2017 Guide: Best Home Security Systems to Keep Your Family & Belongings Secure

We all want to keep our family members and our assets safe. Today, it can be difficult to ensure thorough security without the use of home security products. Home security systems offer comprehensive protection for the things that matter most.

A diverse array of home security systems has recently entered the market. Many modern security systems for home use are wireless home security systems, operating largely on WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

Some home security products use visibility as a deterrent for theft, with large, easily-seen cameras. Other home security systems are stealthier, using a system of smaller, more hidden cameras.

Best Home Security System

Award Emblem: Top 6 Best Home Security Systems

Choosing the best home security system for you will often come down to personal preference. Still, before deciding on the best security system for your household, it’s important to understand what security systems are available and how home security products work.

If you’re just starting to explore the possibility of installing security systems, it can certainly be difficult to pinpoint the best security system for your home.

Even if you have experience with home security methods, the sheer amount of options and add-ons can quickly become overwhelming.

Our review aims to eliminate the confusion and look at the basic components and services that all home security systems should provide. We will also provide expert reviews of the best home security systems currently available.

By using our review as a guide, any homeowner will be well-equipped to find the best home security system for safety, security, and well-being.

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AdvisoryHQ’s List of the Top 6 Best Home Security Systems

List is sorted alphabetically (click any of the home security system names below to go directly to the detailed review section for that home security system):

Top 6 Best Home Security Systems | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Home Security Systems

Installation or Initial Cost

Monthly Fee

Professional or DIY Installation?

Contract Terms





3 years





1-3 years

Nest Cam Indoor





Piper nv





Protect America




3 years





4 or 5 years

Table: Top 6 Best Security Systems For Home Use | Above list is sorted alphabetically

Home Security Systems: Changing the Way We Perceive Home Security

Home security systems can certainly come with a lot of maintenance. False alarms, monthly fees, installation, arming, and disarming a home security system are unavoidable components.

While these components may have been problematic in the past, the typical home security system is evolving.  The best home security systems will make maintenance simple, efficient, and worthwhile.

In fact, an estimated 30% of American homes will have some sort of home security system installed by 2020.

With the expansion of smartphones and portable devices, consumers are demanding more from their home security systems. Compared to the past, there are a few new services that consumers can expect the best home security providers to offer:

  • Wireless home security systems. As technology advances, home security that operates on a wireless connection is becoming more desirable. These home security systems allow for easier set-up, simple mobility, and constant connectivity.
  • Remote access to home fixtures. Many home security systems come with the ability to control various home fixtures as well, like thermostats, lighting, and appliances.
  • Monitoring on web-enabled devices. The best home security systems will now offer remote monitoring, rather than localized video playback. Home security footage can easily be accessed via smartphone or any other web-enabled device.

As consumer demand for advanced security systems for home protection increase, home security systems are constantly evolving and changing the way we look at security systems.

Why Would You Want a Home Security System?

There are many reasons you may want a home security system. Some are obvious, and others are less so. With recent advances in home security systems, the best home security system for your household may fulfill a combination of different needs.

A few common reasons to install home security systems are:

  • To protect valuable items. The best home security system will provide a variety of different ways to protect valuables, including video surveillance and alarms to notify authorities.
  • To deter crime. In some cases, the best home security comes from visible cameras. Often, potential criminals will be deterred by the presence of home security systems.
  • To remotely access & monitor your home. Some of the best home security systems also provide remote access to appliances, thermostats, and lighting inside the home.
  • To decrease homeowner’s insurance. Depending upon your provider, installing home security systems may result in a lowered insurance premium. Often, this offsets the installation cost, making home security much more affordable.
  • To keep an eye on children. For parents, the ability to remotely monitor children is a huge benefit. The best home security systems can even allow for doors to be locked and unlocked remotely, eliminating worry over children losing house keys.
  • To ensure peace of mind. There is no denying that home security systems offer comfort and peace of mind. Whether on vacation, visiting family, or leaving for the workday, knowing that you have the best home security possible can provide invaluable comfort and safety.

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Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best Home Security Systems

Below, please find a detailed review of each product on our list of home security systems. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed these home security products to score so highly in our selection ranking.

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ADT Review

As one of the most recognized names in home security systems, ADT has a strong background and proven record of value. With over 140 years of experience, ADT provides security systems for 8 million households across the U.S. and Canada.

Best Security System

Image source: ADT

Best Security System Features

There are a few unique services that ADT provides that makes them one of the best security system providers. These services include:

​​​​This mobile integration technology allows homeowners to disarm, activate, and access remotely through their phone.

For those who want control over the locks in their home — or for those who are prone to losing keys — ADT remote locks can be accessed through your phone.

  • 24/7 burglary monitoring

Nationwide ADT monitoring centers provide constant surveillance and quick emergency response times.

Some estimate emergency response to be as quick as within 2 minutes. For homeowners who value speed and efficiency, this is one of the best home security system features.

  • Comprehensive security options

ADT offer additional security features beyond burglary, like monitoring for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

Additional Considerations

ADT is one of the most trusted and up-to-date providers of home security systems, so it’s likely that many homeowners can find the best home security system for their needs through ADT.

It’s worth mentioning that finding pricing information for their home security products can be difficult. While pricing information can be found, it comes from an authorized seller, and not directly from ADT.

Homeowners will need to contact ADT directly for a free quote to determine whether ADT is the best home security system for their needs. 

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Frontpoint Review

For homeowners looking for the best security system, Frontpoint is a top contender. Founded in 2007, Frontpoint is admittedly a relatively new provider of security systems.

Despite their recent emergence, home security systems through Frontpoint are regularly competing alongside giant, well-established providers like ADT for the best home security system.

Frontpoint Best Home Security Systems

Frontpoint – Wireless Security

Best Security System Features

Frontpoint has a wide range of benefits for homeowners, and the following features have put them on the list of best home security systems:

  • Wireless operation. Frontpoint offers wireless home security systems, which is a huge benefit when setting up home security systems on your own.

Without wires or the need to drill holes, equipment can be installed without damaging the home, and can easily be transferred or relocated.

  • Comprehensive security options. Regardless of pricing, all Frontpoint home security plans come with Intrusion Protection, Environmental Protection, Fire Protection, Life Protection, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

For homeowners who want variety, Frontpoint offers the coverage.

  • Free mobile app access. Since Frontpoint exclusively offers wireless home security systems, each plan comes with mobile app access. Homeowners can remotely arm or disarm their home security system, view sensor activity, and customize alerts.

Additional Considerations

Frontpoint comes with low monitoring fees, but this means that the up-front costs can be much higher. This is because homeowners purchase and own their equipment, rather than renting from a home security company.

With customizable plans and flexible contracts, it’s worth noting that Frontpoint may provide the best security system pricing over time. Three-year contracts range between $99-$449, which breaks down to $2-$12 monthly. 

This is the best home security system for homeowners who prefer to customize their own setup and own — rather than rent — their equipment.

Nest Cam Indoor Review

As DIY security systems grow in popularity, indoor security cameras are becoming a favorite choice among home security products.

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is one of the simplest and most affordable options for constant surveillance inside the home. Compared to other home security systems, the Nest Cam Indoor is the best security system for focused, less intrusive monitoring.

Nestcam Home Security Systems

Image source: Nest

Best Security System Features

Though smaller than competing home security systems, the Nest Cam Indoor camera is still one of the best home security systems to consider. Homeowners can experience the following benefits:

  • Motion detection. Not only does the Nest Cam Indoor respond to motion; it sends and saves snapshots of detected motion through email or phone alerts.
  • Built-in speaker & mic. Not many home security systems allow for intercom use, making this product a great option for parents monitoring children or pets.

Several for the Nest Cam Indoors also report using this feature to identify and even scare away intruders.

  • Enhanced recording with Nest Aware. The only monthly fee that homeowners encounter comes through a subscription to Nest Aware. This membership allows for 10- or 30-day recording storage, detailed activity reports, and customized alerts.

Additional Considerations

While the Nest Cam Indoors is certainly one of the best home security systems to invest in, keep in mind that this type of security system is much different than the previously reviewed security systems.

The Nest Cam Indoors provides constant surveillance and alerts to homeowners, but it does not provide alarms or notification to the authorities.

Additionally, its range is somewhat limited. To create the best security system, homeowners should invest in multiple cameras.  

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Piper nv Review

Similar to the Nest Cam Indoor, the Piper nv is a security camera that comes with a host of home security benefits. Home security system reviews rave over its enhanced ability to secure, monitor, and control the home.

The Piper nv can provide much more than basic video recording, making it one of the best home security system devices to consider.

Piper NV Home Security

Image source: Icontrol Networks

Best Security System Features

When looking for the best security system for your home, consider the following features of the Piper nv:

  • Enhanced video monitoring. With a 180° field of vision, the Piper nv offers one of the most thorough viewpoints. The screen can be panned, tilted, zoomed, and even split.
  • Four different notification methods. Part of what makes this one of the best home security systems are the diverse notification methods, including text, email, phone call, and push message.
  • Home automation. The Piper nv can be linked to lighting and appliances, temperature control, and even perimeter control. By using a mobile app, homeowners can access nearly every component of their home.

Additional Considerations

Part of what makes the Piper nv into the best security system for home monitoring is that there are no additional fees or membership subscriptions required. Live or recorded video can be seen at any time, from any device, for free.

As a best home security system to consider, the Piper nv will react to motion and sound and can emit a powerful alarm when security is breached.

Not many security cameras come with such a comprehensive list of features, making the Piper nv one of the best home security systems for homeowners who want easy installation, minimal upfront costs, and no monthly fees.

Protect America Review

With over 22 years of experience, Protect America has provided home security systems across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, they have secured over 500,000 households throughout both countries.

What makes them stand out among the best home security systems is their affordability, accessibility, and customer service.

Protect America Security Systems

Image source: Protect America

Best Security System Features

Any homeowner searching for the best home security system should consider the following services provided by Protect America:

  • Options for Connectivity. Home security systems through Protect America can communicate with monitoring centers through three different connections: cellular, broadband, or landline. This allows homeowners to choose the most affordable and convenient connection method.
  • Affordability. Compared to competing whole-home security systems, Protect America has the lowest installation and monthly fees. As a DIY system, there is no installation cost, and monthly plans start at $19.99 per month.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty. Even the best home security system providers offer limited warranties, but Protect America offers free replacement of any malfunctioning equipment for all their customers.

Additional Considerations

Protect America strives for simplicity and transparency, securing their spot among the best home security system providers. Home security system reviews applaud their customer service department, an important feature of DIY home security systems.

While still affordable, there are a few additional costs to consider. Although the plans are customizable, connection methods are not included in that cost.

Still, if having the best security system means not having to sacrifice value for affordability, Protect America is a great option for any homeowner.

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Vivint Review

With a clear focus on energy-efficiency around the home, Vivint stands out among the best home security systems as perhaps the greenest provider of home security systems.

Vivint Home Security System

Image source: Vivint

Best Security System Features

As one of the best home security systems, Vivint offers a ton of valuable features:

  • Customized plans. The devices within Vivint’s home security systems are customizable based upon a simple points system.

Starter kits come with a control panel and 5 points to use toward an array of extras, like motion sensors, door sensors, smoke detectors, medical alerts, and more.

  • Completely wireless. Their wireless home security systems allow for easy mobility and simple integration of additional devices.
  • Energy management. Vivint Smart Control products make it easy for homeowners to remotely access temperature control and lighting inside the house.

Additional Considerations

While the point system is easy to understand, homeowners who want to add additional devices to home security systems may be adding on significant expenses.

Still, Vivint stands out through their easy integration of smart technology and security features. For homeowners who want to protect their home — while saving money on their energy bills — this is the best home security system to consider.

Conclusion – Top 6 Best Home Security Systems

Advances in technology have provided a wide range of new capabilities for home security systems. Thankfully, security systems for home protection are increasingly efficient, reliable, and versatile.

When choosing the best security system for your home, make sure to outline your specific security needs. The best home security systems will provide multiple options, but security needs will differ from one household to the next.

By examining the top-rated home security systems on the market, homeowners will be well-equipped to pinpoint the best home security system to protect their belongings and their loved ones.

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