Find the Best Online Job for Career Flexibility and Freedom

The ability to work from home is extremely desirable for many people. Earning an income with the flexibility of online jobs at home can feel more like a dream. Many people are not sure if finding online jobs that pay is even a real possibility.

Fortunately, the dream of legit online jobs is a reality. To help it become a reality in your own life, we have created rankings and reviews of the top six best online jobs.

This guide to great online jobs at home will help you learn the following:

  • How to find online jobs
  • How to apply for online jobs
  • Ways to avoid scams
  • What six of the top online job opportunities are
  • Degrees and skills necessary for these online jobs that pay
  • Average pay for online jobs at home

These best online jobs have a variety of skills needed. Some are entry level, some require a special skill set, and some work best with actual degrees. There is also a range of pay scales.

There is enough of a variety in our list of top online job opportunities that you should be able to find the best online job for you.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Online Jobs at Home

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the best online job names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that best online job):

Top 6 Best Online Jobs | Brief Comparison

Real Online Jobs

Is a 

Degree Necessary?

Skills You Will Need

Average Pay

Data Entry Worker


Computer skills, organization

$9.55 – $16.43

Freelance Writer

No, but it can be helpful

Writing skills, grammar knowledge

$20,356 – $103,944 Annually




$32,470 – $59,880

Social Media Manager


Knowledge of all social media outlets and trends

$34,432 – $56,571

Virtual Assistant


Computer skills, organization

$10.00 – $30.00 Hourly

Web Designer


Knowledge of coding, understanding of how to build websites

$30,107 – $79,722

Table: Top 6 Best Online Job Opportunities | Above list is sorted alphabetically

How to Find Online Jobs

Knowing how to find online jobs is one of the aspects of online job opportunities that is most difficult for those looking for this sort of work.

First, you need to decide if you want to be freelance or employed. All of the best online jobs below have the potential to be either.

Freelancers juggle multiple online jobs at home as their own boss. Employees have typical work positions; they just happen to work remotely with real online jobs.

If you freelance, you can find jobs on online jobs portals such as:

Of course, in the midst of legit online jobs, you will also find scam jobs on these online job portals. Read the section below to learn how to tell the difference.

If you want to be employed with remote online jobs at home, you can find jobs through:

Going through online job postings is a great place to start. Finding the best online jobs also involves traditional methods like cold calling, walking into a business, or looking through want ads.

How to Apply for Online Jobs

Now that you know how to find online jobs, it is important to look at how to apply for online jobs.

online jobs at home

Image Source: Pixabay

Of course, scams are a real concern when looking for online jobs that pay. Here are a few things to keep in mind to find legit online jobs:

  • All real online jobs are free online jobs. Any time online jobs portals have posts asking for investment upfront, it is a scam. Never apply for anything but free online jobs.
  • Never offer up confidential personal information. Your name and email should be expected for even the best online jobs. But if anyone asks for Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, it is probably a scam.
  • Research the company. Take plenty of time to open up a google search for the hiring company. You will quickly see if it is a legit company or not.
  • Pay attention to the pay. Many scam jobs will offer way below minimum wage. Notice the average pay rates in the chart above as a guide.

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Detailed Review – The Best Online Job Opportunities

Below, please find a detailed review of each best online job on our list of legit online jobs. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these online jobs that pay to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Data Entry Worker Review

First up on our list of top online job opportunities is online data entry. This job is essentially identical to data entry at any office, but you can have these online jobs at home.

This best online job is exactly what the name suggests. You will enter data into various computer programs for whatever company you are working for.

Most of the time, these legit online jobs are entry-level positions. This also means it is often the least lucrative of online jobs that pay. But they still offer the flexibility of online jobs at home.

While these are real online jobs, you will have to wade through online job postings on many online jobs portals to avoid scams. (Remember, all real online jobs are free online jobs). But once you find a great employer, this is one of the best online jobs.

Freelance Writer Review

One of the best online jobs over the past few years has continued to gain popularity: freelance writer. With news sources, businesses, and non-profits putting all their information online, somebody has to create that content.

This is the best online job for somebody who is good at:

  • Writing
  • Researching
  • Grammar/spelling
  • Document formatting
  • Reading
  • Editing
  • Blogging/using blogging platforms like WordPress

Though you do not often need a degree, you may find that an English, journalism, or communications degrees may help you land the top online job opportunities.

You can find real online jobs for freelance writing on job boards with online job postings, but you can also try reaching out to companies directly.

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Translator Review

Out of all the online jobs at home on this list, this next best online job has one of the most unique characteristics: you must be bilingual. Offering your translating services for documents is one of the top online job opportunities.

These are legit online jobs that allow you to utilize your multiple languages in a simple fashion. Your employer/client will give you a document in one language and ask you to translate it into another language.

  • Sometimes online job postings for translators ask for small tasks like a blog, medical document, or letter.
  • Sometimes online job postings for translators ask for large tasks like translating a book or curriculum.

This will, of course, affect how much these best online jobs pay. Other things that affect pay include:

  • What languages you know
  • Current demand
  • How fast you are at translating

In some cases, you are not responsible for providing perfectly edited text with these online job opportunities. You will do the translating, and an editor will make sure your document is flawless. However, you should still be able to write in the language well.

Social Media Manager Review

Since so many businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on social media platforms, social media manager are some of the best online jobs this year.

This is one of the most enjoyable online job opportunities for someone who is already in love with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other social media form.

Companies hire out this best online job so somebody can manage all their social media platforms from day to day and include marketing strategies so the posts reach their target audience.

But keep in mind that these online jobs at home are not all play. You will need to learn the following in order to find social media managing online jobs that pay well:

  • Social media trends
  • Marketing techniques
  • Photography
  • Web copy

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Virtual Assistant Review

Next up on our list of best online jobs are virtual assistants. In the same way that people have needed assistants to work alongside them for years, employers are hiring virtual assistants to do the same duties – except they are online job opportunities.

online job opportunities

Image Source: Pixabay

These online jobs at home allow you to do assistant/secretarial work from the comfort of your own home office. Possible duties of this best online job could include:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Emailing
  • Scheduling
  • Booking
  • Ordering
  • Preparing presentations
  • File managing
  • Research
  • Some social media work
  • Blog maintenance
  • Blog commenting

These are options that give even those at entry level the opportunity to work remotely from their computers.

To help make sure the online job postings you are responding to are legit online jobs, do research on the person hiring. Also, simply because this could be entry level does not mean you should ever accept less than minimum wage.

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Web Designer Review

The last of the best online jobs we will be reviewing is a web designer. Anybody who has a website either had to design and develop it themselves, or they hired a web designer.

A web designer creates a website that both looks good and is highly functional for the company and for those who will visit the website. Due to the nature of the work, these are often online jobs at home.

These are technical and creative positions. They often require you to have a degree and to continue with your education as trends evolve, making this one of the more difficult online job opportunities.

There is a 20% projected job growth for this best online job until 2022, however. This means web design are online jobs that pay — and they will continue to do so.

Conclusion – Top 6 Online Jobs at Home

In the process of making the dream of online jobs at home your new reality, you now have the following information:

  • How to find online jobs
  • How to apply for online jobs
  • “All real online jobs are free online jobs” – never pay upfront
  • Online jobs portals to start your search
  • 6 best online job ideas

Take some time to look at online job postings to learn more about specifics of each of these best online jobs. You will have a better idea if it is a good fit for you.

For some of you, you may consider trying to get education or training before embarking on or applying for these online job opportunities. For others, you may be able to dig right into finding the best online job for you.

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