Guide to Finding Marketing Ideas that Work

There is nothing more important for your small or large business than uncovering effective marketing strategies.

The right marketing strategy plan can help to draw in new customers at a reasonable cost and prevent you from needing tons of future campaigns that will bring the same results. What do you need to know about the types of marketing strategies that will work for your business?

There are so many different marketing strategies available to help you create content effectively and draw in customers. Your product or service can likely be sold to consumers through any number of these marketing ideas to create a truly unique and worthwhile brand.

Taking a closer look at a few marketing strategy examples and ideas can help you to come up with a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy plan for your business. AdvisoryHQ is here to help you find the best marketing strategies for your business. We’ve created a list of the top six ways to increase revenue and draw in customers using effective marketing strategies.

Are you ready to uncover just a small portion of your business’s potential? If so, then you’ll want to start understanding the marketing strategy definition and hear these marketing ideas right away.

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Top 6 Best Marketing Strategies | Brief Comparison

Effective Marketing Strategies

How It Works

Why It Works

Answer Key QuestionsProvide answers to frequently asked questions in your advertisements.Providing answers can remove roadblocks to making a purchase or commitment to your company.
Cause MarketingTie your company to a specific nonprofit.Giving back to the community encourages consumers to feel like they are making responsible purchases.
Internet MarketingAdvertise through social media, email, or any other Internet marketing method.Consumers are spending an increased amount of time on their electronic devices.
Keyword ResearchResearch the exact phrases that customers are looking for in your field.Using the same language that customers are using makes your content more easily searchable and mirrors the needs customers have.
Paid AdvertisingCreate a budget specifically for making marketing ideas come to life.Customers are more apt to see marketing that has been put in front of them on the Internet (more costly) or directly in their hands.
StorytellingTell your brand’s story through a character, a history, or some other unique method.You can create an emotional response in your customer that makes them more apt to purchase subconsciously.

Table: Top 6 Best Marketing Ideas | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Marketing Strategy Definition

Before we can get into the specific marketing strategy examples that rank as highly effective, you’ll need a working marketing strategy definition to refer back to occasionally. What do you need to know about this concept to make it work for you?

Finding the best marketing strategies is about more than just creating catchy slogans, graphics, and jingles for your next advertisement. The best marketing campaigns give you a fresh way to connect with your customers and demonstrate to them that your business can provide a specific product or service. The thing that you’re selling has to hold some degree of value to your potential customers.

A sales and marketing strategy aims to sell the value that your product or service offers to your customers.

A marketing strategy plan has more to do with creating a desire for your product within the lives of potential consumers. You have to convince them that what you can offer them is worth the money and time that they will spend on it. The best marketing strategies are designed to do just that, but a great sales and marketing strategy can take a number of different forms.

Sales and marketing strategies work to take your goals and create one comprehensive plan to boost your business. It isn’t about creating numerous advertisements in any form but about making sure that your marketing money is well spent on avenues that are likely to be effective. You have to find the overlap between what your business can offer and your client’s everyday needs compared to what your competitors are able to offer.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Image Source: Tronvig Group

This overlap, as evidenced by the marketing strategy examples above, is what you need to include most heavily in any of the good marketing strategies we’ll highlight in our ranking below.

Each of the plans we include in our detailed review sections will share slightly different marketing strategies when it comes to compelling customers to purchase your product or use your service. You’ll have to do some digging to accurately evaluate what your business can offer and which will be the best marketing strategies for you.

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Answer Key Questions

One of the easiest marketing ideas that you can implement into all of the good marketing strategies is to answer the key questions. No matter what your product or service may be, you will likely encounter customers that have the same questions and concerns over and over again. The easiest way to fuel content for any effective marketing strategies is to answer these questions clearly for consumers.

At their core, the questions you encounter regularly are really asking you one thing: how can your business possibly provide value to me as a consumer? The best marketing strategies know how to transform the answer to this question into some form of effective advertisements. By promoting the answers to key questions, you remove obstacles from a customer’s pathway to purchasing your goods and services.

You can answer key questions within many of the marketing ideas you’ll find from experts:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Direct mailers

This is such a simple marketing strategy plan that many experienced business owners forget to address it. In a recent survey, it was revealed that sales and customer service do not answer the key questions posed by consumers almost 50% of the time.

Best Marketing Campaigns

Image Source: Help Scout

Why It Works

Anytime that a potential customer has a reservation or an outstanding question regarding what value you can provide, something is standing in their way to making a commitment. The best marketing strategies will take advantage of knowing what the obstacles are in order to remove them from the path.

This also works because it can be incorporated into so many different types of marketing strategies. There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating effective marketing strategies using this concept.

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Cause Marketing

If you need a unique marketing strategy plan that is often underutilized, you’ll want to consider cause marketing as your next step. One of the best marketing strategies that can be used, cause marketing marries your business to a specific nonprofit that benefits from customers using your service or purchasing your product.

It’s no secret that consumers make a lot of decisions based on emotional impulses. Now, there are plenty of marketing ideas that can help you to make the most of a few tugs on the heartstrings of your customers. You can utilize some of these best marketing campaigns, gain a wider customer base, and do good in your community at the same time.

Find a nonprofit that you can partner with to help make improvements in your community. Whether you donate a portion of the proceeds or help to put on regular fund-raisers, cause marketing can be a critical component of effective marketing strategies.

Why It Works

Research demonstrates that 33% of customers are more likely to select a brand that they believe does good work somewhere in the community. This plays off a consumer’s underlying beliefs that businesses uphold a responsibility to address key social issues through their practices. As many as 80% of customers hold this belief to be true, so it should definitely be included in your marketing ideas.

Your business provides an additional value to consumers when it can tell them that their money is being well spent. Not only will the receive your product or service, but they will also ensure that their spending power influences positive change in the society that surrounds them.

Internet Marketing

We already know that the Internet has changed our society in profound ways, so it only makes sense that it should also influence our best marketing ideas. One of the key benefits of Internet marketing that qualifies it as a top marketing strategy plan is the flexibility it provides to businesses.

Internet marketing allows you to craft a unique plan for effective marketing strategies based on the customer base you hope to obtain. This allows you to create fresh marketing ideas for each platform you choose to enlist, as each platform can be accompanied by new users you have yet to connect with. Consider all the possibilities of Internet marketing as one of your primary marketing ideas:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Paid advertisements

Your business can choose one of these marketing ideas to come up with a thorough campaign. Select two or three of these best marketing campaigns to craft a strategy that covers several different types of consumers all at one time. Good marketing strategies like this one can help you to create a comprehensive plan with just a few clicks of the mouse and a few minutes spared.

Why It Works

Forrester Research found that by 2016, businesses could expect the Internet to influence more than half of all consumer spending. The internet is a big player in motivating customers to make purchases or to keep up with their friends.

Bear in mind that ecommerce can also encourage repeat customers with automatic emails. By continuing to place your brand in front of consumers in fresh ways and through avenues that they use frequently like social media, you can encourage them to make future purchases as well. Return customers are likely to spend twice what a new customer would spend.

Marketing Strategy Plan

Image Source: Neil Patel

Internet marketing is another of the best marketing strategies that can easily be tied to different marketing strategies simultaneously. Consider pairing cause marketing or key questions with Internet advertisements to boost your brand awareness and convert even more potential customers.

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Keyword Research

If you don’t know what your customers are searching for, how can you figure out how to make the best marketing strategies? Conducting keyword research can help you better understand the minds of potential customers and find highly sought-after niches within your market.

Keyword research has a variety of benefits to business owners who are searching for the best marketing strategies available to them. By knowing the exact phrases that customers are searching for, businesses are able to use these phrases in their effective marketing strategies. This technique is known as search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO.

When your content is search engine–optimized with keywords, your business is likely to present itself higher at the top of the results page. You can research potentially popular keywords using websites like Google AdWords to show you what consumers search for most often.

Why It Works

Keyword research can help your marketing ideas to stay fresh with items that are concerning consumers in the here and now. Your business will know that exact phrases that customers are using to justify and search for a new product or service. This allows you to stay in sync with your customer’s real needs and ensures that they feel heard and understood by your brand.

You can also find what the current popular searches are using tools that analyze trends. Trends and frequent keyword searches can help you create effective marketing strategies that are relevant to consumer concerns quickly.

Paid Advertising

While every business wishes the best marketing strategies would be completely free, there is a lot that can be said for paid advertising opportunities. Plenty of good marketing strategies can be found if your budget is large enough to help fund them. Where should you be looking if your interest is in creating effective marketing strategies around paid advertisements?

Marketing ideas abound with paid advertising, running the gamut from online advertisements to print ads in the newspaper. For a few ideas of ways you can take advantage of paid advertising as part of the best marketing strategies, see the suggestions below:

  • Radio advertisements
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct mailers
  • Search engine advertisements
  • Billboards

There are infinite possibilities for the various types of marketing strategies you can employ when you give yourself a specific budget to make your marketing ideas come to life.

Best Marketing Strategies

Image Source: Best Marketing Ideas

Why It Works

Particularly when it comes to social media campaigns, Nielsen’s found that paid advertisements on Instagram were almost three times more memorable for consumers than other types of online ads. Even advertisements placed on Facebook can be some of the best marketing ideas. Click-through rates are eight to nine times higher than they are for normal web advertisements.

Even direct mail has a great track record with being one of the best marketing ideas. Close to 39% of customers will try a business for the first time because of receiving a piece of mail.

The research clearly supports that paid advertisements have success in gaining consumer attention. The longer you can hold your potential customer’s attention, the better it will be when they have to remember your brand in the future. With the increase in time that customers spend on the Internet, it’s critical to recognize that paid advertisements, especially on the Internet, are likely to be a part of your best marketing strategies.

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Just as in cause marketing, storytelling is one of the most effective marketing strategies because it can elicit an emotional response from potential customers. Research shows that almost 90% of all our decisions are based on subconscious decisions that could be tied to our emotional reactions. Storytelling is a way of captivating your audience, making a meaningful connection, and then using marketing ideas to demonstrate your product’s value.

Storytelling can take several different forms, according to which marketing ideas will work best for your brand. Consider some of the following good marketing strategies when it comes to storytelling:

  • Incorporating and branding a loveable character or mascot
  • Telling the backstory of your company
  • Explaining where a product comes from and how it can benefit someone

By tying your company to a loveable, memorable, or emotional story, you’ll find that it stays in the minds of consumers well past the point where the advertisement ends. A meaningful connection cannot be understated when we consider marketing ideas. It fulfills an “emotional quotient” that hits home with customers who need to feel like your brand can help them in some unique way.

Why It Works

Storytelling can be a captivating form of creating one of the best marketing strategies for your company. There are so many advertisements that flood consumers’ minds each day, but 92% of them prefer to hear a brand’s story over seeing a meaningless advertisement.

You can use this simultaneously with images and videos to make storytelling an even better strategy. Consumers process images at a rate that is 60 times faster than reading a story. Consider all the different ways you can use storytelling to get the message of your brand across with these marketing strategy examples.

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Conclusion—Top 6 Best Marketing Strategies

The right marketing ideas can make a significant difference in the overall development and success of your brand. The best marketing strategies allow you to uniquely express your business while creating some sort of meaningful connection with your potential customers. Ultimately, the most effective marketing strategies are going to accurately and quickly convey the value that you can provide to a consumer.

Our ranking of the best marketing strategies allows you to select which ones you believe will be the most effective for your brand. Several of these marketing ideas can overlap with one another to allow you to create a unique sales and marketing strategy.

No matter what your budget is, who your customers are, or what product you may be selling, a successful business fills a unique need within the community. What value does your company hold for its customers? Uncovering this answer will allow you to come up with the marketing ideas that will work the most efficiently for you.

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