Intro: Finding the Best Learning Apps for Toddlers (10 Best Educational Apps for Toddlers)

Toddler educational apps are a growing industry in today’s modern world. There are so many learning apps for toddlers available. This great supply is not too surprising to parents who see their kids learn how to work a tablet or smartphone before they even learn to read or sometimes talk.

How can you as a parent channel your child’s creativity and interest into pursuits that will benefit them scholastically? Apps for toddlers can serve your child well, preparing him or her with the tools for success in preschool and beyond.

Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

Award Emblem: Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

Many people realize that educational apps for toddlers can be beneficial, but they have no idea where to start looking in the sea of learning apps for toddlers.

Luckily for you, we’ve searched for the best learning apps for toddlers and discovered which are the best toddler educational apps. Your kids will love these apps for toddlers, and as a parent you’ll be thrilled with the skills and love of learning they develop.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

This list is sorted alphabetically (click any of the below names to go directly to the detailed review for that London bankEducational App).

Top 10 Best Educational Apps for Toddlers | 2017 Ranking



Breathe, Think, Do with Sesamehttp://www.sesamestreet.org/
Duckie Deck Collectionhttp://duckiedeck.com/apps/collection
Elmo Loves ABCshttp://www.sesamestreet.org/
Endless Alphabethttp://www.originatorkids.com/?p=564
Endless Numbershttp://www.originatorkids.com/?p=731
Fiete: A Day On A Farmhttp://ahoiii.com/
Learn to Read with Homerhttps://learnwithhomer.com/
Little Fox Music Boxhttp://www.foxandsheep.com/product/little-fox-music-box/
Peekaboo Barnhttp://www.nightanddaystudios.com/peekaboo-barn/
Reading Rainbowhttps://www.readingrainbow.com/
Table: Best Learning Apps for Toddlers | 10 Best Educational Apps for Toddlers | above list is sorted alphabetically

Learn to Read with Homer Review

best learning apps for toddlers

Source:  Learn to Read with Homer from iTunes

The best educational apps for toddlers prepare them for pre-K, where they will be expected to focus their attention and have a grasp on basic skills in reading. When kids are young, they learn to read; when they’re older, they read to learn.

This is why utilizing the best educational apps for toddlers can give your kid a leg up. Learn to Read with Homer is one of the best learning apps for toddlers that contributes to reading literacy. It has been shown to increase early reading scores by 74%.

The Parent’s Choice Award Committee had this to say about Homer: “Often when apps have a great quantity of content, it is at the expense of quality; this app is really the exception.” This is one of the most comprehensive learning apps for toddlers, and it covers early reading, songs, basic information about animals, American presidents, and more.

The learning is effortless for your toddler, as the vibrant illustrations and exceptional animations will engage and entertain them.

The Homer program has been praised by critics as the best learn-to-read program for toddlers. You can try it for 30 days for free through the desktop site or download the free “lite” version through the Apple Store. The extra cost for further packs can definitely be worth the investment!

Endless Alphabet Review

endless alphabet apps for toddlers

Source: Endless Alphabet from iTunes

Are there free educational apps for toddlers that are worth the download? Not only is this one of the best learning apps for toddlers, Endless Alphabet is also a stand-out among free educational apps for toddlers.

There are a few free educational apps for toddlers on the market that give them a solid foundation of learning, and Endless Alphabet makes sure your child has a blast learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary. Each letter of the alphabet is an interactive character with its own activities and personality, making them more memorable for your toddlers.

Reviews for Endless Alphabet on the iTunes Store and Android Store are overwhelmingly positive, as parents share how this is one of the educational apps for toddlers that they are extremely happy with. You can download the app for free, but there are in-app purchases as well if desired.

Peekaboo Barn Review

peekabo barn educational apps for toddlers

Source: Peekaboo Barn from iTunes

Your kids will be sure to love Peekaboo Barn, one of the most engaging learning apps for toddlers available. Inside a cute barn, an animal will make a sound. Your child will try to guess which animal made the sound.

It’s that simple! The entertainment value will not grow old for your kids, even if you start to get tired of the animal noises.

This app not only teaches toddlers the sounds that animals make, but it also helps them learn the names of animals. Older toddlers may even begin to pick up literary skills using apps for toddlers like this one as they see the name of the animal written out. This is one of the best educational apps for toddlers that your kids will enjoy for hours.

Peekaboo Barn is currently available for purchase in the Apple Store and the Android Store.

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Endless Numbers Review

endless numbers best educational apps for toddlers

Source: Endless Alphabet from iTunes

By the team at Originator who created Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader comes one of the best toddler education apps. Free educational apps for toddlers are rarely as creatively designed and well-thought-out as Endless Numbers. This app sets the stage for early numeracy learning with delightful animations and interactive number puzzles.

Each number is an interactive character, similar to how the letters of the alphabet are presented in Endless Alphabet.

Learning apps for toddlers can sometimes stress out your child by enforcing points systems or time limits, but Endless Numbers lets your toddler work at his or her own pace. Download this amazing app through the iTunes Store or the Android Store.

Little Fox Music Box Review

little fox learning apps for toddlers

Source: Little Fox Music Box

Educational apps for toddlers should develop your child in multiple ways.

Toddler education apps that foster your toddler’s creativity like Little Fox Music Box are sure to be a favorite, and this app definitely grows your toddler’s right-brain capabilities. 

Little Fox Music Box is a sing-along songbook with over 100 interactive elements in three songs. Additionally, kids will get a kick out of the “little fox music studio” where they can record their own songs.

This app is available for purchase through the iTunes Store as well as the Android Store.

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Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Review

toddler educational apps

Source: Breathe, Think, Do from Sesame from iTunes

The top educational apps for toddlers teach them the excitement of learning, and such is the case with Breathe, Think, Do from Sesame. But this learning does not have the stereotypical academic focus that some learning apps for toddlers have.

As one of the best educational apps for toddlers, this app will teach your child about problem solving, self-control, planning, and persistence. These skills are beyond just academic—they are emotional skills important to your child’s success in any area of life.

Additionally, this app is free, making it one of the best free educational apps for toddlers. Check out one of the rarer educational apps for toddlers in the Apple or Android Store.

Elmo Loves ABCs Review

elmo loves abc free educational apps for toddlers

Source: Elmo Loves ABCs

The best learning apps for toddlers will help them succeed in preschool, and apps for toddlers that focus on literary skills are important for this reason.

Educational apps for toddlers, such as Elmo Loves ABCs, are a great way to channel the innate curiosity your child has toward learning and understanding the world around them.

This app has songs and videos about the alphabet featuring the beloved character Elmo from Sesame Street. Kids can slide, swipe, and trace their favorite letters as they explore all the app has to offer.

Furthermore, parents can see how their children are doing through the “ABCs Tracker.” One of the best toddler educational apps, you can purchase Elmo Loves ABCs for the iPad or in the Android Store.

Fiete: A Day On A Farm Review

fiete best toddler educational apps

Source: Fiete: A Day On A Farm from iTunes

Apps for toddlers range from simple, one-time games to those that require more long-term consideration. The best educational apps for toddlers can help them learn skills in logical thinking, media literacy, responsibility, and empathy.

One of the best learning apps for toddlers is called “Fiete: A Day On A Farm” where your child explores the farm with Fiete from sunrise to sunset.

The farm chores will be exciting and fun for your kids as they care for animals, tend to crops, and more. Different times of day will have different jobs, and kids will gradually realize that the continuous hard work eventually pays off in the success of the whole farm. Additionally, your child will gradually get a better feeling for the time of day based on the graphics and the tasks to accomplish.

There are fourteen levels of progression for your toddler to complete.

You can find Fiete for purchase in the Apple Store and the Android Store.

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Reading Rainbow Review

reading rainbow top educational apps for toddlers

Source: Reading Rainbow

The name of this app alone may bring back memories from parents who loved the original television program. Thankfully, the transition to this format as one of the best educational apps for toddlers has been very successful. Your children will follow the beloved storyteller LeVar Burton on a fun and fantastical journey through an ever-growing interactive library of digital books.

Children can choose between the “Read to Me” and “Read by Myself” functions for each of over 500 quality children’s books.

This provides a great transition for your kids between being read to and learning to read themselves, making it great for younger toddlers through kindergarteners. The iTunes Store and Android Store both offer this literacy tool and expansive digital library that is one of the best learning apps for toddlers for teaching a love of stories.

Duckie Deck Collection Review

duckie deck best learning app for toddlers

Source: Duckie Deck Collection

As far as educational apps for toddlers go, this is one of the best as it touches multiple areas of growth in your child. Duckie Deck Collection teaches kids through role playing. The activities help them develop emotional skills, responsibility, and their vocabularies. There are six games included in this pack, all developed to help your toddlers have fun while learning and developing their hand-eye coordination.

The games included will:

  • encourage picky eaters to sample different fruits and veggies
  • exercise kids’ imagination
  • teach how to take care of pets
  • help kids get used to darkness
  • show the value of keeping a tidy home
  • practice visual matching skills

You can purchase this app through the iTunes Store and Android Store.

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Final Considerations

Of course, there are many other toddler education apps out there. But we believe these are some of the best toddler education apps. The best learning apps for toddlers are an important inclusion in the personal instruction of your child. These are some of the best learning apps for toddlers that will make your toddler grow in literacy, numeracy, musical ability, and emotional maturity.

Educational apps for toddlers focus their energy and attention in positive ways and teach them that learning is fun. It is important to have toddler educational apps that will teach them basic skills in ways you might not have thought of before.

But if you’re looking for toddler education apps as an excuse to step out of the picture as a teacher to your child, you might want to reconsider. The top educational apps for toddlers are much more successful in conjunction with parental involvement, supporting curriculum, and vast amounts of free play that doesn’t involve screens (and if it involves trees and sunshine, all the better!).

Overall, however, using the top educational apps for toddlers to help your child grow can contribute to their overall success in the future.

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