The Highest Paying Business Jobs for International Business

Business jobs have generally been seen as great options for earning nice salaries. But with technology making global business so much more predominant, the rise of international business jobs is offering even more earning potential.

Whether you are looking to find out what the best business jobs are before you enter college, or whether you are looking to switch your career over to one of these top business jobs, keep reading.

We have compiled this year’s ranking of the highest paying business jobs for international-focused work. There are six of these business jobs.

In this list of business jobs, we will tell you:

  • What these highest paid business jobs earn on average
  • How much these top business jobs are expected to grow over the next few years
  • What type of education you would need to land one of the good business jobs
  • What type of work each top business job requires

After you have read through this business jobs list, you should know which might be the best business job opportunity for you if you would like to get involved in international business.

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Best Business Jobs For International Business | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Business Jobs


Annual  Salary

Anticipated Job Growth

International Economist



International Financial Manager



International Management Consultant



International Marketing Manager



International Product Manager



International Trade Specialist



Table: Top 6 Best Highest Paying Business Jobs | Above list is sorted alphabetically

What Are International Business Jobs?

There used to be a time where international business jobs were few and far between – only for the lucky few that could take their management or marketing skills to a large company overseas could have fun business jobs.

But in today’s tech world, more and more companies are expanding globally. This means there are countless opportunities to find top business jobs internationally or business jobs in your home country that involve international communication.

Businesses need help transitioning their model from something that works in the United States to something that works in another country.

Before we show you which of these are the highest paying business jobs, let’s discuss how most of these international business jobs work.

Overseas company: Sometimes a company based in one country will offer top business jobs to those in another countries. Many times, you will have to be comfortable with another language for the best business jobs in that category.

National company: Often, American companies will run offices in foreign countries and allow you to expatriate and take the best business job. Also, some companies may want you to stay in the United States but deal with their foreign accounts due to your knowledge in international business.

Public sector: Private companies are not the only ones offering a list of business jobs like these. For example, working in embassies can be an option. Or consulting with global public organization.

Travel jobs: For a job to be considered international does not mean you will only be in one place at one time. Many good business jobs on the international stage will take you all over the world doing business as you go.

What Qualifies as Highest Paying Business Jobs?

As we take you through the list of business jobs in the international market, we are highlighting them as some of the highest paying business jobs. Let’s compare the salaries of these international business jobs to other business jobs and jobs in general.

  • The average American annual salary is $41,080 for a 40 hour week.
  • The average starting salary of somebody with a bachelor’s degree in business is $52,500.
  • The average starting salary of somebody with an MBA is $64,100.

Here are six of the highest paying business jobs that all have average salaries over $85,000. Four of these business jobs have average salaries over $100,000.

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International Economist

The first top business job on our list of the highest paying international business jobs is an International Economist.

Understanding the ins and outs of even one country’s economy is a complex job for anybody in the world of business jobs.  Regular business economists normally:

  • Research all data having to do with economy that could affect business decisions
  • Analyze the structure of their business
  • Offer their expertise on matters of business decisions to business leaders
  • Make predictions on what the economy will do
  • Design ideas that will combat economic problems
  • Create reports and plans for distributing goods or making fiscal policy
  • Continue to follow the trends of economy to provide information to a business

But since so many companies are going global, they need to keep track of the economics of multiple countries and how it affects their business. This means they offer top business jobs to those who can act as business economists on a global level.

This complexity is why people with these highest paying business jobs make, on average, the second highest salary on our list of best business jobs.

While some of these business jobs may only require a bachelor’s degree, it is more common for them to require a master’s or doctorate. The projected growth of these highest paid business jobs through 2022 is 14%.

International Financial Manager

Next up on our business jobs list is an International Financial Manager. Those with these business jobs are in charge of all finances as related to international buy, sell, or trade. They may also be connected with international banks.

International Business Jobs

Image Source: Pixabay

Here are other duties of somebody with this top business job:

  • Manage the overall international finances of a company
  • Analyze financial data
  • Monitor all financial accounts
  • Create and produce financial goals
  • Oversee company investments
  • Offer expertise on profitability
  • Ensure those financial goals are met, maintained, and eventually surpassed

In many cases, these best business jobs require an MBA as well as some licenses, like the Certified Public Accountant license. At least 5 years of work experience is often necessary, too.

As one of the highest paying business jobs, this field is supposed to grow by 7% between 2014 and 2024.

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International Management Consultant

As we go down this business jobs list, we come to the position of International Management Consultant.

When companies expand globally, they are rarely sure how to deal with their regular business practices in other countries. That is where these international business jobs come in.

Those who hold these best business jobs often do the following:

  • Know all the rules and guidelines for doing business in another country
  • Help companies or firms become successful in other markets globally
  • Analyze all areas of business to help business make the best decisions for their global markets
  • Sometimes specializes in a certain area (like sales) or provide generalized advice

Many times, these highest paying business jobs require at least a master’s in business administration, often with a concentration in international business. In many instances, these top business jobs need some knowledge of another language.

It is anticipated that these business jobs will grow by 14% through 2024.

International Marketing Manager

Essentially, an International Marketing Manager is a top business job that requires similar skills to any other marketing manger position. However, these highest paying business jobs focus on the wide variety of marketing tactics that work in different countries.

Different cultures respond differently to advertising. With this best business job, you can come up with creative plans to reach out to potential customers globally in unique ways.

Those who work in these fun business jobs typically:

  • Create plans for marketing internationally
  • Implement international marketing plans
  • Research and continue to follow the trends of marketing in other countries to provide information to a business

These business jobs often require a bachelor’s degree plus years of experience in international marketing.

As one of the best business jobs, the need for international marketing managers is expected to increase by 9% through 2024.

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International Product Manager

The next best business job on our business jobs list is an International Product Manager.

Business Jobs

Image Source: Pixabay

Anytime a company is creating a product, they need specialists to help them ensure the product’s success. These business jobs are even more important globally, where you will not always be familiar with the culture receiving your product.

This means those with these international business jobs do the following activities:

  • Make sure products are successful globally
  • Estimate how much demand is realistic
  • Research other countries to understand what products work in different areas
  • Manage the production of product for other countries
  • Understand trends, competition, and marketing strategy

Many of these highest paid business jobs require a bachelor’s degree in business at minimum. It is anticipated that these business jobs will grow by 9% through 2024.

International Trade Specialist

An International Trade Specialist is last on our list of business jobs. While this top business job may potentially have the lowest earning potential out of the other best business jobs, it is still one of the highest paid business jobs around.

Since so much of a global business involves importing and exporting, these international business jobs do the following duties:

  • Coordinate all sorts of business decisions that have to do with import and export
  • Offer expertise in foreign regulations, like tariffs
  • Understand and help companies follow trade laws

These good business jobs often require at least a bachelor’s degree as well as years of experience in a related area.

As one of the best business jobs in 2017, the international trade specialist career is supposed to grow by 14% through 2022.

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Conclusion – Best Business Jobs for International Business

Now that you have seen the top highest paying business jobs for international business, you start making some decisions about your own future top business job.

Perhaps one of these international business jobs will encourage you to pursue your business degree with an international focus. Or maybe one of these best business jobs will entice you to change up your career.

Either way, if you are interested in the highest paid business jobs, and even fun business jobs, this is the business jobs list to keep in mind.

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