Intro: Finding & Getting the Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If you’re a parent, you’re probably wondering when the right time is for your child to leave your auto insurance plan and get one of their own.

For some, that time comes when they get their first job, or when they officially graduate high school. Others may need a little extra encouragement to get out on their own and start managing their finances with their own auto insurance policy.

No matter when the time comes, it’s important to find the right young driver insurance to help set new drivers up for success.

Finding car insurance for young drivers can be a tricky process—without a steady driving history, many insurance companies are hesitant to offer competitive prices and enhanced coverage options for a young drivers’ car insurance.

The best car insurance for young drivers will not only offer competitive rates on cheap insurance for young drivers, but also a variety of coverage options and a strong customer support foundation.

Our ranking and review will take a close look at the top insurance companies for young drivers to help you determine which young driver insurance provider is the best fit for your unique needs.

Best Car Insurance For Young Drivers

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 5 Best Insurance Companies for Young Drivers

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the insurance company names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that young driver car insurance).

Top 5 Best Insurance Companies for Young Drivers | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Highlighted Features

EsuranceLoan/lease gap coverage available
GeicoFamily Pricing Program locks in great rates when transferring to a new young driver insurance policy
Liberty MutualWide range of discounts for students and young drivers
ProgressiveSnapshot Program and Name Your Price tool help users find new driver insurance that fits within their budget
State FarmWide range of discounts for students and young drivers

Table: Top 5 Best Insurance Companies for Young Drivers | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Tips for Finding and Getting the Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

The process of finding young driver insurance can be challenging, especially if you are trying to find cheap car insurance for young drivers.

This is because young drivers are often at an automatic disadvantage when it comes to finding insurance—they don’t have a solid driving history, and their inexperience often labels them as “risky” for insurance purposes.

Although the odds may be stacked against young drivers, there are plenty of ways to increase your chances of getting cheap insurance for young drivers.

While looking for car insurance for young drivers, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Consider Parking Your Car Elsewhere

Depending on where you live, this isn’t always an option—but if you can park your car in a garage or a driveway, you’re likely to get better prices on young drivers’ car insurance.

Why does it matter where you park? Finding great car insurance for young drivers is all about managing risk, and parking location plays a big role in that assessment.

Insurance companies for young drivers will see parking in a close, well-lit area as a theft deterrent, minimizing risk and paving the way for cheaper young driver car insurance.

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Take a Defensive Driving Course

Completing a defensive driving course is more than just a way to eliminate points from your license—it can also help you get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

These courses can cost anywhere between $20-$100, but successful completion can have a solid impact on the cost of young drivers’ car insurance.

According to Insurance.com, young drivers between the ages of 16-25 can expect to save around 15 percent each year.

Specific savings will vary depending on each young driver insurance provider and state of residence, so you’ll want to check with each young driver car insurance provider before signing up.

Consider Adding a Second Responsible Driver

While this tactic works for all drivers, it works especially well for getting better rates on young driver insurance.

Since inexperienced drivers are automatically seen as a risk, adding a secondary driver is a good way to help minimize that risk.

To get the best car insurance for young drivers, the secondary driver should have a positive history. They should also be someone that would plausibly use the car, like a nearby relative.

Shop Around

It might be tempting to sign up for the first young driver insurance that you find, but you’ll find the best car insurance for young drivers by shopping around.

Compare quotes from multiple young driver insurance providers to ensure that you are getting the best prices and features with car insurance for young drivers.

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Detailed Review Top Ranking Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Below, please find a detailed review of each insurance provider on our list of best insurance companies for young drivers. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these insurance companies for young drivers to score so high in our selection ranking.

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Esurance Review

Backed by Allstate and with over 5.2 million vehicles insured, Esurance offers “insurance for the modern world.”

With a seamless online and mobile interface, it isn’t hard to see why this insurance provider would be a great choice for young driver insurance.

Esurance offers a ton of different coverage, but their loan/lease gap option makes it a best car insurance for young drivers. Since many young drivers lack the funds to purchase a vehicle outright, it’s a smart idea to include gap coverage on car insurance for young drivers.

With loan/lease gap coverage on their young driver insurance, they won’t have to worry about owing more than the car is worth after an accident.

As a provider of the best car insurance for young drivers, Esurance also provides an impressive array of opportunities for policy discounts. Many of these apply to young drivers’ car insurance, including:

  • Emergency Road Assistance Discount—If you have an emergency road assistance from a provider outside of Esurance (like AAA) you can save up to 5 percent on young driver insurance.
  • Pac-12 Discount—Either attend or be a member of any Pac-12 colleges and get up to 15 percent off your premium.
  • DriveSense Discount—Download the DriveSense mobile app and save 5 percent just for signing up.
  • Good Driver Discount—Hold a valid license for at least three years with a maximum of one penalty point and receive 30-40 percent off.
  • Good Student Discount—Full-time students with an average of 3.0 or better can receive up to 10 percent off.

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Geico Review

With over 75 years of industry experience, Geico is a great source of young driver insurance to consider, especially when transferring from family policies to separate car insurance for young drivers.

When transferring a child onto an individual policy, the Family Pricing Program allows for the new young driver car insurance to receive the same great rates that apply to the family plan.

Rather than searching for cheap car insurance for young drivers, the Family Pricing Program provides automatic, hassle-free rate transfers.

Another huge benefit for young drivers is the award-winning Geico app, available on both iTunes and Google Play. The Geico app makes it easy to manage young driver insurance through a variety of tools and features, including:

  • Digital ID Cards—View, print, and email documents from your phone
  • Roadside Assistance—Schedule help directly from the app
  • Virtual Assistant—Receive immediate answers to any question, 24/7
  • Vehicle Care—See service history, maintenance schedules, recall notifications, and more

Geico young driver insurance

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Liberty Mutual Review

With over 100 years of insurance experience, Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance products, including some of the best car insurance for young drivers.

Part of what makes Liberty Mutual a good choice for young driver insurance is their array of discounts. Many of these provide ways to get cheap car insurance for young drivers, including:

  • Teen Driver Discount—Rewards teenagers for responsible driving
  • Good Student Discount—Applicable for students under age 25 with at least a ‘B’ average
  • New Graduate Discount—Special savings on young driver insurance for new graduates
  • Newly Married Discount—Offers discounts for newlywed couples
  • New Move Discount—Receive discounts for updating your policy with a new address

As one of the top insurance companies for young drivers, Liberty Mutual also provides a host of additional coverage options, including Better Car Replacement, Deductible Fund, and Accident Forgiveness, among others.

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Progressive Review

Insuring over 18 million drivers, Progressive is a top provider of car insurance for young drivers.

For young drivers that are still in school, Progressive offers both a Good Student discount and a Distant Student discount to provide cheap car insurance for young drivers.

If you don’t qualify for either of these discounts, this young driver insurance provider also offers intuitive tools to help users find cheap insurance for young drivers.

Their Snapshot Program offers rates based on usage and driving habits, while the Name Your Price tool allows users to set a budget and see what types of young driver insurance coverage will fit into their budget.

Along with providing some of the best car insurance for young drivers, Progressive also boasts user-friendly interfaces. Drivers can access their young driver car insurance policies online or through their mobile app, which makes account management much easier.

Additionally, Progressive has a great customer service center to discuss car insurance for young drivers, reachable by phone, email, or online chat.

Progressive car insurance for young drivers

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State Farm Review

Ranked as one of Fortune 500’s largest companies, State Farm provides an array of insurance and financial products, including young driver car insurance.

There are plenty of ways for young drivers to benefit from State Farm’s car insurance for young drivers, particularly when looking for cheap insurance for young drivers, including:

  • Good Student Discount—Save up to 25 percent for good grades
  • Student Away at School Discount—Eligible for students that have minimal access to their car
  • Driver Training Discount—Applicable after completing an approved driver education course
  • Discounts for Safe Driving HabitsSteer Clear program and Drive Safe & Save program

Along with cheap car insurance for young drivers, State Farm also focuses on driver education.

Their online library, Simple Insights, has plenty of resources for young drivers that want to learn more about young driver insurance, driving tips, vehicle maintenance, and other related topics.  

Conclusion: Choosing & Getting the Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers

For a young driver, navigating through the process of signing up for—and maintaining—car insurance can be a challenging process.

Luckily, signing up with the best car insurance for young drivers can make the process as seamless as possible.

While you look for cheap car insurance for young drivers, make sure you shop around and weigh your options. Keep in mind that the best car insurance for young drivers will come with plenty of discounts, flexible account management, and varied coverage options.

Whether you are a student or a parent, the list above of car insurance for young drivers can be of great help if you’re looking for the best young driver insurance.

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