Introduction: Top IT Security Companies for Your Added Safety

Our world is unabashedly driven by all things computers. For better or worse, many of us wake up in the morning in front of a screen and go to bed before a screen as well.

Our work, whether we’re a mechanic, a farmer, or work on the 15th floor of an office building, also is quite dependent on screens.

With computers all around us, finding a quality IT security company should be one of our main priorities.  

Though computers and the Internet have brought with them a wealth of benefits to our lifestyle, they also have come with the added risk. From computer viruses to full-out theft of our most delicate financial information finding and IT security specialist is a necessity for both employers and employees alike.

Best IT Security Companies

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best IT Security Companies

In this brief article, AdvisoryHQ will look at IT security services provided by the top IT security companies on the market. We will begin by explaining what IT security consulting or IT security service is before offering a comparative table of the top features of the top IT security companies.

In our FAQ section we explain what services to look for from an IT security specialist and the average price range for each IT security service. Finally, we offer a thorough review of each of the top six best IT security companies so that you can find the best way to keep yourself virtually protected.

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What Is an IT Security Company and IT Security Counseling?

Security is a basic human right. In times past, the police force was usually all a community needed to help enforce certain rules and laws that provided the conditions for the physical security of everyone. If someone was trying to break into your home to steal your possessions, you would call the police, who would come and arrest those intruders.

In today’s world, however, you might log in to your online bank account one day to find that thousands of dollars are suddenly missing. You might receive a bill from your credit card showing hundreds of dollars of purchases that you never made.

The people who stole from you, in these cases, are essentially ghosts who commit their crimes in the cyber world, and your local police chief won’t be much help getting you your money back. This is where an IT security company works to provide a number of important security features for you and your family.

IT security stands for information technology security. According to Wikipedia, IT security, provided by the top IT security companies, helps in “preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording, or destruction of information.

We will look in more detail below at the specific IT security service list provided by IT security companies, but according to the University of Texas, IT security has three main goals: “confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Confidentiality is protecting access to sensitive data from those who don’t have a legitimate need to use it. Integrity is ensuring that information is accurate and reliable and cannot be modified in unexpected ways. The availability of data ensures that is readily available to those who need to use it.”

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best IT Security Companies

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the IT security specialist names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that IT security service):

Top 6 Best IT Security Companies | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best IT Security Companies


Awards and Recognitions

Other Information

CiscoAccess control, malware control, NGFW, intrusion control, and othersN/A1.75-billion-dollar business
Dell SecureWorksOutsourced cloud and managed security servicesManaged Security Services Provider LeaderAcquired by Dell in 2011
IBM SecurityFull array of IT servicesCyber 10’s Fastest Growing IT Security CompanyGenerated 2 billion in revenue in 2015
Palo Alto NetworksFirewalls and Network Security SolutionsMost innovative next generation firewall28,000 customers in 160 countries
RSASecurity operations, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), identity and access management (IAM), fraud prevention, and cybersecurity frameworkMost trustworthy IT security brandFounded in 1982

Table: Top 6 Best IT Security Companies | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What to Look for in an IT Security Company

When it comes to finding quality IT security companies, it is important that you know what you are looking for. If you are worried that your home computer might not be safe from hackers and other types of online frauds, the best thing to do is to find a quality antivirus system. Unless you work from home and have loads of valuable information from a number of clients on your home computer, chances are that you won’t need an IT security company to manage your home computer network.

Simply use a quality operating system and make sure to install updates when they’re available. IT security services, then, are usually best suited for the workplace where companies have lots of valuable information that they want to circulate for their employees, but not allow that information to become available publicly.

Since every company is different and will have its own IT security needs, you and your company should search for the top IT security companies whose IT security consulting services begin with an independent assessment of what IT security service is most needed for your particular company. If an IT security company simply offers you a general package of IT security services, that is usually a sign that you won’t be receiving specialized and customized protection.

IT Security Services

Image Source: Pexels

Furthermore, it is also important to find the best IT security companies that offer IT security services that come with administrative, logical, and physical controls. While some IT security companies may only offer logical IT security services such as firewalls and access control lists, the best IT security companies will offer a more complete IT security package.

Administrative controls are the heart and soul of IT security consulting. These procedures provide the policies and guidelines that will keep your company and your employees safe. The best IT security companies should sit down with the leadership of your company so that, together, you can create a set of administrative controls to form the framework for running your business safely.

Logical controls are the instruments of IT security services. These tools and instruments can include data encryption services, host-based firewalls, network intrusion detection, passwords, and access control lists. The top IT security companies will offer a number of logical controls that can be adapted to your particular needs.

Lastly, the physical controls monitor and control the environment of the work place. These controls can include locked doors, guards, and cameras. While an IT security specialist usually doesn’t directly provide the physical controls, they should offer advice and guidance on how your company can physically restrict access to certain key areas to assure that your information is protected.

Price Range of Quality IT Security Companies

As with any service, the price range of IT security services provided by the top IT security companies will largely depend on the scope of services that you receive. Smaller companies may opt for simpler IT security services, while larger companies may want the entire package provided by the IT security specialist.

If your company only needs help with the installation of basic security software such as virus scanners, desktop firewalls, and the like, then the best IT security companies might not be needed. You should be able to find an independent IT security consultant who would be willing to get your system set up for a couple hundred dollars at most.

If, however, you want a more complete security package or if your company needs to create its own software for a particular, unique threat, the price will go up. If there are no frameworks for a similar software, and the IT security specialist has to develop a new software from nothing, you should expect to spend several thousand dollars.

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Detailed Review—Top Ranking IT Security Companies

Below, please find the detailed review of each IT security consulting company. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these IT security companies to score so high in our selection ranking.

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Cisco Review

Cisco is by far and wide one of the most complete and all-around top IT security companies. They provide pretty much every type of IT security service you can imagine from malware control to intrusion prevention to router and switch security. They are also a growing company with an estimated revenue of close to $200 billion.

Dell Secure Works Review

While Dell is best known as a computer manufacturing company, they have also been active in the IT security world. In 2011 they bought out SecureWorks and changed the name to Dell SecureWorks. This company focuses exclusively on outsourced cloud management and managed security services and is in the process of creating a 24/7 cloud security space.

IBM Security Review

IBM is another historically trusted name in the computer world. IBM Security is one of the best IT security companies out there. They have a large portfolio of services including everything from fraud protection to mobile and network data security. If you are looking for the best all-around IT security specialist, IBM might be the way to go.

Palo Alto Networks Review

Palo Alto Networks is another of the top IT security companies. They are industry leaders in providing next generation firewalls. This company is truly global with close to 30,000 clients in more than 160 different countries, meaning that if you operate outside the United States, Palo Alto Networks has quality experience in working in different environments around the world.

Paloalto Top IT Security Companies

Image Source: Palo Alto Networks

RSA Review

Another of the best IT security companies is RSA. This IT security company offers a wide variety of IT security products for everything from security operations, governance, identity and access management, cyber security frameworks, and fraud protection. RSA also was founded in 1982 making it one of the oldest IT security companies out there.

RSA IT Security Companies

Image Source: RSA

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Root 9B Review

Root 9B is another of the best IT security companies on the market. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, they also have regional offices in Texas, New York, and North Carolina to offer quality national services. They offer a full array of IT services including manned information security.

Conclusion—Best IT Security Services for Peace of Mind

Keeping the confidential information of your business secure and protected is an essential part of running your business successfully. There are numerous cyber threats out there, and the ultra-competitive business world makes it a necessity to find a quality IT security specialist.

The top IT security companies will offer you a number of tools to make sure that your IT security needs are met. From administrative to logical to physical controls, the best IT security services will make sure that you are covered from every angle.

No matter which best IT security company you choose, you’ll be able to rest assured that your company will be well protected.

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