load, then this free news release distribution site will be one that you’ll enjoy using.

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PR.com Review

PR.com is a site that was made to do more than just offer the best press release distribution services for free; it also offers a one-stop shop business marketplace for organizations to promote themselves, their goods, and their services.

This press release company is based in Melville, New York, and while they do not include any details on their owners or founders, they have a direct number and address on their contact page for their world headquarters.

PR.com connects their free press release services to general search engines, their own website, some third-party and news websites, and RSS feeds. They also offer some paid press release distribution options for more exposure.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Best Press Release Website for 2017

Below are some key features we used to rate PR.com as one of 2017’s best press release distribution sites and press prelease companies.

Business Directory

PR.com has made a real effort to offer more than just press release distribution for free: their extensive business directory is a great tool for researching business leads or vendors.

Many times when people use press release distribution services, they don’t have the option to take advantage of extra services that can help their business find new customers at no extra cost.

Industry categories in their business directory include:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Business Services
  • Chemicals
  • Computers & Software
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Environment
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Organizations & Institutions
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Retail & Consumer Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Services
  • Wholesale Trade

news release distribution services from PR.com

Source: PR.com Press Release Distribution Companies


Specific press release distribution on mobile or blogger networks often comes at a premium price. PR.com separates itself from other press release distribution services by offering low-cost, effective options for subscribers.

Even their most extensive press release distribution option is only $100, and they have others that cost even less. You can find a full comparison of all press release service options here.

PR.com balances the best press release distribution services with affordability, so you can choose all their advanced options and still stay within a reasonable budget.

Pricing for their four paid press release distribution choices is as follows:

  • $30
  • $50
  • $60
  • $100

Job Search

One feature that we have not often seen anywhere else is a job search tool. Employers can post jobs for free, and job seekers can post their resumes for free.

This feature shows how much those who run PR.com care about the business community and have built their site to offer multiple helpful services beyond being one of the best press release companies.

A handy feature of this tool is that it links to their business directory, so you can search for a specific business while simultaneously checking for posted jobs.

Articles Database

Have you been looking for a way to jumpstart your social media outreach? How about learning more about press release distribution guidelines?

Well, PR.com has articles on both topics in their articles database. While some of the content is a bit outdated, it is another free offering from their “one-stop shop” for business services and press release distribution tools.

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PRWeb Review

PRWeb is a leader in online news distribution. Like PR Newswire, it is also part of the Cision group of companies, but its pricing structure is a little more affordable in comparison.

PRWeb is designed to offer a variety of press release distribution packages to enable all sizes of organizations to reach new audiences with their news.

The company is based in Beltsville, Maryland. They offer 24-hour editorial desk support in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., which is incredibly convenient, especially if you need to send out a late night release for early morning press release distribution.

PRWeb press release distribution services send out your news to 30,000 journalists, thousands of blogs, and many newspapers. They have more than 250,000 subscribers and are one of the world’s most socially-shared press release distribution services.

Key Factors That Enabled This Firm to Rank as a Top 6 Press Release Distribution Service for 2017

Below are primary reasons we selected PRWeb to be rated as one of 2017’s top best press release distribution services and press release companies.

Great Value

PRWeb has an excellent pedigree by being part of the larger Cision company, a leading global media company with international offices throughout Europe and Asia.

This enables them to rely on resources and connections that other best press release distribution websites may not have. As an additional benefit, their press release distribution service comes with an affordable, accessible pricing structure. 

Their pricing is between $99 and $369, depending upon the type of press release distribution that you want. You can view each option below:

free press release websites from PRWeb

Source: PRWeb Resources for Press Release Distribution for Free


If you are looking for a resource library that you can get lost in for hours, then you will want to see the one at PRWeb. Their extensive selection of resources for PR professionals helped them earn a spot on our 2017 list of best press release distribution services.

Whether you are looking for e-marketing strategies or a white paper on how to write a successful news release for paid or free press release websites, they have all that and more.

Here is a sampling of the categories of press release distribution resources through PRWeb:

  • Articles
  • White Papers
  • Webinars & Videos
  • Press Release Ideas
  • How Tos & Tips
  • E-Marketing Strategies
  • PR Strategy

Success Stories

While many press release distribution services will include testimonials to illustrate how they’ve helped others, we found that PRWeb uses a particularly notable system.

The success stories section of this best press release distribution service is not only filled with great personal accounts, but it is also one of the easiest ones to read and navigate that we’ve found.

We also like how they pull a quote with some of the most important features to the top of the success story; you can get the main details without needing to read through the whole page.

Conclusion—Top 6 Best Press Release Distribution Services

We hope that our guide to the 2017 top six press release distribution services has helped you learn more about each of these press release companies.

Choosing the right press release distribution service involves much more than getting your news out to the right media–ultimately, the best press release distribution will have the outreach and policies to make you feel comfortable, confident, and accomplished. 

Whether you are on a tight budget and are looking for the best free press release services or are more interested in getting the largest distribution you can from one of the paid press release distribution services, these six companies should offer you some great options for your PR, along with other business needs.

After you’ve reviewed each of these best press release distribution services, you should have a better idea of what’s most important to you for your news releases and which press release distribution firm you may want to try first.

AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

Reasonable efforts have been made by AdvisoryHQ to present accurate information, however all info is presented without warranty. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Also review each firm’s site for the most updated data, rates and info.

Note: Firms and products, including the one(s) reviewed above, may be AdvisoryHQ's affiliates. Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures.