2017 Guide: 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-Year Mortgage Calculators Comparison

When you are looking for the perfect mortgage, you may become overwhelmed by different loan terms, including down payment amounts, fees, interest rates, and length of the mortgage. Add in amortization schedules and early payoff amounts, and you are sure to be left confused and frustrated.

But, did you know that there are several free, online calculators that will help you determine which mortgage will save you money?

This guide will present you with the best information to compare mortgage calculators so you can easily find a mortgage for you. If you’re torn between a 15- or 30-year mortgage, use a 15- vs. 30-year mortgage calculator to compare your current and future costs.

Best Mortgage Comparison Calculators

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Or, use a calculator as both a 10-year mortgage calculator and 20-year mortgage calculator to see what mortgage you can afford.

Some of the calculators in this mortgage calculators comparison review can even be used as mortgage loan payoff calculators so you can see your payments over the life of the loan and understand how much interest you will pay over time.

For a prospective homeowner trying to fit a mortgage into their budget, a 10- or 15-year mortgage calculator can be a life saver, especially if they are torn between two offers.

Prospective homeowners would be wise to search for the best mortgage lenders and offers, and conduct some research, before settling on a loan offer. A mortgage rate comparison calculator can absolutely help in this process.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculators

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the mortgage comparison calculator names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that calculator):

Top 6 Best Compare Mortgage Calculators | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Compare Mortgage Calculators

Length of Mortgage


Number of Mortgages to Compare

Bankrate Loan Comparison Calculator

1 to 30 years

-Loan amount

-Interest rate

-Loan term

-Loan amortization

-Origination and other fees

Up to 3

BizCalcs Mortgage Comparison Calculator

5 to 40 years, in 5-year increments

-Down payment

-Loan term

-Interest rate



-Loan type

-Adjustable type and rate adjustment

-Rate cap

Up to 3

Goodmortgage Compare Two Loans Calculator

10 to 30 years in 5-year increments, plus 40

-Loan amount

-Interest rate

-Loan term

-Number of years to compare loans


Money-Zine Mortgage Comparison Calculator

15-, 20-, and 30-years

-Total home loan amount

-Annual interest rate for 15-, 20-, and 30-year mortgages


Scotiabank Mortgage Comparison Calculator

1 to 30 years

-Mortgage amount

-Payment frequency

-Type of mortgage

-Interest rate



TimeValue Mortgage Comparison Calculator


-Sale price

-Down payment

-Interest rate

-Length of loan

-Additional principal


-Other closing costs

Up to 4

Table: Top 6 Best Compare Mortgage Calculators | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Why Use a 10-, 15-, 20-, or 30-Year Mortgage Calculator to Compare Mortgages?

A regular mortgage calculator is helpful in determining the cost of one mortgage. But, if you are considering more than one mortgage, they are not necessarily efficient. Understanding the significant savings on interest from a shorter loan is easier when you use a 15-year vs 30-year mortgage calculator, for example.

Suppose you are considering three mortgages: a 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year mortgage. You can use a 15-year mortgage calculator, 20-year mortgage calculator, and a 30-year mortgage calculator separately to determine the one that fits your financial goals.

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Image Source: Chris Holder

Or, you can choose compare mortgage calculators, like a 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage calculator, that will compare two or more mortgage terms side-by-side. Some mortgage rate comparison calculators will compare mortgages for 1- to 40-year terms, so you can compare the loan lengths you need.

The best thing about compare mortgage calculators, like a 20-year vs. 10-year mortgage calculator, is that the results are simple to compare. The calculators reviewed in this guide provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your monthly payment, and other information, for each loan.

You can also use some mortgage rate comparison calculators as mortgage early payment calculators if you want to pay additional money each month to pay off your loan faster. 

This mortgage calculators comparison guide will explain the benefits of each calculator and how they can help you determine the best loan with one calculator. 

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Mortgage Calculators Comparison

Below, please find a detailed review of each calculator on our list of mortgage comparison calculators. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these mortgage rate comparison calculators to score so highly in our selection ranking.

Bankrate Loan Comparison Calculator Review

One of the things Bankrate is well-known for is its helpful financial calculators. Bankrate offers a mortgage calculator, best for using for a single loan calculator, like a 10-year mortgage calculator or 20-year mortgage calculator. But, its loan comparison calculator is the best to use for comparing mortgages, such as a 15- vs. 30-year mortgage calculator.  

Bankrate Mortgage Calculator

Image Source: Bankrate

This calculator lets you compare up to three loans, so you can use it as a 10 vs 20 vs 30 year mortgage calculator, for example. The mortgage calculators comparison results will display in the table, as well as on a bar graph showing your monthly payments comparison.

What Is This Calculator Best for?

This mortgage rate comparison calculator provides a simple results display to easily compare up to three loans. It can also be used as a mortgage loan payoff calculator by decreasing the loan term and viewing the resulting monthly payment needed to pay off the loan by that time. You can adjust the loan term between 1 and 40 years to compare a wide range of lengths. 

BizCalcs Mortgage Comparison Calculator Review

BizCalcs Mortgage Comparison Calculator is one of the best for several mortgage calculator comparisons. You can compare up to four loans at once, and the calculator displays your results in real time, so you can easily see the 15-year mortgage calculator or 30-year mortgage calculator changes.

Comparing BizCalcs Mortgage Calculator

Image Source: BizCalcs

What Is This Calculator Best for?

Consider using this calculator as a mortgage early payment calculator. With the results side-by-side, the calculator offers an excellent way to compare four different loan lengths quickly and easily.

As a 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage calculator, for example, you can determine what monthly payment works for you, and if you can afford to pay extra each month to reduce the life of your mortgage.

Goodmortgage Compare Two Loans Calculator Review

Goodmortgage provides an easy-to-use mortgage calculators comparison option with its Compare Two Loans Calculator. Although it is simple, its results are very helpful. This calculator compares the total loan payments, monthly payment amounts, principal and interest, and the ending loan balance and its difference between your two loan options.

Goodmortgage's Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator

Image Source: Goodmortgage

So, if you need a 15- vs. 30-year mortgage calculator comparison, compare the terms on this calculator. The results will help you decide if the shorter-loan term creates a monthly payment that fits within your budget, or if you will need to stick with a longer mortgage loan term.

What Is This Calculator Best for?

If you are looking for an extremely simplified compare mortgage calculators comparison for two loans, the Goodmortgage calculator is a good option. Also, ensure that your loan terms are similar in fees and other terms, since you cannot input a lot of detailed information into this mortgage rate comparison calculator.

You may also use this calculator as a mortgage loan payoff calculator to compare a mortgage with a lower loan term and its monthly payment.

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Money-Zine Mortgage Comparison Calculator Review

The Money-Zine Mortgage Comparison Calculator is specifically designed to be a 30- vs. 20- vs. 15-year mortgage calculator. This mortgage calculators comparison will compare your loan amount according to a 15-, 20-, and 30-year mortgage term.

Money-Zine's 30 Year Mortgage Calculator

Image Source: Money-Zine

You just need to fill in the interest rate for each loan, or leave it the same to use as a mortgage early payment calculator. The compare mortgage calculators result will show your monthly payment, total payment, and total interest for each term.

What Is This Calculator Best for?

If you are specifically looking at mortgages with 15-, 20-, or 30-year terms, this mortgage calculators comparison will provide you with the results you need. You can also use it as a mortgage loan payoff calculator to determine if you can afford the monthly payment for a shorter loan term.

Scotiabank Mortgage Comparison Calculator Review

Scotiabank is a Canadian bank with several mortgage options. Its Mortgage Comparison Calculator can help compare its mortgage options, but it also can help you compare up to two mortgage options from other lenders.

Scotiabank's 15 Year Mortgage Calculator

Scotiabank Mortgage Comparison Calculator

This compare mortgage calculators comparison lets you choose a term between 1 and 30 years for each mortgage. You can also choose your loan amount, payment frequency, and interest rate. To compare mortgages you found on your own, simply leave the “Options” input blank.

What Is This Calculator Best for?

If you are comparing mortgages, or want to pay off a mortgage, in years that are not usual numbers, such as 12 or 26 years, this mortgage rate comparison calculator allows you to do that.

The Scotiabank calculator is also one of the best compare mortgage calculators for its results display on a line graph. You can compare the balance over the years between the two mortgages quickly with the graph. The calculator also displays your monthly payment amounts above the graph for easy comparison.

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TimeValue Mortgage Comparison Calculator Review

TimeValue offers its Mortgage Comparison Calculator to help you compare three loans. The mortgage calculators comparison offers the biggest number of inputs for the most accurate results. You can choose from various terms between 5 and 40 years, add your down payment, input any other fees, choose the loan type, and more.

TimeValue's 20 Year Mortgage Calculator

Image Source: TimeValue

The mortgage rate comparison calculator will give you results in a comparison table, where you will see the differences in monthly payments, taxes, interest, and final balloon payment.    

What Is This Calculator Best for?

This mortgage rate comparison calculator is best for prospective homeowners who want to add the most detail as possible to their calculations. Whether you need a 5-, 10-, or 20-year mortgage calculator, this will provide you with the most accurate result if you have a lot of variables with your mortgages you would like to compare, such as additional fees and taxes. 

Conclusion – Top Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculators

A regular single-mortgage calculator can be helpful to prospective buyers who want to research the cost of a specific loan. However, if you need to compare two or more loans, compare mortgage calculators are the best option.

This mortgage calculators comparison guide presented six of the best calculators to act as comparison calculators, such as a 15- vs. 30-year mortgage calculator. Additionally, if you are looking to determine what you can afford for an early payoff of your loan, these are helpful as mortgage early payment calculators.

Some of the things you should ask yourself to determine the best comparison calculator for your needs are:

  • How many loans will I need to compare?
  • What lengths of loans do I need to compare?
  • Do I need to add a lot of information, or do I need a simple calculator?
  • What kind of results am I looking for, detailed or simplified?

Regardless of the information you need from a mortgage calculators comparison, one of the calculators reviewed in this guide will meet your needs. As you research possible mortgage loan options, use the best calculator for your needs to determine the most cost-effective mortgage to fit within your budget and financial goals.

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