Finding the Money for Your Dream Home with the Best Online Mortgage Calculator 

Looking for mortgages can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. You’ve saved up over the years, and you finally think you’ve got a big enough down payment to enter the world of homeownership.

But there are so many variables to think about and numbers to mull over. What is a reasonable amount to pay each month toward your mortgage?

How do you ensure you don’t get in over your head? And what combination of APR, down payment, and amortization period is best for your situation? This is where an online mortgage calculator is extremely helpful.

Online Mortgage Calculator

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With an online mortgage calculator you can plug in all of these variables to see what your monthly mortgage payment will look like. And since this is the Internet, there are monthly mortgage calculators, biweekly mortgage calculators, and weekly mortgage calculators that can help you no matter what your payment frequency will be.

A mortgage calculator online may even remind you of factors you forgot to budget for like property taxes. To get started, check out our picks for the top 6 mortgage finance calculators.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Online Mortgage Calculators

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the calculator names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that calculator):

Top 6 Best Mortgage Finance Calculators | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Online
Mortgage Calculators

Frequency (Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly)

Considers Property Taxes?

Considers Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?









Chase Bank




Financial Mentor





All 3







Table: Top 6 Online Mortgage Calculators | Above list is sorted alphabetically

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Detailed Review—Top-Ranking Online Mortgage Calculators

Below, please find the detailed review of each mortgage calculator on our list of the best online mortgage calculators and the best mortgage interest rate calculators. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these mortgage calculator tools to score so high in our selection ranking.

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Bankrate Mortgage Qualification Calculator Review

Getting a mortgage is, by definition, living beyond your means, but that doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss the principle while you are shopping around for home loans.

A comprehensive understanding of your income and spending habits is important for deciding how much you can comfortably pay toward a mortgage each month.

To make things easier for you, there are online mortgage calculators available to help you with the bulk of this work.

Monthly Mortgage Calculator

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Bankrate offers a fantastic mortgage qualification calculator to help aspiring homeowners figure out what they can afford to spend on a mortgage each month. The kinds of mortgages you can afford are not just determined by your income—it’s also determined by how much money you have stashed away to put toward a down payment.

There are other variables that you are required to enter into true mortgage calculators and interest mortgage calculators that are crucial to consider when figuring out what you can afford.

Your credit score is something that will factor into how affordable a house will be. As you will find with some of the monthly mortgage calculators mentioned later in this article, there are online mortgage calculators that advise you to enter your credit score, usually your FICO score.

This is because your FICO score will determine what kinds of interest rates you will be eligible for—something you’ve likely noticed if you have already started playing around with interest mortgage calculators. So your credit score is a variable you should definitely take into consideration when deciding how much you want to borrow for a home and for how long.

The mortgage qualification calculator from Bankrate takes more than just your income into consideration when finding a suitable number for you. The true mortgage calculator asks you to provide the amount of money you receive from other sources of income like investments or alimony.

It also asks for how much you will be paying in real estate taxes, what kind of a down payment you’ll be providing, homeowner’s insurance, your loan term, how many other debt obligations you have (credit card, auto loan), and more.

As you can see, there are many different costs associated with having a mortgage that you may not consider with a simple monthly mortgage calculator or weekly mortgage calculator. This mortgage qualification calculator from Bankrate is a very comprehensive and helpful tool.

Calculator.net Online Mortgage Calculator Review

The online mortgage calculator on Calculator.net provides a simple, user-friendly mortgage calculator tool for consumers who have a solid idea of what their interest rate, down payment, and home value is.

Aspiring homeowners can simply plug in the values into this mortgage calculator online and have a monthly payment spit out for their convenience.

This online mortgage calculator is a rather comprehensive tool, even in its simplicity, and it ensures that all the pesky extra costs are included in the overall calculation. It asks you to input the following information based on if it’s applicable to your situation:

  • Home price
  • Down payment
  • Loan term
  • Interest rate
  • Property taxes
  • Home insurance
  • PMI insurance
  • HOA fees
  • Start date

This online mortgage calculator is less for those who are still in the process of researching and more for those who want to ensure they budget comprehensively and have all their bases covered.

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Chase Bank Monthly Mortgage Calculator Review

Chase Bank offers a monthly mortgage calculator for customers who want to know what their monthly payments will look like with different variables. Aspiring homeowners can use the Chase Bank calculator for mortgages to see what kinds of monthly payment options are available to them based on different combinations of home value and down payment.

Another useful feature of this monthly mortgage calculator is the ability to input what your FICO score is. Naturally, a higher FICO score (credit score) will give you access to better interest rates for your mortgage, and this is something that most interest mortgage calculators do not take into consideration.

The best online mortgage calculators try to give you an estimate that is as close to your expected situation as possible for a variety of factors, and asking you to provide your FICO score is a smart way to do this. Since this is the credit score major banks use, you can know from the beginning whether your FICO score will make you eligible for competitive interest rates based on this mortgage interest rate calculator.

Aside from your FICO score, the monthly mortgage calculator from Chase Bank asks for other necessary details that any functional online mortgage calculator would, including the price of the home, the expected down payment, and the state you are buying in. And you can change the info that you put into this calculator as much as you want in order to view different scenarios.

There is another helpful purpose for including your FICO score in this monthly mortgage calculator. Let’s say you plan to buy a home in the new few years as opposed to in the next few months. This online mortgage calculator doubles as a mortgage qualification calculator, at least in terms of letting you know what kind of rates you will be eligible for.

So if the monthly mortgage calculator tells you that with your current FICO score you are not eligible for great rates, you can play around with the FICO score you put into the online mortgage calculator to see what minimum FICO score and down payment opens you up to the rates you want. Then you can set a goal to improve your credit to reach that FICO score so that you are in a nice position when you eventually do buy a home.

Financial Mentor Biweekly Mortgage Calculator Review

Some homeowners with a mortgage choose to pay their mortgage more frequently than every month. Some choose to pay their mortgage biweekly.

While they are not right for everyone, experts say that opting for an accelerated payment plan can mean long-term savings, since you are putting more energy toward paying off your principal. If you are considering this for your mortgage, a biweekly mortgage calculator can be very helpful.

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator

Image Source: Pixabay

The difficult thing is that many online mortgage calculators are monthly mortgage calculators. Customers who want to find a biweekly mortgage calculator may have a little difficulty finding a mortgage interest rate calculator or any mortgage calculator online that divvies up your home loan on a bi-weekly basis.

Fortunately, we have found the best mortgage calculator tool for those who plan to pay off their mortgage on a bi-weekly basis.

Financial Mentor offers a biweekly mortgage calculator for aspiring homeowners looking for a way to expedite the process of paying off their home. Those who want to pay their mortgage on a bi-weekly basis for the express purpose of paying off their home faster will find a biweekly mortgage calculator tool especially useful.

A biweekly mortgage finance calculator can crunch the numbers, and consumers can then compare those to the numbers they get from a monthly mortgage calculator and see if paying two times a month equals up to savings that justify going to that extra planning trouble.

In fact, Financial Mentor’s biweekly mortgage calculator is designed with this mindset of getting out of debt faster in mind. There is a section that allows people using this mortgage finance calculator to input extra amounts they could add to their payment each month.

This biweekly mortgage calculator tool is also helpful for those who are in the midst of paying off an existing mortgage and would like to explore the potential payoff of switching from monthly payments to biweekly payments.

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Invis Weekly Mortgage Calculator Review

There is a lot of debate surrounding the benefits of weekly mortgage payments. While financial experts agree that switching from monthly payments to biweekly payments can be very helpful, the general opinion seems to be that there is not much to be gained from switching to weekly mortgage payments—the comparative effect of weekly payments versus biweekly payments is not that different. Then again, if you want to check for yourself, you can always crunch the numbers using a weekly mortgage calculator.

There is also the possibility that some people want to do weekly mortgage payments because they get paid weekly, and they can responsibly put the money toward their mortgage before spending on other things. Whatever the reason, Invis offers a weekly mortgage calculator so that interested consumers can see the numbers for themselves.

What’s more, the weekly mortgage calculator can be changed to a monthly mortgage calculator or a biweekly mortgage calculator so that customers can conduct a comparison all in one place.

Instead of searching out a monthly calculator for mortgages or a biweekly mortgage calculator online, consumers can use this true mortgage calculator that allows users to consider all of these payment frequencies with one mortgage finance calculator.

Consumers can use this mortgage interest rate calculator to play around with other variables that will affect their weekly payments. Naturally, you can enter different mortgage amounts into this calculator for mortgages, adjust the amortization period on this weekly mortgage calculator, and even play around with the interest rate you expect to pay using this interest mortgage calculator.

If you are considering a weekly payment schedule, it is especially important to use a mortgage calculator online like this weekly mortgage calculator. Weekly payments are very frequent. If you do not have pre-authorized payments set up, you have to remember to make those payments on time, and if you do have pre-authorized payments set up, you have to make sure the necessary amount is available in your account on the right day each week.

Weekly payments can be helpful if you get paid weekly. You can put money toward your mortgage the minute you get paid. And a weekly mortgage calculator can be helpful for ensuring that you are not setting up mortgage payments that exceed your weekly pay. However, weekly payments can also be a hassle, so use this weekly true mortgage calculator to ensure that it is worth it.

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Mortgage Calculator.org Interest Mortgage Calculator Review

Interest mortgage calculators can be very useful for aspiring homeowners. There are several factors that play into what kind of interest rate you will receive when you apply to borrow money to buy a home. The economy and the current cost of borrowing for the banks is one variable. Another often-discussed variable is your credit score.

The amount of time you want to spend paying the loan also factors into determining your interest rate. A 15-year mortgage will be significantly cheaper than a 30-year mortgage, and there is also the question of fixed rates versus variable rates. Again, an interest mortgage calculator is a very handy tool for comparing all of your options.

MortgageCalculator.org offers a simple mortgage interest rate calculator for those who simply want to compare different interest rates without the bells and whistles of other online mortgage calculators. Customers can find different rates online from different banks and plug them into this interest mortgage calculator.

Those who have great credit and have been preapproved by different lenders can use this interest mortgage calculator to compare the different offers and either make the best choice or leverage one bank to give them a better deal using the offer they’ve been given from another. In this way, mortgage interest rate calculators can be very useful and potential money-savers.

Some consumers may have FICO scores that no amount of interest mortgage calculator fiddling can make acceptable. In this case, instead of locking into a mortgage with an unaffordable interest rate, consider temporarily putting home ownership on hold and doing things to improve your credit.

Consumers can improve their credit by making payments on time and reducing their debt. This way when you go back to looking for a mortgage, the numbers you get from your interest mortgage calculator will be that much better.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Online Mortgage Calculators

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Nowhere is this more true than with mortgages. Using an online mortgage calculator—whether it’s a monthly mortgage calculator, a biweekly mortgage calculator, or a weekly mortgage calculator—can help you move into homeownership confident, prepared, and financially secure.

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