Introduction: The Top Jobs for Business Majors on the Market Today

The job market in today’s world in increasingly competitive. Getting a head start on the competition begins by getting a quality education. The best business majors are some of the top degrees to help people get a foot in the door for the top jobs out there.

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will look at how the top business majors can best prepare you for careers with a business degree. We will begin by explaining how you can know which jobs you can get with a business degree. Next, we offer a comparative table of the top six careers with a business degree.

In our FAQ section, we look at which companies are offering jobs for business majors as well as what features to be on the lookout for when searching for jobs with a business degree. Lastly, we offer a complete overview of the six top careers for business majors.

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How Do You Know Which Jobs You Can Get with a Business Degree?

As you near your high school graduation, chances are that you have received hundreds of informational mailings from universities detailing the different degrees that they offer. Schools that offer the best business majors most likely also explain how those top business majors can lead you into a number of the highest paying business degrees jobs.

Since our economy is constantly changing, the jobs for business majors that are available are also changing. One of the best ways to gauge what types of business degree jobs are currently available is through looking over the different job search websites.

Since so many people are finding jobs through the internet, websites like,, and can help you find the top business major jobs. These websites don’t simply think up which jobs might be best fitted for the best business majors. Rather, they accumulate the data from the different jobs for business majors posted on their website.

Since companies who are hiring for business major jobs often list the educational requirements for the employment options that they offer, these job search websites can stay updated on which business degree jobs are most available at any given moment. is one of the leading job search websites. Though they offer advice on the highest paying business majors out there, they also mention that in order to find quality careers with a business degree, “the key is focusing your education while you’re in school—and networking both before and after you graduate.”

Instead of simply trusting your college professors or advisor to tell you what jobs with a business degree you can get, it is important that you start networking with leaders in different industries. The best careers with a business degree will be known by people who are currently working at those business degree jobs. In some cases, it’s not so much what you study as who you know that will get you the best business major jobs.

Business Major Jobs

Image Source: YouTube

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Top 6 Best Business Degree Jobs | Brief Comparison

Business Degree Jobs

Mid-Career Average Salary

% of People in the Job with a Business Major Degree

Most Common Type of Business Degree for this Job

Accounting Firm Partner




Bank Examiner




Budget Director




Chief Accounting Officer




Internal Audit Director




Tax Director




Table: Top 6 Business Major Jobs | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Who is Hiring for the Highest Paying Business Degrees?

If you were lucky enough to get a quality internship when you were studying one of the best business majors, you may already have a foot in the door to quality careers for business majors. If, however, you have recently graduated with one of the best business majors, but the jobs for business majors offers aren’t exactly piling in, where else can you search?

Business Degree Jobs

Image Source: Pixabay is another quality job search website. What sets this website apart from the rest, however, is that you can search for jobs by industry. One of the highest paying business majors is accounting, and if you were lucky enough to study this best business major, you can search for accounting-related jobs through this website.

Another major employer offering a number of careers with a business degree is the United States government. USA Jobs is a government-run website with a wealth of information of different government employment options.

You can search specifically for the business degree jobs that are available. Furthermore, this website often directly lists the salary range for the jobs that are offered. If you are looking for jobs you can get with a business degree that pay well, you might want to consider working for old Uncle Sam.

Lastly, if you have been having trouble breaking into the job industry even with one of the supposedly highest paying business degrees, is a great resource to help you find entry-level business major jobs.

You most likely won’t be able to find the best paying jobs for business majors on this website, but it will help you get a foot in the door for future business degree jobs. This website works by linking with over 11,000 career sites around the country.

What to Consider for the Job Market with One of the Best Business Majors

When looking for the highest paying business majors, it is important to think about how the job market is moving. One of the most important aspects of any of the best business majors is that it prepares you for the mobile, tech-driven world in which we live.

Whether it is the most current accounting software or web-based business proposals, much of the business world is going online, and the best jobs for business majors will require you to have a knowledge of that technology.

Furthermore, it is also important to search for business major jobs that allow for opportunity to grow. No one wants to get stuck in careers with a business degree that will keep you behind a basement-level desk for decades.                                                                                                                     

Of the jobs you can get with a business degree, some will not only allow you to quickly climb the company ladder but also allow you to innovate and test your entrepreneurial skills. The business world is constantly changing and expanding, and for people with a sharp mind, there should be plenty of business degree jobs that allow you to find your own way forward.

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Accounting Firm Partner

If you have spent the years at college to get the letters “CPA” after your name, chances are that you have a quality job future ahead of you. According to the AICPA: “Currently there are over 46,000 public accounting firms in the United States ranging in size from small local accounting practice to large international CPA firm.”

Over 82% of all accounting firm partners have a business degree, making this one of the most common business major jobs. Additionally, this is one of the highest paying business degrees with an average mid-career salary of $168,000.

Bank Examiner

Another of the best jobs for business majors is a bank examiner. Unlike other jobs for business majors, a bank examiner usually studies finance, which is another of the best business majors. A bank examiner makes around $117,000 mid-career and also has a number of options to increase his or her pay through promotions. With so many problems in the large banks sector, this is one of the business degree jobs that will only continue to grow. 

Budget Director

Working as a budget director is also another of the best business major jobs. A mid-career salary of $113,000 is significantly higher than the national average. Furthermore, among careers with a business degree, a budget director is one of the few business major jobs where women are reported to be more common than men. Medical, dental, and vision insurance are almost always provided as well, making this one of the best business degree jobs for quality benefits.

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Chief Accounting Officer

Everyone dreams of being able to put the letters “CEO” behind their name. However, a CAO, or chief accounting officer, isn’t a bad substitute. Chief accounting officers are some of the highest paying jobs for business majors with a mid-career salary of $176,000 dollars.

However, if you are lucky enough to get in with a bigger company, you may be able to make much more than that. CAOs are usually in charge of the entire accounting department for their business or institution, making this one of the jobs for business majors with the highest level of responsibility and commitment.

Jobs For Business Majors

Image Source:

Internal Audit Director

An internal audit director makes an average mid-career salary of $140,000, making it another of the quality business major jobs out there. As an internal audit director, you can also have a number of opportunities to increase your income through profit sharing and bonuses, making this one of the top business degree jobs for people looking for incentives to increase their pay.

Tax Director

Lastly, a tax director is another of the top jobs with a business degree. Tax directors make an average mid-career salary of $159,000, making this one of the highest business major jobs.

Additionally, close to ¾ of all tax directors have studied one of the best business majors to best prepare themselves for the work they do.

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Conclusion – Best Business Majors to Prepare You for the Job Market and Your Financial Future

Choosing what to study is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Finding universities that offer the highest paying business majors is an important first step. You will also have to try and network with businesses offering the top business major jobs while you’re in college and stay on top of how the job market is moving.

There are a number of jobs for business majors today, and careers for business majors will allow you a number of different career paths. Furthermore, you should also be able to find a job opportunity that will allow you to either climb the corporate ladder or embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure.

Whether you choose to be an accounting firm partner, a bank examiner, a budget director, a chief accounting officer, an internal audit director, a tax director or any other of the quality business degree jobs out there, you should find yourself well on your way to a solid career.

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